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My sister Satya, is in there.|- There's nobody here. Now, Go!
Satya! -Don't go further, shut the doors.
She's my sis, let me meet her. -You can't meet Satya!
Is she Satya Devi?|- Yes.
She's sentenced for 20 years. - What? 200 years imprisonment?
She's a police officer, isn't she? - A very strict one too!
But why is she imprisoned?
I hear that she has murdered 3 officers from her own department.
Satyadevi, the court has agreed to..
Let you keep your items for prayers and to light a lamp.
Does only he adore the Goddess? Don't we? - Who says so?
This is an outright injustice.
Whenever anybody goes to pray he throws them out!
As if he owns temple!
And the idol is solely his!
The temple and the idol is for all.
Whenever we go there, he talks of bloodshed!
He won't from now on.
From tomorrow you'll all come to the temple with me.
I'm not the only devotee, my whole family's is devoted to Her.
But Satyadevi, you too may be... - Don't get scared.
You'll all go to the temple with my family tomorrow.
Everybody loves the Goddess, and She in turn, loves us all.
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Hail Mother!!"
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Her eyes hold heaven."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Her eyes hold heaven."
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Her eyes hold heaven."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Hail Goddess Laxmi."
"Hail Goddess riding the lion."
"Hail Goddess of Wealth."
"Hail Goddess of Beauty."
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Everyone is under your shelter."
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Everyone is under your shelter."
"Everyone is under your protection."
“You make our shattered life.”
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Everyone loves their mother."
"Her eyes hold heaven."
Don't forget, that the great sage Bhrigu...
has written the horoscopes of all living things.
Gods-goddesses and even demons.
Unfortunately, your horoscope shows that you have a demonic trait in you.
Oh Holy Mother!
According to your horoscope, you'll have to be careful of..
..people whose name begin with three particular letters.
And those letters are... A, R and S.
A, R and S.
Whenever you and those who live off your wealth, attack these people..
..your death is certain.
A, R and S...
That means Satyadevi. That woman? - She's no woman..
..but a form of Goddess.
In her horoscope she has the sign of the Divine powers.
Which can prove fatal for you.
Any remedy for this?
Kooka that is all your doing. I'm just an astrologer.
I only read a horoscope, I can't change it.
But you, and your son need to be very careful.
This temple belongs to my father, Kooka Singh. Understand?
To renovate it, my father has spent Rs. 15 million!
Get lost now. It's time for my father's prayers. Go!
Get going... Hurry up! Damn beggars!
We're not beggars, we're devotees.
Your tongue wags too much, eh?
You shameless being! - Get lost, old woman!
Tell your father, this place on which he has spent so much money.. where the Mother of these poor people resides.
If you stop them from seeing their Mother, I'll bury you, and..
..your father under these stones!
You dare to say this?
You want to see my daring?
Hit him!
This cow-dung is where you belong! Go tell your father.
We lost so many men!
That woman's dangerous, Master.
Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!
Madam! Sir! Be on guard....
Satya! -Yeah.
Listen; Take leave for 2 months. - Why?
You're pregnant with our third kid, and you're always on duty.
So what? - I want my little Krishna...
to be hale and hearty. I aim to have 3 sons - I know.
You're very eager for that! - And why not?
A man with 2 sons, and a wife Like you, is bound to be a king!
I'll see that you get your 3 sons.
Holy Mother will take care of it.
She'll do that, when, you control your temper.
We're here for 2 months, and you've crossed swords with Kooka!
The police make enemies? Where the demons rule.
A demon like Kooka, must be killed!
What! Shooting at our jungle-post? What? Kooka's son?
He's killing our policemen? No. I can't tell Madam this.
Phone the city police, and report this atrocity.
Listen, Policewoman. I've just cremated my son.
So? - So listen. Those 2 cubs of yours...
Better protect them. Give them top security.
Why just those two? The 3rd one, growing in your womb
I'll kill them all! - You referred to my sons?
Where are you speaking from? - My own mansion.
Will you come? Or shall I?
I'll come. Just now, this moment.
Spit your anger, dear. Those men are vile!
And don't forget, you're carrying a child.
We won't let you go, Mom. - Why?
You're angry. - And it's so dark.
This darkness will come everyday in your life, son.
This is what you have to fight!
Listen, Mom. Please don't go.
Tears are the jewels of the weak.
And what if they kill you?
Mom... do the children of those policemen who die, exist?
You'll have to live like them. By being brave.
Listen Anand, if you become a slave to your adverse conditions
..then people will kick you!
But if you master them..
..they'll salute you with respect.
What else? In this world every man has to fight his own battles.
He has to lose them himself and win them himself too.
That's why it's said "Make yourself So strong"
"that before He writes Your destiny, God will ask you..
Tell me what's your wish?"
I may not come back.
But remember, you are my, and your Papa's those offsprings..
..who will have to face every storm in life.
Another thing...
There's no greater relation than a brother. Never break that bond.
No matter how big the turmoil.
You know what I mean, right?
Kooka Singh!
Mother! Mother!.... Hail mother!
What do you want?
Talk now, I'm standing before you.
What had you said?
That you'll chop my kids to pieces?
Yes. - Then uproot it!
You'll destroy my life. -Yes.. Do it.
See if I don't chop you to pieces.
O Holy Mother!
You'll be ruined, Satya.
Holy Mother is great!
If I hadn't called you all here today..
..then you'd have seen my corpse lying in this place.
Inspector Satya Devi.
Kooka has reported your threatening calls to us.
The D. C. is also expected now.
Better you give that pistol to me.
I hadn't come here to kill him, but, just arrest him.
He threatened me on the phone. - Tell this to the D. C.
For the time being I want your pistol.
Give me. Please.
Don't take law in your own hands. Give it to me.
They are here, Master.
Holy Mother is great!
I'm a mad-dog, am I?
I killed your husband.
I'll kill your 2 boys.
The baby you're carrying. I'll kill it too.
Do you have the guts to kill me?
Then go ahead. Take this!
Shoot me with this very pistol.
Go on, shoot.
Whether you do or not, I won't let your baby be born!
Hurry, sir. That woman is highly dangerous.
She has gone mad! Come, sir. See for yourself.
She's crazy and is killing Everybody around. - No, sir.
Have you gone mad?
Do you realise what you've done?
Hail Mother! Hail Mother!
See, by the grace of Holy Mother, I was saved by my coat.
But she shot these 3 officers who had come to save me with this pistol.
And now she wants to kill me too. -Kooka!
I didn't do anything. He's lying!
Lying? You've seen it yourself, sir.
She shot me with this pistol.
I'm lying? I swear by the Holy Mother, sir.
She has gone mad with ego!
She's no police woman, but a friend!
He's lying again. I've not done anything of the sort.
He's froud sir. He is giving you lie.
He is not lieing.
I've seen you shoot him. With my own eyes.
Give me the pistol.
Inspector arrest her.
And close all the doors!
You should've at least thought..
..that you ruined your kids, maligned the police department.
Ruined your home; lost your husband, and now lose your kids too!
You forgot that you're pregnant.
That this man would ruin you.
You've ruined yourself and your future too!
Kooka, you cur! You murdered my husband.
You ruined my home and orphaned my children?
You rascal.
You're crossing your limits!
You are under arrest Satya Devi.
Very strange. Sage Bhrigu writes..
