Aadmi Khilona Hai

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God has created man to be the best among all other...
...living creatures in his beautiful world full of bright stars...
...so that he can cross this illusionary world with the help of truth.
But regretfully, man doesn't understand this favour of God to him.
He gets diverted under the influence of lust & delusion.
He vacates his bags full of true happiness...
...to fill them with false desires.
This kind of an incident only took place.
Friends, let me recite a poem to you.
One famous poet said..
If you keep on studying you will get spoiled,
but if you keep on playing, you will become a king.
That's great.
Why are you wasting your youth by reading those black letters?
See what a greenery is coming this way.
Greenery and this road...
How come all the girls of the college know you, Champak?
Because, you are born in the first year of the college...
...but our Champaklal is the great grandfather of the college.
He is meditating by being in the first year for the last six years.
And as soon as he grew the first hair of his moustache...
...he took a vow that if he has to marry, he will have a love marriage..
otherwise he will remain a bachelor forever.
And the fresh girls to fall in Iove
will be available only in the first year.
But this year is really a waste for you.
Why? -This year the girls have all have come from...
...the Mandodori family.
And this is the absolute truth.
But one girl is admitted from beautiful Menaka's family too
Vishwamitra, look at the girl in green dress.
Where was this girl for so long?
She has come just yesterday only, because of late admission.
She is the mixture of three in one.
She looks like Vaiiantimala from the side,
Madhubala from behind...
...and a cup of beauty from the front.
Vishwamitraii, so your meditation is broken! - I'm leaving now
Won't you take a bath in confluence?
Am going to do the same.
If you feel you are sinking, call me.
He has gone to take a bath in her beauty,
and I don't even have a place to wash my hands & mouth.
Great grandfather, you were right about her.
The girl is Triveni Must do some mistake.
Triveniji have some sweets.
Don't be afraid, I am a final year M. Sc. Student
in this same college.
Then you are my senior -That's right.
Then I should present something to you. - Of course, please do
Whose hand was there on your face, Vaijantimala's or...
...Madhubala's? - This is not a hand but a sign of her beauty
Not a sign, that is a pot of her beauty. Keep it carefully...
...it will come handy when you go for a bath
Now leave this, Sharad, as you have now grown up
You will get married soon, then you will have your children
Brother, won't I remain your same Sharad then, whom you've brought up,
spent sleepless nights waiting by my side when I fell sick,
and educating me with hard work & half-fed
Do the relationships get changed as soon as one grows up?
Now you have learnt to talk this big too! Alright, press the legs
Sharad, as soon as you touch, all my tiredness vanish
Every next day he is busy in tours, if today he is in Delhi...
...tomorrow he'll be in Madras, the day after in Bhopal
It seems he will have to spend the entire life travelling only
Although we are married for last ten years,
I can count the days you spent at home, in my fingertips.
No, your fingers will fall short,
I have spent time more than one can count in his fingertips
in our marriage night itself.
Aunty is sitting here.
I have already decided
that Sharad should not be allowed to join such a job
where there is no time for his family.
Don't worry,
Sharad's future is so bright that you'll be left dumbstuck.
After he completes his M. Sc. You will find that very big...
...companies will come running for him.
Really? - Yes.
May God fulfil each word you have spoken,
so that Sharad can take all the responsibilities of the family...
...and you can have some peace of mind
Why are you talking about my peace of mind?
Instead people will pinpoint towards me, see, there goes...
...Sharad's elder brother. And me?
And Ganga's husband too.
Ganga, where is my file?
It's there. I'll bring the coat.
how will be the match between our Roopmati & Sharad
Aunty, how can you even think about that?
Why? What's lacking in Roopmati?
You have seen her only in her childhood.
Have a look at her when I bring her to your place.
She has become an expert in household activities.
OK, I'll leave now. - Wait for a minute,
I'll send someone to buy blades
That I'll buy them on the way
Have you ever bought anything on the way till date?
You're ready.
- I've come at the right time - Absolutely.
Go fast & buy a blade for your brother
Now? - Yes, go fast, else he will miss his flight -OK
take care of yourself fully.
Take medicine, rest on time
Don't worry, son-in-law.
I'll go to the village today itself...
...and bring along Roopmati with me while coming back.
My Roopmati will be able to take care of the Guddi & Sharad...
...too along with Ganga
Namaste Guptaii. My colourful polish...
I know, as you have bought it many times.
That was the last piece, which I kept for you
So I am very lucky
Trivenniji -If you can't see, why don't you remove the glass?
Actually I was in a hurry. Please come, I'll buy you another.
Had there been another, wouldn't have I bought it already?
What are you staring at now? Take it & apply in your face
Let's go.
Make up.
Please give me a packet of 7 O'clock blade & this nail polish
There is the packet of blade.
What you broke was the nail polish, was the last piece I had with me.
She buys this coloured nail polish only every month
What's the cost for this? - 25 rupees.
Quite costly!
Oh! I forgot to buy a dress for my Grandpa.
Doesn't matter There is a good shop nearby.
Please come with me -OK
Sir, take your Betel leaf.
Why didn't you tell me earlier that one can see beauties...
...in your area in daytime also.
Whom are you talking about? - See there.
She is my niece. - Your niece?
I have heard that great ragging takes place...
in this function for the new students.
I am very much scared.
You are feeling terrified despite my presence.
Have you forgotten about that day,
when I gave a forceful slap on his cheek.
I had printed the symbol of Congress Party that day.
You are too egoistic.
These things are quite common in the college.
But what about outside?
He even broke my nail polish.
That day I kept quiet.
But if I meet him...
...any next time, I'll break his head into pieces.
My head is ready just in front of you. Please break it
But before that, let me tell you two things.
If your name is Poonam, I am Sharad.
And if both the names are joined...
then there will only be light everywhere in the world...
...as it happens on the night of Sharad Poornima (full moon night)
What do you think?
Wait, I've not yet spoken the second one.
It is said that...
...if one doesn't pay the debt before his death...
...then his soul doesn't rest in peace.
So, please take this.
What do you think.
Oh no.
What's this? Why don't you go off from here. -Should I?
OK, I'll go away from here.
Who named her Poonam? She should be named Fulon(flower).
Who is he to you that you kept the packet so carefully?
I'll know about this only after opening the packet.
There are the nail polish bottles in this packet.
And there is a love letter
to Poonamji,
it's not called life to be lost in one colour, what a thought!
There are many colours in the rainbow of life.
And when the colour of love is also added to the rainbow,
the life becomes full of fragrance.
It seems the gentleman is a poet. - I think he is mad.
The another name of love is madness, madam. -May be!
Your applause proves that you are enjoying our items.
But please don't clap so much that..
there are no claps left in your hand to cheer for the last & main...
...item of this evening.
The item is that, the winner in the game will receive Rs 2,100...
...and a trophy from the hands of the chief guest...
...industrialist Mr Rangrai.
Then let's see the game now, the seniors are represented by...
...Sharad Verma, & juniors are represented by Miss Poonam.
"Don't feel so proud for your face, Beauty."
"Don't feel so proud for your face, Beauty."
"I die not for your face but for your simplicity."
