LANDRU (1963) [Eng subs]

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Hash! Hash again!
Minced meat... I've had enough!
- You know, Henri, it's war. - Right! Who knows what's in there!
- No money from you... - Perhaps still something left!
Better little money, but honestly gained!
If you're hinting at my scam made five years ago...
it's indecent and ridiculous.
Mr. Landru, not in front of the children!
What is it, Mireille?
My fiance, Georges, disappeared somewhere on the Marne.
Poor thing!
- Hello. - Mr. Landru, come to the boudoir.
Coming for the furniture? And your wife? Her rheumatism?
Improved, but she stays inside. I'll get her things.
For you, it's so easy! If I were free...
Such words from newlyweds is improper. Here's the key.
Thank you.
Papa, this is very big!
Don't call me "Papa" out here, do you understand?
Mindless thing, I wonder if you have a soul,
what of the other souls?
- Are they capable of love? - What're you saying, Dad?
Nothing, son. I was dreaming.
We must hurry.
Take this bowl to Mother. She'll be pleased.
Leave in a wheelchair, lead the way.
Certainly it'll take.
Henri, slippers! Your dirty shoes.
- What good is this dish? - A gift for you.
A gift? When I don't know how to pay the butcher?
I sold something.
The bowl I inherited from cousin Bert.
Don't be surprised. All my cousins loved me.
The children love tomato time...
Where are the newspapers?
Thank you.
"Marriage Offers"
I'd like a cup of chocolate!
45 years old...
Without family...
"Dear sir, Your letter touched me."
"Not looking for a partner, but the father of six children."
"They lack the paternal authority." Six children! This is crazy!
"Sir, I saw your ad. Should I rent a two thousand..."
I offer four! It makes no sense.
"I write to your ad I discovered by accident."
"I don't belong among women seeking adventure...
through the press."
"I believe, however, that there's a heart just looking for mine."
"Loneliness cannot be eternal."
"These are my beliefs...
The one fusion of souls, same beliefs and tastes,
Love of everything beautiful and healthy..."
I can't take it. Not this one!
"Dear sir..."
Mrs. Buissonová? Let me introduce myself.
Henri Freymiet, box 45. May I sit?
It humbles me to meet you, Mr. Freymiete.
It was a great idea to meet here. There's peace.
Please... shall we walk?
As I wrote, I have a factory in the north.
A fire drove me out. It was a disaster!
And now I'm in Luxembourg gardens with a lovely lady
Please listen to me.
It's like a dream.
You somehow feel uneasy...
It's strange... I know you only briefly...
- It's so hard to breathe... - I fully understand you.
Me too.
Love and female chastity are now so rare.
Still let's continue. The air and exercise are good for our muscles.
And maybe a heart...
I must admit something. I wrote that I have 13 thousand, but really...
- It's lower? - Yes.
I invested badly. I only have ten.
Ten thousand? What?
Even if you say three, I wouldn't care.
The main thing is your heart!
I'm sorry, but will I see you again? I must go now.
Mrs. Collomb?
Henri Cuchet, 45th box
- May I kiss your hand? - Yes, sir.
I'm so happy for this opportunity.
I'm alone and shy.
I've been here longer, but I collected myself and dared to reach out.
How strange! For men, so touching... and rare!
Shall we walk a little?
It's a quiet and charming place.
One half hour ago I was at a factory in Montmartre.
Now this quiet garden after those hellish machines!
- Modern life is awesome! - And why? Explain yourself!
Cars now travel hundreds of miles and will run even faster.
And for what good?
- You have a car? - No, madame, I refuse them.
A man needs to stay in shape. It's especially true for women.
You're not so shy, Mr. Cuchet.
It depends on whom I'm with. With you I'm so free.
But if you saw me an hour before at the factory...
Do you like music?
Let's talk about music!
I want to know your tastes, your desires...
Know about all of you!
Mrs. Héonová?
Permit me to introduce myself. Henri Petit, 45th Mailbox.
- Captain Petit? - Unfortunately, retired.
- Him again! - But he has a certain charm!
You know, in Paris there aren't many real men.
Dear Bertha, I could invite you to Brazil...
