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'As long as man retains hope... Nothing ends for him'
'if hope ends, it all ends... '
'Eyes can't see you... '
'You are in the eyes'
'The heart can't know you'
'You are secretly inside'
'Eyes can't see you... '
'You are in the eyes'
'The heart can't know you'
'You are secretly inside'
You are such a bitch!
You are really going to meet your Facebook lover
I just can't believe this!
Chaiti Bose, the upstart bitch...
...actually going to sleep with this guy
Means you are actually going to sleep with this man, right?
Shut up!
Me... I'm just going to meet him!
Just like that!
These things never occurred to me, Okay!
What's more...
What's more? What else... umm!
Don't have condom? I have that in my bag
Oh no!
You know Arnobi?
You know the Difference between you and me?
You are having too much of sex
and I!
I'm suffering from lack of it
'This is of all people of all times... ' This is the problem!
Incorrect! The Bengali for 'of all people'...
The word you used...
grammatically it does not exist
But the word is there! All know it!
It's not there, but it's there!
- Strange! - Tell me what I should write, quick!
Must send the mail in 10 minutes. It's for tomorrow’s editorial!
Omit the ending
- The ending means... - Okay, okay
Did you deposit the cheque this morning...
What's this?
What are you doing wearing 3D specs?
Watching what?
How is that?
Three Dimension...
all I'll see through it will spring up to life, won’t it?
Yes, all get into life and... can also jump on you!
Don't know
Yes, it's okay. Bye
Err... I mean... the laptop...
I'm sorry Mr. Basu... your wife has had a miscarriage
Don't get upset, Bikram
What happened
has happened for good
What happens, happens for a certain cause
Whatever happens in this universe, happens for a reason
Might be the God has punished me
Don’t think that way, Chaiti
There is another bad news
That'll upset you
Purabi-di of your school...
What happened to her?
She is no more with us
Massive heart attack
They called me as they did not get you
I told them you are not well, you won't be able to go
No, no...
I have to go...
Father! How long will it take?
Must finish tomorrow's editorial within ten minutes!
And God has punished you!
God has punished you!
God has punished you... for what?
For being on Facebook?
Come-on Sud! Stop it. What's this?
Amazing! What makes you laugh so much?
Come-on, be serious for sometime
I'm having a cyber affair, okay?
Well, Arnobi, on radio you hurl tons of advices on entire Kolkata
You tell, can there be any divorce for cyber sex?
It is also some sort of cheating, isn't it?
Yes, for some people it's certainly cheating
- For some people it's not! - Means?
Means... you...
being within the periphery of your relation with your husband
you got into a sexual encounter
Well, that is...
- Fuck man! - Oh no!
What nonsense!
I didn't have sex with him, okay? Or whatever it is
Cyber sex!
See... If you are in an affair...
be it virtual or real... what's wrong in that?
It is good for you! You need it!
You need it to stay well...
and if you don't feel well how you'll keep others well?
I do not see anything wrong in it!
Listen, right or wrong good or bad...
all are relative terms
You should think in which respect it is good or bad
- What is the name of the guy? - Don't know
His Facebook ID is Amol Uh! And yours?
Charulata 2011
The lonely wife?
And ultimately Amol and Charu met in the cyber world
So how was your day?
Nothing great. Usual
9 O'clock metro to work. Lectures in the college
Lunch with fraternity. Back home by 6 O'clock metro
What about you?
Was at home, didn't do anything
Doing nothing is also a work
What's the time now in London? Four 'n' half-hours behind
That means 10 O'clock!
Lts too late, go off to sleep now
What's wrong with you?
'I know you my foreign lady... '
Oh... Charu, can you do me a favor?
Can you get me the novel of Tagore?
Novel! Which one?
'Noshtonirh' Would like to read it again
That's not a novel, a long story
Shh... I just completely forgot. Shame, shame
What else? Tell me what else you want?
Well... I want woolen shoes embroidered in Kashmir style
Handkerchief with flower motifs and my name stitched on it
- You still remember that? - Hmm... I remember all
I wish to get everything
Kolkata, jetty on Ganga, coffeehouse...
...lentil soup, maw seed, Hilsa fish... everything
And my Charu
Got any aspirin at home? It's my head...