"I die not for your face but for your simplicity."
"Don't look at me eyes like that, my darling."
"Don't look at me eyes like that, my darling."
"I am quite scared of the attitude of the lovers."
"I am quite scared of the attitude of the lovers."
"Why do you follow me?"
"My heart doesn’t get filled without you."
"Why are you crazy after these colours?"
"Don't feel proud of your fair skin."
"I and you can never become friends."
"This kind of neglect is not proper."
"I and you can never become friends."
"This kind of neglect is not proper."
"Don't feel so proud for your face, Beauty."
"Don't feel so proud for your face, Beauty."
"I am quite scared of the attitude of the lovers."
"I am quite scared of the attitude of the lovers."
"Both the day & night are yours, dear."
"This is how a lover speaks."
"You come in my dreams."
"You should not become mad due to me."
"My fate is in your name."
"What do I have to do with love?"
"My fate is in your name."
"What do I have to do with love?"
"Don't feel so proud for your face, Beauty."
"Don't feel so proud for your face, Beauty."
"I die not for your face but for your simplicity."
"I die not for your face but for your simplicity."
"Your beauty will fade in few days."
"Why are you confusing by your words?"
"Love is the story for years. - You look like mad to me."
"I'll show my magic on you."
"If you come near me, you'll get burnt."
"If you come near me, you'll get burnt."
"Don't look at me eyes like that, my darling."
"Don't look at me eyes like that, my darling."
"I am quite scared of the attitude of the lovers."
"I am quite scared of the attitude of the lovers."
As per the Judges, the prize for the winner goes to Miss Poonam.
Let's go now. - Yes
What's going on? You have spoiled our names by being...
...slapped by Poonam & also by getting defeated today.
Whatever you say, but today I have felt that happiness of...
...which I've never even felt the shadow before.
What has happened to you today?
I haven't hidden anything from you since my childhood,
Actually I went to Poonam's home with the nail polish bottles.
While talking to her grandfather, I came to know such truth...
...for which I bow to that brave girl with love & admiration.
Champak, she is also an orphan like me.
But the love & care of my brother & brother-in-law
never let me feel that.
But this girl is not only studying on her own,
but is also looking after her grandfather.
I thought, if she wins the game...
...she will at least be able to buy something with that money.
But if you wanted to help her,
you could have done that after winning also.
You could have given her all the prize money
No friend, it's not good to insult one self-respect.
Sir, you
I gave you the award on the stage & also congratulated you.
Still I couldn't tell you what I wanted to tell you.
I didn't understand, Sir.
You will understand
First throw away the dead flowers & accept these roses.
I have plucked them specially for you from the garden of my heart.
It seems you are in great illusion.
Roses don't bloom in the hearts of people like you,
instead lust and enjoyment only bloom,
which no one even likes to touch.
It's alright!
I'll colour your forehead with this blood one day.
Did you call for me, Sir? - Have a seat
You are not eligible to have a drink with me. But you can be...
If you change your relation with me from a servant to a relative.
How, Sir?
You have a grown up niece, who has insulted me.
But I have already given my heart to her.
I have also decided to marry her.
You will have to help me in this job.
Why have you become silent? - There is a thorn on the way.
I will lift away the thorn from the way.
I'll do the rest of the job. It's my promise.
Good. Ravi, make a drink for Mr Raghu.
Namaste! -Did you greet me?
You neither slapped me nor broke my heart.
How can you greet me like that?
Did you say something to me? No?
But I want to speak something to you.
May I have the permission?
Poonamji, had I known that you are such a great artist and...
...you can sing so well,
I wouldn't have dared to stand in front of me.
Why are you crying?
If I have done some mistake again today...
...then I beg forgivance. - Please, stop this. I am already ashamed.
My grandfather used to tell me stories of angels in childhood.
But he never told me
that sometimes they take birth in this world also.
That day, you accepted defeat intentionally...
...just for my sake.
I can't forget this incident ever in my life.
Fragrance has made its appearance in the assembly of colours.
Has my life been filled with your love now?
"My love..."
"Even the cuckoo has not called for it's love like this..."
"Even the cuckoo has not called for it's love like this..."
"The pain with which I call your name."
"What a way to show restless love."
"What a way to show restless love."
"The voice with which you call for me."
"Even the cuckoo has not called for it's love like this..."
"The pain with which I call your name."
"I have written our love story with the blood of my heart."
"I have written our love story with the blood of my heart."
"I have handed over my life to you."
"I have handed over my life to you."
"We have written a new story with new alphabets."
"The pain with which I call your name."
"What a way to show restless love."
"The voice with which you call for me."
"This is the climate of colours & an exhibition of fragrance."
"This is the climate of colours & an exhibition of fragrance."
"Come & embrace me, I'll not remain alone now."
"Come & embrace me, I'll not remain alone now."
"It's true that a guitar never plays it's music without strings."
"The voice with which you call for me."
Guddi, go & see who is it. - Why don't you go yourself, Uncle?
It seems I'll have to be a nanny now.
You? Please come inside
Actually you didn't come to the college for last few days.
So I thought you might be sick. - It's not like that. I'm alright.
Actually a son is born. -You gave birth to a son?
No, my sister-in-law. So I have to do the household cleaning...
...as my brother has a a touring job.
Uncle, my school bus has arrived, I'm leaving now. -Bye
Have your milk before leaving
All the milk must have been burnt.
The milk is spoiled.
It seems, I'll not be able to go to the college today also
Please get ready, I'll do rest of the work
You have come to my house for the first time,
and I've landed you in trouble.
That you have already done.
Guddi's school bus didn't come for last four days.
So I had to to drop her at school. Today her bus have come & you too.
Now I won't miss the class.
Let's move now.
You have come back, Aunty
Why are you locking the door?
Because there is no one in at home.
My sister-in-law has given birth to a son
Thank God! At least there is one to carry the family name now.
Tell her that I have brought Roopmati along with me.
So there will not be any problem in household activities now
My Rupmati will manage.
That's great. Please take the keys.
Who is she? - She... - I am Poonam.
I study in the same college as Sharad. Let's go now.
Come on.
Aunty, Bye.
Our Sharad is one in a lakh. - But I didn't see him.
Foolish girl, this is not village, but city. Lift your veil now.
Now I feel better.
Now listen to me carefully.
To win Sharad's heart prepare so tasty food so that...
...they directly go to his heart from the stomach.
I'll make so tasty Dahiwada that he will keep chucking his fingers.
Shameless! You are getting too excited. Let's go in now
This careless life & the chaos of the college life is almost...
...killing for the final year students like us. - Yes
I'll miss these days very much. - I'll also miss them very much.
How will you miss them...
as you'll be always evergreen in your first year.
It's not that. Today one clerk told a news from inside.
Be silent now. What's the news?
Now he mishandled voice button?
Speak properly.
If I don't pass this year, I'll be thrown out of the college.
I'll be ruined & my dream of love marriage will not be fulfilled.
Listen to me now. It's not late yet. Study attentively, U'll pass.
How is it?
Come to my home every evening, - Why? To wash the utensils
No, to study. You are a smart boy. Come to my house today
If you are still not harm, you are intelligent.
