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Welcome to Secrets of the Elite I am Lindsey Williams your host I
have waited for 35 years to make this DVD presentation the people who
have been friends to me over the years and have given me information
whom I refer to as the elite are now retired in their seventies and
eighties. I have withheld this information for these years out of
respect for these people who have been willing to risk often times of
their position or their retirement in order to be able to tell me
things let me say if I may emphatically there positively is a group of
people on the face of the Earth who control the world nothing ever
happens in Washington by chance nothing takes place in the financial
world by happen so men behind closed doors have decided everything
that's going to happen and my lifestyle and yours often times is
controlled by these people by what they do these elite of the world
know what's going to happen tomorrow morning there's no question in their
minds well let me begin back where it began with me I've been the
pastor of a church for 12 years I went to Alaska and after arriving
there I found they were building the trans-Alaska oil pipeline I went to
Alyeska pipeline service Company and said don't you need a chaplain on
the trans-Alaska oil pipeline well they said we don't know what to do
with you well finally they did and gave me the Prudhoe Bay area and from
there down to Galberth Lake seven work camps. they just said go see
what you can do. I did. And a few months later Mr.
Rh King personnel relations man with Alyeska came to me and said
chaplain you're saving us thousands of dollars of counseling fees
without having to pay a religious denomination who's paying your salary we would
like to offer you executive status and I said what does that mean he
said going any place you'd like see anything you'd like to see and when
you happen to be at Prudhoe Bay on the weekends you're welcome to stay
at Arco base if you wish in executive dorms and he said we would like
to invite you to sit in our board meetings in an advisory capacity
in order to help the relationship between management and labor I had
not the slightest idea what I was getting into for three years Time I
sat with lived in the same dorms with was across the dinner table from
rode in the vehicles with and day after day were in the presence of
people that the average person never gets to meet people who control
the world they literally do if someone had asked me before I went to
the trans-Alaska oil pipeline chaplain do you believe there's a group
of people on the face of the Earth who control the world I would've
laughed at them. I would've said who are you a John Bircher if someone
had asked me that question three years later after I lived with these
people do you believe there's a group of people who tell the president
what to do dictate to congress what bills to pass tell OPEC on any
given day what they going to give them for a barrel of oil I would have said not only do
I believe it I sat and listened to them talk about it so now you can
understand why I can so emphatically make the statement there
positively is a group of people on the face of the Earth who control
the world. I remember one morning I walked into Arco base and Mr.
Ken Fromm was sitting there and he greeted me and said chaplain come on
over. I'd like to introduce you to someone. I walked over to the breakfast
table and he said chaplain this is Mr.
so-and-so and he called him by name and said he's the international
secretary-treasurer of Exxon Corporation I tried my best over those
three years Time to try to comprehend these people. Their mindset. Now keep
in mind I had been a Pastor for all those years had had many
opportunities of counseling with every type of a situation imaginable
I graduated with a bachelors degree so I had some idea of how to work
with people from my schooling years and now I had the opportunity to
understand people that the average person never comes in contact with
I tried to figure out how they think what their lifestyles are and I
I honestly believe as I look back over those years now that the reason
I was there was the providence of God that there is no way that a little
insignificant unknown missionary flying airplanes out in the bush of
Alaska could have ever lived with the elite for three years Time except
by the providence of God and there is no way that I could possibly be
here today on this DVD trying to explain to you the things that you
need to know in order to be able to overcome the new world order except
by the providence of God I think you're viewing this DVD by God's
providence and the things that I say I hope will be a great help to you
in your life so that you can keep food on your dinner table can
overcome the elite and the new world order and you can if you
understand their mindset but only if you understand the thought patterns
the mindset of these people I have written numerous books in fact I've
written six books my first book was the energy noncrisis and I wrote it
for the purpose of helping you understand how these people think
and how they live at and how to comprehend them that was a
second book entitled to seduce a nation and all of these books are
written for the purpose of helping you understand the elite of the
world now these books were out of print as of about two years ago and
then so many people said chaplain please you must help us we're facing
a whole different world with the new world order today we need to
understand the thought patterns in the mindset of these people so I did
we have it and you can get it even though it went out of print a few
years ago you can go to Amazon Kindle and you can download the book
the energy noncrisis and to seduce a nation go to Amazon Kindle and
you can have those books and I hope that you will read some chapters
there that I'll be relating to on today I look back over these years
and from 1980 my book the energy noncrisis the book was published in
