Steamed Broccoli Recipe - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 08.02.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
we are going to do some sesame steamed broccoli over quinoa.
And Iím gonna also put some kale in there as well. It is gonna be really healthy, full
of calcium from the broccoli and the kale. Dark green vegetables all have quite a nice
supply of calcium.
Quinoa also has calcium and protein. So letís get started, Iím going to show you how to
cook the quinoa because I know a lot of people have trouble cooking this delicious grain
but itís really quite easy.
So you take a cup of the grain and thatís gonna be enough for two people. Usually itís
a little bit much, thereís a leftover. You can see itís a really tiny grain and then
weíre gonna take two cups of water. Itís the same as most grains, add it in there and
weíll add a little bit of salt in the cooking water that is necessary to help the quinoa
cook properly.
Weíll turn this on to high and bring it to a boil and as soon as it gets boiling weíre
gonna turn it down to minimum and let it just steam and that I think is the issue that most
people have in quinoa is that they keep at a little bit of a boil and then they donít
let it cook long enough.
So you want the quinoa to cook until all of the water is absorbed and itís nice and dry
and fluffy. So weíre just gonna cut the ends of the broccoli because this has been dried
out sitting in the store.
Ok, throw that in the compost and then what I do to get the stalk and the florets removed
is I just cut it there and then there you have your talk separate and then Iím gonna
take the skin off of the stalk because thatís pretty tough and thatís what most people
donít like about the stalk but if you just slice the skin off there, see how nice and
soft that is in here. You just cut that up, put it in the streamer with the rest of your
broccoli and youíre good to go.
Ok, see? Lovely! And then just cut it into chunks, weíre gonna toss that in the bowl.
I took a little bit more skin than I meant to there but you get the hang of it after
Now with broccoli florets if you cut at this side its gonna fall apart but if you cut in
this side and all I do is cut partly into the stem and then pull it apart and that chunk
end up pretty big so we cut that in half too and then you have lovely chunks of broccoli.
So do that with the rest of your broccoli.
So broccoli is cut, my quinoa has just started to boil so Iím gonna turn it down to minimum
and let is simmer. Now normally I would cover this with a lid but because I am going to
be steaming, the steamer is going to be the lid.
Now, alright! So I get the broccoli done, next thing Iím gonna do is the kale and the
reason Iím using the kale itís because itís going to line the bottom of my steamer so
that the broccoli doesnít fall through because if you look at my steamer it got slots in
I prefer the bamboo over any kind of metal type steamer because metal can sometimes leach
into the vegetables if theyíre in contact with it. Bamboo natural material, no problem
with it being in contact with your food, if you have metal one thatís ok but if youíre
going to buy one, I would buy a bamboo one.
Ok, so Iím gonna keep these kale leaves whole for now because theyíre gonna line the bottom
of the steamer and then when theyíre done steaming I chop them uo and put them in with
the broccoli.
Now one thing that people often miss when theyíre steaming is that you need to salt
the vegetables before you put them into the steamer. You donít need much, just a pinch
for the broccoli and then weíll do another pinch for the kale. Weíll do that separately.
Just get your hands in there and toss it around, if you lose a broccoli just drive them back
sometimes they wanna escape and youíll see that the broccoli is going to start to release
some of its juices and it wonít be quite as dry on the leaf portion, it will start
to get some moisture there.
Thatís what youíre looking for because otherwise the steaming will just kind of crisp them
and if ever you have steamed greens without salting them before youíll know what I mean
because they just get crispy like a leaf and yes they are leaves but we want them to be
a little bit cooked and delicious rather than crispy and crunchy like a leaf thatís fallen
on the ground.
So just take some salt on your hand, sprinkle some on the kale and just give it a little
rub. Ok? The kale is gonna do the same thing as the broccoli, itís gonna start to release
a bit of its juices.
Once your kale and your broccoli are salted you can get them going in the steamer and
what Iím gonna do is lined the bottom with this kale like so and Iíve got more than
enough here but I love kale so I thought Iíll go a little nuts then just grabbed your broccoli
and arrange it on top of the kale. This way none of it is gonna will fall on the cracks
and contaminate your quinoa.
So, get that set up here and what youíre gonna do is leave this until the quinoa is
cooked. Here we go! Which takes about 20 minutes so just ñ just leave that alone. You donít
want to be stirring the quinoa, you donít need to check on the vegetables theyíre gonna
be just fine.
This has been going for 20 minutes and if we take a look at the vegetables, theyíre
getting nice and soft, the broccoli when we lightly cook it helps take away some of that
bite that a lot of people donít enjoy but if we only cook it lightly like we are right
now steaming it, it maintains all of its nutrients. And then weíll take a look at here in the
quinoa which is looking really lovely and cooked. You can see itís not sticky.
Steamed veggies over here looking beautiful and Iím going to take some green onions,
just to spice things up a little bit. Iím using the same bowl that I toss the broccoli
with the salt in just so that I donít have to do as many dishes.
And like I said at the beginning the dark leafy green excellent source of calcium, Broccoli
in particular also helps regulate insulin and blood sugar levels so good choice for
diabetic but broccoli is one of those vegetables that just has a ton of nutrients and is good
for so many different things that itís always good to get more in your life.
Hopefully steaming it will make it really nice as well as maintainig the nutrients.
Ok, so I got the kale here and itís still on whole leaves that I use to lined the steaming
basket. Iím just gonna chop it up like that and toss it in the bowl with the broccoli.
Weíre gonna do things really simple with just a little bit of sesame oil drizzle on
the top here. You need very little of this stuff itís quite a powerful flavor.
And some tamari, tamari is a fermented soy sauce. If you would prefer to just use soy
sauce thatís fine as well but tamari is a bit healthier because the soy beans have been
So give that a toss. The tamari gets absorbed into the broccoli so you donít want to overdo
it, there some pretty powerful flavours but really delicious.
If you want you can mix them together and thin it out with a bit non toasted sesame
oil beforehand. You want to make sure that everything gets really saturated with flavor
but I find this works just beautifully.
And then weíre just going to up the calcium content a little bit by adding some sesame
seeds. Sesame seeds, huge amount of calcium. Theyíre tiny so you need to eat a lot of
them to get that calcium but excellent nonetheless.
Alright! Once you get that toss up, get some quinoa. Put it on a plate, top it wth some
broccoli, some kale and sprinkle some more sesame seeds on top just to make it look beautiful.
And there you go, ready to eat! Excellent healthy vegan meal with some quinoa top with
steam broccoli and kale!