Your head is not at fault, it has a limit
Oh, it's not in the bedroom, tell me please where it is
It's there only, you go now, I'll find
What are you doing so late?
Looking for a microwave recipe
It's too late, let's go to bed
Dada left today without having anything!
If one goes out early without having a morsel...
a ready job becomes impossible, Boudi!
I have to catch the train so early...
but I never leave without having a biscuit!
Should care for what is auspicious...
...for the family and what is not, no?
I have to think about all... my man and the kids
Amazing! Pushpo's husband beats her everyday!
But she toils so much only to feed him and her kids!
Things didn't change at all in our country!
Country? Which country are you talking about?
A specific map? A particular land?
Which country do you want to know about?
'Rich with the rain and harvest... ' Cool with thy winds'
- 'Green with fields of crops' - What?
I mean, go on! What next?
Just a topographical boundary? Law and order?
Political views? Hilsa, prawn, poppy seed... that's all!
Is my country so little! Nothing more?
My God! Why so angry?
Okay, let's talk about something else
Talk about your Pushpo’s
Did you speak to her? Whether she needs your help or not?
I don't know Amol. I spoke to her once
What else can I do, Boudi? He is Paltu's father, after all!
So what?
He loves me also
This is how he loves?
He lost his leg
that's why heist so angry, depressed and touchy
He pours everything on me
yet he is there
still there
Sometimes I think Pushpin is right
At least her condition is better than me
- If l am not here tomorrow - As in?
Gone from Bigram’s life or suppose l do not exist at all?
Will that bother him?
Tomorrow if l am dead and gone,
will it make any difference in his life?
I think he will carry on with his life the same way he has been all these years
See, nothing stops for anybody, Charu!
Life has to go on and on
You have to move on in life
No Amol, he lives in his own world
Somewhat like a kid who loves to be in his imaginary world
I just can't express my feelings in words
It's only words and words that only have to take your heart away
Come-on, don't brood so much! What happened to you now?
I'm really worried!
- Did you fight with your hubby? - Fight? He has no time for that!
Amol, Bikram lives in his own world!
I just happened to incidentally be in it!
What would you prefer, rice or bread?
Today I prepared pepper chicken for you
See how it improves your taste
I made pudding also!
Now start
Let me...
Don't get so depressed
lt says, what happens, happens for the good
Don’t brood so much.
Who's got to come, will come on time
Now eat a little, please
You are taking such strong medicines, the baby is gone...
such a physical strain... can't do without eating
Let me... now eat a little
Open your mouth, please
Uh... h! Meera! - Then you eat
Dada, another bread? A little chicken curry?
You can't go on like this
You don’t talk, don't eat... don't listen to music... watch TV!
Lift goes on, you...
Look at yourself for once, please
see what happened to you!
I see! Why? What's wrong with me?
Dark circle under the eyes, always depressed...
Didn't l suffer?
Who has gone... was he no tmine too?
Should I leave all jobs for that...
...and start mourning?
To run a household... give me the pudding
we need to adjust with so many things; we need to accept so many
reacting emotionally can't always do, you need to be practical
You have to live on!
I am alive! What's the problem then?
Is it a life?
You don't even smile, don't talk to anyone, always alone
Can anybody survive like that?
Don't have anybody to talk with...
What do you think? Can't I feel how you suffer?
Do you?
Do you really feel my sufferings?
All your complaints, your hurt feelings are for me, no?
Wait, wait!
Now have your pudding, don't waste it
Here, take it...
- What is it? – See what it is!
It's an air ticket!
Utpal Sarkar, Keya... Why?
I invited your brother and his wife
Why make them come here?
They've been asking us over for so long but we couldn't
That's why I thought to invite them
They would stay here...
Why them... for nothing...
You would feel better among your own people
Keya will spend the whole day with you, will chat together
You would no longer feel lonely
Is that so?
I won't feel lonely if only Keya stays here, are you sure?
What is it again?
Send me a copy after Checking the proof
lts urgent! Very urgent! And why don't you understand the urgency?
Yes. Yes... I have told you the day before yesterday
What happened to that? No, I called you up
No, I won't listen to anything
I have already said what I have to say... yes
Why do you takeout all the books? What will you do?