There the music is played with risk and power.
Music in Paris is impoverished.
In Brazil, we listen
to the fandango.
This is different music.
- Foremost, I love the country. - And there's another reason...
Do you really love nature?
Of course. But when I say nature, I don't mean the jungle.
That's too much.
Henri, who'd bring flowers to the grave of my daughter?
- I can't leave Paris. - My dear, don't live for the dead.
You know, Bertha... It seems to me...
that with you I would have...
What would you have?
I don't know... Balance, perhaps.
Something I don't have.
Once you ride in the countryside...
If you want, we'll have a garden pond.
- What garden? - I rented a house with a garden.
Near Gambais. For you and me.
I dropped Brazil. I don't want anything you don't.
Gambais is an hour from Paris.
You can bring flowers to Aniece's grave, as you wish.
- My Anièce... - Our Anièce, if you allow.
What about your love for travel?
What about your position?
- I don't want you to be unhappy! - I never will be, Bertha.
Two for Gambais, with one return, please.
Soon things will change.
It's nice in the country, but I hope you comply with the promise...
Mr. Petite... Good will until we're married.
Please don't call me "Mr." Petit.
Shall I say "Captain"?
Here comes the locomotive!
- When will progress stop? - Just so it won't.
- What is the house like? - Big. With a small bedroom.
- A kitchen? I like it big. - You'll be satisfied.
- I'm watching with a flat nose. - Soon things will change.
- What? - You look lovely, my dear.
After the marriage, you'll surely take care of your nose.
- Why? - Married women are flirtatious.
- I care about my beliefs. - I know.
Sorry, I spoke out of turn.
- The stove is quite small. - What did you say?
I said that the stove is rather small, my dear.
I told you.
Come here.
Sign it.
Georgette, what is that terrible smell?
I don't know, sir. I think it's from the villa Trice.
We can't stand it! War's not enough, that's abominable!
The French disregard for hygiene.
I have a document from Mrs. Héonové.
It calls for her securities.
A moment.
- Not satisfied with us? - Yes, but serious trouble.
She's in a difficult situation, and therefore sends me.
- You've died down on me? - Yes, Dad. - Yes, Henri.
Nicolas to start.
This is for your household and this for pleasure.
- Maurice to various... - Thanks, Dad.
- The same for Charles. - Thank you.
Dear Suzanne and precious Mary, so very nice.
Thank you, Papa.
Did I forget anybody? That's it then.
Perhaps I need to slow down, it's necessary to rest!
Time's are hard, you know. Just read the newspapers.
An honest man works too hard and spends his time away.
Horror! Ten thousand dead!
So what. Life is just blood and fear.
Woman is afraid when her son is born.
Son will be afraid to die.
Fear of their victims.
Henri! Don't talk so before the children!
Children hear about the dead. And still play with soldiers!
I am Mr. Freymiet.
Could Mrs. Buisson receive me?
Mr. Freymiet?
Celestine! Mr. Freymiet has come!
Please come in, sir.
Henri, why so long? What happened? Where were you?
- I had business, Celestine. - Six months?
Pardon? Tell me, please.
It was not idle hesitation.
I'll get some tea.
- You have a nice home. - It's very old furniture.
But very nice!
Home, beloved wife...
The water. Tea's ready now.
Celestine, is that you?
Yes, Henri, it's me.
- So much lost time! - But more future happiness!
- Wait, my sister will be back. - I can't wait any longer.
- What are a few minutes after half a year? - All eternity, my dear.
Allow me, ladies. I'll gladly serve you as my guests.
My, how nice!
- Milk? - Of course.
Thank you.
- Lemon? - Yes.
- How many lumps? - Three. - You are sweet!
Watch me! Learn.
I'm going to invite you to my country estate.
- You've located outside? - It's modest, but comfortable.
The beautiful surroundings of nature make up for the modesty.
Bravo, dear. He's wonderful!
When do we go, ladies? Tomorrow?
- Now? - Celestine, in a week!
A week! But why?
We couldn't possibly in less than a week.
A week is a long time.
Perhaps I made a mistake.
This is all yours.
You're joking, Mr. Cuchet! Mocking me.