..that the woman will give birth to 3 sons..
Who'll become 3 Powers. That'll ruin you...
Not me, but that woman is ruined!
Wait a minute.
Today, is the day... when she completes that 3 in 1 Power.
What a lovely, flower-like baby the Holy Mother has given you.
Take it to my other 2 boys, and tell them....
...that their mother is dead!
- What are you saying? - Yes.
I don't want any revenge in their struggle.
They should struggle to be self-made, and bring up this brother.
I've just cremated your mother and come.
Think that she became a martyr.
But before dying, she left you, a little brother.
And told me to tell you, that "Tell my 2 boys..
"that they will rear this baby, and make him an adult. "
And fulfill my and their father's dream.
"In which be both saw you as 3 Divine powers."
We'll fulfill our mother's dream.
We'll bring up this darling.
Right, Shakti? - Yes.
Both your sons are engrossed in bringing up the baby.
They both are like parents to him.
Anand, where are you?
You, and here?
And what's this?
Where were you?
Where had you taken the baby?
I kept looking for you, and Uncle is still searching.
What an ape he looks!
Let him be!
You starved him and me long enough. Now I'll bring him up.
Meaning? - He's my mother's son too.
He'll not stay here like this.
He'll need facilities to study and become somebody big.
Understand, stupid? - What will you do?
I've already done it! - What?
All preparations.
You started to sell liquor? - I'll sell anything for his joy.
What was duty, has gone down the sewage!
You threw my money in the gutter? Why? Why?!
You'll sell liquor for his joy, by selling mother's ideals?
You'll bring him up now? Make him wear such clothes?
You'll buy him books by selling Peter's liquor? No! He's mine.
I'm his eldest brother. I won't let him wear such clothes.
Take them off! Off, I say! He'll stay with me from now.
I don't want your filthy money. Don't touch him!
I swear by my late mother and my late father, go away!
Go away from here! You're no brother, you're an enemy!
Mine, my mother's and Babua's!
Yes. I am an enemy!
You remain a slave to our plight, but I won't! I'll be somebody.
Now you be his guardian, and show whether your ideals..
..drown him in the muck, or lift him to the sky, in life.
I'm going, and I'll never come back!
Yes, Kooka, sir? - Peter...
..that new boy who works for you.
He's my foe's offspring!
I see. Well?
To Bump him off...
I've credited Rs. 50 thousand in your account.
Take it as done.
Young man, I was just given a message to kill you.
If I kill you, I'll get Rs. 50 thousand for it.
If you let me live you'll get 50 million! - How?
I may seem nothing, but I'm the one who can change your life!
Mine? - Yes, yours.
I like brave boy.
I like brave man.
My greate son.
My greate father.
One of the 3 Divine powers, has been eliminated by a smuggler.
But I had nothing to do with it. What do you have to say now?
Man does nothing. Whatever is done, is done by God's will.
Who knows whether that boy is really dead, or was saved?
Anand left home and went away.
Have you noticed, ever since you bought him a cycle...
Babua takes the teacher's daughter for a ride!
Babua, come here.
Our Romeo is very romantic!
What's this? Your button is open again?
Dear God...
You won't get any money.
Shakti said... "Uncle"...
where will you go this year for "Rakhi"?
I said...
I've a sister in the village. So he said...
Why don't you bring her here? - So what did you say?
What will I say? I'm tired of lying, Satya.
All 3 are together, aren't they? - Yes. They're all together.
They all have matured now. Actually Anand... usually abroad for business.
He comes and goes.
Romi has finished his college and should come any time now.
And Shakti is like his name. Strong!
He has made a name in the army.
And he looks like a soldier, too.
He drives a truck.
He works in the Ammunition factory there.
All the workers are hereby ordered... to leave this factory at once.
As per the report from the H. Q...
..the terrorists have planted a bomb in the premises.
Vacate the place immediately and save yourselves.
There's lot of ammunition in there. Why are you risking your life?
Don't go, Shakti. - You call it "Motherland"
and when it's in danger, you're abandoning her? - Don't go, wait.
Scared and waiting outside eh? Give, I'll go in and see.
Come on, chaps, show me where it is, else there'll be a huge loss.
Why are you wasting time? They'll find it for us.
Shakti won't survive.
The bomb will go off soon!
I got it! Did you hear, gentlemen?
Every morning you cry out "Long live India", and...
..when it came to saving her, you got scared? I'll take it.
There! It's exploded and done with now!
"The road is bad ahead. Go on foot to reach destination. "
Great! What's all this?
“O’ Friend! What has happened to you?”
“My friend! I’ve lost my heart.”
“Where is my kohl?”
“Where is my garland?”.”
“Where is my ear ring?”
“Where is my lipstick?”
“I think.. your beloved has stolen it.”
“this shining of the adornment..”
“It will floor some guy.”
“This fair beauty..”
“..will enchant a traveler.”
“He’s the same guy from out of town.”
“O’ Friend! What has happened to you?”
“My friend! I’ve lost my heart.”
“this cold water will kindle desire.”
“This youth will kindle passion.”
“This tender age is unrestrained.”
“Oh where is my childhood lost?”
Why do make a joke of me?
Why do you make fun of my love?
Look.... - I know what you'll say.
I love you, but cannot marry.
Because I've to educate Romi.
Make him somebody.
Build a house, get him a job and settle him down.
I've to rear his kids, his kid's kids.... After that...
If you know everything, why do you... Why?
Don't those with younger brother ever marry?
They do. Why not?
But you know he's coming in 3 days.
when he finishes his studies.
I've to buy a lot of things for him.
Even his bed was eaten by mice.
I've to buy his toiletries, and don't know what else!
Is he coming after 3 days? Not 3 days...
..but today!
What? - Look over there.
The one who has no troubles and worries, that is me!
The one who has your blessings, what sorrow can he have?
So great poet is alive!
I was never, I am not, I never will... die!
Because this Romeo hasn't improved and never will!
O Romeo, forget your Juliette. Her house is being guarded!
Before they crown you with shoes, you better drown yourself! - No.
They're not shoes, but garlands.
That is not security, but love.
Don't you fret, dear Radha. I'll pass in every test.
Because, now my dear, Your Romi the Hurricane is here!
Anybody there? Where the hell are you all?
I've hold you so many times, that I'm a manager of your farm.
Of the farm; In the house, I'm your brother-in-law.
Sorry. I forget at times.
Shut the windows and the doors. Can't you see the storm's fury?
I had gone to convince Radha.
That's why I was a bit late.
She's at the window, in the storm.
What? Where's my sister Janki?
Radha, my dear.
Radha, my dear. Open the door.
Don't stand in the storm, dear. You may fall ill.
Nothing will happen to me, Aunty.
I simply love storms.
Are you mad?
I was waiting for this for days!
And now that it's here today, you tell me not to welcome it?
No, Aunty! I'll definitely meet it.
With all my heart.
Nobody can stop me from doing so.
I'm here. - Catch him!
Don't worry, my dear. Now that I'm here!
You! You dare this?
How could you step in this house?
What will you know about love and daring?
This Romeo will become your permanent son-in-law.
Catch this Romi, and throw his body out!
Hello, Uncle!
Manager! Catch him!
Catch him!
Ooh, the way you wiggle... The way you talk.
After seeing you I'm floored!
Manager! - I'm your brother-in-law here!