1980 some very unusual things happened after I wrote the manuscript
for the energy noncrisis I didn't know what to do with the book I had
never taken journalism in high school or college I had not the slightest
idea how to get a book published and distributed and so I thought well
I'll give it to publishers well I sent the manuscript to every leading
publishing house in America and said would you publish my book and
here's the manuscript every every every publishing house everyone wrote
back and said chaplain it's too hot you'll get sued we can't handle it
now today that would not be true my book energy noncrisis was not
controversial at all today would not be compared to what it was 35
years ago but in 1980 then I said okay what do I do with and I'll never
forget I was in Denver Colorado Beth Eden Baptist Church and a Pastor a
wonderful godly gentleman said to me chaplain you must publish that
manuscript he said the world has got to know what you have lived and
your experiences he said okay I'll help you Dr.
O Madison I'll never forget him. He's gone home to be with the Lord now and he said
chaplain I'll help you put out the first 500 books well we did I never
thought they would sell they were gone in days then we published 5000
books they will gone in a few weeks then we published 10,000 books they
were gone in a few months within a year or so it became a bestseller
people were hungry for the truth they wanted to know what really is
going on out there and the book told them. At that point I began getting
invitations from speaking engagements all across the country. I mean day
after day and finally the mission board that I happen to be with at the
time said chaplain you can't publish a secular book and still be a
missionary in Alaska I said no problem I'll gladly resign after all
there was a whole world out there to tell about what was going on and to
tell about Jesus Christ so I chose that left Alaska and began traveling
I have spoken in every state in America with the exception of Maine. I wish
somebody would invite me to Maine for a speaking engagement. I'd take it just
to be able to say that I've been to all 50 states had the opportunity
to travel Australia New Zealand many countries of the world people are
hungry for the truth and for a person who lived their story someone said
to me the other day well, chaplain don't you have any trouble giving
a presentation like I'm giving right now for instance on this DVD and I said
no the difference in this presentation and the presentation that just a
speaker would give at a convention would be he looked in books he
read newspapers he got current events and he put together a
presentation what you are hearing today is what I lived I was there I
saw them I heard them I ate across the dinner table from them I lived in
the dorms with them the most asked question over the past 35 years any
radio talkshow I've been on television show speaking engagement public
is chaplain please tell us something about the elite well I will and
this is where I began first of all a few years ago someone said where
do the elite live well you need to know this because if you going to
prepare for the new world order you need to know how the elite have
prepared. So I called one of my elitist friends and I said where's Mr.
so-and-so. I knew him years ago but I didn't know where he is now
and he told me and then I said well where is this gentleman then I
said where's that gentlemen and I called a number of the people that I
had their phone numbers whom I call the elite the super wealthy the
people who behind closed doors determine your life before you ever know
what's going to happen to you and I said I'd like to know where you
live know what I found out not a single elitist whom I would call the
super wealthy the people who are in the controlling powers of the world
not a single one of them have their primary residence in a metropolitan
area. Isn't that amazing they know something and I hope you're getting the information
also they may have their penthouses in New York and
Washington but their primary residence every one of them live in a
rural area but my next statement is going to surprise you the elitists
are not survivalists. Now you say but chaplain if the elite know what's
going to happen they understand what tomorrow is going to bring and it
could be catastrophic events then why haven't they made preparations
for survival. oh you see since they know what's going to happen tomorrow
they know tomorrow how to do what's necessary to do where if you wait
until after the currency has already collapsed or you wait until after
someone bombed a few more like they did or I should have said
flown airplanes as they did in 9/11 you see you wait until after the
fact because you don't know in advance what's going to happen the elite
know ahead of time exactly what's going to take place and therefore
they don't have to do what you and I have to do in the way of making
preparations for these things have you wondered why so many of the
elitists and I'll name two at this point by the way have you ever
wondered while they live to a ripe old age? one of the elite of the
elite would be George Herbert Bush daddy Bush and another one if I
could name them would be Mr. Henry Kissinger they're in the 80s still
healthy. why do these men live to such an age they know some things you
don't know but some things I'm going to tell you today you will need to
view all of these DVDs because some things may be more important to you
toward the end then they are now as a result I have chosen four people to
help me with this presentation I knew that it would take some
professionals in different fields in order to do it the Lord led us to
one gentleman by the name Tom Fila he's a Wall Street insider he could
walk out the front door of his office on any given day when he was on
Wall Street and look up at the twin towers before they were destroyed some
of the things that Mr.