I never mock beautiful women!
Charmer! Where did you learn to talk like that?
The factory. Compliments enhance performance.
- Be yourself. - Is this reasonable? - Sure!
At least the hat!
Okay, I'll listen to you.
It's hot here.
And this isn't even near the stove!
What did I say now?
This is my nice bodice!
Let's see...
Don't lose your head, Mr. Cuchet! I can't believe you!
Me neither.
You have beautiful skin!
You mustn't, I am a virgin!
I cannot wait!
We have hot water.
- Henri, kiss me. - Not now.
I washed my beard.
I like your beard.
I like your strength.
- And your pretty white arm. - My white arm...
- I'm cold! - It's bad. Wait!
I think you're the image of one of those crazy...
Manet, Monot, Monet... I don't know the name.
Now can I move?
I don't like the black, choking me.
- Go shopping! - Yes? - Sure. Why not?
How do I look?
Like a woman. Buy two steaks.
Pounds of potatoes, good wine and ripe peaches.
I love peaches.
Go on!
Thank you. Eighty francs. Is that all, ma'am?
That doesn't look decent.
Another friend of Mr. DuPont Trice from the villa.
My dear Mama...
Finally, I know happiness.
Henri is an angel.
Though he hasn't asked yet for my hand...
when he does, I can't say no.
I, the undersigned, Collomb, Anna Marie...
Invoice 9800 francs.
- Insure it. - What did you say?
Kiss me!
It stinks again, darling.
Mr. Landru came.
Mr. Landru has sold some furniture again?
And what if he tells you?
Careful. Every woman has certain limits.
-No. -Why do you say that?
I have no money, Henri! You spend everything.
Such words from your mouth? You raise our children!
Don't forget it. Because neither will I.
I am, above all, husband and father. And so I'll remain.
- Even at this hour? - I'm now a husband and father.
When a man finally finds the solution to his problems,
is he supposed to become dizzy?
Indeed, the idea must also be performed. And that's terrible.
Stupid Henri.
- Stupid women... - Don't have regret, Henri.
How pleasant, shade and sun!
- Beautiful, ye shall bind water. - How did you first come to me?
- When walking. - You were alone?
Man is still alone, my dear, even with his beloved wife.
But now you're not alone, Henri?
- Celestine, I remember! - I'm not so old.
- There's nothing to it. - It still bothers me.
I feel you whispering. Don't stay long.
- Do you have space in the corner? - Write me, Celestine.
- Take care of her, Henri. - Be well, also write.
- Good bye. - Watch your head!
This isn't funny.
- Watch out for her, Henri. - Until the end.
Finally alone.
- We're good together. - That's better for us.
Zenaida is nice, but...
But... really very nice.
- Just you and me, it's better. - My dear...
You have no idea how happy I am that I found you.
My dear...
- It's proof of God. - Come on, darling.
I've had bad luck since I was a child.
My first marriage was a terrible mistake.
He was a drunkard skirt-chaser.
- He took everything. - He left nice furniture.
If it was, he'd have taken it to the grave!
He was a villain! And you're so nice, fine, good.
So I'm irreplaceable?
Like the earth itself.
Tears affect not only those for whom they are poured,
but also those from whom they drop down. Dry your eyes.
Let's go to work.
What job?
This is a surprise.
What good is it to me, Henri?
The affair. Today, everything goes easy.
One signature, and you have money!
- But why the money? - We need it.
Where is this bank, this place? Berlin?
Just like women to ask!
Get this money with a single signature.
- Sign widow Buisson. - I'm not widow Buisson!
Not widow yet, thank God! You know who you are? Who am I?
Are you not the head of the children of Catherine Landru?
- I have the papers! - Evidence from stupid officials.
And on such a piece of paper you bet the head of our children?
I'd never do that!
Sign here, madame.
- Mrs. Buisson is nervous. - Who wouldn't be today?
I, sir.
Buisson with two "S".
The main thing is tactics!
Detaining the enemy is the same as apprehending thieves!
You have to surprise them!
If the generals had police experience,
the war would be long over.
We're no saloon strategists!
We nabbed the Bonnotovu gang with cunning and discipline.
