How To Become A Successful Virtual CEO With Chris Ducker

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Welcome to everyone. Itís Tyrone from and Iíve got another podcast here with a
really close friend of mine, Chris Ducker from the Philippines and I wanted to actually
get Chris on the call today because Iíve got a very interesting to share with you.
So firstly, welcome Chris onto the call today.
Mr. Shum how are you?
Good, Iím good mate. Itís a pleasure to speak with you on the phone.
Yeah, yeah. Itís always a pleasure to speak with you mate. Thank you very much for inviting
Awesome. Well, the reason why Iíve got Chris on the call today is if youíve been following
Chris on his virtual business lifestyle for the last year or 12 months, he had a goal
to setup to become the virtual CEO by the end of this year or end of actually 2010.
And basically, at the beginning and basically at the beginning of 2011, Chris is going to
be taking his time off to spend his time becoming a virtual CEO. Now what I wanted to find out
from Chris is what does he entail and what has he done now to be able to become into
that position.
So maybe Chris letís just talk a little bit more about whatís happened over the last
12 months and how thatís led you to become virtual CEO?
Sure. Well you know, letís look at initially the goal of why this has been put in place
in the first place. The company years ago, I became a father for the third time, and
Thank you very much. I was amazed it still worked. There was quite a big gap between
the second and the third one. And ñ so yeah, the bottomline is you know with the other
two, the first two, I love to bitch obviously. They ñ you know, I was in that kind of entrepreneurial
growth stage where I was working my ass of and generally speaking, did not spend a lot
of time with them when they were very, very young.
And ñ I would back on, like to work should I say I looked back on that time when my son
kind of hit his first birthday again and I was thinking on myself, do I want to go through
that again where I see my ñ you know another one of my kids grow up, not actually from
the distance but not as free from where I want them to see.
So that was the goal that the whole thing came about little Charlie. It was all about
Charlie and making sure that I kind of just be there more in his over years of development,
and things like that.
Well I like your little boy.
Yeah, yeah. Well ñ it depends on how you look at it I suppose. Yeah I can see itís
great but mostly rough. Ah ñ but yeah, that was the whole goal. That was the thing behind
everything. And then as time has gone by, since ñ January 2010 I set the goal late
in the month of January, I launched and I launched it with a video post where
I said, ìThis is my goal for this year, this is what Iím going to be doing, if you guys
want to follow me, awesome. Great. If I can help some of you do the same thing, even more
awesome or more greater, whatever you want to say.î
And the journey began, and that was 2010. The journey was a 1 year long goal. I had
absolutely no other goals in place at all in 2010. There was one goal and one goal only
and that goal was to become full time virtual CEO by the end of 2010. And, through breaking
that goal down to mini goals every month, so everything from taking myself out of email
threats to putting processes and systems in place, Iím hiring people to replace bits
of me in the different areas of the business that I was working on, I was able to accomplish
it. Yehey!
Thank you very much.
So what does the virtual CEO currently entail? What do you define as being a virtual CEO?
Ah ñ it is ñ it is about living an entrepreneurial lifestyle that you love to live. Thatís what
itís about. I think thereís so many entrepreneurs and Iím a serial entrepreneur. Iíve started
probably 10, 11 companies in my career. Some of the have done better than others. Iíve
had a couple failed accordingly but I learned obviously from that failures but Iím an entrepreneur
for improvement and ñ I know that from past experiences personally and talking with a
lot of other entrepreneurs as well, whether it be online, offline, whatever that a lot
of them work really hard. A lot of them become very successful, but a lot of them are just
living life so they just donít enjoy because of long hours or because of missing out, and
things like that, whatever the case maybe.
Ah so you know, the virtual CEO status for me just meant freedom. It meant freedom from
being handcuffed to a desk. It meant freedom from you know, being __ on a cubicle or whatever
you want to call it. And for me, it was just about creating a lifestyle that enabled me
to fundamentally get my work done, anywhere any place, anytime on my own terms. And that
meant that I could only get my work done and continue to grow my businesses but also spend
a lot more time with family, and a lot more time traveling and being able to see the world
a little bit more.
Iím very well traveled already but that was the other thing that I didnít do with my
first two kids because it was sort of taking them on long, extended trips and things like
that because I was already ñ I was already in the office, I was working. And so you know
ñ with Charlie now, and we actually now have 4 trips plans for next year ñ or for this
year rather already.