Don't just nod your head. Come to my house today evening.
And yes. These days I've to frequently visit Hospital.
And if you don't find me at home, don't leave. Wait for me.
Anyway, Aunty & Roopmati will be at home.
Wah! How delicious the Dahi-wadas are!
Did you like them?
What? - Did you like them? - Yes, I liked them
Then will you let me enter your heart from the stomach?
You have already entered my heart, my darling.
Really? - Yes.
I come.
My God! What's happening? My heart is beating faster.
The hairs of my body are raised. Have I fallen in love?
Take a Water.
Please drink some water
Please drink some water.
Please make me drink
Sister-in-law will be happy to see you.
I have come to see the child. I like children very much.
That's good news for me. Come now
How small & cute the hands are!
You also had this kind of hands in your childhood.
It's not that they'll fall on someone's face & leave an imprint at that tender age.?
I considered you to be very intelligent,
who will understand things without being told.
..If you want me to beg pardon...
...from you with folded hands, then I'll do so.
So you wake up, Sister-in-law? You had a deep sleep.
I have paid Guddi's school fees & the milkman's fees.
And? - Your aunty has already arrived.
She has also brought Roopmati with her. - And? - And nothing special
Aren't you going to speak anything about the one...
..who is standing in front of you?
She is Poonamji. Both of us study in the same college
And she likes children very much - She likes children!
Please don't tease me. Let's go now.
May I drop in sometimes to play with the kid?
Why only sometimes, you can come every day.
Sharad, how will she be a match for our child?
I liked her very much.
If you agree, I can have a talk with your elder brother.
Yes, please do that. Now we will leave.
Sharad, there is one urgent work.
Please go to the hillside temple & offer a coconut to Goddess.
Go tomorrow itself. - Think that it's already done. Anything else?
Take Poonam also along with you. The Goddess is very powerful.
If someone prays for something, she gets it for sure. -OK
Ok. I'm leaving.
Salutations, Goddess.
Do you know how long I am waiting here.
But I came here sharp at ten. I waited here for fifteen minutes
Then I went around for three minutes. -You are very bad.
Does three minutes of waiting matter so much?
Do you really know how to see the time. - I know, but now you have...
...sat on my eyes as an idol. - Then remove it by scolding.
How will I scold as you are there in my lips also.
What happened.
Only this was my own -What? - My heart.
But now every beatings of it speaks your name only.
It means all the faults are mine. Then I'll have to beg forgivance
Do it as soon
What are you looking at? Ask forgivance from me
Ask me.
What are you doing?
There should be a proper atmosphere also to ask forgivance.
Now I'll ask for forgivance from these eyes at first
And we're forceful trapped into it.
Next from the lips, where my name has been pasted.
And the third forgivance from this heart,
"You have told me many times that you love me very much"
"You have told me many times that you love me very much."
"How will you live without me, my heart."
"God promise, I'll say only that."
"God promise, I'll say only that."
"I'll not be able to live without you, my heart..."
"What is this pain & this restlessness?"
"You know what this love is!"
"This is a sort of madness which can make you restless."
"We have to tread the path of loyalty and have to..."
"...to hold ourselves, when we fall."
"I'll walk over the burning fire."
"I'll walk over the burning fire."
I will colour you with my loyalty, my sweet heart!
"I will search my face in your eyes,"
I'll breathe though you.
"Why is this dream so beautiful?"
"Why do you have so much confidence on loyalty?"
"My wish is your desire."
"Don't look at my eyes like this."
"Don't look at my eyes like this."
"Otherwise I'll commit some mistake, my heart."
"The world will give us a bad name."
"Don't you care for that.'
"I am not afraid of any bad name."
"I have fallen in love with you on my own will."
"What if someone separates us."
"And if in the climate of happiness, sorrow comes for us"
"I'll bear all the sadness of the world."
"I'll bear all the sadness of the world."
"But I'll not stay away from you now"
"You have told me many times that you love me very much"
"How will you live without me, my heart."
Slowly but steadily, Munni's train arrived.
What magic have you done on our Munna?
I don't know anything about magic. I only know how to laugh.
Come now, my child. It's time for your milk.
Oh! He is not even recognising me. I'll make tea for you...
...please come downstairs with him.
Whom are you cursing now?
That girl inside. She's lying on your bed as if it's her house.
Aunty, she is a very nice girl. She gives so much.
...respect to us.
Even our Munna also has become too much attached to her.
I know the motive behind all these.
These are all only excuses. My hairs have not turned grey...
...without experience. I have seen the world. But listen to me,
If Sharad has to get married, he will be married to Roopmati only.
I have iust one child.
If she becomes happy after marriage, I'll also be happy in my old age.
I have stayed here with this hope only for all these years
Sister-in-law! -The tea is ready. I'll just come
Why don't you make her drink poison instead of tea?
She's here to serve tea.
What a get up!
Roopmati, have you given tea to Sharad?
What audacity is this? Who had asked for tea? - Sorry
Huh! Sorry! You have spoilt my dress
Give them to me, I'll wash them properly with lime.
I don't need anybody to apply lime on my clothes
What does that fool know about lime!
Apply on me whatever lime you have with you.
Really? - You are so nice.
Brother! - How come you are so late?
Whenever I plan to come back, some new inspection come on the way.
Poonam? - Yes - What's that?
How strange!
The girl whose name has been written on every part of this house,
I am meeting here today only
Ganga, I have got much more than what I heard.
Why are you making me ashamed?
I was very much eager to meet you, after listening your praise so much.
...from Sharad and Bhabi.
You must be depressed to meet me
You might be thinking that I stand nowhere in comparison to Sharad.
You are too much, brother.
This is for Munna. Take care of it, Munna's mother
Where is Guddi? - Yes Papa - Take this.
There is a saree for our Ganga.
You keep this. This colour will match on you very much.
Is she a sister or an enemy? You gave the saree to that girl...
...while my Roopmati kept looking on... - Wait mother. - Let's go
Don't mind my Aunty's words.
She doesn't know sometimes as to what she is speaking.
I didn't mind Aunty's words at all.
I felt sad only because this is for the first time...
..in life that somebody has gifted me something
Foolish girl! What gift can we give to you?
You are yourself a beautiful gift for this family.
Don't know why Poonam is late in coming from the tuition.
Why are you standing outside, Grandpa?
I was waiting for you only.
I am in great trouble.
Trouble? What happened?
Tomorrow is the last day for depositing my fees in my college.
So I had taken some advance from Guptaii.
But before I could board a rickshaw somebody stole my purse.
How much money were there in the purse? - 1,200 rupees.
My year has gone waste this time...
as I can't collect money from anywhere now.
Why do you speak like this?
Is your uncle dead?
However bad I may be, but I am your uncle, & will remain so.
Come with me. I'll get you money. - From whom?
I have good relation with top-class people in the city.
Have you heard of Mr Rangraj? He'll give you money.
Will you take me to that cheap man?
Do you know what he did with me?
He didn't do anything.
You had only shown audacity in front of him. -What?
He respects you because of me. He wants to marry you.
Beware! Don't dare to take Poonam's name again.