The battle of Verdun should be the same.
But the generals are fighting only once every thirty years!
So how could it be?
Yeah, Bonnot, it is long!
MRS VIDAL Clairvoyant
Mr. Guille...
I see beautiful things.
Very nice things!
I see surprising things!
Your life will change completely.
From the foundation.
You'll notice a great love.
Great love.
Great love.
Allow me to search.
Mrs. Vidal, thank you for the good news.
How I would like something like this for everyone.
But today is a time of happy fate, a rarity.
Andrea, did you hear that? I know you already understand.
The great love is you! I beg you for another appointment.
- You no longer have to love women. - What?
Many women have loved you.
I never got too interested in love.
- No time. - Who would have said...
What they're thinking, nothing to do with the city.
It's clean of decency, merely administrative.
Love is something else.
God Himself has a great plan for my soul.
Live together somewhere in the distance!
Wine is love.
Make love to the end.
- Who wrote that? - Charles Baudelaire.
That monster! The boss watches the process.
- Genius is often scolded. - Why?
Because of the future.
This is a beautiful bouquet!
- Only if it survives. - A long time, I hope.
Watch out, be careful.
Flowers are delicate, like you.
Look at this upright pistil, waiting for a butterfly.
What petal slices...
They look... indecent.
They're even the image of women.
- You're a poet! - No, but I'm fragile.
Two to Gambais, with one return, please.
Watch out. For your beautiful hands it's too heavy!
- But I can handle it. - You can't without getting hurt.
Too often a man willing is worse than a heavy suitcase.
You've sat on me! Twice.
"And Landru did make Fernanda his lover"
It was beautiful!
Love is a bohemian child the law never knew.
I didn't know it was true.
Carmen was severely overweight. Don José had been to her waist.
But the music!
She had you try to sing opera, not just songs.
- It's too hard. - No, together we can do it.
What are you doing here?
Wait a minute! I need to talk with his brother.
Why are you out so late, you bum?
What about your mother? Why aren't you asleep?
It's been a month since we've seen you.
We have no money. Today, Carmen was playing.
No money?
I gave your mother two francs per day.
You're right, she has nothing.
Pain, hinder my flight!
- Here! - Thank you, Papa.
Tell Mother that within three days I'll be even with the gift.
I have to work out a few things.
Now I go. Give me your brow.
Be a good boy and go straight home.
- Good bye, Papa. - Good bye.
For you, dear.
Turn up!
- You act like a girl. - Yes.
Are you angry?
How could I be?
My dear...
Let's go away today somewhere, just the two of us.
You wear a nice dress and I'll wear my uniform.
Light a candle and dance all night.
You're always a poet!
I'm here!
Mr. Landru! What an honor!
Suddenly you remember, you have a wife and kids?
Let us never forget.
I don't want this as an example to the children.
You have no money.
I gave up on life and married.
But you're a lecherous fraud, Mr. Landru!
You've always considered me too lightweight.
But a fraud? A lecher?
Why not an outright thief?
That you're capable of.
Very good. Here.
If you're not honest about it, it isn't!
Don't be petty, it's not the time. Should I keep it?
- Educate your children... - How much money will make peace?
144 francs.
And I'm even? I like good accounts.
- You brute! - Oh no!
I came like Jesus. I gave away gifts, I left.
My heart opens to your voice,
as opens a flower,
and it flows like a river...
But you, my beloved,
You dried my tears,
give your sweet sounding voice.
Oh, my big bear, are you tired?
I was, but then I heard your voice...
- Hello, Maestro. - Working on the war?
Ignore me. I'll sit quietly in the corner.
Odpovìz my...
Enchanting, my dear!
Is it not? More... more.
- You like it ... - Even more feeling!
More feeling?
Fernanda, dear, think!
Think of it, the way you sing!
You're Delilah. Delilah, what does she want?
I don't know. We'll work on it.
Oh, you women!
She wants to take over Samson. Submit like a slave.
They talk about her below, but it's a clean anger.
It's a shameful betrayal. The woman's a monster.
Therefore you, my angel, these things you cannot know.
His hair long, shorn...
Beloved of his grief.