Hold my hands. Don't let go....
Call my wrestler, Danav! Danav, the demon,
I can't stay away from you.
This life is not worth living.
Set me free from this suffocation.
Elope with me!
Let's leave that to our foes, dear.
We'll have to wait, and these rascals will have to bow to our love!
Did you like my dialogue? -Yeah.
Don't get scared, my dear. Those who oppose love, are weak.
I know all that. But Romi....
This is ghost.
Danav! Stop Danav.
Let him go. Let go, I say!
I'm saved! Thanks, guys. So what if Danav wished me ill?
Only God's will is done!
Romi, the storm is a threat to life.
He made our name famous - See what happens by and by.
By the grace of Holy Mother I'll wed Radha soon.
After that... I won't have to heat the milk nor light the stove!
I've been lighting it, till now, and your Radha gets the credit!
How does Radha trouble you, Uncle?
He gets stomach cramps!
That girl's very nice.
But see what he did.
God knows what he's done here.
Suppose the cops come here tomorrow?
They'll arrest you!
Why me?
Because I'll say you are the boss!
See? If not mine, at least think of your brother's reputation.
He doesn't wear a suit himself, but buys night-suits for you!
What are you looking at?
Anand. How I wish he was here too.
Do you have any problem with me?
Yes, I do.
May I ask what the problem is? - You may.
The problem is...
...that this house doesn't have a sis-in-law like Jyoti.
I know..
You want me to marry soon, so that you can marry too!
But don't you worry. I'll get you married first, and then marry.
Such a big sacrifice?
You naughty boy...
First finish studying, get a job.
Be a man, and then marry!
No, I won't do a job. I'll be a businessman.
Businessman, my foot! As if he has inherited millions!
I want to be a business man.
That's I want to marry daughter of businessman.
Do you understand you old man.
I do understand you youngman.
I miss understand old man.
If only Mom was alive!
I wouldn't have to listen to all this.
She'd have boxed your ears!
Like she boxed ours!
Listen to me seriously.
I know you love Radha very much.
But this dream will never come true.
Why not?
Because her family and our family, are poles apart!
They are as rich as we're poor! -Right.
You realise that? Then?
You won't even know when they crushed your life on their threshold!
I'll burn the damn place!
And what if they get you jailed?
And how about you getting me out?
Never! Never! Never!
I don't support those who go to girls homes!
I don't do that.
I just go to meet Radha.
Listen, dear Radha's Krishna...
Stop playing your flute, else one day they'll blow your horn!
Don't touch my hair!
Why? This is what she loves about me.
People love dog's hair too.
Uncle, he's a lover-boy.
He hasn't improved, nor he ever will!
Yes. Actually you both suffer from that ailment called Love.
Sure we suffer from it, but we're not ascetics like Shakti at least!
One brother dumps his girl and, goes after his job.
And the other one dumps his job and chases the girl. Great Romi!
See the farce for love, tonight.
All the doors of the mansion are shut.
Police all around. Radha's inside, and Kishan, outside.
Let's see how they meet. Ready everyone? - Ready.
Romi? Wrong number.
There's no Radha here.
Hello Romi.
Shut up! Look Romi, if you take Radha's name again, I'll get you!
Wrong number, dear.
Rascal! See which number you dial!
If you dial this wrong number again I'll come there and shoot you!
He's dying to hear my voice, father.
Let me just talk to him once.
Don't cross your limits, dear.
A girl from a high society.
shouldn't talk to a cheapskate Like him!
Danav, take her away!
Just once, father. Just once. - Take her away.
I'll die without him, father...
Come on, get inside.
First tell me which number you want.
Yes... this is Radha's house.
But you.... can't talk to her!
Didn't I tell you, that you can't talk to her?
Just tell me where you are speaking from, son.
By Jove! If I don't come there and shoot you, I'll eat my hat!
You are a scoundrel!
A dog's tail to be precise!
Is that milk for me? Then who?
I see. Go and get mine too and come fast.
I was saying, Like a dog's tail....
you'll never be straight. Get it?
Mind your tongue! I'm Radha's Aunty speaking.
Actually I want to talk to you.
I swear, Aunty dear...
Radha's just an excuse.
I'm actually in love with you.
What are you saying, Romi?
Honestly, Uncle.
Don't try to come between Radha and me. Else...
I'll spill all the beans about you and the maid to Aunty
Shut up! Don't you dare put our marriage on the rocks!
I just held her by mistake once, thinking she was my wife.
If not today; father-in-law, from tomorrow I'll address you like this.
Your wish will never be fulfilled as long as I'm alive!
Really? Then just tell me When are you going to die?
See! See what Romi's saying!
Oh Shut up, rascal!
You're being impertinent to me? - Manager!
Forgive me, brother-in-law, but tell me, whom are you talking to?
With Romi.
And you dear sister?
With Romi.
And I'm also talking to that rascal? - What!
But how can 3 of us be talking to Romi, at the same time?
Who are you? - Romi!
I think that scoundrel Romi, has made a fool of us...
..and got into our house.
Danav, you demon!
Master? - He who has challenged my daring.
It's either him or us.
And even you!
Who is it? - What happened?
Anybody there? The lights have fused. Shut the doors.
In this cage, we refuse to stay.
We're lovers, not a pair of birds!
“Give me love.”
“Give me love.”
“Just once.”
“And for ever.”
“Don’t you refuse.”
“Give me love.”
“Give me love.”
“Just once.”
“And for ever.”
“Don’t you refuse.”
“I will do what you say, but wait a bit longer.”
“Give me love.”
“Give me love.”
“My heart beats faster.”
“My heart beats faster.”
“Let’s unite our heart.”
“Now don’t you delay.”
“I will listen to you, but wait some more.”
Romi has run away with Radha!
“this rain is arousing desire.”
“It will simmer slowly and slowly.”
“We lover can’t be restrained.”
“Come and elope with me.”
“Come and elope with me.”
“I will come with you if you bring the palanquin.”
“Give me love.”
“Give me love.”
“This love can’t be caged.”
“We lovers can’t be bound.”
“Where are you going stealthily?”
“Come to me, where are you going?”
“Listen to me. Trust me a little.”
“You will surely fall in love with me.”
“Just once.”
“And for ever.”
“Give me love.”
Come on, Radha. Didn't I say my brother was nice?
Here's your girl and here's my boy.
Please, do bless them.
Thank you. - Long live.
Come, let's go. Hi, Uncle.
Let's embrace. Hey! What's this? - Take her and put her in the jeep.
Romi! – Brother, we trusted you but you are betraying us.
If you do such things you will get beaten up. - Brother!
What are you laughing at? Let go of me!
Now try and touch me! Help!
You bunch of goons. Why look at me?
Give that Romeo his due!
Hit him, I say!
But, lovingly.
This is not proper, brother.
It is! This strengthens bones, and puts sense in the head!
Hey! They're really hitting me.
Take it easy, chaps. Come, one by one...
Romi! - I'm fine. Look guys...
Don't touch that girl... Else I'll....
Help, brother! They're seriously hitting me.
Keep your limit. I had agreed for a beating, not bloodshed!
Look, there's bound to be a little bloodshed in a fight.
Of course! - If his blood will be shed, so will be mine!
It's my brother's blood after all. - Get lost!
You hit my brother? My kid brother?
You hit my brother who's like a son to me?