I won't do anything. You would do...
See, there are some neem leaves...
Take one, keep inside a book and hand it over to me
I see!
All the thankless jobs are for me!
Okay, get the dinner ready.
Ask Meera, she would help you
Oh my! That's not my job! That sahib-like dinner of your hubby!
Never heard the names of Those items in my life!
Don't know why you waste so much money on books!
Your brother says...
'Keya, buy gold, only gold'
'You'll see that someday price Of gold will soar upto the sky! '
- It happened to be so! - So how much did you profit?
Lf we had the worth to buy gold, then...
I never have the patience to finish such fat books
Try that, you'll like it
I'll find you a good novel on love, okay!
Book on love? What can I make from that now?
I read that when I was in class Vll
There was a book, you know. All went crazy for that, what's the name!
'Na Hanyote'
We had to ask the librarian gravely, 'Na Hanyote'
There are many great scenes, eh! Phew!
Except one lip-to-lip kiss it had nothing!
Do you have any book with that pictures, eh!
No. Would you please stop now?
Whatever you say, your brother often tells me...
'Keya, change yourself now, be smart'
Sometimes I get so Annoyed with you, what is this?
An educated woman who's got so much talent
will only eat, sleep, attend yoga classes...
and spend her life by making fantastic dishes to surprise all...
...and looking after kids
No, Charu, this is a sin, an injustice!
Who told that we have no other job?
See how nicely l organized my household! Doesn't it need talent?
Come to my house, you'll find me in every corner
And what about your inside, Charu? Which Charu do you find there?
What does she do, what does she talk about?
Do you listen to her?
Hmm... heard that she is very lonely - Why is she lonely, Charu?
Because she loves to be alone and that's why she is lonely!
Alas, nobody understands me, I don't have anybody...
It's like taking pleasure from being sad, Charu!
Why should loneliness bring sadness?
See, I am living alone so faraway
See, am I sad? You know Charu!
In fact sometimes I Wanna be left alone
I love the quietness around me
I love the sound of silence.
What about you?
I think being alone is not disheartening
lts scary, Amol!
It's rather similar to the feeling of death
People don’t get sad for living alone, they get scared
And the loneliness you are talking about, that you chose yourself
Nobody forced you
That day living lonely will be obligatory, you'll understand
Nothing is more frightening and painful than loneliness
- Oh! - What is it again?
Why such hurry? Ask him to slow down. Let me drink a little
Stop for a while
Hey, what happened to you?
Are you nervous?
I'm super excited! Hey, how does he look?
'How does he look! ' Did I see him?
I told you, I didn't even see his photograph
You mean to say, 'blind date'?
Why should it be ‘blind date'?
Am I in love with him?
My Facebook friend. I like him, he too likes me
We chat and share views
He has come to Kolkata
I am going to meet him once. As simple as that!
What nonsense you are talking since then!
Now start
So you want to say that you didn't fall in love with that guy?
No, I didn't and there is no chance too!
- Is it so? - Yes
Are you sure about it?
Absolutely. Hundred percent
Suppose the guy is very handsome! Dashing!
Who would drive you off your feet holding your hand at first meeting!
What'll you do then?
'Amol' means very bright, pure, clear, isn't it so?
'Amol', to me... I mean...
'Amol' reminds me the face of Soumitra Chatterjee
Everybody does so!
But my point was a bit different!
What's that?
If you really fall in love with him, what'll you do?
Come-on Anobi! Be serious
I have a family back home!
- Family... - Arnobi
I still love Bikram
I just can't cheat on him
And... and... you know me, you understand me!
See, I'm going just today
Just once
since he wanted to meet!
And what about you?
Don't you want to see him once?
just once
Who thinks so nice...
who talks so nice...
how he looks really...
won't I wish to see him, you tell me!
That's all!
Nothing more!
Where are you? I was waiting for you for so long!
Charu! Are you okay? I'm really worried
It has been hundred hours since we last spoke
'The countless songs you sang for me! Could you ever forget that? '
'You would remember that, my muse'
'in a rainy night, or with springtime wind'
'This much I would be proud for'
'Could you ever forget you stole my heart? '
Missing you Charu. You Were right to say that...