Already tired? I love you so much. Time is with you, sweet.
I know.
I thought of you.
You think too much, my angel.
- You wear too much trouble! - No, I'm really well.
Actually I'm not cheerful, I have a sense of humor.
- Are you afraid of me? -No.
Dear Fernanda, I'd like to connect our lives...
and other ties, not unlike a combination of voices.
Let's do it now!
The rest of the world is confused, and you're the only woman
with whom I talk.
And that's the main thing for me!
I just know I love you too!
Listen to me...
I told you I cannot marry you,
and you didn't ask the reasons.
I told you only this: that you don't ask for a hand
as a proof of love!
I don't understand!
I hope to never understand. You'll be number seven.
- Number seven? - Yes.
This makes you a member of the family, for you'll be with Jesus.
I don't want anything from you, only your love.
Thank you.
Two to Gambais, one of which is a return?
Yes, yes!
That dog! That dog!
Sorry, sir, did you find a scarf here?
No, madam.
That's unfortunate.
Not half an hour and I forgot it. You're not sitting on it?
What if you seek help?
Perhaps a child made it into a sail for his boat.
Goodness, you're desperate!
- Are you a foreigner? - Why do you ask?
Intuition! And your strange charm, somewhat eastern...
You guessed it.
I was in a hard situation.
I come from Frankfurt.
I married a Frenchman. Now I'm a war widow.
I don't know if my husband killed my own brother.
- Why do you think so? - According to the situation...
So nothing concrete...
More than a scarf now, you need a handkerchief.
In our neighborhood, me in a certain trade doesn't work.
Don't think about it!
You can rely on me, we'll look for your scarf.
You're very kind, I don't know if I can...
Never worry, ma'am. Now you have a friend.
Commisioner Dupont. National Safety.
- Are you the police? - From morality.
Miss Collomb announced the disappearance of her sister.
It's like the case of Celestine Buisson.
We live in a weird time. Not only do men disappear, but now women.
Finally, we'll be left with nobody.
Do we have a description?
According to the description, it's the same.
Smaller man with a bushy beard.
What's the date?
Again? Leave it!
Flowers wither. There is shame.
This is crazy!
What is that?
I have no idea. Give me coal!
Go to hell. Today you're nice.
Kiss me.
Have you heard?
- What's happening? - It's over!
We did it!
It's strange.
Just today I can't be happy.
Just today I'm sad.
You're not alone!
Why aren't you gay? You're not among the losers.
It may seem strange, but I have sad reasons.
And you should be merry.
What are you now, Fernanda?
I hope you notice the streets are full of men.
- It's weird! - We mustn't speak!
Think of those women who had four years of bad luck.
- I can't speak of it. - No, but now they're happy.
The war for me ends too soon, Fernanda.
How can you say that? Think of those poor boys.
I don't have time to think of boys.
Sing me something, Fernanda.
Your wonderful kisses...
have made me speechless...
divine charm of my beloved in my arms...
Make real the sweet dream of love.
What of Freymiet? And Colin?
Nothing. The only exception was a concierge.
- Poisoned her husband. - The hell with it!
Just look!
You shame the French blood! The contract is said to constrain.
Peace will be even worse than the war.
I know of nothing better.
Commissioner Belina, please! Hurry!
Mrs. Lacoste.
Mr. Commissioner? I found him!
Choosing china at Majestic Lion.
I see him as you're listening!
He's coming out.
He's leaving! What should I do?
Hold it! I'm going there.
He left.
Don't worry. You did well. I'm going there.
Let's go!
- Enough. - It's Sri Lankan tea.
Thank you.
- Very good! - You, my darling.
Go! We got him!
- It's down! - We'll get a cab!
- Damn!
- What is it? - Too late!
After sunset, we can't arrest. What now?
Investigate the area!
Your beautiful kisses leave me speechless...
- It's here. - Bad singing.
- Tomorrow he'll do his singing! - What do you want to do, boss?
When justice is in motion, nothing stops it.
Leave me here, I'll watch.
- Would you like lime tea? - I just want you, my dear!
You, darling.
- You're my greatest gift! - It's not a gift, but a dressing gown.