What? Why is it if youíre in the beginning of January, we always keep assuming weíre
still in year before. Do you notice that? You did it in the beginning.
Yeah, itís always like that. We always get -
Yeah I always thought Iíve written in 2010 in cheques already, itís insane! But yeah,
so ñ I mean actually 5 trips now because youíve just invited me to a wedding in Bali,
thank you very much sir I will be there. So ñ five trips in all.
Hush, hush.
Now everyone knows. Oh thatís awesome Chris. Well what Iím actually curious about is when
youíre being virtual as well, as you said youíre going to be able to travel 5 times
a year, even more maybe I reckon because youíre going to have a lot more time off. How much
time do you think you might be spending in your business even? Or would you be spending
any time in your business so long?
No I will be absolutely. I canít live the Live2Sell Group. I ñ I guess the only time
I would ever leave that company would be if I was to just sell it. Ah ñ and I had an
offer for the last year and it was a good offer but I turned it down because I felt
that I havenít achieved everything that I want to achieve as the owner of the company.
And I will continue to work on the Live2Sell Group as my focus business wise but just not
doing it under the roof of Live2Sell facility on daily basis. I anticipate working still,
at least 6, 7 hours a day. Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. I have not
worked religiously on a Friday for the last few months. Iíve taken the three-day weekend
and I really have enjoyed that because it has made little trips aways. We did Hongkong
Disneyland back in November and ñ you know and that was like it was literally was a Wednesday
evening and my wife said to me, ìWhy donít you get weekend straight to hit the beachÖî
and I said you know honey I get bored in the beach because we live only a 30-minute drive
away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world here in Cebu.
And, weíre talking sand it is like salt ñ I mean itís gorgeous. And so I said Iím
kind of getting bored. You know what, what do you think, letís just go to Hongkong.
And she was like what? Weíve been in Hongkong a few times as a couple since you know ñ
weíre dating and get married and everything. And so you know ñ I basically said letís
just go to Hongkong.
So the next day it was Thursday, I have my PA, call-ups and travel agent, sheís got
some quotes. And on Friday morning we got on the plane in Cathay Pacific. Because you
know from Cebu to Hongkong direct it was like 2 and half hours itís nothing.
Yeah so youíre lucky. Youíre so close to Hongkong. For me I could have seated in a
plane for at least a good day, almost. Actually not a good day. About 8 hours or so.
Donít exaggerate come on, itís a 9-hour flight.
So thatís the problem with being living in Australia. Youíre sort of out of the rest
of the world and to get anywhere, itíll take you 8 hours. So basically you lose a day but
for you it was like just basically driving down the road for 2-hour long trip.
Thatís right, thatís right. So ñ and we did, we went to Hongkong. So almost all things
are in place and ñ you know but no, I mean to really answer your question, I do definitely
can see myself still working a regular kind of work day in terms of hours so to speak
but -
But youíre not physically in your office.
Yeah, I just ñ I know I have a home office which is fully equipped. I spend more money
on my home internet connections and probably the same amount of all of my close circle
of business friends here in the Philippines put together. I mean I spend money on my own
internet connection. So ñ because I do a lot of VOIP and things like that with clients
overseas and everything. So itís going to be great quality.
But yeah ñ I would be 100% self-sufficient at home. You know, I mean the funny is Iíve
escaped the desk but Iím sitting at it right now which is so freaking ironic, right? But
nonetheless, here I am at the Live2Sell facility ñ but I ñ my plan, I live 15 minutes away
from the office so my plan is becoming for 2 meetings each week, probably 2-3 hours at
a time with management and HR, just making sure how things are kind of you know ñ growing.
I would have thought by the end of the first quarter of this year, that would probably
go down to one time a week and then maybe end up just you know ñ hopefully with a bit
of couple times a month, something like that. But I canít turn my back on this. We are
a service-related industry, I do not sell a product and I know how I want my company
to run and because of that reason and that reason alone, I canít turn my back on it.
I can never not be involved with it.
Well youíre still the face of Live2Sell so therefore itís still important.
Iím a very damn good-looking face, if I might say to myself.
Iíll let the audience joke on that one so -
Do that.
