Schindler Hydraulic Elevator @ Holiday Inn Express Los Angeles, CA (Feb. 2010)

Uploaded by stevethemeave45 on 07.03.2010

Alright. We are in a Holiday Inn Express at the Wes---West Side of Los Angeles.
And, this is the elevator. And it's a Schindler. We're gonna go up.
The down arrow goes down to the parking level. As you can tell, that's where it goes.
{startled} Oh! Here it is.
- Four.
- {Schindler bell dings}
Now this is a Schindler so door close button does not work.
{disgusted} Ew. That door's disgusting.
{Schindler bell rings}
This thing's somewhat bouncy.
Here we are at Four.
{elevator groans}
{stunned} That...sounded horrid!
We're gonna ring the bell.
Oh no, I can't.
Alright. Um, wait for the doors to close.
Alright, let's try it now.
{surprised} Uh, oh did the elevator just leave? Oh shoot!
Well, that's okay. This is the um...Holiday Inn, {stammers} Yeah, the Holiday Inn Express.
There's down there. Um...It's just a standard Holiday Inn.
Here's the outside.
Alright. I hope---Alright, the elevator should be here by now.
There's some TV.
This is a prety small place for the elevator to be.
I think I can hear it.
I don't know what that means, I think that's the, uh, for the hospital. But, I don't know, but this is the only elevator in the building.
There should be more than one elevator than this one.
What I'm hearing down there is horrible.
{frusturated} Ay, come on!
Uh! Hear something...
This elevator must be in bad shape.
It's here.
{annoyed} Finally.
Alright, I hope we can get an okay ride down, this...We're gonna go down to One.
Look at this. "Breakfast Bar", "Fitness Center", "Laundry".
As you can tell, door close button does not work.
{slightly thrilled} Wheeeeee!
I think this is a hydrualic but uh...I don't know.
Okay, here we are.
I would have to say this elevator's in bad shape. Alright there it goes.
And uh...