- Just take it. - I'll...
just wear it.
It's me, your Delilah...
Remember me...
Forever stand by you...
Come to me...
How do I love you?
What is it?
I don't know. But at this hour, I don't care!
- Who is it? - I've got a telegram!
Don't you think there's a time?
Did someone send a drunk telegram?
- Commissioner Belin. - I did nothing.
God! Police!
Are you Lucien Guillet, alias Freymiet?
- In the name of the law, I arrest you. - Lucien!
You see, Mr. Commissioner, dealing with women is hard.
Smelling salts?
- Back there. - Don't move!
- Burger, bring them! - Right.
Confront your man.
Excuse me.
Our plan is over.
- Lucien, will you return soon? - It's only a few hours.
As soon as the gentlemen find they're wrong.
I am yours!
Celestine Buisson. Tells you something?
Celestine Buisson?
Really nice name.
One more time...
I'll ask you this question.
Celestine Buisson, tells you something?
Nice name.
- What is it? - Look.
- Landru. - Yes, Landru.
Do you deny Landru is your name?
I don't deny anything, Mr. Commissioner.
- So you're ready? - Ready.
I used the names Guillet, and Freymiet, Landru.
The names I matched to the business.
- Your business interests me! - I'm surprised.
Landru, what happened to Mrs. Couchet and her son?
And Mrs. Labordeline, Mrs. Héonová, Miss Babeley?
Mrs. Guillon, Mrs.Jaun, Mrs. Buisson...
Mrs. Collomb, Mrs. Marchadier, Mrs. Pascal?
- Yes, what about them? - I ask you, Landru!
I hope that they're happy.
You'll understand I don't care about everyone.
I'll ask the question differently.
What have you done with the bodies?
Mr. Commissioner, it certainly applies to you, but not me!
Unrepentant, eh?
Well, we have nowhere to go.
Tonight no more...
Tomorrow it will be different!
The corpses are in the shed!
How is it possible, Landru?
I was just being a good man.
Mrs. Marchadier wanted to get rid of them... and you know women!
Hard-hearted and weak nerves!
I did it for her.
The poor animal fought back in the activity?
Or rather, tried to defend herself?
Mr. Commissioner, here are the boundaries of my privacy.
- Some things I cannot say. - Like that you killed them.
Nobody said that.
Maybe no one said it...
I guess I'm a fool,
but according to me, whoever kills animals, kills men!
I think that regards women, Mr. Commissioner.
According to expectations!
Sadistic crimes, which is what people want, Mr. President.
I'll talk to the director of newspapers...
and soon they'll write only about the case of Landru.
On the first page will be blood, and no criticism of the peace agreement!
Within two days of policy, the first page disappears!
I'll prepare a few scandals. Several releases for covers.
This process will capture the attention of all Paris.
We supply a couple of false tracks,
and the anniversary of the peace treaty goes unnoticed.
It isn't the first time that black journalism helps policy.
- Interesting. Can you do it? - Will you give me a free hand?
Go ahead!
I'd like to die. The children's future destroyed.
Mother doesn't dare let me go shopping.
All of us suffer.
But if we were guilty, we'd accept arrest!
They released me from the factory, even though I worked well.
Had been good to us, to friends and neighbors.
Children always well-advised.
The furniture trade and the laundry.
I tried.
I knew he was wanted by the police.
He always seemd to fail, though he was able and educated.
Mr. Chairman of the court, I want to say only one thing...
I appeal to you!
I want you to listen to my words:
I still declare I'm innocent.
The investigation lasted three years.
The whole time I asked for real evidence against me.
Opinions of expert witnesses speak very clearly.
Pieces of human bones and teeth buried in the leaves and ashes.
These remains were found in the shed and the garden,
but also in the stove that Landru praised the quality of.
Components of women's clothing were also found.
Buckles, studs, suspenders, hairpins and the like.
All this is strong evidence.
It was also discovered that all were burnt in that stove.
The ashes were also found mixed with leavings of a metal saw.
Landru himself in his diary writes that it's often purchased
when examining fragments of bones and teeth.
Again Gambais, 13th and 14th January 1919...
took care of Miss Marchadier.