You hit my brother who's like my son to me? Bastard!
Cur! You strike my sibling?
Spill his blood? Want bloodshed? Have it!
You'll hit my brother?
Who's like a son to me?
You'll spill his blood? Go away!
Even my blood's boiling. Wait!
I don't want your help.
I'll tend to those swines.
I'll....bloody rascals! - Romi!
My baby-brother. It's all right, let's go.
You'll beat up my kid brother?
O Krishna's Radha, Come and eat something.
You've not eaten for 2 days now.
Nobody will come through the window!
He'll come, Aunty.
He'll definitely come.
Uncle, where's Romi?
All's well, I hope.
You left for the factory, but that boy hasn't touched food.
Neither has he taken medicine. And he has a high fever.
High fever? - Yes.
Don't touch my hair! - Well Romeo..
I hear you're ill..
..and you're sitting here in the open with a fever.
Yes I've a fever and now I'm prepared to die! - Die?
Very good.
Before dying will you have... some apples?
0I don't want them.
Okay, then I'll have some.
Very tasty.
How about milk?
Milk? I won't drink a drop of water even.
Don't want.
Then, I want.
What's wrong with you, Shakti?
You know your brother's starving, and you eat in his presence?
What can I do? The lover-boy is talking of dying.
Okay then. Don't wait too long to celebrate!
Call a band if you want.
I'll commit suicide just now!
What the hell are you doing? You're consuming poison.
Yes, If Radha is married off elsewhere, she'll take poison.
If she dies, why should I live? I'll die too. Bye!
You dare! You dare speak so! I'll break your jaw.
Did I rear you to consume poison? - Then what else shall I do?
Let her marry somebody else? - Try to understand me.
You try to understand me!
Have you ever looked into my eyes?
Ever realised how much Radha loves me?
Ever went to them and spoke on behalf of your brother? No...
Everyone just talks of "rich-poor", and "upper class and lower class."
As though this is the most vital thing in the world. Nothing else.
Now you bring him up.
See whether your ideals ruin him...
..or make something out of him.
Have you gone mad?
Does one talk to one's elder brother like this?
Yes! I've gone mad.
Because my heart is burning.
I don't want to understand anything.
I just know...
That Radha and I love each other since she was 9 and I was 13.
If we can't get married, I'll kill myself!
In your father's clothes, you look just like him!
Let's go, Romi. Maybe you're right.
Did you hear what he said?
Yes I did, brother-in-law.
Now what do I say to him?
Please don't mind, Shakti Singh.
But, there's a slight difference between our status.
Why slight, sir? The truth is that...
..there's a lot of difference.
Then, is it proper...
..for you to sit on the sofa, and talk to him as equals?
After all you've come with a proposal of your younger brother.
Brother, you... - Poor chap.
Go on. You were saying something.
I was saying that my brother is quite educated. He's "Inter."
Inter!! -Yeah!
Jagmohan, how much are you educated?
M.A. pass, sir.
Have you brought our laundry?
No, sir, I'll bring them in the evening.
Go on with what you were saying. I'm listening.
I beg of you, sir.
If Radha and Romi cannot marry..
..they'll kill themselves.
So let them die!
We don't make alliances with beggars, Shakti Singh.
So what if they're poor, and common...
..they're not beggars.
He's a driver in the military!
When you put your foot, on this marble threshold...
your heart must have hammered.
Am I right?
Yes, it did.
One thing must have really struck you.
You're trying to get the moon!
It did strike me.
This shows you're sensible.
Then how did you come here with your brother's proposal?
Because I love him very much, sir.
Even Danav here, loves his brother. But if tomorrow...
he brings his brother's proposal for Radha, should we accept it?
Of course not.
Go on, to strengthen your case go get a better lawyer.
This guy isn't a man enough.
He nods his head to everything. Like a pet dog!
Go on, to strengthen your case go get a better lawyer.
This guy isn't a man enough.
He nods his head to everything. Like a pet dog!
Come, son, let's go.
Now we've become dogs, and they, our masters!
If you ever come here again, I'll treat you worse than dogs!
Enough! You've said enough.
And we've heard enough too! One word, and I'll have your tongue.
Please brother, let's go.
It's the bad blood.
It has to say something!
Throw them out!
Just try to touch us! -No!
Your father must have bad blood. - Let's go...
You're not worth the dust on his shoes! I'll never come here.
Never! I'll never step in this house!
Don't speak about Radha to your brother. Nor try to meet her.
But you know it well...
I can't live without her.
My friend Laxmi...
who works in her mansion was saying...
..that some royalty was to come today to approve her.
The Holy Mother will help you.
We just want a grand wedding.
What do you mean by that?
Keep our status in mind.
We shouldn't lose our prestige.
Even then, nowadays...
...4 to 5 million is normal.
Don't worry, sir.
That figure was in our mind..
We'll tell you the details later. - Right.
We'll live and die together. And become immortal!
Why has she used red ink?
It's not red ink?
She has written it with her blood.
Have you shown this to Shakti?
He did whatever he could for me.
Then what now?
Now I'll find my own way.
Good, bad.... even very bad! -Romi!
Where are you going?
Move aside! -Stop him.
Better you don't say anything for a few days. - Yes.
I'll go now.
That bastard has used some magic power on Radha!
Don't worry, brother-in-law.
I too have found such a mantra!
Which will make us super-rich, and be the end for Romi!
Whose son is Romi?
His whole family history.
The villain of that history...
I know everything. - So?
Just wait and watch.
I'll take Romi into such a future, where man turns into ashes!
Get away from here!
I want to meet Radha. - Rajahsaheb is here. Go away.
It's all a question of luck.
At the doors of the rich...
..the poor are bound to be splashed with muck!
I want to meet Radha just once.
Wonderful! I really appreciate your love and passion!
But I'm helpless.
And I can't help you because... don't want to help yourself.
I'll do anything for Radha.
Go get the car. Go on.
Can you do black-marketing?
- What? - Yes.
This man in whose family Radha will soon marry... a black-marketeer too. Yes!
If you want a rich man's daughter, then become a rich man yourself.
One does business in gold, by becoming a goldsmith...
..not a blacksmith!
Do you wish to make Radha, yours? - Yes.
Then throw this garb of decency, given to you by your brother.
And earn your own riches!
By a short cut.
Brother, I'm going away from you, without even meeting you.
And without your permission too. Forgive me.
I want to become somebody.
And the day I do...
I'll return at your feet, but with Radha beside me.
And those who've insulted you, will also kneel before you...
I swear, brother; Don't get angry.
Take care of yourself. bye.
Romi is a young man now.
How long will you shackle him like some mother?
This is his war. Let him fight it.
You should bless him now.
Holy Mother.... Take care of my brother.
Go and tell him, that from the mansion of Kishengadh...
Himmat Singh is here to meet him, with a young man.
Didn't he say he had promising youngsters in his business?
Yes, yes... the same. Just tell him I wish to see him.
Thank you.
Himmat Singh has brought Satya's son to you.
The youngest of the 3 powers!
Mother! Mother! Hail mother!
I love hens sir.
This is not a hen... It's a rooster!
Rooster? Yes! I love them, too.
Sir, I'll get the job, won't I?
What work will you do at this age?
Anything, sir.
Good, bad, dirty or clean. ...anything.
We do dirty jobs.
Yes, Uncle did tell me, you deal only in bad things.
