[ENG SUB] "BIG" drama EP.09 WALKMAN SCENE // Gil Da Ran & Kang Kyung Joon

Uploaded by LetMetulja on 02.07.2012

Kyung Joon.
Why are you here?
Teacher said to come watch it with you. So, she gave it to me.
I told her to pick up what I threw away under the bread and come but she gave it to Jang Mari?
In exchange i gave her the movie tickets I got from Gil Choong Shik.
Let's go.
Forget it.
Why? You don't want to watch it with me?
I dont want to watch it... It's not something I wanted to watch anyways.
You only wanted to see it with teacher?
I ruined her vacation and broke this.
I didn't want to say sorry but I wanted to make up with her.
Ah, because you don't have any sense...
Don't make up with her.
Teacher can just hold it in. She's an adult.
I can't just be a baby around her anymore.
I'm leaving.
Kyung Joon...
Do you still...
like that teacher?
It's not even like I really wanted to watch it.. but why do I feel so sad?
Is it because I couldn't see it together with him?
Kyung Joon!
This isn't the ticket I threw away. Why are you here?
Are you glad that I'm here?
Not happy?
Should I go?
I'll stay here with you.
This is a movie with no blood, isn't it?
It's not the type of movie I'd like to see.
I fixed it.
This lecture is really interesting.
What's wrong with your reaction?
I'm happy.
Because I'm happy.
If you are happy it's a good thing i fixed it.
Kyung Joon...
There's something wrong with me...
Why am I... so happy that you came?