Hells Kitchen US Season 10 Episode 8

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(Male announcer) Previously on Hell's Kitchen.
I have you and I have nobody else.
(Announcer) Dana and Christina solidified their alliance
against Kimmie, Robyn, and Tiffany.
They're not gonna break us.
(Announcer) On the blue team...
I don't feel that you're leading.
(Announcer) Royce blamed Patrick...
This team has gotten better and stronger because of me.
(Announcer) For the team's poor performance.
He's an old man, he needs to go home.
(Announcer) At the first ever fashion show dinner,
the blue kitchen...
Stop! What are you doing?
Damn it. Damn it.
(Announcer) Got no style points.
I've got to start the next show.
I'm running out of time.
(Announcer) In the red kitchen...
What do you guys need over here?
(Announcer) Even though Christina and Robyn...
(Christina) I'm looking at her like,
"seriously, I don't need your help right now."
(Announcer) Didn't see eye to eye.
I've got to... set it down, I got it.
(Robyn) She has, like, this big ego thing,
where she doesn't want any help.
(Christina) Please, just back the [bleep] up.
(Announcer) But that didn't slow them down.
(Gordon) Service, please.
We are under control.
(Announcer) The red team had a successful dinner service.
Clear down!
(Announcer) It was a different story in the blue kitchen.
Everything's cold.
(Announcer) As the men... Put your hand on there.
(Announcer) Limped to the finish line.
(Patrick) We're making rookie mistakes.
Could I have the beef hot?
Congratulations, red team.
(All) Yay!
(Announcer) The blue team nominated...
(Announcer) And... Guy.
(Announcer) And although chef Ramsay asked for everyone's input,
(Gordon) Who should be going home tonight?
Clemenza, chef.
(All) Clemenza.
Everybody's trying to get rid of me,
but you know what?
I still put out better food than everybody standing there.
(Announcer) He decided to send home...
Guy, give me your jacket.
(Announcer) Thus ending Guy's dream
of becoming head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak
at Paris, Las Vegas.
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♪ Fire ♪
♪ unh ♪
♪ when you shake what you got ♪
♪ and girl you've got a lot ♪
♪ you're really something, child ♪
♪ yes, you are ♪
♪ the way you walk and talk ♪
♪ really sets me off ♪
♪ and I'm so excited ♪
♪ the way you swerve and curve ♪
♪ really wrecks my nerves ♪
♪ 'cause I'm smokin', baby, baby ♪
♪ woo, woo, woo ♪
♪ the way you push ♪
♪ push ♪
♪ lets me know that you're goo-oo-ood ♪
♪ you're gonna get your wish ♪
♪ oh, no, fire ♪
♪ what I said, child ♪
♪ fire ♪
♪ fire ♪
(Announcer) And now, the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.
Piss off.
I guess I don't have any friends on the blue team,
and you know what?
It's all [bleep] good,
'cause I'm not here to make [bleep] friends.
I'm here to win.
Hey, you know what? I want to...
I want you to hear something. I'm gonna be honest with you,
I have never doubted here, I've told you that.
I'm trying to play it safe for now,
but I got no use for him,
and I'm gonna get rid of Clemenza as soon as I can.
I'm glad you're here, dude. There is no doubt...
I said it today, you [bleep] cook, dude, all right?
Patrick, I know, is just a kiss [bleep]
And I knew he was gonna vote me,
'cause he's voted me twice now in a row.
And you know what? I didn't come here
for you to pat me on the back,
or for all the hum-a-na, hum-a-na.
But I'll love him all day long until I [bleep] win.
Slimy crap.
(Announcer) After a tense evening, everyone crashes for the night,
(Announcer) But Clemenza is wide awake.
And come morning time...
Let's go. [Claps]
(Announcer) He's anxious to prove to chef Ramsay
that it was a wise decision to keep him around.
Okay, good morning.
(All) Good morning, chef.
Clemenza, ready to fight back?
I'm ready to go, chef. Good.
For today's challenge, you are gonna be tested
on your ability to adapt.
On the counters in front of you,
clearly, there are four domes.
When the challenge begins,
the first dome will be revealed.
The first dome will have six proteins.
Each of you will grab a protein.
From then on, every few minutes
you will hear me ring a bell,
and the next dome will be revealed.
Select the ingredient that goes best with your protein.
Everybody understand?
(All) Yes, chef.
This is not gonna be good.
There's no telling what is under this dome.
Your 30 minutes starts...
Now. [Bell rings]
Off you go.
(Announcer) For today's adaptability challenge...
What is there?
We got veal, pork, Turkey.
I'll take monkfish.
(Announcer) The chefs must incorporate the four rounds of ingredients
that are revealed in five-minute intervals.
You got the chicken? Turkey breast.
Veal chop.
Did you get what you want, Kim? No.
Turkey breast?
I don't even know what to do with that.
This Guinea hen is gonna be amazing.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
Justin, happy with the monkfish?
Yes, chef.
I want to see you think on your feet.
[Alarm chimes]
Let's go.
(Announcer) As the second dome is revealed...
