Study Abroad USAC CSU IP Spain, Australia, South Korea

Uploaded by cclfuentes on 01.09.2012

one of the biggest decisions I've had to make in my life
and that is the study abroad program
Where do I go?
i have some random choices that are compatible to my major which is psychology
uhh... Im a student at Stanislaus so
I mean i love the culture
still learning the language trying to get a hold of it, its a bit difficult
I am fluent in Spanish I grew up speaking Spanish it was my first language
and then
I might feel comfortable going somewhere Where they speak
Just for the fact that my English
is much better than what my Spanish use to be
tell me your thoughts where have you gone
where have you studied, what have you studied, where do you recommend I go?
so there are two programs that
My school has for the study abroad program
one of them being

international programs it is run through California State Universities
and i like it
for the whole academic year it is not just for a semester
so for those who have used gone through IP or any other program
and have gone for the whole academic year
what was your experience like
and the second program that they have is
university studies abroad
*** Mumbles***
i am kidding i know how to pronounce it
point is
this program is for the semester or the year

it also offers the exact same places IP does
But like i said I am still caught between the whole academic year or semester
My financial aid does cover my tuition
but what i am wondering is
what other options are there
my advisers have great scholarships but what did you do give me some ideas for
so choice number one
one South Korea
its just a random option
and uh...
i fell in love with the culture since i was
in middle school
im sure if i go to South Korea I will be completely culture shock
it's nothing that i've seen or
like i said i fell in love with the music
with the dramas with the
food, everything
and even the Korean people
That are from around here are extremely friendly
I myself
I am trying to learn the language
it's difficult but its definitely something different
so you know with those who have studied abroad in south korea
how was your experience? let me know in the comments below
and for my second choice
australian uh...
you know do you recommend going with the best friend
because my best friend is planning on going the same time I am going and she is going for
biology she's planning on going to australia i dont mind going to australia
if anything
i'd prefer somewhere where they speak English
i do
much better
hearing the lectures in English than i do in Spanish
i though I do speak Spanish
it is not as good as my english
how is it? What activities did you do?
financially what did you do where did you live
im not stocking you
I just have questions and for my
third choice
San Sebastian Spain
San Sebastian Spain
so i know a few people personally that have gone to Spain
and i've seen the pictures and it's beautiful
like i said i grew up speaking Spanish
you know it's not the best
i understand it 100%
Maybe i should take a Spanish class? or a Psych class
is it worth it
so you know let me know hows your experience studying in Madrid studying in San Sebastian

meeting new people
where did you live?
like i said im not stalking you
Living accommodations how did that work for you
did you live with families
did you like it
uh... was it awkward
were they welcoming
and for the other people that have lived in dorms
or apartments with other
for example USAC students or other programs that you have been
included in
how did that work did you get along with your roommates especially being in a foreign
please let me know
in the comments below
so i am taking the first few steps but i do need help i need advice
from those who have gone through any study abroad program
so um
hopefully you see this video and
help me make
this very important decision
so for now