5th April 1918: fraudulent preparation of a property for all
from Miss Pascal, Anna Marie.
In Gambais, and elsewhere in France, on 13 and 14 January 1919...
crimes committed under article 295, 296, 297...
302, 304, 379, 401 and 148 Criminal Code.
I understand you used to be very religious.
That's true, Mr. Chairman.
- You were an altar boy, a deacon. - For some time.
Perhaps in the church you've received some convincing favor.
But your youth soon dissolved with hard reality.
- I stayed in the industry. - Have you even an apprenticeship?
I do not.
Call Belin's witnesses.
- Belin! - Here.
During inspection you left me alone in the carriage?
- Yes. - I might have escaped!
Obviously, this man held me without any cause!
- You've lived under an assumed name! - Address the court!
Used a false name, Mr. Chairman.
Arrested under the name of Colin. He used dozens of names!
- He's a fraud! - I made a mistake, I admit.
- But I paid for it. - He's a fraud!
If I'm an imposter, so is my mouth. Frauds can't tell the truth!
Quiet, please!
Refer to the scrapbook.
Submit the item to the jury.
Landru, do you admit this is your notebook?
Admit it? Why not?
- Then you know its contents. - Sure! I myself wrote it.
Explain to the court why it was important to write this?
But it's simple.
They're notes,
as a man of commerce keeps on his clientele.
Just a report.
This list gives proper details.
Especially for the police!
It became a Bible.
Women whose names were in my notebook,
I allegedly murdered!
The list from my notebook is represented as a list of crimes.
But there were other women!
And you, Landru, we should trust every word.
You confess to being a habitual criminal.
Ah, Mr. Chairman.
That, unfortunately, I know.
But recognize that if I now confess to the murders of women,
if I said that I was guilty, you'd love my every word.
- You admit it? - Definitely not, Mr. Chairman.
There are eleven counts of murder! This is not merriment here!
- You studied the notebook? - Yes, Mr. Chairman.
What did it tell you?
Landru wrote the names of his clients.
But it long puzzled me, what do the numbers 1 to 7 mean?
However they may not be victims, but family members.
1 was he, his wife 2, 3 and 4 sons,
- 5 and 6 daughters. - And number 7?
His mistress, Mr. Chairman, Miss Segret.
No, wait!
I'd like to praise the diligence of this man.
His professional manner is second only to Belina.
Landru, don't insult the witnesses!
I don't insult, only appreciate.
It's a mistake to give as proof
the notebook of a commercial trader!
- That you say! - I argue only what I can prove.
- Try it like that! - Landru, for the second time you...
I apologize...
but it isn't pleasant to sit here and be accused of the killings of women,
when my youth has long ago gone.
You talk about these claims like you're used to them.
Used to it enough...
The little corporal will tell you that he took a commission of 10%.
To deny closer relationships?
To not answer.
- They're my secrets. - This is nonsense!
My privacy isn't for everyone.
Privacy! When it comes to his head.
It's about your head, Landru!
Still talking about my head! I regret I don't have many more.
Silence! This isn't funny!
- Are you ready, Mrs. Vidal? - Yes, Mr. President.
I see from the cards and the hand, past and future.
What do you know about Miss Babelay?
How could I have known?
Okay then...
How about the past?
Miss Babeley.
Miss Babeley...
With Andrea it was different.
I took her out of pity. She was so deserted.
And a bit sick.
It was a hard time for young girls.
It was war...
I took her to Gambais. She had so little rest.
For myself, I bought a return ticket.
For her, only a ride there.
She had to stay there for peace.
It's her mother.
One day she left,
gone, Mr. Chairman.
Who knows what a girl thinks?
- That's it, I'm leaving! - If my advocate leaves,
- I go too! - Enough!
Landru! Confess now!
This is impossible!
This is France here.
No one can be condemned without proof!
We bring an indictment based on the idea
the man has commited these crimes.
Based on hypotheses.
Totally erroneous assumptions!
Some pieces of the body are very difficult to burn.
The ash from Gambais...
was 996 grams of human bones...
103 fragments of skull, 3 from joints,
48 fingers, 6 arm bones, 5 tarsal,
fragments of knee, and bones of the lower extremities.