Poonam, your grandpa is still alive. You will pay your fees...
...also and appear for the exams too.
I have trapped your old man with such trick that he will now...
spend years in the jail.
My father was the only thorn on your road.
Now all your hopes will be fulfilled.
This is my promise.
He was praying for some money from me. I made him wear the handcuffs.
He loves his grand daughter too much.
Do you know what he told the police? - What?
That Poonam is alone at home. So he should be released from the jail.
Or his grand daughter's year will be lost.
Year lost!!
Year lost!!
Year lost!! That is a small matter. More than that...
...her life will be spoilt now.
I've to fill her head with my blood. Where is she now?
Have patience. The neighbours are still awake.
Till then let us finish one more bottle.
She ran away -How far can she run away? Come with me.
Save me!
Save me!
Save me!
Throw her in the car.
Please leave me.
Inspector, are you in your senses?
Do you know whom are you arresting?
It's him who has driven over people...
...sleeping on the foot path in his drunken state..
& now having a fight on the road.
Constable, arrest the other two also.
Come on.
Hop in.
Sharad, you saved me.
But I am very alone in this world at this moment.
I don't know which way & where to go.
What is there to cry so much?
I was about to go to your grandfather with a marriage proposal.
Now when situation is like this, we will have to find some way.
The only one way.
Devi Laxmi has come to this house on her own at this night.
Sharad & Poonam's marriage will take place this night itself.
Be happy, my child.
The favour which you have done to me by giving shelter to this orphan,
for that I... - Grandpa, the favour instead is done to us by Lord himself.
Who is at our home now he has given us a jewel like Poonam.
Please be assured. Her year will not go lost.
And I'll talk to my lawyer regarding your case.
May God keep you all happy.
I'm leaving. Okay grandpa.
Come, what's left in this house now.
Wait mother. I have everything in this house.
Don't dare to touch my feet. I don't have any blessings for...
...wicked women like you, instead I only have curse for you
As you have made my Roopmati shed tears, you will also...
...keep on shedding tears for your whole life.
Have you finished? - Let's go now.
Ganga, what's the matter?
When your anger calms down please come back.
I'll send you money orders regularly.
What are you boasting about money order?
What can one do with just two hundred rupees?
While sending money orders, consider about the increasing price of goods.
Poonam, let me make a cup of coffee for you.
That was the first good thing you spoke since morning
So the rest of my words were all useless then?
How can I say that? - Please have some rest, sister-in-law.
I'll make some coffee for you all.
Where are you going now? - To bring spoons.
I have to talk on some urgent topics to both of you
Come & have a seat. Go upstairs Guddi.
Your brother had decided that you...
...both will get married when your exams are over.
But the situation was such that you both had to get married.
Now till your exams are over consider that you are not married.
You will have to stay in a way as if you both are in a Gurukool.
And not in a family.
Have you understood or will I have to make you understand by writing?
I understood.
For now she will sleep in my room. -And I? -In your room.
Wake up and come to my room.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Water. I came to drink water.
But I had kept water in your room.
I didn't find it anywhere.
I'll go and see now.
The child is thirsty!
Sharad, do you want some water? -No, sister-in-law.
Poonam, may I have one more cup of coffee. -I'll just bring.
Sharad, lots of new characters are appearing on this Harshad Mehta scam.
Have you read this news?
Where has he gone? - To buy shares.
Leave me. What if somebody comes in? - I don't care.
Leave me. The coffee water is boiling. But I'm so impatient here.
What if Bhabi sees us in this state? - Let her come
I am not afraid of her.
Poonam... - There is no chance in the kitchen also.
You have taken a long time in preparing coffee.
Should I make it, if you are feeling tired. -No sister-in-law.
The coffee is ready.
What happened to your cheek? - Cheek?
A mosquito have bit me just now.
I see! The mosquito was quite big -Yes, it was.
Now you will have to sleep in the mosquito net itself.
Otherwise this mosquito will suck all your blood. - OK.
How are you? - I was fine before marriage only.
My life has become miserable after my marriage.
Neither I can concentrate on my studies, nor can I sleep at night.
Have you then failed in the test of your marriage?
Bhabi didn't even let me sit for the exam. -Why?
She told me that till the exams finish, I should remain a bachelor.
Fine, take God's name and get the punishment.
Idea! - Speak low. Are you going to tell the idea to the world?
- Can't you speak normally? - I'm trying.
Do.. - Look. - Show.
My roommate will be going out for the day tomorrow.
So my room will be vacant.
Ask Poonam Bhabi to reach there with the excuse of going for shopping.
And you reach there.
So what if you didn't have a wedding-night,
You will have a wedding-day. - What an idea!
Let's celebrate tomorrow.
I wish I was the snake!
They will make your wedding day memorable.
But why didn't Poonam come here till now? -She will come.
You keep yourself ready.
Why has Poonamji taken so much time? And he is dying inside.
There she comes. What is the fare? - Rs 5.5O
Sister-in-law? You...
I had gone for shopping.
I felt so thirsty, so I dropped in to have some water.
Sister-in-law pa.. pa.. - Pa.. pa what?
What has happened to you? - There is no water in my room
I also have not drunk water for last three days.
Take it.
Sister-in-law! - Poonam, how come you are here?
I went for shopping, but felt so thirsty on the way that...
...I dropped in here to have some water.
But there is no water in his room. - Yes.
Let's go & have cold drinks.
But.. - Come.
Come on.
So you have come Poonam. Ilu... llu.
What is the meaning of Ilu - Ilu means I L U, I love you.
Bilu Bilu, -Bilu means, Bhabi took her away from here. -No
Sharad. -Keep your voice low.
No, I'll shout loudly and tell everyone that...
...my friend Sharad has stood first in the college. -Really.
Congratulations, Brother. - And Poonam. -She also passed.
Sharad, you have stood first. Congratulations!
May God give you success in every effort of yours.
Ganga, Poonam has also passed. Sharad has got first class.
These are all because of your blessings, sister-in-law.
No, these are all because of Poonam's good fate.
Laxmi (Goddess).... - No.
Ganga, the situation was such that we had to quickly get them married.
Ganga, announce the news to the world that Laxmi (Goddess...
...of wealth & fortune) has come to our home.
"The night of applying Henna colours on the hands has befallen."
"The night of applying Henna colours on the hands has befallen."
"The night of uniting & getting united has come."
"The night of applying Henna colours on the hands has befallen."
"The night of informing the world has come."
"The night of applying Henna colours on the hands has befallen."
"The rose buds are spreading their fragrance."
"The rose buds"
"I was waiting for this moment for long."
"I was waiting for this moment"
"I will make the bangles play the music."
"And wearing anklets, I will dance."
"I wish to sway and dance?"
"The night of singing & dancing has come."
"The night of celebration has arrived."
"The night of applying Henna colours on the hands has befallen."
"The eyes are bowing down out of shyness."
"The eyes are bowing down out of shyness."
"What secret is it telling to the heart?"
What secret is it telling to the heart?
"I'll lose everything of mine on this couple."
"By kissing this beautiful face."
"The night has come to fulfil the promises."