Fowler is going to say to you you'll find them fascinating you'll
have to concentrate he gives an approach such as I'm
giving it He dealt with the insiders from one source I dealt with them
from another standpoint then I chose Pastor David Bowen he was a
Hollywood playwright at one time and as you know Hollywood is their
perversion and the national liberal media is their mouthpiece you've
probably heard me say that on radio shows and he dealt with him from
that standpoint of you're going to find what he has to say very fascinating
Mark Johnson he's going to deal with the subject that I have never heard a
definition of that I was satisfied with you must hear about
derivatives. Derivatives could at any point that they wish to pull
the plug bring the entire financial system both Europe America the
Middle East I care not what part of the world it is the Orient it could
bring the entire world to a collapse tomorrow morning if and when they're
ready for it to. maybe some have never even heard of the derivatives but you're
going to hear them now then Rodney Ballance you've seen him before with me in
a DVD series you will hear what he has to say in 1980 when my book
the energy noncrisis came out and I say this very modestly and I
said to God's glory not to mine because here I was just a little lowly
missionary flying airplanes out the Bush of Alaska I became famous
overnight I'm not a person that enjoys the limelight but I gained renown
that took place very rapidly at times from 1980 to about 1985 I would do
two and three radio shows per day people were hungry know about the energy
crisis and how much crude oil we have. I averaged crisscrossing America
from East Coast to West Coast on the average of every other week by
aircraft commercial I was speaking day after day in cities all across
this land we were having marvelous audiences it wasn't unusual back in
those days can't do it today of course the Internet that's about the thing
that they pay most of the attention to but back in those days they would
come out to a rally and it wasn't unusual get 300, 500 people in small
towns and big cities wherever it may be. We had as many as 10,000 people the
largest rally we ever had was in the salt dome in Salt Lake City and
because of this renowned there were some people who were watching me
and I didn't know they were there you never know who's in your
audiences and a group came to me one day and they said chaplain we
would like you to help us I didn't have slightest idea I knew they
looked like businessmen they were well-dressed they were well spoken
and they said and you need to understand this expression I think that
they used back in those days chaplain we would like you to help us get
some people out to our seminars and I said well what kind of seminars are you
speaking of now keep in mind that they had been in my audiences they were seeing
the number of people of that were there they said would you come in contact
with a lot of people they said we have teaching seminars on the
lifestyle and the methods of the elite well I said that's interesting I
lived with them for three years and I have the personal phone numbers
of a few of them. I wonder if what you seeing or what you are saying and
what I saw are the same they said well here's what we'd like to do.