In addition, bone fragments of mole rats,
sheep, hens, and shell.
See how the study of dead heads jeopardizes the live head!
Miss Segret!
Segret, 33rd Street Rochechouardova.
He always behaved correctly, like a gentleman.
He's always been respectful.
We usually met once a week,
from July 1917 and more often.
How did he behave?
A higher nature,
but normal.
- Bitch! - Order!
Mr. Chairman, instruct the jury!
This is insane.
You're talking about eleven corpses, like they don't exist!
What if I told you that the silent spirits of the eleven dead women
would suddenly enter the door!?
- What was that stupid joke? - No joke, Mr. Chairman.
But proof that there is doubt in the minds of all!
So great a doubt that everyone looked at the door!
Not quite! Landru didn't look!
Cynical comedian and murderer.
Professional thief and murderer!
You know the nature of man, his cunning.
View hunted foxes.
Here stands before you a murderer, who shed the blood of his victims!
It's the end for the reputation of the lovely Mr. Landru!
Here stands before you a monster without compassion and human emotion!
Death, gentlemen of the jury, is all he deserves!
Feel free to execute by hanging.
Gentlemen of the jury, don't fall for mercy!
Landru is guilty! He knows it!
Landru: eleven murders!
I ask for the death penalty!
The conviction... would be without proof.
There is no way to know the whole truth.
You ask for his head, Mr. Prosecutor.
And me... I know that you are a sensitive man,
so you feel sorry.
Apparently, not afraid to let justice make an error.
Terrible words!
Everyone who blames justice's mistakes, they think so sincerely!
You asked for death...
and I...
felt for you...
that death settled in your soul.
Now, I continue to listen.
I'd like to know the position of the prosecution.
And, most importantly, what's your evidence!!
Where's your obligation to the truth?
What if Landru died?
Would it be a true conviction?
The prosecution...
should produce reliable proof...
to petition for death.
But one would have to say:
according to the law, not death.
On this day...
it's not reliable.
Listen to me, gentlemen of the jury...
What you have to decide, aside from the ridiculous fine,
you need to say here.
A verdict of death
is not about furniture
or money.
It is a human life!
It is his head!
You must say "No"!
All this waiting is difficult.
The answer is "Yes" for most of the 48 questions.
Only for questions 27 and 28, does the Jury decide "No."
My daughter!
Bring in the accused!
- It's "Guilty". - I got that impression.
Under the law,
we call for the death sentence
and damages of 1 franc.
Do you have any argument with the sentence?
The Court will deliberate.
It isn't the first time they condemned the innocent, right?
Do you have no heart?
The man gets the death penalty!
What's wrong with you?
The court sentences the defendant to death and a fine of 1 franc.
Court concluded.
Only one thing!
The court has made a mistake.
I've never killed anyone.
This is my last protest.
Good day, Mr. Attorney.
You like some food?
We don't like it.
Landru, I bring bad news.
- Very bad news. - Just talk.
The president hasn't given you pardon.
It bothers me.
Don't regret it. You did your best.
I'm really very grateful, my lord advocate,
You have, until the end, believed in my innocence.
Now leave me, please.
I'll sleep.
You're afraid to say "Au revoir",
so tell me "Adieu."
Adieu, Mr. Attorney.
Who are you, sir?
You were sent here.
This is Mr. Námìste.
Landru, the time has come.
You have the audacity to ask courage
of the innocent?
Innocence has enough.
Landru, under the law you get to ask final wishes.
Would you like last rites?
I know these people.
In youth, I socialized with them.
Now I don't think it's important.
- Do you want a cigarette? - I don't smoke.
- Alcohol? - No drink.
you came.
Let me have a minute of privacy with my client.
It isn't customary, but yes.
I defended you, as if you were my brother.
I know it and I'm grateful to you.
Only I'm sorry you had to defend the case
with the wrong horse.
Landru, tell me... I must say it!
Now you have nothing to lose.
Did you kill them?
To you, my lord advocate, I cannot say.
It belongs to me only.
I go with my soul...
and peaceful.
accept my compliments...
and wishes to let your soul be right.