"The night has come to fulfil the dreams."
"The night of honeymoon has arrived."
"The night of celebration has arrived."
"The night of applying Henna colours on the hands has befallen."
Why are making Munna cry so much?
He has become very naughty.
He needs all his work to be done by Poonam only.
Come. Don't talk to your mother as she keeps on scolding you.
Now give a smile.
Naughty boy, just now he was crying so much.
He'll surely become an actor
What happened to your interview?
It seems both the brothers had donated medicines in our previous life.
So both of us have got jobs in chemical companies.
Ganga, Sharad has got a very good job with 6,OOO month salary.
Congratulations Poonam. -This is all due to your blessings.
Didn't I tell you earlier that our Sharad will fill this house with happiness.
We will have a big house, TV, car, washing...
...machine-Enough, or else he will be scared to see your long list.
Why would he become scared? When are you joining, Sharad
Sister-in-law, I can't join in this job.
Why not? Why can't you do that job?
The company is too far away.
And they are giving flats to all their employees there itself.
But. -What's there to think on that?
No, he can't travel so much daily. - Why does he need to travel?
He has already told that the company is providing him with a flat.
What are you saying? Will Sharad stay away from us?
No, I won't. - You are arguing in vain.
These days when people are toiling hard to just to get job...
...you are arguing over a silly topic.
Sharad, you will join the company tomorrow...
...itself and will take their flat also.
May God always keep you happy, so that you never have sadness.
Don't cry.
Poonam, kiss his hands before leaving..
otherwise he will cry a lot remembering you.
May God always keep you happy.
Take care of yourself, and keep Poonam always happy.
Come let rest.
Hello, Poonam, how are you? - I am fine. Has brother left?
Yes, but what has happened to your voice?
Are you alright?
The same monthly problem.
his time the pain is too much.
How many times have I asked you to go to the doctor.
I'll fix an appointment with the doctor just now.
If you don't listen to me this time...
I'm not going to talk to you any next time. -OK.
Mr Sharad, after all the tests, it has been revealed that your...
...wife's fallopian tubes’ have been totally inactive.
It's now not curable even by operation.
She can't have ovulation also...
Ovulation means the discharge of small eggs
...from the ovum every month by which a woman becomes pregnant.
Now it's not possible for her. That's why,
I'm sorry to say, but your wife can never become a mother.
Poonam, hold yourself.
I don't know for which sin God has given me this punishment.
What is the use of that woman who can't become a mother!
Poonam, don't lose your heart Have faith on God.
Poonam, whatever has happened has happened for good -NO
Had there been a child, your affection towards me would have been decreased.
And the brother's children are our children.
We will educate them get them married.
This way, our life will be spent happily.
I am sorry to say, your wife can never become a mother.
What is the use of that woman who can't become a mother!
Ganga, why are you sitting here alone?
Where is Munna?
He must be upstairs with Guddi. Please have a seat, Aunty
I just came to remind you that tomorrow is Ahuya Astami fast.
And it is observed for the long life of children. -I know.
You only had told me that it is full dark night in Diwali.
And eight days before Diwali, there is Ahuya Ashtami.
And this is the first Ahuya for your son Munna.
Is Madan coming. -Yes - I'll leave now.
May God give long life & prosperity to your son.
Sister-in-law, how come you are here at this hour.
Should I think about the time to come to my own house?
Where is Poonam? - She is inside.
After coming back from the hospital...
...she is sad and always lost in herself.
Sister-in-law, at this time!
Both the husband & wife are too concerned about the time.
It's not the matter, Bhabi.
You didn't come here before at this hour of the night.
That is why.
What could I do, as my coming here was necessary.
Is everything alright? - Yes, and it will be alright in future too.
Our next door aunty came to our house few while ago to...
...remind me of the Ahuaya Astami fast.
So I came here to teach Poonam how to observe the fast.
What good will it serve for me Bhabi?
As I am not going to observe any fast either at present or at future.
I am that stone, to which God gave the shape of an woman...
...but didn't make her a complete woman.
It's very difficult to live life like this, Bhabi.
If one has the grace of God, even stones get life...
...as Ahalya got life as soon as Lord Ram touched her.
Take this, Poonam
What are you looking at? Take him
Take care of your son.
Sister-in-law, you gave your son to me!
No, I just gave your son to you.
Munna was always yours from the beginning and...
...he will be always so in future.
And don't dare to curse yourself again as a stone.
You are a complete woman with a son.
This son will carry the name of your family.
May God keep both of you happy.
This is my blessing for you.
I have seen the lively example of greatness & sacrifice.
Bhabi went off after lighting a flame in our darkened life
Ganga, Guddi! - Papa is here.
I'm preparing to worship.
What have you brought for me? - Take this -Very beautiful
This is for Munna & this is for you.
Good that you have come on time. - Yes, I just followed...
...your strict order that I have to reach before Ahuya Astami.
Why do you always keep on repeating it as 'your order'
The elders have said that, whoever obeys his wife's orders
...always remains happy.
I came here directly so that I don't become late.
Otherwise as per my promise, I should have gone to Sharad's place.
Now go & take a bath quickly.
Where is Munna? - With his mother, Poonam.
I thought if he stays with her, she will feel happy
That was good. But by God's grace.
Poonam will also give birth to a child after some time now.
This is not possible.
Doctors have said that Poonam can never become a mother.
What? - Yes, when I came to know this I became very anxious.
Her tear-filled eyes kept on coming to my mind.
Then as if somebody put a light in the darkness inside me.
And asked me to give Munna in Poonam's lap.
And I gave him.
Are you shedding tears for Munna?
These are not tears Ganga, but my pride, in getting a life partner like you.
Although I knew that you are Ganga (holy river in India)
I have come to know its enormous depth and width today only.
You have amply justified your name, Ganga.
Let's go now. It's time for Puja.
Guddi Verma. Suraj..
Chiranjeev Suraj Kumar Verma.
Will you eat offering?
Brother Champak had told me that he would surely come for...
...the first puja of Munna. Don't know where he is trapped.
Poor fellow! He might be trapped.
You came back to village leaving me.
I'll not stop following you.
God, you are a deceiver.
You don't bring him after giving him to me.
Why are you sad like this? Whom are you talking with.
Whom do I have in this world except for my darling.
Here he is!
She became mad after Sharad.
"If I don't get you..."
"If I don't get you..."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
"If I don't get you..."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
"By giving away your life in love like this..."
"By giving away your life in love like this..."
"You will leave me in distress."
"If I don't get you..."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
"I was waiting for a bee like you in the garden."
"I was waiting for a bee like you in the garden."
"I brought selected garlands for you, dear."
"I am just waiting as to when you will bring marriage procession."
"You are my spinster bride."
"I will also shout this aloud in the road."
"If I don't get you..."
"If I don't get you..."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
"By giving away your life in love like this..."
"You will leave me in distress."
"Don't look at me like this, my darling."
"Don't look at me like this, my darling."
"I promise that I will die for you, dear."
"I'll make a bungalow for you someday."
"I'll fit a mosquito net in the bungalow."
"We will have 'we two & ours two' in the bungalow."
