[ENG SUB] Big Bang - On Style (W Korea) - Part 1

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( The Style Icons of this generation, Big Bang )
( Their world of fashion, and the collaboration of their 5 unique colours will be revealed )
( At a late hour, all of the members have convened at this studio )
Style magazine everyone, it's great to see you
I'm Big Bang's Seungri.
Thank you for coming to see us.
I hope you are able to see many new faces of Big Bang tonight.
We will try to show new sides of us as well.
( A Comeback after a break of 2 years and 3 months Big Bang is currently sweeping the music charts )
Even though there was a long break,
We are very thankful to the fans that are giving us so much support
( Their album is climbing the American Billboard charts, and receiving international praise )
( Not only are they renown for their music, but their fashion is known to draw media interest )
( From Hightop shoes to hoodies, If Big Bang wears them, it becomes the popular style )
( With this mini-album, they showcased their new, fresh style and drew great interest )
[ This album's concept: ] The boyish aura they had before has gradually disappeared
And they have become men to some extent.
( Black and khaki base + Vivid colour accents = A Chic, military-esque look )
[ Photoshoot Concept: ] A rock-band who are on a world tour
are staying at a hotel room
and celebrating the success of their performances
by throwing a party, enjoying each other's company and having a care-free and fun night
( Taeyang is shooting first )
- Nearing the end of the party
- Insane closing party~ - End-it-all~
- Your expressions and gestures should be as if you are just taking photos with friends.
- Just like this, very candid.
So all I need to do is just enjoy it, right?
- Exactly.
( Like the talented dancer he is, making various natural poses )
I think, there is a very rock-star feeling to the style
With the leather pants, and a lot of glamorous jewelry
And the clothes being sort of ripped like this..
The make-up also, different from how we've been doing it before
It's a bit.. stronger
( Mohican hair + Strong Smoky Make-up Black Walkers + Leather Pants )
( Next is TOP )
( TOP's filming takes place in a bathtub )
( Even in a space that could have appeared awkward, He was able to create a sexy atmosphere )
[ Your current fashion style? ]
It's just clothes.
- Can you do a turn-around for us?
( Running away )
( Next. G-Dragon, slightly different style from his usual repertoire )
I think our concept today is, after a concert..
a natural scene of just hanging-out with my Big Bang friends
So the outfit is comfortable.. and a bit wild?
( Bling bling pants + Wild Black top Rock-chic feel accessories )
Thank you
( Finally, maknae Seungri His shooting takes place in a bathroom )
An item that the members enjoy wearing the most..
..I think it's called a Baseball Jumper.
We designed a Big Bang logo patch
..and specially made this jacket.
( Baseball Jumper with Big Bang Patches+ Red leather pants, creating a rebellious look )
I'm well potty-trained though..
I don't... just pee anywhere..
( Great results nonetheless )
( Who's sexy back is this? )
It's.. human hair.
- Who's is it? - No, I'm kidding
With this fur, I think maybe I could portray a different image than before.
( Black pants + Black fur cape Giving off masculine sexiness )
Daesung is.. Well, we are coming back after a long break..
And he is the most visibly noticeable member when he changes his image..
He didn't go through many changes in the past either,
So, this first transformation may have been quite impressionable.
Just look- he's very erotic~
This album's concept is a bit erotic
Seriously erotic
This just looks like your real chest hair
( Daesung was the main character of 'Tonight' Music Video performing a provocative bed-scene, attaining a sexual image )
It was my first time as the main role, and my first bed-scene
So I learned a lot..
I had a good experience..
- What did you learn?
- Um- Just- It was a silhouette filming,
So I learned where I need to be facing during those.. How to use shadows effectively..
That kind of thing.. The director tutored me a lot.
I automatically assumed she would be older, because she was so adept at leading,
But she turned out to be younger.. So I thought:
'Wow other countries are really fast'
Can I drop water on this?..
Dude, go away~
- Hey;; Don't drink it!
( Choking )
- I think you can stop drinking it now
It's in my nose
( With expert synchronization creating a rock-star group atmosphere )
( After filming, monitoring together But not without some discrepencies )
Ah! ahh why did you choose that shot?
Why did you choose something like that!!
Is that really the final cut?
- No, no - It's not, right??
- I was just looking at it
- It all came out great, Daesung hyung is so cool
This one's pretty good..
- Why are you evaluating it??
- Why are YOU evaluating it????
( Perhaps there is fashion rivalry amongst Big Bang? )
No, it's not like that but.. when we go shopping together we always end up fighting.
Sometimes we pick the same item simultaneously
So I, as the youngest, get slighted all the time.
'Ah I want to buy this!' and I um.. they call it "keep"
I ask the vendor to keep it so I can buy it later, but then another member comes and swipes it.
- Which member swipes it often?
Um.. uh..
Once, G-Dragon-shi..
There were these shoes that I really liked and..
( SIGH )
They were these leopard-print shoes, and they were very difficult to find
but he swiped it from me..
I was sad..
But, it's fine.
( Seungri's accusation - Is it true? )
- Apparently you stole the leopard-print shoes that Seungri was going to buy?
Is that right?
What are these leopard-print shoes?
- Apparently he liked them very much
I think he's just lying in front of the camera
To get attention
I've never done that
Hey- you- I stole which shoes from you??
- When did I steal shoes from you? - Why would you steal shoes?
... Steal shoes?
( To find out what really happened, we interviewed Big Bang's stylist, Jieun as witness )
They're sneakers. And technically, all 5 members own them.
There was an opportunity during the GD & TOP promotions
So it was exposed on G-dragon first.
Maknae might have seen that as being swiped from him
But there is a rule that, whoever wears it on screen first is the keeper.
( Jieun's continuous exposure )