(Gordon) Now you've got your starch.
(Announcer) The chefs must collaborate on the ingredients,
so that everyone is capable of producing a great dish.
I'll take the lasagna.
The celeriac, please?
I'm taking it. I'm taking it.
First come, first served, bitches!
When it's a challenge like this,
it's important to focus on yourself.
I want chef Ramsay to see me shine.
I need potatoes, man.
(Dana) Guys, we probably should be talking a little bit more.
About what?
About who's taking what.
That's adventurous, Justin. I hope it works.
Me too, chef.
I started making a ravioli with lasagna sheets,
using monkfish mousse inside the ravioli.
It's a ballsy move, but sometimes
you gotta just go for it.
(Announcer) While Justin is confident in his pasta,
over in the red kitchen...
(Kimmie) This is not good.
(Announcer) Kimmie is anything but.
Like, what the [bleep] am I gonna do with this [bleep]?
Turkey and lasagna? Like,
There's no way, I'm not [bleep] Italian.
I'm trying to fight for my ingredients,
but nobody wants to talk about what I want.
[Bleep] you, then. I'm gonna get my [bleep].
[Bell rings]
Move the [bleep] out of the way. Don't push.
(Announcer) With the third dome revealed,
the chefs race to claim a vegetable for their dishes.
Eggplant. Ow, all right.
Bok choy, we got beets, we got carrots
Who's got the beets?
(Robyn) I do, chef.
Make sure every ingredient you've slated, you use.
I don't [bleep] like beets.
They're too earthy for me.
They taste like dirt in my mouth.
But you know what? That's my challenge,
trying to figure out the best way
to incorporate all those ingredients.
Let's go, guys.
One more dome to go.
[Bell rings]
Go get it.
Everybody runs up to the fourth dome
and there's a wild card dome.
Marscapone. I got nuts.
The blue team's happy with getting the ingredients
that they're getting.
I got parm. I'll do marscapone.
I got parm.
And I look over and I see the red team
and it's pretty much every woman for themselves.
What's wrong with them?
Shrimp and quail eggs.
I'm gonna take quail eggs.
Tiffany, did you want them?
Uh, not really, but I can make it work, chef.
Love the attitude.
I guess I'll have to make shrimp work, too.
Last two minutes, guys.
Coming down, coming down,
(Gordon) Stop waiting.
Behind you! Coming in, coming in.
I just took a bite of that lobster,
and it was [bleep] delicious.
You know, I feel great. I'm confident in my dish.
(Gordon) Three, two, one..
And serve.
Okay, I've got some uniquely talented judges,
and they've all earned Michelin Stars.
Wow. Wow.
Please welcome our first judge.
From New York, executive chef of Annisa,
Anita Lo.
Anita Lo comes out!
Oh, my goodness, she's one of my female chef idols.
Please welcome executive chef
of San Francisco's Cyrus Restaurant,
Douglas Keane.
Douglas, thank you so much for coming.
Great to be here. Absolute pleasure.
Our next chef is the executive chef
of the amazing Providence Restaurants,
Michael Cimarusti.
I'm not a type of person that gets really star-struck
but to be standing in the honor of Michelin-starred chefs
is an amazing thing.
Here's how our judging's gonna work:
Each of our three Michelin Star chefs
will award each dish,
minimum one, maximum three stars.
Clearly, the team with the most number of stars
will win this challenge.
First up, let's go with the monkfish, please.
I'm feeling confident in my dish.
It's classical, it's traditional,
and I'm thinking, "you know,
maybe these judges will like it."
I have a tarragon couscous with brown butter sauce,
seasoned monkfish.
Then I got quail eggs, but just kind of made it work.
It was delicious.
And you cooked the fish perfectly.
The quail egg, while it might have
seemed like a curve ball at first,
you definitely incorporated it into the dish
and it's really quite good.
Way to start off, tiff.
(Gordon) Great start.
Six stars.
Yeah, boy!
I am creative, so yay.
Justin, please.
Chef, I have a five-spice
roasted monkfish and chive ravioli,
a poached quail egg, and some heirloom tomato salad.
So ravioli, dangerous.
Yeah, it's very dangerous, chef, but you said, "adapt,"
so I went with the ravioli.
Michael, how was that for you?
The ravioli is actually, uh, is pretty good.
Thank you very much, chef.
Yeah, I'm very impressed with it.
It looked beautiful.
I'm surprised, but it actually worked.
Stars, please.
I'll give a two again.
(Gordon) Wow, well, it's good stars.
Thank you very much.
Red team six, blue team six.
Next up, the battle of the hen, please.
Let's go Clemenza. Come on, buddy.
[Applause] Barbie!
Barbie, why don't you explain your dish first, please.
I did a pan-roasted hen
and I wound up with shrimp, so I decided to make a hash
out of the potatoes and the shrimp.
Does it float your boat?
It's tasty. Everything's seasoned well.
[Singing] Anita Lo said my dish was tasty!
It's a good dish.
Marks, please.
It's tough. I'm gonna give it one.
[Applause] Five.
Okay, great. Uh,
Clemenza, please.
