Alejandro & Diego - 007 (English Subs)

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So tight! Mauricio isn't scared of anything. Did you see how he confronted Oliver? He didn't care about the knife or anything.
Yeah I saw. It was very brave saving Ms. Miranda. Good thing, that Oliver criminal is in jail.
Dad says he will rot there for what he did to my brother.
You know, It feels so bad coming to this house and not be able to see Rodrigo.
He loved you Sebas.
You don't know how he would talk about you.
And about you too.
He had told me that he had fallen in love and... and I know he wouldn't have liked to see you like this.
Why didn't he think about us?
Rodrigo was being selfish, Sebastián. I hate him! I hate him!
And I hate YOU too! Because you were his older brother and because you let him die! Why? Why did you let him-!?
What's the matter? Sebas?
Sebas, what's the matter?
My, how embarrassing.
I had never gone through such a shame like this in my life.
No, No, it's not you. It's me.
It's because of him! Nora, you were my brother's girlfriend.
This isn't right.
(Ale): Sebas! Sebas! It's me, Alejandro!
I ran out of battery, and that's why I couldn't tell you beforehand.
The maid let me in, and so that's why, that's why I was able to come in.
Nora and I were talking about my brother, and, you know dude. About everything that has happened.
I don't know if it's too late, but I came to see if you could lend me a hand with the homework.
But if you're busy i could- -Oh, no, not at all. I was just leaving.
And Sebas, don't worry about me because I promise you I'll be fine. and that I'll buys a GPS to know my place.
Has it ever happened to you that, that you've been about to do it. Everything's hard, but all of a sudden, it gets soft?
I've read that that's very normal.
Sebas. Sometimes it's the mind that makes look bad.
Not for me. Look, many times in my life, it get's up. Even if I don't want it to. I mean, it's as if the Mister was independent from me.
Hey, have you already had sex with someone, Ale?
What!? But why do you ask me that? Is it too abvious that I don't have experience?
I very much like someone, and I can't do anything about it.
My friends would stop talking to me, and they would say that I'm a douche for getting involved with someone I shouldn't.
Never mind, Ale. I didn't say anything.
It's late. It's almost midnight.
Sebas, but we haven't even finished the homework.
No problem, bro. Tell your parents first, and you can spend the night over.
Look, put this on.
Uh, you can't sleep in my mom's room because I don't know when she'll come. And no, well my brother's room, well...
No, no, Sebas. I can't stay in the room that used to belong to Rodrigo. I'll stay with you instead.
No problem, my bed is big enough, and well. Finish up and get to bed.
I prefer not talk about that Subject, Nora. What happened last night shouldn't have.
But I wanted to let you know that I love you (as a friend).
Look, "delete". Let's start over. I assure you it won't happen again.
I also love you (as a friend). Hey, and we're did Ale go?
No idea. You know Nora, Alejandro reminds me a lot of Rodrigo. I think that he'll end up being like a little brother to me.
Nothing, Ale. I swear, between Sebas and I, nothing happened, absolutely nothing. It's the truth, dude.
But it was because I arrived, right? I interrupted you two.
No, on the contrary. You saved us. -I don't understand.
Well, look. Sebas and I, we were bout to, you know. About to... and then out of the blue, he wasn't able to.
How strange, because you're very pretty.
Well yeah, but I don't know. He couldn't or he didn't want to.
Maybe, maybe he likes somebody else.
I very much like someone, and I can't do anything about it.
My friends would stop talking to me, and they would say that I'm a douche for getting involved with someone I shouldn't.
Could it be that Sebas is gay.
Tristan and Isolda were judged, criticized, chased, and condemned just because they loved each other.
When the elderly king found out that his wife, Isolda, was being unfaithful to him with his stepson Tristan. He separated them for ever.
They had to hide to be able to love each other. Because loving each other openly was suicidal.
But the hardest thing for Tristan was to face deception and betrayal.
When they made him believe that his beloved Isolda no longer loved him. He died of sadness.
And she died at the sight of his corps.
Well of course dude, the dumb ass of Tristan didn't find anything out because in those days, internet didn't even exist. . .
Tristan and Isolda lived to love each other for eternity. Because of hatred, they were buried in separate tombs. And you know what happened?
Okay, okay, enough Mauricio. Oh come on! Is that story even true?
Shut up and let him finish. Continue Mau. What were you saying about the tombs.
In Tristian's tomb, a bindweed came to life. And from the root sprouted a rose. And they intertwined for ever.
Is suffering so much for love really worth it?
Yes, yeah, of course it's worth it. And I prefer a thousand times to live without love than to die without knowing it.
And just like Tristan, I believe in love. Even if it's worth my life.
Ms. Miranda. Mauricio deserves a right on A+ because he was excellent.
Maurcio, do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about your aptitude.
YOU can't continue on like that. Yeah i know that it was hard about Rodrigo, but you have to get over it, I barely recognize you.
I have the perfect method. We have to go tomorrow the the Dolphins' game because we have to!
But it's my treat. My dad bought me season tickets. -Yeah, of course!
What Mauricio said was amazing. I was living exactly what he was saying. I swear that I got shivers from head to toe.
And what's up with this dude? -Just stop, leave him alone.
I got a lilttle emotional too when he was talking. It's because I'm still kind of sensitive because of what happened with Rodrigo.
Because of that and also because you're sensitive. I didn't know that about you.
But now that we're closer. I can tell that- -Am I interrupting the love birds?
The Civil War.
Nowadays, this county is still living on because that war was won by those who gave their lives against slavery.
Did you hear that new kid? If it wasn't for that war, who knows what would be of you.
North and South. Two sides confronted to death. And a president willing to not let this country break in two. Abraham Lincoln.
Excuse me Ms. Ana. I really need to go to the bathroom.
Mauricio, you have to wait till I give you permission. Mauricio!