whenever you find people in your seminars that you think might
be interested in being trained in the secrets of the elite would you be
willing to introduce them to us I said well first of all I have to find out what
you're teaching so they said okay we will buy your airline ticket we'll
pay all of your expenses to our resort in the Bahamas and we'd like you to
come out and see I was amazed I did I took them up on the offer. I've
never been afraid to go places and meet people and so I did beautiful private
beach you've never seen such facilities such food and I stayed
there for a week and I heard some of the most renowned speakers that
you could possibly imagine explaining the insides the inner
workings of the social elite how they do what they do I have never
told the story before and I must admit to you that I haven't told it
because not of fear but out of respect for my elitist friends who are
now retired in their 70s and 80s and I felt that I should only wait until
these men had got to the place that they could say what one said to me
recently as many of you know one of my elitist friends passed away a
year ago some of you have heard me give his name on radio shows and before
he died he basically said to me he said chaplain I'm too old to care. Just go ahead
and tell the world everything well at that point I decided I would and I
have told some things but there many things I have never told until today
that you've never heard until this DVD series and the things that I
saw these people teaching in these seminars at this fabulously
beautiful resort in the Bahamas was exactly what I had heard the elite
talking about the very things that they said they would do -- you see
they make the laws. there's not a single bill that goes before Congress that
is not written by the elite they know what the bills' going to be before it even gets
there the congressman don't very seldom does a congressman ever read an
entire built practically never does a president of the United States of
America ever read a bill that's going before Congress and he signs it and the
congressmen sign it. who wrote it? I know who wrote it I heard them talking
about these things when they were talking about what the elite do
and how they act and I was fascinated and so I told these people I
said yes I'll be glad to do that for you I said I know some people
that need to understand the inner workings of the elite. And I wanted to know
myself and so they said okay if you'll be willing to recommend people of
class and quality that you think could understand these things and will be
helpful to them we'll be glad to pay all expenses for you every other
month to come out and be with us at our seminar in the fabulously
beautiful Bahamas and I did for about two years every other month I
spent a week at their resort. I remember one day
the aircraft strip it was right close to the resort I happened to of
gotten off the plane that I've flown out in commercially and not
many airplanes landed on a strip like that very private and all of a
sudden a 727 Boeing aircraft flew in large jet and I waited to see who
was getting out and the gentleman who was sponsoring the seminar that
week happen to be standing beside me and he said you know those men are?
two of them. here this big 727 jet like you fly on when you fly the
commercial airliners and the side door hydraulically went down and he
said Owens Corning, one of the large corporations of America and two
of their executives got out of the aircraft you see the secrets of the
elite are known by every congressman the secrets of the elite are known by
federal judges the secrets of the elite are known by a few lawyers but
you don't know them they don't want you to know them. They train their young
elites as to their thought patterns and their mindset and how they
should do things and as soon as a person arrives in Washington in
Congress. I'm going to tell you some of the things they're taught. And you're going
to find some very surprising things in the course of all of this every
president of the United States of America is briefed on these things
and very soon they realize where they stand I'll give you a statement you
can find this one on the Internet for yourself this statement was made by
Lloyd Blankenfein he is the boss at Goldman Sachs and this was made
the statement was made to the Sunday Times of London England and he
said Banker's do God's work did you catch that this man said to the
London Times Sunday times bankers do God's work these people think that
they have a right to do what they're doing they are fully convinced
that you and I are dumb, stupid, don't understand what they're doing and
most people don't and that's one of the reasons I'm producing
this DVD series because I don't want you to be ignorant of what the
elite are doing. I want you to be knowledgeable of what's happening and the
only way that you will overcome the new world order is to be
knowledgeable as to how they carry on everything that they do you
might call this a mini college education in some fashion. It was
1976 we'd finished the service at Arco base that night and the men moved
out of the way and for some reason the senior executive on duty that
week had attended the service and was sitting with us I'll never forget
in the movie hall of all places at Arco base and we just sat there and talked
a few minutes I guess he wasn't too busy that evening and in the course
of the conversation he said something he said AT&T is going to be
declared a monopoly. Wait a minute. Now, think back folks 1976 there was only