We got a herb-roasted guinea hen,
marinated grilled zucchini with some balsamic,
and then I did some saffron and herb-roasted potatoes.
I love this guy.
The last thing I expected was
to see something that elegant and well-presented.
Big man with dainty fingers.
These hands can do some wonders, man.
I don't know if I want to hear that.
Um, does it taste as good as it looks?
It looks great.
I found some of the spice a little overpowering.
A little more restraint with the heat,
I think it would have been right on.
Michael, same thoughts, or...?
Yeah, it was executed well,
but a little heavy-handed with the spice.
Please, Anita,
what would you give that?
Two, two, brilliant.
Sorry, Clemenza.
Dang, I get the one star.
I'm shocked, chef Michael,
but, uh, day goes on, man. You know, the day goes on.
Next up, turkey breast. Let's go.
(Announcer) With the score tied at 11,
Roshni looks to take the lead from the blue team
with her turkey dish.
In front of you, chefs, you have herb-stuffed roulade,
on the bottom, you have a celeriac and carrot slaw.
(Announcer) However,
The turkey's a little dry.
(Announcer) She comes up a little short...
Three stars. What a shame.
(Announcer) Leaving an opening for Kimmie's cajun turkey breast pasta.
Just a little under-seasoned.
You should have taken some of his spice.
(Announcer) Neither chef is able to impress the judges.
Three stars.
Kimmie, ouch.
(Announcer) And the score remains tied heading into round four.
Veal chop. Let's go.
(Announcer) Now Dana hopes to help the red team pull ahead
with her lemon/herb veal chop.
It was great... everything on the dish works.
Yeah, I think this was very successful.
Yes. Wow.
(Announcer) With the women up by six,
the pressure now shifts to Brian,
who seems confident in his ethnic fusion veal chop.
Buongiorno, buenos dias, hello.
Wow, multilingual.
Oh, God.
Oh, [bleep].
Brian just doesn't think before he speaks.
It's embarrassing.
Just shut up.
The veal chop's cooked nice.
Cooked perfect.
That's a good dish.
Anita, how was that for you?
(Announcer) With two strong dishes, the score is tied once again...
Still yet to see a three-star dish.
Pork tenderloin, let's go
(announcer) And Patrick and Robyn are ready to do battle.
Come on, Robyn.
Were there any ingredients that you didn't want?
I hate cooking beets.
Sorry? I hate beets.
I see those words,
"I hate beets" leaving her mouth.
And I just want to pick 'em up and shove 'em down her throat
for her.
You hate beets.
I certainly wouldn't present myself
in front of three esteemed judges
and tell them I hate something and I had to cook with it.
I'm sorry about that, judges.
I could have more love to the beets.
I can see the looks on the judges' faces,
she's completely turned them off.
I can see that you don't like beets.
It just didn't work for me, I'm sorry.
The whole thing's just kind of nondescript.
Not surprising.
Three stars.
(Announcer) Robyn's failure to adapt has given Patrick
an opportunity to give his team the lead
with his spiced rubbed pork tenderloin.
Did you want those ingredients?
I love those ingredients,
and I was extremely happy to get 'em all.
Actually, I would eat more of it.
I really like the sauce.
Bravo on cooking the pork.
(Announcer) Patrick's strong performance has given the blue team
a three-point lead heading into the final round.
Battle of the lobster, please. Let's go.
(Announcer) And now Royce has a great opportunity
to clinch the victory for his team.
I feel great, I'm confident in myself,
and I know the judges are gonna like my dish.
I did a whole poached lobster in saffron and thyme.
What is that?
It's a long one.
Oh. Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
(Announcer) It's the final round of the challenge
where the chefs were forced to think fast on their feet.
The blue team is ahead by three stars and has a chance
to clinch the victory with Royce's lobster,
but one judge has found
an undesirable extra ingredient in his dish.
It's a long one.
Oh. Oh, my God,
oh, God.
God, you've gotta be kidding me, man.
You give a chef who give a chef who has two Michelin Stars
a plate with a piece of hair on it.
That's gross. It's not curly,
so I'm pretty happy about that.
[Bleep] Was a hair doing in there?
I don't know. [Stammers]
Look at the length of that thing.
It's bigger than Roshni.
I don't know how there ended up being
a 12-inch piece of hair on my dish.
That sucks.
You know, there's a part of a lobster too,
that you should always remove.
The [bleep] sack.
That's a bad dish, a hair followed by a [bleep] sack.
As predicted, three.
Royce just served hair
and a [bleep] sack to Michelin Star chefs?
Like, what the [bleep] are you thinking, dude?
The luck is totally changing. We still have a chance.
Okay, last up. Christina, please.
(Announcer) Even with Royce's dish receiving the minimum score possible,
Christina's dish must earn at least six stars to tie.
I have a steamed lobster tail,
beautiful heirloom tomatoes,
and I made a beurre blanc with all the ingredients.
Okay, great.
Anita, how was that?
I love the fact that you seasoned the garnish.
That was delicious.
You cooked the lobster beautifully.
All in all, bravo.