"Only two? -Yes two."
"We will have 'we two & ours two' in the bungalow."
"And we will have a great time."
"If I don't get you..."
"If I don't get you..."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
"By giving away your life in love like this..."
"By giving away your life in love like this..."
"You will leave me in distress."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
"You will leave me in distress."
"I will give up my life in your doorsteps."
Want to call your papa? Say Hello.
Grandpa. -How are you Poonam? - I am fine.
How are you? - I'm fine.
I have loved you a lot.
Now I'll love only the one who has made me the great grandfather.
My child, I don't have anything to give to you except my blessings.
After having the most invaluable thing...
...you are saying that you don't have anything with you.
Poonam, grandpa will live with us from now.
But how can I stay in my daughter's home.
Not in your daughter's home, but son's home.
God, what virtues have this sinner earned that you are...
...showering me with all these happiness?
Guddi, please go & see who is it. -OK.
Aunty has come, mother.
How are you, Aunty?
I am not your Aunty, but your grandmother.
Keep it in the room.
Namaste Aunty. How are you & how is Roopmati?
What is there to tell about the person whose fate is bad?
She keeps on crying the whole day.
Lots of good proposals came her way.
But she is not ready to get married to anyone...
...as Sharad is only there in her heart.
Even God will never forgive him for cheating my daughter like it
Aunty, you have started that topic again as soon as you stepped in.
She only can understand whose heart is burning.
Had there been my Roopmati in Poonam's place.
she wouldn't have let you do a single bit of work in the house.
You are still carrying the same topic even after five years.
Elders are happy at the happiness of their children.
Poonam is very happy with my Munna.
Say whatever you like, but don't call her Munna's mother.
She can't become his mother.
Go away from here if you have come here to discuss such topics.
I don't want anybody to fill poison in my family.
She took away both Sharad and Munna from you.
I will see how much they come to your help when you're in need.
My promotion orders!
Bhabi, you're the first one whom I am giving you the good news.
I have got a promotion and also got triple hike in my salary.
I am very happy as you have fulfilled my dreams.
Now you have to prosper a lot more.
What more, I'll be the Queen.
I will reign over in a bungalow full of servants.
This is the result of blessings of both of you.
Is brother at home. -He might be upstairs. I'll just call him.
This is for you, and this is for you sister-in-law.
And a salwar kameez for Guddi as she is grown up now.
What was the need to spend so much money, Sharad?
Why not? When the children are small, it's the elders' duty to look after them.
And when the children grow up, it's their duty to look after the elders.
Do you call it maintenance of duties to buy certain goods.
Aunty! - Let me see, please - No, I'll not give.
What's going on Guddi?
- Mother, Munna doesn't even show his video game. -I'll see.
One minute..
Munna. Will you show us the video game when we come to your house?
As it is quite costly, my mother has asked me not to touch it.
What was it's price?
Four hundred? - No - Four thousand!
4000 Rs!
Poonam, why do you spend so much money uselessly?
What can I do? He has become so stubborn.
Have you seen the dirt in her mind, Ganga.
She has bought just hundred rupee dress for Guddi, while for Munna. -Aunty!
How many times have I asked you not to interfere in our family matters?
Ganga, what happened to coffee -I'll just bring it.
Sharad, I just remembered, I had promised to God...
that if you get a promotion,
I'll get the steps of Raghunath temple concretised.
So send 10-15 thousand rupees soon.
10-15 thousand! Just for the temple? It'll be a waste.
Instead you should spend that much amount for the education of the children.
Have I said anything wrong, Brother?
Hmm... no!
Sharad is like my son. Poonam is one in a lakh.
You'll see Sharad will remove all the problems of our family.
When own children treat their parents as strangers these days...
..how can you expect anything from them who are not your own
He can spend four thousand for Munna's doll.
but he doesn't care to argue with his mother like sister-in-law.
How will you face God in the temple now?
Don't spoil my head anymore, Aunty.
This is a good decision.
You have got a promotion and there is Munna's birthday ahead too.
This is a good excuse to entertain people.
But you all have to come in the morning itself.
We will be able to go after Guddi comes back from school.
That is also right. - OK
Did the milk get burnt? - Yes.
You never did this before. Be careful from next time.
Ladies & gentlemen,
on this auspicious occasion Mrs Sharad will sing a song.
What is this, Champak Brother I don't know how to sing.
What are you saying? You trapped our Sharad only by singing.
Don't be too egoistic. Sing a song now.
"The night doesn't befall The day also doesn't end"
"The leaves also don't shake without His wish."
"Everything will take place as per the wish of God."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"Everything will take place as per the wish of God."
"Everything will take place as per the wish of God."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"I have got a small house, and also love it."
"I also got a happy family in addition to it."
"I have got a small house, and also love it."
"I also got a happy family in addition to it."
"My Munna is very lovely."
"My Munna is very lovely."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"Everything will take place as per the wish of God."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"Men are mere puppets in His hands."
"We have to live every moment of our lives happily."
"But nobody here knows what's in store for us in future."
"We have to live every moment of our lives happily."
"But nobody here knows what's in store for us in future."
"All dreams are mere decorations in this life."
"All dreams are mere decorations in this life."
"Men are mere puppets."
"Men are mere puppets."
"Everything will take place as per the wish of God."
"Men are mere puppets."
"Men are mere puppets."
"Men are mere puppets."
"Men are mere puppets."
Let's go now.
Sister-in-law, you are talking like a stranger.
You haven't even looked at the bungalow from inside.
I have guessed by the decoration outside that...
...whatever is there inside, it's a full utilization of money.
Please come now. Guddi & Aunty are waiting outside.
did you mind what your Bhabi said to you just now?
Yes-I also feel bad. But Brother, you should not pay attention to silly things.
The conscience only wins in the end.
As long as I have the shield of your love.
around me I can't even be touched by foolishness.
I know.
Oh! I am going out on tour tomorrow.
This time I'll be away for a long time.
Will you come back by Diwali?
Yes, 100% Good bye now. - OK, Brother.
Mummy, why are you cleaning it so much? - It's Diwali time.
Then we will have a great time. When is my father coming back?
He told me that he will come back by Diwali.
What difference does it make by his presence or absence?
Aunty, think for a while before you speak anything.
I iust wanted to mean that what can he do even if he is here?
He spent most of his fortune in educating his younger brother.
He couldn't even save a penny.
Please granny, be quiet now.
Mummy, what will you give me in Diwali? - What do you want?
Video game. -This is not possible. - Why not?
If Munna can have one, why can't I have?
Answer her now. - Please tell me the reason, Mummy.
Because you are grown up now.
- Yes, there is only one child in this family, Munna!
And all including uncle, aunty & papa are concerned about him.
Guddi, hold your tongue, else I'll take it out.
Why are you getting angry with the child without reason?
If one child is having all the luxuries and the other is made...
...to pine for every bit of it, it's quite natural for her to be hurt.
But what can I do in this state? How can I fulfil her demands?
I can't prevent Poonam, if she buys expensive gifts to Munna.
This is the fact.
You gave your child to him out of your generosity.
Now she is using it as a pawn to show games!