Living lonely is not always enjoyable but it's not scary though
I'm enjoying my loneliness. All the best to you
and all the best to me.
My heart always wished the best for you...
and always will. Regards. Amol
Charu, my Charu, where are you?
See l'm not liking this anymore. What happened to you?
Is everything okay?
I'm sad since last night I had a dream about you
I realized that you are no more, nowhere
And if Charu is not there how Amol will exist?
Don't you think of me for once?
'Dear Charulata 2011... '
'This is probably my last mail to you... '
'I seriously think, whatever you are doing is absolutely right... '
'I really appreciate your decision... '
'But Charu, let me tell you something very honestly... '
'I'm always there for you... '
'lending my unconditional love and support whenever you need'
'My best wishes and love. Amol'
'Hey Charu, I'm coming down to Kolkata
to attend a seminar by end of this week'
'Let's meet up. What do you say? Please do reply'
'I'm coming Charu! Amol'
You made yourself invisible on seeing me?
Why Charu?
What's wrong with you? I know you are there Charu!
And I also know that you are reading my messages
I can feel your presence, Charu
Umm... I had two. No more please. You have it
Thank you
So your job is just to sit and think?
Means... so many bucks at month-end for that? Incredible!
My job... as easy as it seems...
is actually much more difficult than that
Yes, difficult... but...
why difficult? You have to think and decide
What will be tomorrow... I mean...
what'll be published in your paper tomorrow, that's all?
- Another for you? - Umm?
Sure, since you are so doting
- Give another to brother-in-law- Would you?
my job is not only to decide...
...what'll be published in the newspaper tomorrow
Mine is to think what Bengal will think tomorrow
What the people of Bengal will think tomorrow...
what they will talk or argue about or write blog, I decide that
And for that 24 hours...
...or a whole day seems too short
Sometimes I can't meet your sister let alone talking to her
Poor she, spends the whole day alone
Now that you are here she will have a goodtime
What do you say?
Meera! Meera!
How many times I told you not to give the egg yolk to Sir?
How many times? Don't you remember?
- I forgot... - You forgot? Means?
Uh! Meera, get me another poach, go
Is the juice ready? I'll bring that
I will do that
Hey, what happened to you?
Why got so mad suddenly?
Since morning, I find you’re in a terrible mood...
- For nothing- What do you mean by 'for nothing'?
What do you think? This big household runs on its own?
Who cares to know how this household runs?
This is for me
Lift is out of order... who'll call the mechanic? Chaiti
The bathroom shower is not working
Who'll take care of that? Chaiti!
Wi-Fi is not working since yesterday... internet connection at home...
- What? Awful! ...Who'll see to it?
What's that? Net is not working?
I'm expecting an important mail!
Since when it's not working?
- Since the morning - Amazing! Meaningless
Should have told me earlier! Let me see
Damn, his line is busy.
Should've told it earlier!
Well, what were you talking about West Bengal?
About West Bengal? No!
We, I mean, people like me stopped thinking about West Bengal!
You people will think of that! That's your job!
I was talking about my job
I mean, investment...
Oh, investment...
What I am telling invest something in mutual fund, please
How much?
- Suppose 20 lakhs! - Twenty lakhs?
Twenty lakhs...
Would you reach your target by that?
Take ten now...
that'll do for the time being, will see to it later
In fact, someone like you...
if you do not invest at least 15 lakh
Do you know what is my biggest investment?
Here This year I'll take her along for Europe tour
So can't do that this year, will see later
Now finish your breakfast. I'll see what’s wrong with the net
Whatever you say... you're really lucky to get such a husband
That means you are Very unlucky. Isn't it so?
When did I say that? Amazing! - Didn't say, but you mean it!
I keep on dreaming since you are to come...
Understood, but how will I recognize you?
What? How Charu will recognize Amol? How could I know that?
Please help! Any clue?
Suppose it’s dark all around, all black...
we are to meet in that, I will recognize you for sure!
Psh... had a shoe like Cinderella! - You have that! I'm sure!
- Think a bit! - Means?
All girls have a Cinderella shoe, ballerina shoe...