Two star. Great job. Great start.
Two star.
Go, bitch, go!
Anita, please?
It's hard.
[Cheers and applause] Thanks, chef.
(Gordon) Our first three star.
Chris, you did a great job. Thank you, chef.
Yeah! Yeah.
I definitely didn't expect that.
I'm ecstatic right now, absolutely elated.
Judges, absolute honor having you here.
Thank you so much. Thank you, guys.
[Applause] Thank you.
Congratulations, red team, uh,
next service, that dish is going on.
Oh, wow. Well done.
[Applause] Oh, thank you, chef.
It's pretty sick to be sharing menu space
with chef Ramsay.
I couldn't be happier or more proud.
Ladies, you're in for a very relaxing afternoon.
I'm sending you all off to the most amazing, luxurious spa.
[Cheers and applause]
I'm not the girly-girl type, so I never go to the spa.
So this is exactly what we needed.
We needed to win this challenge today.
Thank the lord we did.
Unfortunately, blue team,
whilst the ladies are relaxing and getting pampered,
your day is gonna be incredibly stressful.
You're prepping both kitchens ahead of tonight's service.
Before you start prepping,
I need you to start cleaning everything in the dorm,
[claps] the bedrooms,
the bathrooms. The bathroom
needs to be scrubbed. The bathroom smells like urine.
(Barbie) It is disgusting. (Robyn) The pubic hair...
Really, Barbie? Really? Yeah, we got it.
The back of the toilet...
We know. Yeah, we got it.
We know what we need to clean, okay?
"Oh, you got to clean the bathroom, b-b-b-b-b-uh.
Shut up, I don't want to hear it.
A lot of work ahead of you.
Oh, red team, one more thing,
in addition to the spa, there's a wonderful surprise
waiting for you upstairs.
[Laughs] off you go.
[Excited commotion]
Hurry up, ladies, you're gonna love this one.
Yeah, come on!
Where do we go? Pots and pans!
"Congrats. Here's amazing set of cookware.
Each of you is going to be receiving your own set."
[Cheers and applause]
The Meyer Cookware! First-class all the way.
Cannot wait to get this stuff home.
I'm pumped.
Royce, what the [bleep] were you doing
with a hair that long on the plate?
I have no idea, chef.
Not good enough.
Get cleaning, guys.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Yes, chef. Let's go.
(Announcer) While the blue team heads upstairs
for a day of punishment,
Open those doors!
[Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) The women head out for a day of pampering.
Oh, so pretty.
(All) [Murmuring]
We walk into the spa, and it's just gorgeous.
Like, everything is just white. It's so relaxing.
It's like a breath of fresh air.
Guys, let's make a toast to the red team.
To the red team.
And to the dorm being clean when we get back.
(All) Yay.
Is it me or does this smell like ass?
Quite honestly, the place is filthy and messy.
You know, we're sweeping, scrubbing out toilet bowls...
Come on.
I feel like Suzy Homemaker over here.
Definitely dirtier than I thought.
Sucks, I'm sitting here all [bleep] day.
Listen, I would take the mani pedi
and a [bleep] massage any day.
That looks nice.
[Laughs] Leave it to you, dude.
(All) [Laughing]
Well, Barbie doesn't want to get in the tub
because of our bodily fluids.
Uh, we're not dirty, thank you.
So I didn't pee in the bathtub, okay?
Hey, stop. Just stop.
Just try... just try to relax.
So I kind of took offense to that,
but she's just ignorant,
so I expect that kind of comment to come out of her mouth.
No, I don't want to lay next to her anyway.
Yeah, you do.
There's negative energy on that sheet.
(Announcer) While the red team continues to find things
to argue about at the spa,
back in Hell's Kitchen,
the blue team has already begun prep
for tonight's dinner service.
I'm ready to rock and roll, baby.
I'm ready to kick some ass.
I'm tired of getting my [bleep] beat down,
but right now, the important thing to me
is dinner service.
We got to win this.
Let's beat the [bleep] red team tonight.
I'm ready to [bleep] go.
(Announcer) Two hours before dinner service,
the women have returned from their relaxing day at the spa,
and quickly start their prep.
We're missing a frisee salad.
Hello? I'm sorry?
We're missing a frisee, right? I'm asking you a question.
(Announcer) But some of the chefs...
Are you working that station?
I've never worked this station before.
That's why I'm asking you, Barbie.
(Announcer) Still have some tension to work out.
I do not need this.
You're working that station, aren't you?
Sink or swim, I see how we go now.
I'm gonna sink your ass deep.
(Announcer) In spite of all the ups and downs
during previous dinner services,
chef Ramsay is expecting tonight's service
to be a lot smoother.
Let's go, guys. Line up, please.
Blue team, quick.
(Announcer) So he has a little surprise for the chefs.
Tonight, I've invited some very special people
to sit at our chef table inside the kitchen
during service.
Blue team, you will have
former UFC Light Heavyweight of the World...
Tito Ortiz.
Oh, [bleep]. [Applause]
(Gordon) In the red kitchen,
you will have six-time world champion
and boxing legend...