This chicken's good, sir.
Thank you.
Do you need the money very very badly?
Yes, sir.
I wish to marry into that family, you see.
That mansion has been pawned to us.
Then uncle must be pawned too!
Do you hate him a lot?
Yes, I hate him.
But I love his niece very much.
You'll marry her.
Aren't you the brother of Shakti?
Son of Satyadevi?
Your mother was a very nice woman.
Who told you, sir?
That uncle of yours!
And didn't you have one more brother? Anand?
Yes. - Died as a child, eh?
Hail Mother! - Hail Mother!
Peter, I've bought all the other parts of the jungle.
That's it! Now send Sikander.
And tell him to do an estimation of the whole jungle.
Of course.
Our business will increase 6 fold in 6 months!
Then come tomorrow itself. - I'll come tomorrow with him!
Give my love to Sikander.
Hail, Holy Mother.
Sir, who is this Sikander?
He is that man, who, if you hold on to his finger...
..can take you to the top-most heaven!
The world dreads him.
He's my partner's son.
You'll have to be a slave to him.
I'm a master at that, sir. A champion!
“Gold is dust here.”
“Gold is dust and dust is gold here.”
“Gold is dust and dust is gold here.”
“So say tell me.. tell me..”
“What do you want?”
“So say tell me.. tell me..” “What do you want?”
“So say tell me.. tell me..” “What do you want?”
“I am a lover.”
“I am lovelorn.”
“I want the cure for this heart.”
“So say tell me.. tell me..” “What do you want?”
“I want the cure for this heart.”
“She is beauty and I am young.”
“I am crazy for her.”
“How can I stay away from here?”
“This world won’t let us meet.”
“I am inflicted with this sorrow.”
“I want your blessing.”
“Who is your beloved?”
“Who is your beloved?”
“She’s the damsel from this street.”
“You will surely get her.”
“Your heart will be filled with joy.”
“You will surely get her.”
“Your heart will be filled with joy.”
“I just want your support.”
“You will get your wish fulfilled.”
“The world will be blossomed.”
“We’ll bring her with the marriage procession.”
“I am a joker.”
“I am a joker.”
“I salute you for now I am your slave.”
“I just want my beloved.”
“I just want my beloved.”
Behold! For I am leaving.
Here, when will you return?
Told you. After 2 months.
Uncle's not here, nor is Romi.
And now even you're leaving.
If you cry, how will I feel? Listen...
if Romi comes, pen me his welfare.
Don't worry. He'll come. I'll find him for you.
Take care.
Dear brother...
I was passing this way. Thought I'd meet you...
And give you the Holy offering of our Holy Mother...
Romi's well, isn't he?
Anand? - Don't forget to take this.
You had said so yourself, that in this hard world...
you wanted to make a marble statue of "3 divine powers"
So to chisel it out, there are bound to be difficulties.
So accept the fact that there'll be fights, tiffs...
..among the children.
Thank your stars...
..that, that demon Kooka didn't have any contact with them!
Else that would have been a terrible war!
That war will take place.
That war is mine!
And it's not very far either.
Hail, Holy Mother.
This year is very dangerous for you.
It says here that the "Trinity" have already come into your life!##########
It's broken long-time ago!
One brother is dead.
Another one has left his elder brother, and works for me!
That is, he's awaiting death!
You say one thing, but here it says something else.
What does it say? - That "Trimurti" will kill you.
From where? - Water, ground...
..or heaven even!
Which era are you talking of?
I'm talking of today of this era. - Kalyug?
Only I rule in this era!
Only Kooka!
Kooka has bought this jungle.
He has his cocaine factories here in which he wants us as partners.
We must look into the matter very carefully before accepting the offer.
But I won't stay with Kooka.
- Why? - I know him since childhood.
That old man wants not only to rule the world, but the Lord too.
He used to consider our village temple as his domain.
I remember it very well.
He used Peter's son, Sikander.
And Sikander looks only ahead.
Not behind! Forget all that.
It's behind you now.
Your right.
Yesterday was something. Today it's something else!
Yesterday, the address was different. Today the destination is another.
Your name?
Got the stuff? Take the bag.
Will I get a receipt for this?
Wait! Check whether there are 20000 gold biscuits in there, first.
There are just stones in this!
Stones!!? No!!
Sir.. Please.. Please.
Bastard! You double cross me?
No, I haven't. I swear on God.
I didn't even open the bag. I gave it to you, as I got it, sir.
You're lying! - No I'm not. I'm new in this line.
Some man phoned me, to say that I've to deliver the stuff.
Sir, sire... My lord.
You must have kids too.
Think me as one. I don't want this job.
You're lying!
I don't want to do this.
Tell us the truth. Where is the gold? Else...
One... - Dear Lord...
Two... - Shakti, dear brother...
Three! - Mom...
Good bye!
Thank you very much sir.
Go! - What?
Go... go... - Home, sir?
Go away from here!
Thank you sir.
Thank you sir.
You fool! Didn't I ask you to go away?
What are you doing here, then?
How can I go without thanking you?
But you know what I was doing. - But I won't tell anyone...
..that you were standing in the jungle and...
Sorry sir.
Come here.- Yes, sir.
Yes sir.
What are you doing here?
Kooka's man phoned me and said...
I've to pick up a black bag from a yellow house... - I know!
- How long are you doing this job? - Seven days now, sir.
When I met you the other day... it was my 4th day.
Why do you laugh? - Cos, you do!
So you'll do whatever I do. - Absolutely.
- Then do it. - Right sir.
Shut up! -Shut up!
I'm sorry sir.
Why do you copy me?
Because I wish to be like you.
Like me? Why? - A winner! So stylish, rich...
Intresting. - Thank you sir.
But why a winner?
I want to be rich.
- Why? - Because I want to wed Radha.
Who is Radha? - My sweetheart.
So, a Romeo, eh? - You bet!
Intresting! - Intresting!
It's okay, sir. Go ahead and rubble it.
Thank you sir.
Will you hold it? - What?
The rifle. -Yes, sir.
When the girl's family become one's enemy...
..then the boy will feel hurt, won't he? He is, sir.
Do they think they are kings?
What do they think of themselves?
No power in this world can separate me from her.
I'll... I'll devastate everything...
I'll burn the whole place down.
It's an open challenge...
Excuse me.
Whoever dares, let him come before me.
I alone, am like 10 000 men...
Sit down! You are wobbling... - No, sir.
Don't you worry.
It's like this you see, sir.
When I really lose my temper, I spin like this...
But that father of her... I'll...
I'll hit him on his bald pate.
And that uncle of hers...
I'll punch him like this, and break his jaw! Like this...
Gone case.
“I live as if there is no sorrow.”
“I am a lamp without any light.”
Very good, sir. Very good.
Hi! How are you?
You're here again?
I came to apologise for last night.
I'm so ashamed.
But I'm very proud.
Of me?
Of your actions.
You're a true lover...
Thank you very much sir.
..but you won't be successful.
You can't hold your drinks!
I'm new to it, that's why.
Do you love that girl very much?
But don't call her a girl...
There are many, many girls...
But there's only one Radha.
Look. In this world today, to procure anything... needs 3 types of Powers. - Powers, sir?
Money power, political power, muscle power
Money, strength or the weapon.
But, I don't have anything.
You have! - What's this?