one telephone company in America it was American telephone and
telegraph if you wanted a phone, if you wanted communications, if you want
long-distance you went to AT&T. There was no other now how did he
know it was going to be declared a monopoly. It had already been
decided behind closed doors he already knew that Congress would do
exactly what they wanted and would declare it a monopoly not only that
but they had a reason the elite wanted to declare AT&T a monopoly after
all AT&T had been in existence as long as Ma Bell had been around and
they didn't need the elites money any more. They were well-financed. They weren't
borrowing. And the elite don't make money when companies don't have to borrow
money from them. they declare -- you'll find this in my book the energy
noncrisis by the way -- please go to Amazon Kindle and get the book you'll
see it for yourself it was recorded in 1980 when I wrote the book before AT&T
was ever declared a monopoly they knew it knew what was going to happen
and why did they do it because when AT&T was declared a monopoly that
meant that other companies, Sprint, Verizon, all these companies would
spring up in their place and how does a new company start they borrow
money from the elite so they wanted AT&T declared a monopoly so the
elite could turn around and lend money to all of these new companies it
would get going because AT&T didn't need them anymore. This is just an idea of
how the elite bring about their control factor. 1983, I heard when I was at
the meetings in the Bahamas I heard them talking about something that
you didn't hear until just the last year or two free trade outsourcing
those seminars in the Bahamas that I was attending already back in
those days they were training the young elite to take the industry from
America to China and India and Mexico moving out of this country taking
away your jobs and already in those days I was hearing them talking about
free trade outsourcing before you ever knew what the business was all about.
Why did thiey want to do this there's a reason oh I hope this will
anger you to no end. the elite knew that they had to take their
industry abroad. why? well you just heard from the Wall Street insider
you're going to hear about other facets of how Congress makes money it all
boils down to this let's move our factory to China now we'll make our
fortune there in China. Then what do we do with that if we bring it back
into America it falls under the rules of well you know the story so
they don't do it. Where do they take that? This was one of the things that
was so fascinating in these seminars that I attended where do the elite
take their money well they moved industry abroad intentionally. Oh
I know they could produce it cheaper in China than they can in America
but what's the real reason behind it all it's again a matter of control
control of the funds that they were making out there and where do they put
it now if you are super wealthy you take your money to Liechtenstein
you probably never heard that name, if you are a little bit less than
super wealthy you take your Money to the Isle of Man. And all this was
taught in the seminars where you take your money according to how many
millions or billions that you might have if you are a little less down
the line than Lichtenstein and Isle of Man you take it to Belize and
you hide it away and then if you are in the hundred thousand dollar
range up to a million dollar range you go to the Turks Islands.
Well then you could go to the Cayman Islands if you're 100,000 - 200,000
or maybe 1 million and it all was determined by how wealthy you were
as to where you hid your money outside of United States of America.
And industry knew it they moved their plants abroad that their
super wealthy could become super wealthier by making their wealth
there and the young the elite were being taught this way back in those
days you ask about the lifestyle of the young elite or the elite
themselves. They're human. Oh I know, they think they are God but they're really
only human and as a result here you can see why the government
officials and others fall for the things that the elite are telling them.
The Federal Reserve was produced for the sake of the
elite the World Bank and the IMF manage money according to the way
that the elite want them to and of course you know who the two biggest
elitist in the country are. How do they dress? Well we'll get down to the
nitty-gritty of the elite not shabby I don't think I ever saw an elite
dressed just haphazardly. I would use one expression if I could and
you and I need to know this expression also look the part what ever you
want to be look that part in fact my family my wife my son and I when
we travel on aircraft we always dress in a suit, with a shirt and tie
Why? We've never failed to get good service. Dress the part. Look the
part. Whatever you want to be look that way. The elite that's exactly the
way they look the way they act very professional. I never saw one drunk.
I very seldom ever saw one smoke a cigarette there some things about the
elite that you will find very interesting and I hope these simple things about
the elite will help you I learned them as they taught them to me and I think
they can be of help to you. Let me begin with what I saw in those seminars out
in the Bahamas and what I heard the younger elite are chosen Mr.
Clinton was chosen very early in life people that you see in Washington and hear
their names right now up these people are chosen from their college years