Showing that they make the prince charming their own for whole life
clear, pure and bright
But not clean-shaven!
- Tell more- No!
Better we don’t meet at all if We can't recognize each other
And what'll one get who recognizes at first? Any prize?
The looser will fulfill The wish of the winner
What I wish for isn't important
The main thing is what I should wish for, what will benefit all
What benefit you're talking about Brother-in-law?
Still couldn't chalk out my own benefit
Utpal, see...
it's very easy to be dishonest
But Rabindranath said, 'Truth is difficult. I love that difficult.'
Whatever is true, that's constant
These days who cares much for honesty, you say!
The salary being so little... can the family run without extra bucks?
Our neighbour Mitu from police quarters was ruing...
'My man earns so little...
...let alone sending the kids to better school... '
'dirty water drips on head as the roof of the toilet cracked... '
'but don't have any money to Repair that! 'lt's me who then...
Actually, you know, everybody can't work honestly like you!
Even if they wish so, that's what l was telling
So you want to say its normal for government employees to take bribe?
Uh... h... no, I was not exactly saying that...
And how will you explain giving bribes?
Starting from cooking gas vendor to admitting kids to a school...
we offer some extra bucks. What is that actually?
'Who is in the wrong and who tolerates that... '
'Let your hatred burn both like grass'
That means you want to say nothing exists like honesty?
Yes? See, here, me...
for so long I'm working honestly form newspaper, it’s of no value?
Values... morality... these words are meaningless, worthless?
Lts not that! But it changes from time to time, Bikram
What was normal yesterday, today its abnormal, doesn't work
Once girls were expected to return home by 7 in the evening... that's abnormal!
If a girl comes to a College wearing saree...
...everybody stares at her with surprise
My friend Anindita came to our college...
...wearing jeans and a short shirt
Do you know, the principal called on her guardian?
And all stared at her.
I'm not talking about long-gone days...
...time is changing fast!
Yes... and with that everybody's values and morals are changing too
What're you saying? Honesty... Loyalty have no value at all?
No... Brother-in-law, What l'm saying is that...
The meaning of these words 'loyalty', 'honesty'...
...has been totally changed
People younger by two generations...
...than you don't understand honesty as you do it
Most people, I mean majority Of the people, I'm sorry to say
What they believe... that's normal and that's the reality
Wow! How nice!
If any such issue like 'loyalty' does not exist at all, then...
the husband-wife relationship becomes meaningless!
We find extra-marital affairs everywhere
Nobody obeys an institutionalized social bondage like marriage
So that's the right thing, The 'normal'?
So let's go with the wind and make the society...
...and the country go to hell!
How the country gets into it?
- Another large? - Uh... h... again?
Got it from Bangkok, its original, pure, have another, you'll love it
You got all imported
lts very smooth, can't even feel when runs down the neck
A woman... and a man and their child... this is a family
And the country or the State is the extended family
and for the wellbeing of the state, the country...
the family, I mean our own family should be protected
But the problem is that in our democratic structure...
it’s awfully difficult to guard one's own family
unless the state passes an act to protect it
As a citizen of a free country...
everybody has his right to live and think freely, Bikram
A woman...
if, at the same time, she can love two guys in the same way!
What's the problem?
What's the harm? ...My god! What are you saying?
Good question! Very good question.
That's like my wife!
Really, I must praise your intelligence
Well, what's the meaning of 'freedom'? Tell me
Controlled by self, that means 'self-control'
Restraint. I frestraint is not there in a man's life...
Where would he get his footing?
What will be his standpoint?
Yes, won't he change, won't he advance? He must!
Of course he'll change. Change is inevitable
What did Swami Vivekananda say? Utpal, you tell me...
you had philosophy as a subject
Mmm... I mean... what did he say? Gosh!
Which topic? In fact on various topics he said many things...
In his writings on religion he clearly said that...
He believes in that religion which changes from an era to another
modernity doesn't emerge without change, it can't!
Now we should think the change is for what...
...for whom, who benefits from it, who loses
- So family must be protected at first- Why?
Because the next generation gets the basic education from it
Sense of values, morality comes from the family, understood?
Look tame
Smile! It seems from your face that you are feeling tensed
Not at all. Why should I be tensed?
