Hyundai Grand Starex VIP @ Central World

Uploaded by karatcha on 23.11.2010

Central World finally re-opened at last, even though still have a lot to restructure
Here's its status of evening of 22nd November
I'm Bumblebee I'm Jazz And I'm Hubcap
And this is the reason why we have to be here
1-day event to launch the new Grand Starex VIP from Hyundai Motor Thailand
Here at the same Eden Zone of the re-opened Central World at Rajaprasong junction in Bangkok
As the prestige model that topped the range Join us to take a closer look!
Actually, a name "H-1" for Thai Market is an alternate name of SKDM Grand Starex right from the plant in South Korea
But this name just now retrieved into action for here as the name of this toppie prestige model like I said before
HMT's full size MPV is now ready to step up to higher segment before this tiger year is over
SKDM version maybe already minor-changed, but not have this fascia
I'm thinking if HMT expecting the sales from this upscaled model between 70 to 100 units per month
Nicely expect, Jazz!
Just one model but there are 3 vehicles to display here
Upscaled everything more than expected the Hyundai way
Sensuous advertisement sentence again, Jazz! Now let's talk about the vehicle
Imported from a plant in Malaysia, so inevitable tax rate is only 5% Thanks to AFTA deal
First time in... maybe not long while, the retail price will start just only over 1.8 million THB
And price may have to be added up as regular price just after Motor Expo 2010 is over
Fascia is newer yet bold with luxurious look Yep, me feel the same
Newer Projector headlamps, combined with high lamp and curved lamp
And lower bumper as well
235/60R17 That's right, Hubcap!
Alloy wheels finished in extraordinary shiny chrome
Side rear view mirrors with white LED lamp
Blind-spot type but nothing special underneath them You mean lane keeping assist as expensive cars from Europe?
Let's see the side profile before we will open and slide the doors
Privacy windows? Privacy windows!
Details of exterior really different from usual Grand Starex models as we're looking for sometime now
If not counted logos and a badge, then nothing changed at rear
Maybe except the rear bumper with 4 rear parking sensors...
Only 3 exterior colors and all 2-toned plot Arctic White
Sleek Silver
And Stone Black
But the powertrain is still the 2.5 CRDi engine just like other Grand Starex models
Yep! Same DC4B i4 DOHC 16 Valve Hey... but with Euro IV
And still the 5-Speed H-Matic for transmission, right? Absolutely! Or you can make it to manual mode as well
The front suspension is McPherson Strut type While the rear is 5-linked coil springs
4 disc brakes but front ones are ventilated
What do you mean? I mean when silding door slides
Since this is the 7-seater version, so rows reduced from 4 to 3
Also LED interior lights actually with 6-color changable feature
We selected this one to see the first row because gauge is activating
Multifunctional steering wheel
Same plot, different decoration and features
Just Multimedia Entertainment System without Navigator or front/back camera
With hub for iPOD and USB
Dual gloveboxes
And dual airbags No more and no curtain? Of course
The leather for seats are not 100% pure leather, it's a combination of genuine leather and synthetic leather
And by the way, designed to suited the shape and hip-joint of organics
Table and cupholders for front row
And why that red lamp always light as this door opened? Doesn't that afraid of energy shortened?
It is a light to assist the organic whether they come to vehicle or leave Good reason...
Back to steering wheel, can it be adjusted?
Well, behind me here is the exclusively second row which replaced 2 seaters with rotate capability
The event also displayed a demonstration model of the second row area with absolute entertainment system more than ever before at the exclusive counter behind first row
Because after all, paradise is higher than heaven
Let's talk about counter type console With well built and high quality
With the 19" LCD screen by LG and can be stored out of sight when not in use with up/down button
Multimedia Entertainmaint System on second row by Alpine with AV-in
Premium JBL sound system
Hub for AUX port, V-L-R ports, 12v/120w power outlet and 600W-max all-major-accept type plug
Cupholders, not tray for cigarettes
Another 2 gloveboxes with disguised buttons each
Perfect prepared, I'll say Yes! Yes!
2 VIP seats with 3-pointed belts and electronic adjustable backrest and legrest But one with difference
Because the right one fitted with another foldable table with cupholders
Control buttons for both VIP seats
But to move back and forth, it's not electric...
Climate Control system all round
As these 2 seaters are separated-type, so access to the final row is easy
3-passenger acceptable with dual 2-point belts Last passenger maybe not adult organic!
Also with ability to fold and add more cargo space by these 2 steps: pull forward and raise to fold the seater row up
By just 2 pitches
Then the third row becomes folded like this
Actually second and third seats can be move back and forth by the provided rails
I also have to say another thing, as still many parts of Central World not ready to be re-opened
That also meant Toys R Us in here still closing and not ready with them
Hey! Let's sum-up the vehicle!
Hyundai introduced Grand Starex and called H-1 series in Thailand since Motor Expo 2007
Even though that's one lowest cost model
And now still the bestselling Hyundai among others of HMT lineup for nearly 3 years
The VIP living in higher segment but will still help the sales of GS models to raise up for more
As HMT products go better in Thailand this way
So HMT just decided to raise up its image heavier as one absolute confident choice if consumers come to full size MPV with some VIP stuffs
And Grand Starex VIP introduction of today is the result
And all are how it topped the Grand Starex range
Also, not a later-conversion vehicle
This is Bumblebee report Thanks again for join us today and GOODBYE!