Laser Month! Week 2 - Laser vs Balloons - Smarter Every Day 35

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Is it hitting the brick wall?
(Johan) It's hitting the brick wall. (Destin) We're not gonna set your house on fire this time? -no
-I'm not gonna get through a brick wall, definitely not. (Destin) Hey it's me Destin.
We have a class 4 laser. We're in Holland, and this is Johan, and he's a
laser expert, guru, whatever you want to call it.

Alright so,
we're going to do a lesson on colours in Dutch, because I don't know them.
You ready? -I'm ready Alright, so. We're gonna turn the laser on high power first.

-Ready? Yep
-OK there we go. OK, so
what colour is this laser Johan? This is blue in english.
-Blauw Blauw? -blauw Blauw. OK so what colour
is the first balloon? -Rood Rood, which is red? - ahuh
Did I say it right? [r-rolling attempts] Rood.
OK. Red balloon vs blue laser.
Next colour -Orange, or.. Oranje
Easy. -Yellow, or Geel
Geel? -Geel OK like hell? [pop] -Geel
That's a weird one.
-Green or Groen. Groen?
OK. [pop] Alright. hm.
-Turquoise was it? Turquoise, yep.
-Turkoois, in dutch. OK. [pop]
Woah. Turquoise balloons are louder.
-We have blue, or Blauw.
-Let's see. Aaah! [pop]
-Then we have
Here's one for you.
What colour is this? -black, or swart.
[pop] Woo! -and finally, white,
-or, wit.
OK.. What's going on here? We have a white balloon that's not popping
in the laser that popped every other colour. Would you like to explain laser guru?
-The white one scatters all the light, so it doesn't absorb the light, and
-doesn't heat, and doesn't pop. There you go. You're getting
Smarter Every Day. Please subscribe. Thanks Johan. -You're welcome.
If you want to see his website, it's

-Let's pop the rest of the balloons with the laser, because we can. Yes
[popping of balloons]
huh?! -This is a white one! [laugh]
This is too. I can't see with my laser goggle on.


Hope you're getting Smarter Every Day. [pop] What colour was it?! - [laughs]
-I squeezed it. Oh did you? Alright, so
if you have any good ideas for Smarter Every Day go check out the Facebook page and tell us your idea.
Bing! [laugh] Get it? Light bulb.
Alright. Later. Have a good one.

You've heard of sharks with laser
beams on their heads, but ah, come on down.
The cool thing about that is the laser beam, not necessarily the shark, and even though there's shark week, we're gonna have laser month,
because that's way cool. Johan here has built this laser
It's a 445 nanometer, 3 watt, 3 diode
laser, and it is capable of burning about anything you put in it's
way, depending on it's colour. And, we are going to do laser month.

[ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]
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