Sugar Ray Leonard.
(All) [Cheering]
Robyn, I want you to take care of Sugar Ray Leonard.
Yes, chef.
I am so stoked that I have Sugar Ray Leonard
in the kitchen.
[Singing the theme to rocky]
I'm going to start doing some boxing moves.
Bob and weave, I'm stoked.
Justin, host the chef's table for Tito.
Yes, chef.
Don't mess it up, guys.
Serving Tito Ortiz is a little nerve-racking,
and I'm crossing my fingers
that we don't make ourselves look like idiots.
Tonight, I want each and every one of you
to fight back.
What do I want?
(All) Fight back.
Let's go. Yes, chef.
Okay, James. Open Hell's Kitchen, please.
Let's go. Yes, chef. Thank you.
Let's go.
[Dramatic music]
♪ ♪
(Announcer) For tonight's dinner service,
in addition to his classic menu...
Can we start with the risotto?
I'll do the New York strip.
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay has added
Christina's challenge-winning lobster dish
as a special entree.
Here, chef. (Gordon) Thank you.
Here we go.
Blue team... On order 4 couples, table 20.
Two lobsters, spaghetti, two risotto.
Yes, chef. Let's go.
Two spaghetti. Let's go, let's go.
My team is looking for an excuse to put me up,
but you know what, I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to [bleep] cook what I know how to cook, man.
Right now, spaghetti's up.
Coming through.
Hot pan, chef.
[Bleep] me.
(Gordon) Clemenza!
Pasta was [bleep] chewy!
Yes, chef.
It's not [bleep] rocket science.
Come on, bro, come on, come on.
Everything Clemenza does something,
he [bleep] up.
I've never seen anything like it in my life.
He just can't cook anything right.
Which was it? Come on.
(Announcer) Clemenza's inability to cook pasta has put the blue team
a little behind.
Meanwhile, in the red kitchen...
30 seconds, walking to the window
with the first two risottos.
(Announcer) Christina is hoping her first risotto...
Behind you, hot. Chef.
(Announcer) Will be in line with chef Ramsay's exacting standards.
It tastes delicious.
Thank you, chef. Service.
(Announcer) Christina gets the red team moving on appetizers.
(Robyn) Good job, Christina.
(Announcer) Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Risotto right here.
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay is still waiting on Clemenza for...
Two lost spaghettis. How long?
Walking with spaghetti.
Spaghetti's up, chef.
(Brian) Clemenza's an Italian, so he's cooked pasta
probably 17 billion times.
You would think that he knows what he's doing.
(Gordon) There you go. Finally.
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Just as the blue team starts pushing out appetizers...
Really good.
(Announcer) Chef Ramsay's VIP guests arrive.
Show some grace will you please, yeah?
We're going to spoil them, yes?
Oui, chef.
Thank you. Thank you.
Evening. Hi.
Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.
I hope you're going to enjoy this show.
You have the best seat in the house.
(Gordon) Good to see you. Welcome.
How you doing? Nice to see you, my darling.
(Justin) Good evening.
What's up, man? How are you doing?
How are you doing tonight? Good, man, really good.
Hi, my name's Justin. Nice to meet you guys.
A pleasure.
I'm going to start you guys with a couple of drinks.
I'll get a Arnold Palmer, please. Arnold Palmer?
Yeah, please. Very nice choice.
I've never served in my life, so serving Tito Ortiz
is a little nerve-racking.
It's a lot of pressure.
Aww, man.
On order. Chef's table.
One risotto, one lobster, spaghetti.
(All) Yes, chef.
(Gordon) Let's go, guys.
This is the first time we've had somebody at the chef's table.
They are so close to my station that if I [bleep] up their food,
like, I'm dead.
It's Sugar Ray Leonard.
I'm sure his wife can throw a punch too.
Walking to the window.
I'm with you. I'm with you.
Risotto's down. Thank you.
All of you.
Taste that [bleep] risotto. All of you.
What's wrong with that? It's undercooked.
It's very undercooked.
(Kimmie) It's [bleep] completely underdone.
I'm talking, like, horrible.
And I'm just, like, "are you [bleep] kidding me?"
Sorry, guys.
You hit perfection at the beginning of the service.
Then all of a sudden, undercooked rice.
My bad, guys.
(Announcer) While Christina missed the mark with her risotto...
(Gordon) Start again.
[Bleep]. [Bleep].
(Announcer) In the blue kitchen...
On order, chef's table.
One risotto, one scallops. Quickly, let's go.
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Brian is ready to rumble with his risotto.
[Mimicking explosion]
This is something I have trained for.
I am ready.
How long, Brian?
Coming right now.
(Patrick) You got your glazed carrots?
(Gordon) [Bleep] soupy.
Yeah, you... I can fix it right now, chef.
But you know it is.
[Bleep] off, Brian. Yes, chef.
(Brian) Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no. Not... not already.
I have three VIP guests out on the chef's table,
and you serve them [bleep] risotto.
Stupidity, chef.
(Gordon) You know it's wrong when you send it.
[Bleep] lazy.
Yes, chef.