Where love doesn't work, this does.
This, sir?
Take this, and go and stand outside her house.
In the darkness of the night. - Then?
Then fire the gun.
Her family will come out.
Then turn it, and shoot...
And then vanish from there.
Yes! First do this at least.
I'm sorry sir.
One thing... you asked me about my love story...
..and you're helping me too. Why so?
I've never fallen in love.
But I like Romeos very much!
I like, sir.
Best of luck!
Don't get scared Romi-boy. Aim the pistol and shoot!
Sir was right. They all come out.
Now spin the gun in style.
Aim the pistol you fool.
They got scared!
Now, put on style...
“Let the world become our foe.”
“Let the world become our foe.”
Have some of this, dear Romi.
The gun is pointed at us.
Point the gun there.
So! What were you saying?
- I was just saying that...
.violence will get you nowhere.
Right, brother-in-law?
What's there to discuss now?
It's obvious how very much he loves our dear Radha.
We'll never find a better match than him for our Radha.
Sir, phone call for you.
Hello... Romi!
Romi... It's me!
Yes... yes, sir.
Don't be afraid... Talk as though you're Sikander...
..and I'm Romi.
Gain anything by shooting. - Yes.
Remember Dialogue No. One?
Do one thing, kill Michael! - Kill?
Now Dialogue No. 2. - Kidnap Michael's friend's family.
No. - Yes..
They could prove a problem for us later on.
Good sunny boy good.
And all the best.
Don't touch me..
Catch! So, uncle... What were you saying?
What was I saying? Oh yes! We accept your proposal.
And what about that other chap?
To hell with him!
I'm all right. I'm all right.
No need to fear at all. - Your pistol.
No need to fear, I said. Control yourselves.
I've got a small gift for Radha.
But nobody else is to use it.
Please come and leave me outside.
Radha, leave him to the door. - She's coming.
No need to fear everyone.
Now you're shouting your guts out.
But when Romi was here, the cat had got your tongue!
He had a pistol in his hand. That's enough to shut anyone's gob!
It's good that it's shut.
If we open our mouth... he may not bring a machine-gun!
Machine-gun! - Don't you worry, sister.
There's something called law too!
Yes is.
We'll have him jailed with the money he gave!
You have him jailed for 2 years at least.
All these are not yours. In advance!
You mean...
you'll give me this whole lot?
- Yes! - Not "will give"...
We already have!
The lot. You'll get more. No problem.
- Go on. - Come nearer.
Sir, where did I err?
You fool me with fake notes?
Counterfeit notes? - They are all counterfeit!
Get out of here in 2 mins. Else I'll lock you up!
It was fantastic. Your gun made them jackals!
But you'll be a tiger now! - Am I a jackal then?
You can't shoot.
And you scare them with it? - I can shoot, sir.
My friend had taught me a little.
But you still have to master it.
You'll learn where I'm taking you. - Where?
To Kooka's club.
Where hit-men are trained.
- I won't go there. - Why?
He's like a wild animal!
Sorry sir.
Why don't you teach me?
He phoned and invited us.
Then you'll hand me over to him? - Just for some days.
But... - If you wish to become a winner.. must know how to shoot... And then, to kill.
Yes, kill.
Can you hear some voices, Romi?
Where are they coming from?
Nothing. Someone's singing hymns to the Holy Mother.
Who's singing it? - You're going towards my village.
Which is this village?
That's my village ahead.
Kooka's place is that way.
"Mother! Mother!.... Hail mother!"
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Mother! Mother!.... - Hail mother!"
"Hail Goddess Laxmi."
"Hail Goddess riding the lion."
Don't touch him! Let him be! Go away!
You're not a brother, but an enemy.
My enemy. My mother's. And Babua's too!
“My name is Chin, Chin, Chu..”
“This is a moonlight night. How are you, Mister?”
Me?! -Yes you.
Where are you... darling?
In your heart, darling.
I awaited you the whole day yesterday, at the club. - Yes...
Time just took such a sudden turn, that I too went back, with it.
Emotional, eh? But don't go so back.. to turn everything around.
Anyway... you've to sign the jungle-agreement.
When are you coming? - When? I'll phone you.
What is changing? - A lot, sir.
His boys say he carries that fool on his shoulders!
My enemy's son? - Yes, sir.
Call Peter!
You don't know who he is. - Who's he?
He's Mr. Sikander. Romi now...
..our Romi now works for him. - No. He's my partner.
What! - Yes.
He's my partner in all my businesses.
He's like my younger brother.
Now what, brother?
Go on. - What can I say?
I had always approved of him.
There was a bit of misunderstanding, but now you've cleared it up.
Go and get Radha. - Sure.
She is not at home now. - What!
Then where is she?
She is, where she should be.
“Eras, years, months and days..”
“The test of love is severe.”
“How have I lived without you..”
“This is a romantic season. I fear I might get astray.”
“May this heart never pine for a mistake.”
“You are of tender age.”
“But we’ll cross the seven seas..”
“But we’ll cross the seven seas.. We’ll die for love.”
“We’ll die for love.”
“But we’ll always be in love.”
“Eras, years, months and days..”
“Eras, years, months and days..”
“Eras, years, months and days..”
Why the long face? Smile, boy.
What for? Good luck?
Yes, your good luck. Look! See how luck is smiling on you.
You, and here?
Yes. We're all here to welcome you. - All of you? Who all?
Welcome, sir.
What's going on? - Greetings...
You, Ma'am? - Wel come.
Shakti Singh!
We misjudged you. Forgive us.
Hold the feet.. what are you doing?
Uncle, where's Romi?
“Either give me gold or dust..”
“He showers mercy unbound.”
“God opens the gate to wealth.”
“He gives from all sides and in all form.”
Greetings, brother.
Welcome, brother to the new house.
Let the furniture and fridge be here.
All this? - Yes sir.
All this is with your blessing.
My boss gave me quick promotions.
Said I was smart, intelligent... - Come sit here.
You ass! My life! - Don't touch my hair!
You're so dear to me! - All this is due to Romi's efforts.
..and Mr. Sikander's kindness.
Our Romi has found... a patron in the form of a boss.
I want to meet this man.
He too wants to meet you.
Oh? - Well you see, I always talk about you to him, you see.
He said the moment you come, I'm to take you to him.
Okay, but on one condition.
You will never run away again!
That man there is my brother.
Wants to meet the boss. Can he?
Thank you.
Come on in...
That's him there. Come on.
This is my brother, Shakti.
Your brother, eh? - Yes.
Welcome sir. Wel come.
This younger brother of yours is fantastic.
He came here and changed me in every respect.
Instead of listening to some disco music...
I'm listening to religious songs.
Due to him.
He's not one in a million, but he's unique!
And this all is due to you alone.
You are in ideal brother.
Don't insult me so, sir.
I've had lot of it in my life.
I've endured many upheavals.
I swallowed many sorrow, and every bitter thing.
But I never saw such an incident.
where in a form of a man..
..God will bless my brother with so much joys,
which I cannot give him, even in my 7 births!
By giving a new life to my Romi here..'ve obliged me so much,
..that its debt, let alone me...
..but even my late parents, cannot repay.
Every pore in my body is praying...
..for your happiness and prosperity.
That may God give you..
..all that you've never had in life.
Please don't shed tears.
Cos, tears are the jewels of the meek, the weak.