It is important though. The leadership does still run in and I think weíre talking about
this. Tony from Zappos is still the forefront and the leader of the whole company but heís
not in the office that much at all. You said yourself on your visit there, he was not there
at all. But heís still -
I can think of a 3-month book tour so -
Yeah so you can imagine heís working virtually from anywhere he wants to and youíre going
to be doing exactly the same which is absolutely real.
What ñ what Tony has done and when I was ñ good old Tony, my bestfriend Tony but Mr.
Hsieh has achieved in a very short space of time, and Iím not talking about the wealth,
Iím not talking about that at all because companies come and go, some companies make
more money than others and peopleís level of you know ñ success and expectation is
all different. All are different. What I make could be a very small amount of money to what
you want to make or vice versa so you know -
What I really ñ admired Tony Hsieh for was the culture, it was the company culture of
Zappos he and his team has put in place and he was obviously the forefront of that culture
or making that culture happen. And we have actually been working ñ and this goes a little
off-topic here but it might be interesting from an entrepreneurial, from a business standpoint
for your listeners or viewers.
We as a company, weíve been working on our core values from like the beginning of 2010
and weíd work on them and then weíd forget about them and something will happen and then
weíll work on them and get a big client come aboard, weíve get all that and ñ so itís
kind of a bit of on-off love affair for year or so but what was changed was that when I
did visit that Zappos HQ in Vegas when I was there for Blogworld in October and I soar
it in motion, I mean literally in motion.
It was phenomenal. Everybody from the receptionists down to the kitchen staff and they gave you
a complete tour of the facility. I mean Iím sure thereís probably a couple of areas that
are off-limits to the public for you know, financial reasons for example -
Various reasons.
But the fact to the matter is they give you pretty good quality tour around all the facility
and I was just ñ they ñ the Zapodiums as they call them, great word I love it. They
ñ they live and breathe the Zappos culture and that was the catalyst. That means in that
2 hours I have there, I then took part on the Q&A session which has a lot of the VIP
with the some of the upper management, and they coach the coaches and things like that.
That was a catalyst for me.
When I came from Vegas, it was full statement I have in my management to finalize our core
values, to put all company culture in place and we actually launched the 10 Live2Sell
family core values at our annual dinner and __ which is very English term, itís a Christmas
Christmas -
An annual dinner and -
I thought what the heck, youíve got some interesting terms but itís actually a Christmas
Itís just not the term for example in __ and basically it all is but ñ the bottomline
is I launched that at the Christmas party for the entire resource staff about 240 of
people and ñ actually by the end of this month, by the end of January, we will actually
launch which is our company culture website which is going to be available
for the whole world to see and including our competitors. No problem, check it out I donít
care and we have everything from blog posts to videos, to interviews, to everything that
you can imagine. And all that was inspired by Tony Hsieh in Zappos because the way that
he has created and built his company up is based on the culture.
And thatís all these -
And the family that they bring is basically the culture and that just amazed me. And so
that was the main reasons why we kind of really said this is what weíre putting in place,
itís going to happen now. And thatís exactly what we did. Thatís in last quarter of 2010
was like, it was all about the Live2Sell culture.
That is actually very interesting and actually very inspiring to see that as well because
with any company that succeeds, youíd want to be able pretty much portray as much great
culture in them because if theyíre motivated, theyíll perform really well therefore your
company grows as well. And also too, you yourself just continue to drive that through and you
just expand, and expand without much more effort than that so ñ right.
And I think itís not just about the company growth. Itís about the individual growth
of everybody involved in the company was well. Ah ñ and I think ñ I just ñ I mean as far
as I know, thereís no other outsourcing company in the Philippines doing what weíre about
to do.
I havenít even heard of that as well, too so youíre probably the first there. So awesome.
So you know if you want to be a success, youíre going to innovate and theyíll follow. So
hopefully weíll see ñ weíll see what the innovation does this year.
Weíll soon see. All right well weíve talked a lot about the company and also virtual CEO,
what Iím actually curious to jump into now is what are your plans for the next 12 months,
and also too, how you plan to live those 12 months?
Ah ñ Iíd like ñ you know Iíd like to say for all the hard work of last year, Iíd like
to say that Iíll be doing very little, just spending all the time with the family and
things like that but that would be a complete, an all-out lie. I think Iím going to be busier
this year than I was last year.