She wants Sharad to move away from his brother for good...
...so that she alone can reign all over his thoughts.
Sharad, I just asked you to donate some money for the temple.
I didn't ask any gold for me.
But you refused me right away.
Don't I have any value for you now?
Mummy, please buy me a ice cream. - Ok
I am looted today.
Have you finished all your shopping?
Yes, I've finished. Thank you Sir.
Didn't you buy anything for Guddi?
I bought this set for her only.
Daughters don't take much time in reaching their marriageable age.
If we keep on collecting from now, we will not have...
..much load at the time of her marriage.
What an idea. I feel like giving you a kiss here itself
In India, people always peep into each other's house.
Mummy, we have also done some shopping.
Really! - Oh God!
This is one and two.
What's this? - Lottery tickets. He was being stubborn, so I bought for him.
Started gambling from now itself.
We have to earn our livelihood by hard labour, understood?
Where is the car? - As it was a no parking area...
I parked the vehicle on that side.
This is the key
Now we'll have to walk till there.
It has become obsolete. Except the horn everything is buzzing.
- I'll punch you hard. - Not like that, Mr. Champati.
Roopmati you! Till yesterday I used to go to the well.
Today the well has come to me.
My meter has gone down in my affair with you.
Which meter? - See this.
This is not down, it's up now.
Is one or two?
It's not good to behave like this now. -Why?
Otherwise the child inside will cry. -I see.
We hide our marriage. But how will we hide this now?
Child! We will not hide it. As soon as Madan brother comes...
..I'll reveal everything. But my mother, -Your mother,
What? - I will spread her bed here itself.
There is no need to go back to the village now.
Go inside. I'll make some arrangements for you.
Listen, do bring tamarind.
Yes, I'll get everything. Right away.
Slowly.. slowly.. Gregi.. will get it now.
Poonam. See this. - What's that?
Wow! Our Munna has won the lottery! - Of 21 lakhs!!
Oh God!
That lottery man was asking for Munni's photo. - My son!
Is it?
That's why it's said that when God is having mercy there is all great.
What did you say, Papa? - Oh! Sorry sorry!
Fine, then I won't talk to papa for this.
Let me give this good news to sister-in-law now. -OK
This news should not be given over the phone. Instead we will..
...go to her tomorrow and take her blessings
Mummy, see Munna's photo is published in the newspaper.
Munna's photo? That's great! - Let me have a look too.
He is looking so beautiful. But why is his photo been published?
He has won a lottery of 21 lakhs.
Brother, when did you reach Cochin. -Two days ago.
I am not able to believe even after reading the newspaper...
..that my Sharad has become a Lakhpati.
God is witness to the fact that I am still the same as I was earlier.
Of course, Munna has become a Lakhpati.
Now we have decided equal shares of this amount will be used
for both Munna and Guddi's future.
Have you called up your sister-in-law?
We are going to take her blessings in person.
OK then, see you in Diwali
Poonam, let's go now. Don't delay. -I'm ready, Sir
Where is Munna? - He has gone to the park with Grandpa
We will pick him up from there itself
Hello! -Kavita has met with an accident. -Where is she now?
In Jaslok hospital.
Yes, I'm reaching there.
What happened?
Mrs Verma's wife met with an accident.
We have to reach there immediately.
But we have to take these items to sister-in-law.
-Driver will carry them. Our going there is very important, come now.
Congratulations Ganga! I came to know that Munna's photo is...
...published in the newspaper, as he has won a lottery.
I had told you that it doesn't take time for fate to change.
One's luck should be like Ganga's.
Her brother-in-law got a good job.
Now her son has also won a lottery.
She will reign like a queen now.
What reign & what good luck?
She has handed over her good luck to others on her will.
What's the use of boasting of relationships now. -Why.
...her brother in law, & sister in law,
Brother in law is alright, the root of all the problems is that his wife.
That's why it is said that when someone from...
...a small family receives a fortune, he doesn't even see the sky.
Either ways you never cared about Ganaga. How will you now?
Where are you going now?
There is some work in the kitchen
Poor Ganga! I have seen with my own eyes.
how she has brought up Sharad amidst all difficulties.
Whatever that is, let it be.
But no mother on earth can give...
...away her only son to some other.
Who is it now? - Let's leave now.
Bye aunty.
Aunty, is Madam at home. -Why?
Sir has sent sweets and fruits.
...on the happy occasion of Munna's winning the lottery.
Couldn't he come in person? Ganga...
See your brother in law & co - sister have sent sweets for you...
...on your son's becoming a Lakhpati.
And this is your Sir's Bhabi, who brought him up with great difficulty.
She even gave him her son.
can't Shaan bring he sweets her and personally?
Please Aunty, for God's sake, keep quiet now
Please don't be sad, Madam. This is the story in every household.
My heart breaks apart in seeing your plight.
I can't bear to see your plight now. I'll leave for my village.
When I used to speak on these matters you always asked...
...me to keep quiet by asking me not to fill poison in your family.
Bride is one in million. Sharad is my son.
All of us will fight poverty.
You always tried to separate water.
Now you have seen the developments with your own eyes
Had Sharad been your own son, he wouldn't have refused you...
...right away on the matter of donation to the temple.
Remember, only your own come in handy in troubled times.
You even donated your lucky son to them.
Had he been here, his fortune would have come to this house.
And you could have afforded more luxury than Sharad.
You are right, Aunty. Till now I tried to grow plants in water!!
Bhabi! What's this.
You have come after so long and you have come alone.
Why didn't you bring Guddi with you?
She is not keeping well. So I left her in Aunty's care.
Is Brother coming on Diwali? - He has said so.
Where is Sharad? - He is taking a bath.
Tell me what would you like to have for breakfast?
Please have a seat.
No, I have to rush back. Where is Munna?
He has gone to the temple, as the school is closed today.
Must be on his way.
Oh! Then,
Is there any urgent matter?
Yes. Actually I've come to take away Munna only.
I have thought that I should keep him with me now.
See how your joke made my heart break, sister-in-law.
This is not a joke.
Instead what I did four years ago was a joke...
when I strangled the mother inside me in giving...
...a piece of my heart to you.
I couldn't even think that... Bhabi, if I have committed..
...any mistake or have insulted you any time, give me...
...whatever punishment you want.
I'll not utter a single word.
But please don't separate Munna from me.
He may not be a part of my body,
but he has surely become a part of my soul.
I won't be able to live without him, sister-in-law.
Please speak something. I am scared at your silence.
Please don't make me a beggar now after donating me enormous happiness.
Please don't misunderstand me. But do you want Munna,
I mean, if you want the lottery amount he has won...
I can transfer it to your name.
How dare you speak such low? One's ovum can't be traded.
Please forgive my mistake & forget whatever I told you.
But please don't snatch away my hopes from me.
Poonam, there is no use begging with tearful eyes.
Why are you expecting the happiness from a human...
..when even God was not able to give us?
We don't have any right to keep Munna with us
Bhabi, Poonam is innocent.
She considered your joke played four years ago to be true.
I will make her understand.
And I'll bring Munna to his real mother and real home...
...by 11 O' clock tomorrow morning.