And your name is Shakti. An example of "Power".
Another form of it.
You're great, sir. - No, not at all.
No, Mr. Shakti. Nobody's great around here.
It's all game. Game of luck.
It's a game of fate. This fate separates people...
..and unites them again, but not in the real sense.
Man says one thing, and thinks something different.
And the heart yearns for something entirely different.
All these things are games of fate, what else?
So why spill tears over them?
Whatever's behind you, forget it!
Whatever lies ahead, accept and love it.
Look. Today we met.
And met properly.
I'm expecting an important call. May I go?
You must come to our house.
It's my home. I'll come anytime.
Brother dear... You became emotional even here?
Not my hair, please!
Thank you.
Congratulations boy. - Same to you, father.
Today it's the greatest day of our life.
Yes, father. Very true. - You and Kooka...
..have become legal partners of this jungle at 50-50% each.
Today our old partner, is once again among us.
Yes, my old partner is back with me once more.
Today, Kooka has organised a party.
Far away from the jungle, in the City Club.
Congratulations, partner. - Same to you, Kooka.
You must come to this party.
Yes I will.
You'll have to dance, and sing. - Okay I'll do that.
And bring that joker Bhola with you too.
Of course! I'll get that joker too.
To kill that joker I'll take 5 million.
You'll get it.
But remember, my name must not be revealed.
Don't worry. I'll bump him off.
Remember, Sikander will be there.
I know him very well.
Don't get scared.
He will be finished!
“I saw the world and its people.”
“There are few kind hearted ones in a crowd of millions.”
“O word!” Very good very good.
“People of the world..” Very bad very bad.
“O word!” Very good very good.
“People of the world..” Very bad very bad.
“Almighty God..”
“It’s creation..”
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
“O word!” Very good very good.
“People of the world..” Very bad very bad.
“Almighty God..” Very good very good."
“It’s creation..” "Very bad very bad."
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
"Very sad."
“Good and bad are identifiers of each other.”
“Good and bad are identifiers of each other.”
“Good and bad makes the world go round.”
Fair damsel. - Very good, very good.
Sweet shackles.. -Very bad, very bad.
“Almighty God..” Very good very good."
“It’s creation..” "Very bad very bad."
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
“Everything is sold in the market of the world.”
“Everything is sold in the market of the world.”
“They sell hearts and souls too.”
Songs of nightingale. - Very good, very good.
Bombs and blasts.. -Very bad, very bad.
“Almighty God..” Very good very good."
“It’s creation..” "Very bad very bad."
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
The saga of childhood..
..hasn’t been forgotten by the youth.
The saga of childhood..
..hasn’t been forgotten by the youth.
Sometimes the eyes get filled with tears.
We three brothers.. - Very good, very good.
Our separation.. -Very bad, very bad.
“Almighty God..” Very good very good."
“It’s creation..” "Very bad very bad."
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
“They hide evil hearts behind fair faces.”
“O word!”
“People of the world..”
“Almighty God..”
“It’s creation..”
I hope you've understood.
This is a poor man's answer.
To all the obligations you've done on us.
You've ridiculed a poor man's helplessness and frugal food.
But this poor man's name is Shakti Singh.
Whose power comes from his mother's milk...
..her principles and her blessings!
And I swear by that mother, if you try to keep on eye...
..on my house and my brother, or if he hears your mere voice...
I throttle you with these hands and finish you!
You do follow me, don't you?
I'm an army man.
Wants to change my brother's fortunes!
If you say so... Shall I bump him off?
When I didn't say anything, why did you?
Why are you here on the road?
Because that's where I've landed.
I know. Whatever happened wasn't in good taste.
What's the problem now? - Take me to Kooka.
My Radha...
Sir you're right in your own way.
And my brother, in his principles.
I don't know which is the right path, or the right ideals as yet.
You have success and he has only ideals.
I'm very confused, sir. Now you only tell me...
What should be my aim?
Where should I head?
Will you listen to me?
Yes I will. - Get in the car and come with me.
Here, sir? - Get down!
I don't want to stay here!
And you said you'd come with me.
You're forcing me now, sir.
You promised you'd listen.
But this is wrong. - No it's not.
Good by come one. - Sir please.
C'mon be good boy. - Sir try to understand, I can't stay...
Do you love me? - I do. But I won't go in there.
Don't force me to go in... I won't go in!
Please sir. You...
This is your real destination.
Your aim is to be poor and go hungry.
And your destination is at the feet of your brother!
You are insulting me? I don't want to stay with anyone.
I'll find my own aim; destination.
Everyone wants to father me!
I don't want anybody. Neither you...
..nor you!
I don't want. -Romi!
I'll find my own goal. And win Radha on my own too!
What happened Mr. Shakti Singh?
The one you brought up, educated, for so many years, has left you?
He slapped your poverty on your face?
Anyway, forget it.
This is what the world is!
Let's have a smoke..
And do away with our sorrows.
Don't slap me!
Don't ever touch me!!
I'm not your brother! - You're my enemy!
You are my enemy! Enemy, I say!
You recognised me correctly.
Enemy? Enemy, eh?
You didn't learn from friend and a brother.
Try to understand a foe.
You'll have to admit one thing; That you have failed.
You have failed Shakti Singh.
One brother left you in childhood.
The other one left you today. Go on, admit it.
He has gone! Left you.
He comes to me time and again.
Where he gets all the materialistic comforts, and success too.
He doesn't like your boring struggling and lecturing life!
He doesn't like it.
And it's true.
I don't know what your mother taught you.
But my mom said, don't be a slave to your adverse times.
If you become a slave, this world will kick you like a dog!
But if you master your bad days, the world will respect and salute you.
My mother taught me this. Not yours.
I taught this to Romi too.
My mom also taught me..
Make yourself so strong, that before deciding on your fate
God himself will ask you Tell me what's your wish?
And with these principles, I've gained this strength today.
That Romi left you, and came to me.
He came to me, Shakti Singh. You have failed.
I've passed. Understand?
Do you?
Do you understand?
You coward!
Shakti... That was Anand!
You'll be happy to know that the government has accepted our appeal.
You'll be freed from here in a few days.
This can never be! Satya can die in jail...
but she can't be free! Astrologer...
Sir, he died last week.
The 3 Divine Powers will one day surely come as your death.
From water,
or even heaven!
Now Romi will do anything. He'll do it all for Radha.
He wants to rebel now. He wants to fight the world.
He wants to be your favourite man.
I know now. I know his passion.
I had promised you, boy.
That you'll get her.
And that she'll bloom into a flower.
Radha! Radha!
I'll give her away in marriage.
I'll introduce you to a person to whom those two could not.
How? - You'll have to give a test to prove yourself.
Tomorrow morning.
Yes, sir?
Take him with you...
..and then to Mathew.
Explain what he has to do fully.
The Holy Mother will bless you.
You'll meet your sons after 18 years!
How do you feel?
They must have grown up now.
I don't know how I'll hug them to me.
Your brother is here. - Does he have kids with him?
No. He's alone.
Must have come to take me.
Are you really sending her home? - Of course.
Look, all the papers are ready. That's why we called you.
Yes, go on.
The children. Where are they?
Not brought them with you? - No.
They're not outside? - No.
Have you... told them that...
I'm here. Alive. - No.
You should have hinted them at least.
What can I do? I'm feeling so strange.
