Save Money on Apple Products and iPhones: Mission Frugalicious (The Frugalicious Show)

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 04.04.2011

Hi everyone, it’s Larissa from Frugalicious, and this is the Deal of the
So today is a big day on the Deal of the Day - it’s my 100th episode! (blow
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So let’s get started on Mission Frugalicious! I got an email from Kel from
Witchita, KS, and Kel is looking for a discount on an iPhone. unfortunately
Kel, as you and other viewers probably know, getting a discount on an Apple
product is no easy feat. Apple’s products generally sell very well, and as
a general rule Apple doesn’t have regular sales or discounts because they
feel it undermines their brand image. They’ve come a long way from the
Apple 2 E my friends.
However, since 2004 Apple stores have been participating in Black Friday.
In previous years they’ve discounted their macbooks as much as $100, and
there were rumors of discounted iPads. History tells us that you can expect
about a 10-20% drop in price, with a maximum discount of up to $101.
Now Apple Online store does have a Clearance and Refurbished section, where
I saw a MacBook Pro discounted by $360. Apple offers a one year limited
warranty on these products, so read the fine print carefully and decide if
it’s right for you. Additionally, Apple offers a student discount if you’re
a student, teacher, or educator - you can get up to $200 off. Details on
the Apple site.
What about buying used? I saw some used iPhone’s on ebay for very
reasonable prices, but I strongly caution you to buy at your own risk.
These are probably older models, so that’s definitely something to take
into consideration. eBay does have a buyer protection program, and make
sure you check out the seller’s rating. This might be the perfect solution
for you.
I checked in with The Frugalicious Show’s technical correspondent, and her
advice is to wait until the next model iPhone comes out this summer, and
there is likely to be a sale on the current iPhone. When you’re shopping
don’t forget to buy from a store who offers competitor price matching so
you can get the lowest price available.
So there you have it Kel - I’m sorry I couldn’t give you better news, but I
hope I helped you with some of your research. The frugalicious truth is
that some retailers rarely, if ever, offer discounts. Best of luck to you,
and let us know how it turns out!
Thanks for watching everyone, and if you want to be featured on Mission
Frugalicious, send me an email at Happy
Shopping and i’ll see you tomorrow!