This isn't happening right now, is it?
Really, Brian? You [bleep] [bleep].
Un [bleep] believable.
(Announcer) While Brian beats himself up,
back in the red kitchen...
(Christina) Walking with the risotto.
Christina is hoping her second attempt
at the VIP table's risotto will get her off the ropes.
Christina... It's seasoned perfectly.
Thank you, chef.
Yeah, yeah.
(Announcer) With Christina's head back in the game,
the red team starts knocking out their tickets...
I'm going with scallops, okay?
You're going with scallops?
Yes, thank you.
Scallops, right here.
(Gordon) Service, please.
Gently, gently, gently.
Delivering over half of their appetizers
to the dining room.
That is really good.
It's tasty.
(Announcer) Meanwhile, over in the blue kitchen,
Brian, how long, please?
Risotto coming right now.
(Announcer) Brian is hoping his second attempt
at the VIP table's risotto will be good enough
for one tough customer.
Please, please.
(Brian) Yes, chef?
Thank you, chef.
[Triumphant music]
How is everything, guys?
I'm a [bleep] sometimes.
We all make mistakes, right?
I apologize.
[Mimicking explosions]
Enjoy. Enjoy, guys.
Thank you. (Brian) Yeah.
(Announcer) With the chef's table served...
Come on, guys. Keep fighting, keep fighting.
(Announcer) The blue team picks up the pace.
Meanwhile, in the red kitchen...
On order. Two lobsters, two Wellingtons.
(All) Yes, chef.
Let's go.
(Announcer) The women have moved on to entrees.
How long?
Tiffany, what the [bleep] are you doing?
You put the knife on the bottom of your lip?
Yes, chef.
And then put the knife back in?
Yes, chef.
Tiffany is basically making out with the Wellington.
It is disgusting.
It hits her lip, and then it goes back
into the [bleep] Wellington.
Un... unsanitary, I know, chef.
It's not funny.
(Gordon) Start again.
Do something Barbie.
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) As the red team tries to regroup...
Let's focus, ladies. Come on.
(Announcer) Over in the blue kitchen...
Away now, two lobsters, two Wellingtons,
two New York strips. Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Patrick on fish and Roshni on meats,
are attempting to get out the first table of entrees.
How long?
Four minutes, chef.
So my lobster's four minutes out?
I'm feeling confident about this.
My Wellington and strips perfect slightly pink.
Two Wellingtons, walking.
Lobster pass.
(Gordon) I'm dying for the New York strip.
One minute, chef.
Let's go.
(Roshni) Yes, chef, right now, chef.
(Gordon) Come on, let's go.
(Roshni) I'm sorry, chef.
(Gordon) That's still raw.
Not doing so hot over here, either.
It's over cooked. It's white.
Blue team. All of you, come here.
What temperature are these, chef?
Medium well, chef.
Medium well.
(Clemenza) Roshni, come on.
And then this. Raw.
Our first [bleep] table.
I'm about to kick you out.
Is that your best?
No, chef.
Is this it now? The beginning of the end?
No, chef.
What's going on?
Oh, [bleep].
I'm screwed.
[Bleep] idiots.
Pull it together.
Come on.
(Announcer) It's nearly an hour and a half into dinner service,
and the blue team...
Our first [bleep] table.
(Announcer) Still has not served their first table of entrees.
Is that your best? Honestly?
No, chef.
(Gordon) What's going on?
Wake up.
Two lobster, two Wellington, two New York strip.
Start again.
Work the two New York. Work the two New York.
Come on, man, it's just a [bleep] piece of steak.
Yeah, just make sure they're cooked.
I better do something to fix this
because she's bringing the team down.
We're under a minute.
I got you. I'll work the oven.
(Announcer) While Roshni and Clemenza start over
on another round of meat...
(Gordon) Let's go.
Pick it up.
Yes, chef.
(Announcer) In the red kitchen...
I'm originally from New York City.
(Announcer) Robyn is serving up more than food to the special guests.
Before I was a chef, I was in cosmetology school.
My whole life, I wanted to be a nurse.
And I was waiting tables, my mom was, like,
"you can't be a server your whole life."
And I'm not that feminine.
So after that, I was in the hospitality industry...
I'm great with my hands.
I just couldn't figure out what my talent is.
And I...
(Dana) Hey, Robyn.
Nobody cares.
So if you could just... stop talking,
we'd probably do a little better.
My thing is that sometimes people think
I'm a little bit too aggressive, but that's just my mannerisms,
from where I'm from.
I'm on cloud nine,
we're "conversating" back and forth...
Sugar Ray and his wife... they love me.
Love me.
Entrees, how long?
Almost ready on two wellies.
Let's go.
Here. Where' s your sauce?
I have it. You have it?
Yes, Barbie. Okay.
Hey, Barbie.
Just, like, move of my station
because I don't need help.
Walking with two Wellingtons, two garnish.
(Gordon) [Groans]
Hey. Robyn.
Come here. All of you, come here.
Robyn. Urgently.
Sir, I'm sorry. Go, go, go. [Laughs]
Yeah, I'm not going to do it in front of a legend.