At least please have this much of faith on your Sharad.
Why are you crying, mother?
Aren't you feeling well?
No need to fondle me, I'll sleep without it.
My dear Bhabi, I have spoilt some habits of your Munna.
Forgive me.
He feels unwell with cold things. So don't give any such things.
Please don't leave him alone at night. He gets scared. Yours
"Nobody knows what happens to life in this illusionary world."
"The bag full of hopes get lost in a moment."
"Nobody knows what happens to life in this illusionary world."
"The bag full of hopes get lost in a moment."
"One has to lose everything after receiving the same."
"Man is merely a puppet."
"Man is merely a puppet."
"Whatever God wishes only happens."
"Man is merely a puppet."
"Man is merely a puppet."
Please take me to my mother, Papa.
I am just taking you to your mother. This is her house.
I am speaking the truth, Munna. Let's go now
No, please take me to my mother, Papa.
You will have to stay here only from today, my child
No Papa!!
No Papa!!
No Papa!! - I am not your Papa, my son.
I just took you with us for somedays to play with you.
Now I will have to return you back.
It's already 11. Sharad has not reached with Munna yet.
Please take care of him now, sister-in-law.
No, papa!
Don't leave me alone, Papa?
There are Munna's clothes in the bag.
And these are Munna's possessions.
Full 21 lakhs, of the lottery amount.
And Poonam has written a letter to you. Please read this.
Papa!! - Munna! -Aunty, please take me to my mother.
Left our Munna? Now please do something to stop my breath too.
I won't be able to live without my Munna, Sharad
You are still crying. Foolish girl, you'll get nothing out of crying.
Has anybody got anything by shedding tears?
And you only sang on his birthday.
Whatever God wants that only happens.
Man is mere a puppet.
You also had sung, We have to live every moment of life happily.
Laugh now, Poonam. Make your heart lighter. Like me!
Why don't you laugh like me?
What has happened?
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Sir, Mr Sharad no longer stays in this building.
You? - How are you Madan? - What are all these, Grandpa?
I just came to know that Sharad has left this job & this building.
I felt very sad.
But I am feeling very angry with my brother...
...after seeing you in this condition.
Your brother is a diamond, instead.
Actually, he wanted to take me also along with.
But I refused to go.
What are you saying?
Has Sharad left this city?
Has he taken a new job?
I don't know where they have gone or what they'll do now.
I know only this much that Sharad & Poonam were heart-broken.
Grandpa, please tell everything to me clearly as...
...why my Laxman like brother's went away from me...
...without informing me. Please tell me.
That was a holiday. I went to the temple with Munna.
Sharad asked me to give you this Passbook & this locker...
...key to you whenever I meet you.
Sharad had deposited some money for Guddi's marriage, and Poonam...
made some jewellery for her.
When did you come? - Stay away from me.
Where is my Ganga?
Where is my Ganga?
Where did you leave her?
Are you alright?
I am standing in front of you. - NO!!
You are not my Ganga.
My Ganga used to spray the nectar of love every moment..
...not the poison of greed and desire.
She had the sweet music of sacrifice in her veins...
...and not this poison of selfishness.
For the wealth of some piece of papers you have lost that wealth,
which in it's presence had...
...made you the wealthiest person in this world.
The wealth of affection!
The wealth of respect & adoration!
The wealth of family happiness!
Were these so less that you snatched away a child from his mother?
Snatched away a brother from another.
Why did you do this?
So that you can celebrate Diwali with me by sitting...
..over this pile of gold & silver and enjoy?
NO! There will not be any lighting of lamps in this house.
There will not be any light left.
I am going to bury myself. Think as if I am dead. -No!
You killed him. YOU!
Munna, -I'll also go with you, Papa. I'll not stay here.
Don't know from when Sharad & Poonam...
were collecting money and jewellery for Guddi
Take charge of them now. All are in your name.
Spend them in my funeral.
"Man always wanders after illusion, desire and thirst."
"And keep losing the power to recognise the own."
"Man always wanders after illusion, desire and thirst."
"And keep losing the power to recognise the own."
"This makes one shed tears."
"Man are mere puppets."
"Man are mere puppets."
"Whatever God wishes only happens."
"Man are mere puppets."
"Man are mere puppets."
Has my son in law arrived? Good! Ganga!
What happened to you? What have you done to yourself?
And that too on this auspicious day of festival?
Whose worship & what worship?
When God has abandoned his temple who should be prayed now?
Ganga! -No, when it was Ganga, everybody touched it with his eyes.
You filled it with poison & made it to be drain water.
You put fire to my family filled with happiness.
You grew the tiny desires lying in the corner of my mind to a big snake.
And it swallowed everything of mine including my husband...
...my family, and my happiness.
Go away from here right now otherwise I'll swallow you too.
Go now!
Go now!
No, I don't want anything!
I am not Ganga. Ganga is dead.
Now there will not be any lighting of lamps in this house.
Nothing will remain here.
What are you looking at?
The marks of the past time.
What happened, Champak? Why are you so silent?
Brother! -What happened to my brother? - He's there in the taxi.
Don't touch my feet, Sharad. I have lost that right.
What are you saying?
Whether the mistake is done by the husband or the wife...
...both are the criminals in reality.
Where is sister-in-law?
She must be lighting Diwali lamps in her golden house.
It means you left sister-in-law. - Don't mention her name.
I am dead for her, and she is dead for me.
I knew that Champak will know your whereabouts.
So I thought I'll return Poonam's son to her and go away to...
...some place to hide my face.
You didn't do a proper thing
But the punishment should have been much more for what she did to you
You are elder to me. How can I make you understand?
To err is human. Let's accept that Bhabi did commit a mistake.
But before she could realise her fault...
...you yourself made such a big mistake.
Please forgive me for arguing like this with you for first time,
That's because I know my Bhabi very well.
You came back here by emptying her life.
Have you ever thought, what'll happen to her after you came away...
Please come with me.
I have left that home & that relationship way behind.
Alright then! If you have left behind that relationship...
...consider this relationship also as finished.
Poonam, Champak, let's move soon.
Poonam, go & check upstairs.
Uncle, Mummy is upstairs.
Sister-in-law is injured and she is lying unconscious.
What have you done?
Your brother even took away the right to beg forgivance from me.
But you two please forgive me. - What are you doing?
We had come here for the Diwali worship. Hadn't we, Poonam?
There will be no lighting of lamps in this house anymore.
The cyclone of my greed & desire have blown it off for good.
I don't want to live anymore.
You will have to live, Bhabi. For us and for these children.
The affection of children is the life for an woman.
And the husband's hatred is her death.
Please stop now, Ganga.
I lost my wisdom out of anger.
I had forgotten that man is that earthen puppet made of situation...
...of weakness, who keeps on committing mistakes.
You committed a mistake.
You too have committed a mistake.
The situation had filled poison in Ganga...
...which have now come out in the form of tears.
My Ganga has become pure again.
These are not tears, but your repentance...
...my pride & the happiness of this family.
Poonam, bring the dish for worship.
Light the lamp of worship before the night of Diwali passes away.
No Bhabi, this right was always yours & will always be so.