Diablo 3 - Double Tornado Barbarian Guide - Theory (Guide part 0)

Uploaded by DiNo2909 on 12.07.2012

In the first part of the guide, I showed how to play but didn't explain anything about of the build work, and the choice of skills... so I'll do that right now
The core of the build is Battle Fury/Into the Fray and Sprint/Run like the Wind
Each hit has a chance to generate 15 fury, and Sprint's tornadoes hit so many times, it ends up generating more fury than it cost. A lot more actually
To use that excess fury, I added Whirlwind
It works great, because you don't have to stop running to use it, so you don't waste any tornado or anything
It's a nice DPS boost, and a great escape mechanism too, since you can run through mobs without getting blocked...
...which also allow you to place tornadoes wherever you want more easily
Another side effect of the high fury generation is that you can keep "Wrath of the Berserker/Thrive on Chaos" up for as long as you need, when you're fighting
It makes you immune to every Crowd Control effect, like Jailer, Frozen or Vortex, which would be very deadly for this build otherwise
And it increase you Crit Chance, DPS and Movement Speed too, so... it's a pretty great skill
Once thing I forgot to mention in the guide, btw, it that in order for it to increase it's duration, you have to actually gain fury...
...so it doesn't work when you fury is already full
If you hit the cap, try spamming Whirlwind and Battle Rage, and the duration should start increasing again
War Cry is one of the best defensive skill and helps a lot getting the initial fury too
There's a lot of options for the last skill
If you want to beat Inferno on a budget, without having to get big Armor and Resistance values, you need a defensive skill here
I used Leap/Iron Impact before
The fury generation helps getting started, you get a quick escape mechanism, and the Armor boost is very strong
The downside is that it's only up for 4 seconds every 10 seconds
When facing a strong pack, you can only tank for 4 seconds and then you have to kite for a while
Which is why I switched to Overpower/Crushing Advance
It's better than Leap on every point, except fury generation
You don't take the 30% damage you reflect, so the defense boost is already almost as high as Leap, except it can be up at all times
Plus, whenever you reflect damage, you hit an enemy, so your Life on Hit trigger and you get healed instantly everytime you take damage
This actually ends up boosting your defense more than Leap, against most monsters
It also gives you a bit more DPS, and you can use it while psinning without having to stop
For passives, Weapon Master and Ruthless are pretty obvious since Sprint need high Critical Hit Chance to generate Fury reliably
Like Overpower, Nerves of Steel is used to be able to bit Inferno with as low Armor as possible
If you can 5000 Armor without using it, feel free to replace it
If you have more, you can even replace Overpower
I'll explain which skills are good replacement in the next video