I know, I know, I know.
I am not going to go anywhere near it.
I mean, are you [bleep]... I mean, honestly?
Honestly? Please?
I told you so, Tiffany.
Coming down, hot. Coming down, hot.
Where are you going?
Into the convection oven...
She's always all over my [bleep]. What?
She's [bleep]...
But can you please organize it, Tiffany?
Yeah, I got it organized.
She's picking up [bleep] that's already cooked.
I don't know what she's [bleep] doing.
Well, tell her that.
(Tiffany) Well, I've been trying to tell her that.
(Announcer) While the red team struggles
with their communication.
Well, I just [bleep] that one.
(Announcer) In the blue kitchen...
Two lobster, two Wellington, two New York strip.
Six minutes, chef. Six minutes, chef.
(Announcer) Roshni and Patrick are looking to make a comeback
on the first table of entrees.
These ones are just seared off.
I'm in the weeds, but every time these fighters
were hit, knocked down, they fought back
to become champions, so I am going to fight back.
That has another minute.
By the time I carve that, that will be ready to go.
I need it urgently.
Yes, chef. Walking with sauces, chef.
Walk with it, Clemenza. Please.
Come on there. Where's the garnish, please?
(Patrick) Lobster to pass. Little warm.
(Gordon) [Bleep] me.
Stone [bleep] cold.
Patrick, lobster's stone-cold.
Stone [bleep] cold.
I'll get two more going, chef.
Patrick, what the [bleep] are you doing?
It's like you've never cooked [bleep] before.
Come on. Urgently.
Chef, I got two new ones in the... in the water, chef.
(Announcer) While the blue team starts over on their entrees,
get a grip and pick it up.
(All) Yes, chef.
(Announcer) In the red kitchen...
(Gordon) How long?
Give me about 1 1/2 minute please?
(Announcer) Tiffany is hoping her second attempt at beef Wellingtons
is a hit with chef Ramsay.
I'm ready.
Walking with two Wellingtons.
Tiffany? Yes, chef?
Now they're perfect. Thank you, chef.
What is it? One [bleep], one good...
yeah, I'm not laughing.
I'm not laughing, chef.
I'm not laughing. That's perfect.
Thank you, chef. What's next?
A perfect Wellington, chef?
So, Dana, whenever you're ready, a minute on the wellies.
Whew, thank God I didn't get yelled at for that one.
Sea bass walking.
Two chickens, two wellies. Service.
(Announcer) Entrees are now steadily leaving the red kitchen.
Cooked just right.
(Announcer) Meanwhile...
Let's go. You counting down?
(Announcer) A frustrated chef Ramsay is hoping the blue team
will finally get their act together.
How long?
Roshni, how long do you need?
45 seconds. 45 seconds, okay.
I made a mistake there, but I don't let that rattle me,
so I just got to keep [bleep] bringing it harder and harder
and harder.
I'm ready whenever you are.
I'm ready, let me know.
Go to the pass. Go, hurry.
Two Wellingtons, walking.
Garnish, Royce.
Yes, chef.
Up to the pass, and the pan is hot.
(Gordon) Oh, my God. [Bleep] me.
Hey, come here, you.
All of you!
Not one of you know what the [bleep] is going on.
And you're embarrassing me in front of him.
Come here.
Cold lobster for the second time tonight.
I swear to God.
Look at me.
I got one big message for you.
Hey, you. Get out.
[Bleep] off. I'll do it on my own.
Get out.
Get out. I don't want to get out, chef.
You want to argue in front of me?
Get out. You, get out.
[Bleep] off. Totally useless.
Get out. Get out!
(Announcer) Two hours into dinner service,
the blue team has failed to send out a single entree.
Cold lobster for the second time tonight.
(Announcer) And chef Ramsay has decided...
Get out.
(Announcer) That he is left with only one option.
I'll do it on my own. Get out.
[Bleep] off.
The blue team [bleep] crumbled again.
I was just [bleep] aggravated, man.
(Announcer) Back in the red kitchen...
Two bass, one Wellington. Working, yes?
Two minutes, chef.
(Announcer) The women are in the home stretch.
Last table, please. Let's go.
Coming right now, chef.
I'm walking with garnish.
Walking with garnish, Kimmie.
Garnish on the pass.
Walking, chef.
Service. Go, please.
Cooked perfectly. Oh, that's good.
Guys, thank you so much for your help.
The red team [bleep] nailed it tonight.
Whoo! I'm so [bleep] stoked!
(All) Yes, chef?
Come into the blue team, let's go.
I got this, chef.
(Announcer) With diners on the red side fed,
the red team hurries to complete orders for the blue kitchen.
All hands on deck, let's go.
Come on, guys. Come on, guys.
Red team definitely killing it.
Now we're picking up other people's slack.
As you can see, your kitchen's changed color.
The women took over.
Walking on bass. Thank you.
Garnish for sea bass.
Service, please.
(Announcer) With the women somehow coming together as a team...
Walking down with the wellies.
Walking with lobster sauce.
Go please, service, let's go.
