NFL Linebacker Scott Fujita on NFL Labor Negotiations (Edge Of Sports)

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our next guest is a linebacker for the national football league's cleveland
and she's been a frequent guest on this show he's and absolute favorite the
religious wars nation his
the mideast she's you would say
it's of first question right off the bat
I got asked you
NFL labor agreement
our to keep do the players the way they talk about it among each other with the
people feel like you guys are going to have a deal in place by the end of this
year what's the buzz in the locker room
not that of of course that of all about a news report the know about report is
an event that this particular case it doesn't that doesn't that doesn't that
I happen to have come out of all this like be up against the Wall the
gratitude of you can't do that
mcclellan we had a lot of tough you know we've got two questions were out there
pushing for did you think it affects his work
it's true is it not that a quick it doesn't look like that and I the was to
do about the players want to play
I think I can answer that like was the commissioner of the national football
that you have to disclose or now is that perception among flyers that was kind of
like this improve her trying to mediate between the owners and the players or an
straight out as a represents ownership in these negotiations
I have had that ability we'll hear that it is we're going to take a lot of
people that
it's going to come out and they're not a threat to their weapon the other about
the was
the company hoping that that kind of a the Dean of the air a little bit to the
players knowledge and he works for the good of the game
I agree with that do you want to protect and that so you've got a lot of growth
to ensure the way he talked about doing it and get rid of my business partners
I perplexing to get a lot of the planet
what she spent because if it worse
media players the players this for them that I mean that's the whole point of
collective bargaining the partnership
this the kind of unique because not only is it not that relationship that the the
collegiate chorale about
this that that it bit more complex process
you know you were told that that
yeah Roger goodell
valujet is the latest round of those significantly debut but
I to do that
I've read a lot into stocks
basically said to him what he
killing where is the deal why are you pushing in this instance it
was that something that players talked about before and that they were going to
be tough with emergency
it's something the EC grows at organically and each camp in each teens
I think you're a critically about book I don't think that you know the record
while that top to bottom don't bother
they were throughout the city
mister Clinton and that position
speaking want it to take about fifteen or twenty minutes a note back about ten
or fifteen minutes the government had watched every thirty seconds or so that
have promised to go to bed at night here said don't worry about that that doubt
political decided that it takes a while
but but you don't buy it
I've had a lot of had released a report questioning the water to already it's
equally a question that you can
I have a board of but
up pressure for a lot of the players the budget that the President is expected as
let me get a little bit of a the chart about all right
but a lot of the not but that's not the defense
I asked you about
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I don't think it ought to get this guy out
but the thing about but it will about the love part
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and that really is a of blatant attempts strike you talk a little bit about that
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is this what you're talking strategy that from the cleveland
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