It will be in different settings, it will be in different situations. Like I said I
do plan to travel. I plan to spend at least 3 maybe 4 months outside of Philippines this
year. Ah ñ I ñ I tend, I intend to launch 1-3 business models on Live2Sell banner. One
of them actually might be quite beneficial for some of your followers as well and Iíll
tell you about that more when I can. But being that theyíre sort of Internet Marketers and
things like that or inspiring online marketers, but yeah I mean for me itís about ñ you
know the last few years have been funny few years. Itís been a combination of survival,
combination of sustainment, growth and I think actually itís survival, growth, sustaining
I think is the last way in terms of the last few years. And I think 2011 is about growth
and about my versification for me as an entrepreneur.
I want to continue to grow my existing companies but I also want to launch these into another
couple, probably another 2 or 3 product or service models based around those companies
as well. I also am about 30 or 40% through my first book as well. And I want to get to
the point of having that published some time this year so if youíre publisher -
Give him a call.
I mean I canít ñ Iím not ñ I can, I could but Iím not going to tell you what the book
is all about, because I donít want something to come out with the similarity there obviously
but I can, I can say that it does cover that virtual CEO journey of last year and the sort
of things that Iím going to be doing this year and how to get those things into your
life, blah blah. So you know, that sort of stuff.
You look like youíre full flight ready for next year.
Iím going to be tired, I know I will.
Iím honest to that though, because youíre not going to be ñ youíre definitely not
going to be tired because youíre taking those 5 trips during the year as well, too. So donít
worry, you have a good balanced life.
Thatís it, thatís it.
Well, in terms of ñ Iím actually curious as well, to be able to live a virtual life
like say, itís not a virtual CEO but to live a life virtually without having to run a business
in the office or work in an office situation, you still need to sustain kind of income to
be able to help you live your lifestyle. I mean is there specific things that you plan
to do, as you said maybe traveling, starting a few of those businesses, how much would
your lifestyle cost or expenses become when you actually live this kind of lifestyle because
you still have to consider those things to be able to live day to day in order to survive
or even just to live the lifestyle?
Sure, absolutely. I mean ñ I guess to answer your question firstly, I should point out
that I have a very modest lifestyle here in the Philippines. I ñ I mean thereís a lot
of you know, foreigners as weíre known here. Thereís a lot of foreigners or expatriots
living in the Philippines that have very, very, very lavish lifestyles. Because you
know -
Itís possible to do.
Yeah, the dollar goes a long way here. Even with the peso being so disastrous against
the dollar today compared to what it was 10 years ago when I first came to the country.
Ah ñ you know it ñ I know some guys buy ridiculously huge houses with swimming pools
and you know double car basement parking, itís just freaking stupid. Why do you need
that some ñ honestly if you want to swim, go to the beach, you donít need a pool what
are you doing? You donít need a pool.
These sort of things I mean ñ cost money to maintain a pool as well itís not cheap
anywhere in the world. So yeah ñ I live a very modest lifestyle. I donít ñ I have
a ñ you know, a nice sized house, itís not a mansion by any stretch of imagination and
I live a comfortable lifestyle. I donít you know, I donít starve myself. If I want to
go out and have a good meal with my wife or friends, and Iíll do it. If I want to pop
over to Hongkong for a long weekend ñ you know -
Which you do.
You know, but I mean itís a good question because youíre right. You know with the additional
travel, and I mean I travel like regularly anyway on business but obviously thatís business
expense and you know, a lot of what I want to do next year or 7 of that travel weíll
put that in business but some of it weíll not so you know, for me personally I guess
itís going to be one of those things where Iím going to have sort of play by ear a little
bit but I mean I have right there to ñ with friends, I want to spend a month in London
ñ next year. And -
London compared to the pesos is actually quite a big change in cost of living as well.
It is, it is and I mean ñ you know ñ you know the runup to the Olympics next year and
you know all that sorts of stuff. Everythingís ñ they say London is the second most expensive
place in the world I can have a coffee now.
Yeah, Iím not surprised.
So you know ñ I mean I ñ I looked ñ I looked at some long term sort of or short term rental
apartment places, you know and I was amazed. It was like the equivalent of about $1200
US a week.
Not surprised. We pay those kind of things here.
Yeah, yeah. So ñ to give you a rough idea, not going to pay that. Not going to pay that
at all, stay with my problem now, much better.
Thanks to you bro.