Why walking like that? Walk straight
Oh no! What happened? What is it on your feet?
Ballerina Shoe! Chaiti, I just can't believe this! Lts too much!
Now stop, you see l can't walk...
Uh... stop here
- He got a beard, no? - Umm
Wait, let me see
- Chaiti - Umm?
That guy is not straight, far away from any poetry
- Why? - Can't see how unconfident!
He can’t be your Amol
He is not sure whether he looks good or bad with that French cut.
No, this is not your Amol. Look, is that guy?
'Wind touched the clean ('Amol') White sail' tall, dark and handsome
Eh, what're you doing?
Gone... huh...
Chaiti, look forward, your Amol is coming!
All the best! I'm leaving
Yes, it's me... at the airport... with Arnobi... ouch!
Bikram, I slipped!
Not hurt
Thank you Why should I tell 'thank you' to you?
I'm hanging up now. Will call up later
my shoe...
'Give me some cover I will hide... '
Is it Cinderella's ballerina?
'I will get my pair of tired, drenched eyes dried'
'Give me some cover I will hide... '
'I will get my pair of tired, drenched eyes dried'
'Give me some cover I will hide... '
'I will get my pair of tired, drenched eyes dried'
'Dust laden leaves of trees... chronicle of this city... '
'Dust laden leaves of trees... chronicle of this city... '
'Raptam I, put off your mask'
'I stand like a doll The dreams are playing blind man's bluff
'Tell me how can I sleep, how?
'Tell me how can I sleep, how?
'Tell me how can I sleep, how?
'Avail chances if they reach you This city will punish me'
'Avail chances if they reach you This city will punish me'
'I have sinned, everybody sins, You didn't and don't know'
'I walk on to live I am alone, so I call you'
'But you don't bother'
'Can't you show the real soul once for once at least? '
'For once at least? '
'Can't you show the real soul once for once at least? '
'Can't you show the real soul once for once at least? '
I could come with you
No. Thanks
No need for that
Why have you made such a gloomy face?
You’ve won the game!
Why talking that way? Did I by any means...
This is the end
we'll not meet
or talk
But what has happened today... was unpredictable for me also!
Trust me
I trust you
After this we shouldn't meet or keep in touch
I hope you would understand?
Yeah, I understand. But, can I get a hug?
What will I takeout? Saree or salwar kameej?
Will you wear saree or salwarkameej?
What? - What'll I take out, saree or salwar kameej?
Sir is asking for you in the drawing room
Give me anything
I'll give a saree.
You look the best in a saree
Wear this one, okay?
This one?
Take it
Mira... leaving behind your home, your people...
you stay here the whole year,
don't you feel sad?
Don't you feel bad?
Now to speak of my own people, those nephews and nieces
tuck it in there
- The pleat... - Yes. Let me...
As you were getting late
So, I had the idol laid to sleep finishing the evening ritual
Why do you love me so much?
Except you...
who else is there so close to me?
Who was there... she...
Well, Meera!
Bunu was pregnant then, was not she?
That ruined her!
Knowing that it was a girl...
they burned her
If only I could guess...
When I visit my home l feel...
like putting everything on fire
Can't stand it
Please don't remind me that
I can't stand
That mutton curry by my aunt... uh... h
You just can't imagine... I still remember the taste
You know Utpal, Sanju was a kid then, just a kid!
When aunt had her first heart attack
Here is Chaiti!
Come... look who is here!
Don't you remember? Sanju, my cousin! Ranga-pisi's son!
Sanju, my cousin, remember l told you about him?
He has come today only
Why do you greet him so formally? Come
He will stay here for a few days
What's that? Why are you standing? Sit!
Chaiti, you ask him to sit down
Hey Sanju, sit. Why suddenly you got so formal?
She made a formal salutation. You stand so stiff, acting, eh?
Got so baffled at first meeting only!
I'm not used to eating so late... so...
feeling uneasy
This indigestion doesn't let me sleep at night
'lts is all right... '
'even if to hurt me... '
The quality of our cooking is really superb
Do you feel unwell?
How long will he stay?
