Jackie Pong of Classic Army Interview at Shot Show 2011

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this is doctor mark Vaughan,doctor Airsoft,of Airsoft medicine here in las vegas at Shot Show 0:00:10.150,0:00:12.809 2011 talking with jackie Pong
the c_e_o_ and president of classic army. Thank you for granting us this interview
Your welcome.
classic army yet as i understand it has been pretty much classic army
For years
but i understand that there's partnerships with some people outside of the company for
example krebs products that are coming out
Are there other partnerships on the horizon? The plan is to take
classic army products are higher level that is by
listening to its end users and consumers and dealers and whatnot in focusing in on what are its popular
models whether it be Krebs, be Knights Armament whatever the company may be. We want to grab
those licenses. there seems to be quite a uh...
excitement about gas blow back rifles uh... lot of the other manufacturers are starting
to do that more and more
is it possible there will be a gas blowback Classic Army
rifle in the near future?
currently they are working on it
it's definitely the works and it's coming
can you tell us which particular model
for now M4
Actually it’s interesting they're actually revising the gas system
uh... can you give any more details how it's going to be modified from the existing
Their philosophy is that gas weapons are affected by atmospheric conditions
usual when it’s cold it’s no good he's trying to perfect as system that can be really truly be
all-weather without affecting the rate of fire and pressure etc. so it's quite interesting
using a little you know science. So would that mean using a different gas than green gas
Red gas or CO2?
He would like to use CO2 more
what other things we see on the horizen in with Classic Army with these changes you've made?
you talked a little about the models that are more popular
uh... possibly gas gun
Are there specific models that you are working on now that you can tell us about
he's looking obviously at the Krebs models
um... they have
uh... an eye on Knights Armament they're working on
A future M110 and also Their wanting to work on a gas PDW.
anything new as far as pistols?
side arms and pistols aren't a big focus right now but they would like to
obviously revisit down the road a bit because there is a market and since their
knowledge and what they put out produces mainly rifles they would stick to that formula

is classic army doing anything
as far as a campaign or a
Of increasing the safety of airsoft?
The airsoft sport is a leisure sport
and it should be considered a sport that could be had
for younger kids or adults
But the issue safety remains the same
No matter how old you are you can still be hurt when improperly used
So at a manufacturing level they're trying to look at
bringing that also towards the distributor
to help obviously support on this issue of safety
it could be for example we could do a video
on the classic army site about safe play
safe handling and the idea is to promote the airsoft gun
As true leisure product
any final message about the direction that classic army is going
that you'd like to get out to all the airsofter community in the united states and
beyond who will
be listening to this interview? it's their job
to start promoting the sport in a big way
i want to keep continuing
To make product
for people to enjoy to have
great product, great pricing but at the same time promoting the sport of airsoft
to let it grow for future generations. We’re very happy and pleased to be a part of sort of making that generation of toys for the public
We want to make more to continue it for the future.
great thank you very much thanks jackie for joining us for this interview
We appreciate having you. We’re glad you came out to shot show to see us
and came out to united states to see all they airsofters that we have out here
and we'd also uh... like to let all of our viewers know that you can get
more information like this airsoftmedicine.com where we like to deliver
all the best information about airsoft safety and protection that you can find
until next time this doctor airsoft
play safely!