Yeah ah you know ñ so just to give you an idea, he doesnít have an email address Iím
not lying. He has no email address so I had to pay a year worth of internet connection
so that when Iím there in a month, I can have uninterrupted internet. But itís ñ
Iíd rather do that across you know, 300 or 400bucks worth it was for a year to have an
internet connection for the month in there and spend same amount of money renting.
Exactly yeah.
So I live a very modest lifestyle but I think you know ñ the other part of the virtual
CEO lifestyle is for a part of the virtual business lifestyle, the phrase that I coined
was that you have to try and develop different streams of income and one of the things Iím
going to be doing this year is working on the passive income streams a lot more than
I ever have done before. And I just ñ literally this month Iíve launched my first ever real
true passive income which is an ecourse for sales professionals.
And, the launch actually went very well. I was quite surprised and the numbers were better
than what I thought itís going to be. Went huge, itís already from this small niche
but you know, this is a niche aint going anywhere and as long as I continue to market site properly,
it will bring me in ñ you know, a good amount of money every month with very, very little
So you know, I want to try and develop another 2 or 3 streams of income like that and you
know, really try and pursue the online business world a lot more than I have done up into
this point. And I like, I like the fact that Iíve got the balance of the real world marketing
almost 20 years in the industry and Iím now going to be attacking the online marketing
and Iím ñ you know, Iím really quite excited this year to see what I can put together online.
You know I flirted with it a little bit in 2010 and it worked out quite well so Iím
looking to see what I can do on it.
Thatís awesome. Well the reason why I asked you that question was because for entrepreneurs
out there who want to do what youíre doing becoming the virtual CEO, just so say travel
over to Philippines and live in the Philippines for a few months and then travel throughout
Asia and stuff like that, maybe just from an average point of view, how much would that
cost them to live in the Philippines or something like that, so that way they can sort of get
an idea and plan for ahead as well?
Well you know, you see some blogs and websites out there for people who retire here ñ you
know they say you can live for a couple few thousands a month ñ no.
Not if you want to eat decent food on a regular basis and have air conditioned room.
You really need aircon, itís hot there.
You certainly need aircon over here. So I mean, rough ideas. One bedroom apartment,
will cost you fully furnished will cost you around ñ a nice, in a nice area about $600
US a month.
Thatís still pretty good. Men, considering the fact that we spend at least 3grand a month
on average to be able to get a decent accommodation here in Australia, in Sydney so -
Right. Now then obviously you then have your expenses on top of that. Anything like a decent
internet connection is going to cost you anything between 50 to 100bucks a month. And I mean
a connection thatís you know fast and thatís not going to die every two days you know.
Well 50 to $100 a month is actually the same as what we pay here so itís no different.
Right. But itís ñ if you look at the average is, you know that the apartment is a lot cheaper
and therefore you think the utilities is going to be cheaper. For good quality utilities,
itís not the case. So thatís the internet side of things. You know, electricity one
bedroom apartment, letís say you sleep with the aircon all night and you work with the
aircon all day, you probably look at maybe another 150bucks a month on electricity US,
and then you got your ñ obviously your grocery, and youíre going out, your entertainment,
and things like that. So I think all in all, you could probably live a rather to a bit
comfortable life for like, you know anything between two to $3,000 a month.
And that includes you know, eating at really niche once a week and you know, hitting the
movies. You know, to give you rough ideas so that people can kind of differentiate in
terms of costs. Ah ñ how much does a can of Coca Cola cost?
A dollar, dollar twenty.
So thatís about what, about US dollar something like that or Australian?
$1.20 is US.
Okay. Oh okay ñ $1.20 US. So $1.20 US, a can of coke here will cost about 80cents US.
Yeah, itís about two thirds.
Yeah, cost of going to the movies, and I noticed because I went to a manís Chinese theatre
and I lie when I was there few months back. That will cost me about, I think it was about
10bucks per movie.
Yeah, itís about $15 here in Australia.
Yeah so $10 a ticket, popcorn, drink, 20bucks. Here, like 5 or 6bucks.
Yeah, thatís the biggest difference. So entertainment, groceries, food, dining out will definitely
be a fraction of the cost because youíre living expenses or stand a living much lower
in terms of comparison therefore your dollar stretches a long way. And easily, I mean if
youíre to just get say kind of work, say you still retain a remote working situation
with say your employer, say youíre employee, and youíre earning about 40, 50K a year,
thatís more than enough to cover your living expenses in the Philippines plus, you know
your traveling and so forth.
