2 Fast 2 Furious (7/9) Movie CLIP - Harpooned by the Cops (2003) HD

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Stay with me, Rome. Stay with me. Come on, man.
[Woman On Radio] I've got 'em heading south on l-95.
Bring in the aerial E.S.D.'s.
Oh, shit!
- They're catching up, man! - Shut up, man!
- Yeah, nice drivin', Rome. Nice drivin'. - I gotcha, Brian.
Check it out, man!
What was that?
Oh, shit. [Electricity Crackling]
- Come on, man. Take the wheel. - No. I can't drive.
Just hold the wheel! I can't drive!
Hold it right there! Just hold it steady, just like that.
What are you doin', man?
ĹźQuĂŠ pasa?
- [Laughing] - [Spanish]
Whoo! Yeah, man!