(Announcer) They push our entrees in a very efficient manner.
Thank you.
Good job, guys.
Oh, wait till you taste that.
Now that's good.
(Announcer) With dinner service complete...
(Justin) He's really mad.
Yeah, as he should be. No, really mad.
(Announcer) Chef Scott makes a rare visit to the dorm.
Let's go, everybody. Downstairs right now.
(All) Yes, chef.
Chef wants to talk to all of you.
Absolutely, chef. Right now.
(Gordon) Stay there, all of you.
Just stay there.
There's no way on earth you're going back in there.
I'm done.
Red team finished for you. Brilliantly.
How can they be so much better than you?
They're not, chef.
They're not? No.
You served me soupy [bleep] risotto.
Wellingtons undercooked.
Cold lobster twice.
It's an absolute [bleep] joke.
(Brian) He had every right to be mad. It was embarrassing.
It's our seventh dinner service. It's embarrassing.
All of you, go upstairs and decide
on two individuals leaving.
Don't take long.
[Bleep] off.
At this point, it's, like, who's not going to help us?
Who's the weaker link?
Right now, I can't deny my mistakes,
but I need to keep the focus away from myself,
and do my best to sway them.
I'm going to have to nominate
Clemenza and Brian for the appetizers.
Whoaa... Wait a minute.
Who the [bleep] does this guy think he is?
That's just [bleep] insanity.
It seemed like a long time for those first apps to go out.
I did not hold up that kitchen. I didn't.
Are you [bleep] serious, you idiot?
There's no way me and Clemenza deserve to be up there tonight.
These people are overlooking their own mistakes.
I-I got to put up Patrick, number one.
Rosh, number two.
Rosh bombed tonight in a major way.
That meat station sank.
I mean, you were searing in cold pans,
I watched you cut a few things raw.
One table got sent back. That was it.
Guys, we got to make this decision.
Ladies, good job.
(All) Thank you, chef.
Blue team, have you reached a decision?
(All) Yes, chef. Good.
Brian, first nominee and why.
Uh, our first nominee tonight is myself, chef.
Yes, I was nominated, chef.
Why were you nominated?
It was pretty much put on me that the first ticket
was what slowed us down, and that's it.
That doesn't make any sense.
Who's the second nominee and why?
The second nominee was Clemenza, chef.
I don't understand that. I mean, I just...
The stumbling block wasn't the appetizers.
Why did Clemenza get nominated?
I-I don't know.
Do you guys take this seriously?
Brian and Clemenza do not deserve to be up there,
let me tell you that.
There's two nominees that deserve to be
in the middle right there.
The two worst tonight are...
(Announcer) After failing to deliver a single entree
at dinner service, the blue team
has surprisingly nominated the two men
on the appetizer station... Brian and Clemenza.
Brian and Clemenza do not deserve to be up there,
let me tell you that.
(Announcer) But chef Ramsay has his eyes on two other chefs.
There's two nominees that deserve to be in the middle
right there...
Roshni, Patrick... get up here.
Fish and meat.
Patrick, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
I get these guys going, I keep them on focus,
I keep them on point.
I have made mistakes, there's no doubt,
but I am nowhere near done.
I have so much more to offer.
It's not about what you say, it's how you perform.
Yes, chef.
Roshni, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Since I've come on the blue team, chef,
I have improved.
The first night of service,
myself and Brian finished service on our own.
And I'm a team player.
I am honest, loyal, and dedicated.
Today, yes, I screwed up, but I am here to stay, chef.
Tough one tonight.
Who shall I send home?
Roshni, chef.
Brian, who shall I send home?
Roshni, chef.
Patrick, chef.
Clemenza. Who shall I send home?
I-I'd have to say...
Roshni, on what I've seen in two days on our team.
Two days? I finished the service
when you guys got kicked out.
You're going to tell me I deserve to go home?
You guys all got kicked out of that kitchen.
Myself and Brian finished that service.
Okay. [Exhales]
The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...
Give me your jacket, please.
Your time is done in Hell's Kitchen.
I know you have a lot of heart.
Don't you stop that, okay? I won't, chef.
Head up, high.
Always. Thank you.
Love you, Rosh. Thank you. Bye, Rosh.
I'm extremely disappointed.
I'm not in Hell's Kitchen anymore.
It's a competition, and I'm definitely not the weakest.
I never got involved in the drama.
I never got involved in all the [bleep].
I was here for a purpose.
I just don't think I got enough time to prove it.
Patrick, back in line.
Blue team, don't [bleep] me.
Got it?
(All) Yes, chef.
[Bleep] off.
Obviously, Royce has got it out for me,
so I really only got three other teammates.
A guy like that is a liability.
It's just a matter of time before I get him out of here.
I did not deserve to be up there.
Not even close.
Maybe they're thinking I'm a threat.
If that's the case, good,
because I am a threat. I'm a very big threat.
We are definitely crushing the guys.
I mean, look at them. They are so sad.
It definitely feels good to stay on top.
(Gordon) Roshni is a small lady with a big heart.
Unfortunately, her performance tonight matched her stature.