So anyone could actually live in the Philippines quite comfortably if they have a stream of
income about 36 to about 40K a year.
Sure and I mean, perfect example. I have a client here thatís got about 15 staff and
he came over from North Carolina and heís visited. Weíve been working together for
a couple of years. Heís visited a few times within that period of time. The last time
he was here, he extended and extended, and extended his trip and I thought is this guy
ever going to leave? You know I mean whatís going on here?
So then he does eventually live and he calls me up and said Chris, I want to move to the
Philippines. First thing I think from the business standpoint is shit, Iím going to
lose a business. Heís going to open up his own office and blah, blah, blah. Right?
As it happens, heís actually not interested in doing that in anyway whatsoever. And he
wants us to continue to manage his people and do things exactly the same as weíve done
before. He literally just doesnít want to live in North Carolina any longer. He wants
to live as he calls it, paradise on earth.
So ah ñ so heís not saying that what can you do, can I help me sir? Anyway, I have
a friend of mine, very good friend of mine here in real estate ñ mogul. Heís got lots
of properties and all rests of it. He actually rented a three bedrooom house with a swimming
pool, semi-furnished, this is going to hurt you because I know what youíre paying, semi-furnished
for about $1500 US a month.
Iím not saying anymore.
There you go.
Yeah it just goes to show you, you can live here very ñ very, very cheaply but still
have some with the thrills that you might want back home. But you know there are also
down, you know thereís pros and cons to everything and there are certain things that drive me
nuts here like ñ perfect example, itís kind of a funny story but itís very true one.
I used to get regularly pulled over in my car.
By cops?
By cops, by traffic cops. All theyíre looking for is this.
Ah yeah. They happen in same situation too. We had that same situation when weíre traveling.
Yeah I think, any developing country or any country where you know ñ that sort of thing
is doable, it can probably happen. Iím not joking. Once a month I get pulled over. And
I just put it down as a form of tax. You know after ñ after a bit, I was like I gave everyone
10bucks that sort of thing.
But eventually something snapped in me one day and this guy pulled me over and he said
I ran a red light. I never ran a red light in my life. Iím about the safest driver.
Iím the guy youíll beat and say things like -
Hurry up!
Itís who? God damn it, use it for price sake! You know what I mean? So ñ so I ñ when he
pulled me over and nodded. I didnít ran a red light, youíre talking out of your whole.
You donít even got no idea what youíre talking about, blah, blah, blah. And he said Iíll
arrest you. You can be arrested in the Philippines for arrogance apparently, I didnít know of
this fact.
So I was being arrogant and eventually I just like bit my lip and said okay, is there a
fine I can pay? You know the usual thing, right. So we end up getting 500pesos from
The next day, my office is above a high-end dealership and I drive a high-end one and
ñ great cars. And the next day, I pulled in to the dealership, I rolled into the office
and I say I want you to put in 80% tint on every single window that Iíve got. I never
want to be pulled over again.
And you know what Tyrone, til this day that was about a year ago, til this day, I have
not been pulled over once.
And I think I know why. Because as soon as they see who you are ñ thatís -
For me that happens to basically every handsome -
No I bet youíre right. You know they see the foreigner behind the wheels and they obviously
figure well you know heís got more money than Filipinos which is complete fancy call
because I know plenty of Filipinos that are rolling in it compared to me.
So you know I just ñ it just goes to show. It is what it is. So currently yeah ñ it
is what it is but I love the Philippines. Iíve been here 10 years and Iíve made it
my home. Itís given my business, my family, my life. I love it, itís great.
And itís also let you to become a virtual CEO too so -
Yeah absolutely.
All right one last question I just want to ask you as well to share with the audience
is I know that next year ñ I keep referring to next year. Itís 2011.
Are you on some sort of drugs or something? What is going?
I donít know, I donít know.
Just so everybody knows, we are marketers yes. You can believe us or not. Just so we
are genuinely filming this in the first week of January okay. Weíre not lying. It is genuine
which is idiot, thatís all it is.
Exactly, weíre still referring to last year because 2010 was such a great year for us.
Right. Yes! Thatís the reason why.
