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Drew Canole: Hey FitLifers, Drew Canole, I donít know if youíve seen the video or not,
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead but I watched it a while ago and I actually re-watched it just
a little while ago and it just confirms everything I believe about juicing vegetables. So, what
I wanted to do is tell you to watch the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Make sure you watch
it by the end of the week and then secondly, I wanna share a juice recipe that I have and
this is great, I just did a hundred Muscle-ups yesterday. If you donít know what a Muscle-up
is, itís the pull-up where you grab the bar and you pull yourself up and over it, granted
I didnít do a hundred in a row, Iím not He-man but I did do ten sets of ten.
So, I woke up and my joints were a little sore so I got to thinking, you know a lot
of athletes reach for the Ibuprofen whenever itís available? So I decided to reach for
my friend, Mr. Ginger Root. Now when you look at this root what does it look like? Iíll
give you one guessÖ it kinda looks like a knee, right? Like a joint. Well ginger is
amazing for your joints, good for soreness, different things like that an also, Cucumber,
you wanna stay hydrated when youíre in the gym after an intense work-out. So, letís
run this shall we? Ginger always goes first cause itís got the
most flavor out of everything that you can juice reallyÖ just a little bit goes along
way. Put a little Lemon in itís gonna alkalize your bodyÖ love the smell of Lemon. We got
a little (?) Cucumber coming up next, now, we might not wanna do the whole thing cause
thereís a lot of liquid in this so when in doubt, reach for another cup. Pull this up,
pour it in here, place that back under and we just finished the juice. Now, a lot of
people say juicing takes a lot of time, that just literally took me less than a minute
to create, clean-upís gonna take another minute.
So, while I drink this juice in honor of the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I wanna answer
a questionÖ thatís amazing. So, hereís the questionÖ The question is from Elaine
Inman on our Juicing Vegetable page, if you havenít joined the page make sure you do
that just type in Juicing Vegetables it should come up, Drew, on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
site, they were saying that no tough workouts want juice fasting, Iím in love with Insanity
and other type of work-out videos that you put online do I have to, and from judging
from your body, you must work-out pretty hard. Kay, thatís a good question. Let me set the
laptop down, so, working out extremely hard while fasting, I would say donít do it. Iíve
seen a lot of my clients do it, yíknow, always consult with your doctor first, make sure
itís okay with them. I gotta put a little disclaimer in the bottom. Always consult with
your doctor before doing anything with juicing, kay? Personally, I love to work-out really
freaking hard, Iím always in the gym sometimes two to three hours a day because thatís my
meditation, thatís what keeps me sane, I love taking good care of my body but unfortunately,
working-out extremely hard tears your body down. What does juicing do? Well, if you know
anything about juicing, juicing rebuilds your body, it gives our body quiet time so that
it can rest and it can heal, putting you back in peak performance. So, although I donít
really do a lot of juiced fasts per se, Iím always juicing.
So, I love to work-out extremely hard and have one to two glasses of juice a day to
get my vitamins. Now, if itís a straight-up juice fast, maybe get on the inclined treadmill,
put it up to about fourteen, fifteen degrees, maybe a little bit higher than that and just
walk, at a four, speed of four for forty-five minutes. You wonít believe how much youíll
be sweating at the end of those forty-five minutes just by walking.
So, thereís a lot of things you can do in the gym without going in and doing a hundred
Muscle-Ups like I did to get a little muscle soreness. So, for more information on Juicing
Vegetables, visit our website, JuiceUpYourLife.TvÖ JuiceUpYourLife.Tv, Iíll put a link on the
bottom that you can go to, check out some more free recipes and other stuff that we
have and make sure you watch our video presentation. At the end of the video presentation, Iím
gonna invite you to do something with me and thousands of other people that have already
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So be prepared for that, at the end of the free video Iíma ask you to do something,
if itís inspired you in any way to take action and move forward with better health then,
forward it on to your friends and move forward with this movement with me. Iím Drew Canole
with FitLife.Tv and Iíll see you soon.