Sanju? About seven days, it may take a little longer
Don't be angry with me, please, Chaiti
I know that our house is too small for three of us
What can I do, tell me, I can’t refuse him
You know what my aunt did for me
When I came to Kolkata for studies
Then Ranga-pisi forced me to leave the hostel and stay with her
Now... eh...
Hug me tight, please.
What's wrong with you?
I am feeling so insecure, Bikram
Here is a bottle of water
If you need anything else, I am there in the next room
You can sing, don't you?
- What song? - Different types
- English or Bengali? - All types
I see
- Well... - Yes?
Is she unwell?
Who? Chaiti? She often gets such headaches... since childhood
She gets in a bad mood, becomes silent, doesn't talk to anybody
Don't think that she got angry with you!
Tomorrow morning you'll find that the clouds disappeared
- Tomorrow you must sing for me. Will you remember? - Sure
Except brother-in-law, nobody is allowed to smoke in this house
Madam doesn't like it
- Good night- Good night
This mirror is also verybeautiful, isn't it?
Brother-in-law has good taste
The flute has been playing secretly in the wind... '
No need to listen to the flute that’s the bandit's flute! '
You are batting in the wrong pitch! He is not your type
If you invest, invest on what give you five times more in return
You had brother-in-law invest so much, will that given return?
I mean, it's a family matter
Without checking anything he gave you...
Anything won't go wrong, eh?
Insurance and investments provide tax benefits...
and are subject to market risks. Understood?
- Yes ma'am? - Hey, should I order two cappuccinos?
- No. One Darjeeling tea for me- Okay, then make it two
- Two fresh Darjeeling tea - Okay, sir
Why do you feel insecure?
You know...
Don't know why... but I feel...
that everything will end...
sort of a sinking feeling...
I just can't explain to you
Don't say these silly things
He came to stay for seven days! For a few days only can't you...
Few days only? You know how I spend each moment?
I'm hiding myself like a thief in my own house!
All my movements Have become restricted
- I feel so mean whenever l see him - And he?
What's his reaction?
What else?
Relaxing at his brother's place, eating, sleeping and singing...
What else?
I will sing for you... '
So you make me sleepless... '
O my dear, you wake me up... '
You wake me up startled... '
You knock at my heart'
O my dear, you grieve me... '
It darkens all around, birds return to the nest...
the boats reach the shore... '
Only my heart can't be at rest... '
O my dear, you wake me up... '
Take the medicine
How did you know it’s me? Your eyes are closed!
BVLGARI MAN, can be identified with eyes shut. Will the light stay on?
What's wrong with you, Chaiti?
Every night you can't do without sleeping pills!
How long will it go on this way?
As long as sleep doesn't come
Chaiti! I found that you are getting rude day by day
You don't like Sanju, that's okay! It can be so
But how could you behave with him like that? Chaiti, heist my brother!
How did I behave?
Do you mean that I behaved badly with him?
What made you think that I don't like him?
Did I tell you?
Does one have to tell these things?
What do you think? I can't understand anything?
Sanju is your brother-in-law, my brother, our guest!
And who is taking care of him? Keya!
Is that right? You say...
My brother has come to my house for the first time
Let alone taking care of him, my wife doesn't even bother how heist doing!
Will that make me happy?
Well, you say, he didn't do anything wrong!
Chaiti... please go!
Before you sleep go and see if he needs anything
- Now? Like this? He is asleep! - No, he is not... go, please...
Do it for me
Please Chaiti, go!
Those many songs I sang for you... '
Those many songs I sang for you... '
What's your plan?
Listen to me very carefully
You must get out from here tomorrow morning
I don't want to see you again
Believe me, I didn't know anything!
Trust me
I don't want to hear another word from you
Let go...
let go of my hand
I don't want anothe rword from you, and don't want to know anything
You must leave this house tomorrow morning
Just pack your bags and get out from here
If you don't go from here...
I'll commit suicide
'Lash your truant heart'
'Lash your truant heart'
'Why do you look for your heart's content at all places? '
What're you doing here?
- Feeling suffocated, also... - Also? Also what?
Wanted to leave early with this guitar and shoulder bag?
So that I get humiliated in front of all?
What? Is it so?
What is it? Answer me
Were you going away?