What I wanted to know though is to share with everyone is you mentioned youíre going to
be doing some traveling. What are some of the places are you going to and why, why those
Well London is first stuff obviously because Iím from London originally. Ah ñ Iíve been
with my beautiful, beautiful wife for almost 6 years now and we have never gone to London
together. Weíve traveled to other ñ weíve been in the US twice together, weíve been
in Hongkong like 5-time together, and Thailand and a lot of other places but weíve never
been to London together.
So I want to take her to London, take my little one over there as well. Weíre in the process
of getting his British passport now. That aint easy from the Philippines I can assure
I was going to say how is that going to be possible to get British passport for since
itís born in ñ was he born in?
Heís born in the Philippines but heís got a British dad. Oh now we had blood extracted
DNA test the whole lot. Itís going through the process right now but he would eventually
get it. Itís going to probably cost me a few grand but he will eventually get it and
I feel like I have to get for him because the Filipino passport is very limited travel
wise. Youíre going to get visas, pretty much everywhere.
Yeah, you got it yeah.
Asia you know so this stuff. But yeah so London is definitely there and Iím thinking probably
April or May, I like London in spring time, itís very, very beautiful. I want to do San
Francisco for a month or so. Iím a big fan of San Fran, I love it, itís my favorite
city in the US. Itís just something about San Francisco to me, itís got actually itís
got nothing to do with the whole text in the valley thing, itís just the culture.
The fact that you can sit there in the Fisherís wharf, you know Fisherís wharf in the evening
and then you get downtown and you got bluish cloud, and you know, itís just a very, very
cool city. So we want to do San Fran for a month as well. And ñ weíre also thinking
about Tuscany.
Oh, thatís interesting. I donít even know where it is. Iíve heard of it, where is that
Italy. So my wife is I want to go to Tuscany. Why? Because Iíve seen it in movies. So you
know, and made no mistake, I might be virtual CEO but I know who real boss is and so if
the wife wants to go to Tuscany, Tuscany here we come.
So weíre thinking about Tuscany for the autumn time.
Ah, itís beautiful.
So she see trees with brown leaves all over instead of just green ones like here in Philippines
all the time. When weíre in New York in February last year, she saw an extreme snow for the
first time.
Of course.
And itís not ñ I wish I shot video of this but itís not everyday you see a beautiful
Filipina in the middle of Manhattan, and Iím not lying on the side of the sidewalk on the
floor making snow angels with his husband.
I would have filmed it. If I wasnít enjoying it too, all these New Yorkers walking pass
us are going are you stupid? What are you doing? Get up itís cold, itís snow. Weíre
making snow angels, leave us alone!
Well thatís what happens. When I was first in Germany, thatís for my first ever snow
experience. I didnít do anything and just stay outside and make snow. Thatís what youíll
do if youíve never seen snow before.
Yeah, snow men, snow cars, snow houses. It doesnít matter. Youíre making stuff out
of snow. It doesnít happen regularly.
It doesnít happen at all actually.
So yeah, weíre ñ we want to sort of try and experience every season in different place.
Thatís the plan, thatís the plan.
Nice. Well definitely when you do get to those places, weíre going to have to do an interview
and just check out what youíre up to and share all that on -
Weíre going to take some backdrop right ñ itíll be the vineyards of Tuscany, itíll
be the downtown of San Fran, and maybe weíll ñ maybe weíll shoot one video from you know
in Wimbledon or something like that.
Iíll definitely be looking forward to getting those from you so Iíll be calling you there.
All right.
Well Chris, thank you so much for coming on today. It was an absolute pleasure to be able
to find out your story. I know thereís been a lot of people whoíve been following you
for the virtual CEO and itís really exciting now because you know, youíre actually living
it right now.
Itís the start of the journey you know what. I might hate it six months from now but I
very much doubt it.
No I very much doubt it because you still go with that entrepreneurial spirit in you
so ñ well for people who donít know you and also have just come onto also watching
this video for you, how can they get in contact with you to find out more about you.
Easiest way is just to go and find me over to my blog,
Awesome. All right Chris well thank you again and I guess Iíll let you go so that you can
catch up on your family and enjoy the rest of your afternoon as well, too so.
No Iím going to be on a meeting with my marketing team now. So Iíll do that and then Iíll
go over and beat the kid up for couple of hours.
Sounds good to me. Well, thanks again.
No problem mate. Iíll talk to you soon. Take good care.
You too, bye for now.