My heart misses beats.
I think it'll stop!
My children! I'll meet them all.
All the 3 of them!
How long will I lie to her?
The fact is, don't release her.
Keep her in the jail.
What nonsense!
Let her meet her children. - Which children?
Those children who are no more brothers, but enemies?
How can I show her, her 3 in 1 statue, which is broken now?
How shall I tell her that the one who broke it was that demon Kooka.
How shall I tell her that her 2 younger sons are working for him?
How shall I tell her that her son, Shakti... shedding tears all alone in this world.
Don't show her this reality. She'll die!
Let her stay in this black hole. The darkness here... better for her than the light out these.
She'll light lamps...
..and bang her head on these walls and die! Good for her!
And the Holy Mother also gave nothing to her except sorrow.
I'm with you, sister.
Don't cry, sister.
Your elder son will be with you. He'll give you the strength.
Take hold of yourself.
But things got worse, and now even Romi has rebelled.
Take the old woman!
Now I have Satya in my clutches!
Please untie her.
I won't! I'm under orders.
Look, she's a woman. She may die. Open it.
She's going to be killed anyway. Throw her out!
Here you are.
Are you Satyadevi?
Shakti Singh!
Who are you? - Throw this mother of 3 sons!
Throw her! Kooka's orders. Hope you're listening, Romi.
..convey my thanks to Kooka.
For having let me meet my mother.
Romi has come to know she's his mother and he's hesitating now.
Tell him we have his Radha under our sword.
I know.
And I also know my love will be killed.
But for my mom..
I'll willingly sacrifice let alone one..
..but every love, every Radha and Romi.
What the hell...
Yes! I'll blow your brains out!
I will blow up the helicopter and everything with it! Get it?
Now take this thing to my brother's town.
Now I know my aim!
What about Kooka? - To hell with him! Do as I say.
Lower this helicopter!
Throw him down.
Romi, my son!
Let go of my leg!
Let go of my leg! Go on.
What are you doing, Banjara?
So my guys showed their mettle. Romi fell off the helicopter.
So drop that old hag as a meal to the creatures below.
Yes, hit me! Not just once, but a thousand times.
Because I lied to you! But I lied only for this reason.
That you'd become 3 in 1 and meet your mother!
Why did you do this, Mom?
I even put a garland on your photo thinking you were dead.
From where had the helicopter come? - From the jungle side, son.
Sikandar. - Sikandar darling.
Yes.. Yes. Sikandar darling.
That darling boy of mine, Romi. Where is he?
He hasn't come to you, has he? - He had, darling.
But I sent him to his death!
What shall I tell you? He had come to me to become invincible.
I fulfilled his wish and threw him out of a helicopter in the jungle.
What happened? - The roof caved in.
You're not hurt, are you?
You're the one who'll get hurt now.
Not the roof, but the sky will fall on you!
Sky... I don't understand.
The one you threw in the jungle, has one more brother. A bigger beast.
Me! Anand.
One brother out of the 3 who was separated in childhood.
You mean, Peter... - Yes, Peter!
He lied to you. The Holy Mother in whom you have faith.
She kept me alive. Alive, Kooka!
To kill you!
Good evening Kooka Singh.
Come and shake hands.
You'll have to save mom, dear God, if not me.
Father! - Sikander...
It's all over.
Kooka had Romi thrown from a helicopter... in the jungle!
Where are you, Mom? This is your Shakti.
No sign of Satya's body, sir.
Sikander has rebelled.
And Shakti has barged into the jungle, sir.
Activate all the electric fences in the jungle.
Switch the lights on, so that we can see the enemy.
Sir, our man was electrocuted, and Shakti Singh escaped.
Our men have seen Romi, alive, in the water, from the hills.
It's Doomsday. Romi in water. Shakti in jungle and Anand above.
A powerful 3 in 1 energy will come before you.
From water, from the ground and even the sky.
Send it away...
Get some water.
You fool! That's petrol, not water!
Not water, you bastards!
In this fire, the 3 in 1 energy will now burn!
Recognise me, sir? I've not forgotten the slap you gave me.
I'll finish you now. - Why?
Because I've taken money to bump you off!
Remember your God.
I was remembering him, chap.
See where your Kooka had thrown me!
I've come to help you come out of this, Romi.
Give me your hand. Hurry! Give me your hand.
This is your brother. Anand.
Yes, Romi.
- Babua. - Dear brother.
Anand, brother!
I had quarrelled with Shakti for you, Romi.
I thought I had passed.
But eventually it is I who has failed and Shakti has passed.
See which hell I drove my brothers into!
Shakti was right, and I was wrong. I know it now.
I realise that now, Romi. - Anand!
I'm with you even now. I still love you just as much.
I'm your brother. Your brother.
Forgive me. I misunderstood what Mom said and you all.
Shakti brother!
I met Mom. I saw her.
Mom? - Yes.
She's alive?
Yes Anand. Mom's alive.
She's somewhere here only.
Come, Let's find her, the 3 of us.
My dear faithful dogs. See how the 3 sons die!
Are you ready? - Yes, we are.
Anand! - Romi!
The 3 in 1 energy is destroyed!
My death is averted.
Holy Mother. You didn't help me.
But today,
Kooka has conquered death itself! I, myself!
Satya's body was eaten by maggots and worms.
Those 3 boys fell and died.
Do you recognise me, Kooka?
I'm Satya.
Yes, Satya. Today neither I am dead...
..nor her 3 sons.
This is Holy Mother's charisma.
This is also Her feat, that the police officer you got jailed..
..18 years ago, with your treacherous ways.. today, out of that jail.
..and has come to you directly.
It is her miracle too that the 3rd child I had given birth to..
..and sent out of the jail should meet me first.
And today, through him, we both are confronting each other.
Kooka... This virtuous woman...
..for 18 years in that jail, at the feet of the Holy Mother..
..continuously lit 3 lamps.
And absorbed their heat in her eyes.
So that, her own fire should not diminish.
And when she meets you, she should be like Durga!
Kooka, today either you will live or me!
If you have an iota of power, try to touch me.
Come on. Let alone this body...
but touch this hand; fingers, or even as much as nails.
Then see who's reduced to ashes.
You or me.
Touch and see. Come on, touch me.
Touch me and see. Go on, Kooka.
She's knocked out, sir.
Remember what the astrologer said?
Why are you looking like that?
She'll die! Most certainly.
Mother! Mother!.... Hail mother!
Mother! Mother!.... Hail mother!
"Hail Goddess Laxmi."
"Hail Goddess riding the lion."
"Hail Goddess of Wealth."
"Hail Goddess of Beauty."
What shall I do with her, sir? - I can't kill her...
But I can kill you!
Hit him more! I'll beat him to a pulp!
I'll break his limbs! You killed my Mom?
I'll pull your hair out. Gorge your eyes out! Hit him!
I'll not spare him! Don't let him get away!
I made a great mistake in believing that astrologer.
I should have done this years ago!
He's the root of all my sins!
The root of our devastation!
Come. Let's offer this demon to these hills, in our Mom's name!
Hail, Holy Mother!
Satya, this is that 3 in 1 Power of yours.
See how the Mother has saved them from various turmoils for you.
The principles told by the parents... differently the children understand them...
..and go different ways.
That was the reason for their turmoil.
But today, your perseverance is over, my dear.
Hug them to you now.