Trust me
I really didn’t know anything about it
Anything. Trust me
I trust you
I trust you
Please don’t leave me
What do you watch on the TV the whole day? Do you like it really?
Oh! Why did you switch it off? Did I tell you to do so?
Tea? Meera gives three cups of tea here
You could have told me that you were going for shopping.
I could join you too!
It was not fixed. I got a few T-shirts for Sanju and...
got a nice shirt for Utpal, see
Why are you angry with me? We'll go another day, okay?
Meera, got the water for tea on oven?
Wait, I'll get it
Which places did you Visit, dear?
- No cigarette here - Let him take a puff
Butter cookies. Baked it today only. Absolutely fresh. Taste it
The ashtray is over there. Get it please
What's it? You are here?
Leave it, I'll do that
You go to sleep
I make his bed every day! You leave
Better you don't do what is not your job
He is my brother-in-law. Why should you look after him?
Your brother-in-law also doesn't like that
Moreover, do you know anything about his likes and dislikes?
Do you know that?
My brother-in-law, won't I?
You made the bed but you didn't bother to keep water...
...clock or an ashtray at his bedside
He has to go to the attic again...
...and again to take a puff only for your stupidity
I got so ashamed when I heard that this morning
You didn't even keep a clock to find the local time!
Actually, how would you know these things?
You go to sleep. From now on I'll make Sonja’s bed
How long will we have to stay here?
As long as...
I can't live with eyes shut like you!
All that is happening around
makes me nauseated!
What you see with eyes open...
I can sense exactly that with eyes shut
I understand everything
At times one must know how to keep the eyes shut
Well, can't you keep your eyes shut for a while for me?
What scheme do you have now again?
See, I've warned you in the past, and warning you again!
suddenly what made you think so?
The way you are showing respect to Your younger sister's husband
I'm not that fool as I look like!
No need to stay here, I pray
why should we stay in other's family for nothing?
In this world nothing is 'for nothing'
Whatever happens in this universe happens for...
...a definite cause, understood?
We won't stay here for long
A woman...
a man...
and their child...
this is the family
And country or state is... what is it...
the extended family
So, in order to protect our own family...
just a glass of water from this bottomless ocean...
Just for two days...
'I have seen you on an autumn morning... '
'I have seen you on a fragrant summer night... '
'I have seen you... '
'lnside the closet of my heart... '
'O maiden of a distant land... '
'I have lent my ears onto the sky... '
'I have heard you singing... '
'I have offered myself to you... '
'O maiden of a distant land... '
'After wandering over the whole earth... '
'I have reached a new land... '
'I came to your door... '
'O maiden of a distant land... '
'You are there a far beyond the sea'
You'll go to Sovabazar, won't you?
Take Chaiti with you
She likes the old houses of north Kolkata very much
How long will you stay there?
I'll stay in Delhi for one day. My job is mainly in Noida.
On getting back to Delhi, let me see...
- Sir... - Keep that here
Sir, err... I need some money...
...our fishpond... - How much?
Three thousand will do
- Don't know who gave poison... - Take it from Chaiti
Go home today, get back soon
They can also come over here and take that money from me
...Now here...
That's what I'm saying. We have many people over here
so you go and get back soon
In other times Chaiti stays alone then you can't... my watch
I'll get it.
- Hey, when is your seminar? - Tomorrow
You must not leave till I come back, okay!
We all will go to some nearby place when I'm back
I'll see
Let me
Credit card... credit card... club
Want to visit Mandarmoni? Nice sea beach
- Don't forget to drop the cheques - Hmm
Mandarmoni is fine, Utpal, would you go?
Umm? Umm. Not bad. Manadrmoni...
He told that it's a nice beach!
Not much crowded...
What is it?
Seven thousand on the telephone bill?
Have you gone mad? Who did you call up for so many times?
Me? I never use the landline ln fact, nobody does so!
4700 bucks on STD bill! See it!
- Sanju, did you call anybody? - Me?
Who would I make an STD call to?
Made two ISD calls yesterday
but that is not supposed to show on this month's bill!
Amazing! Then what? Must ask for break-up
I'm sending Abhijit. Give him a photocopy of the bill...
he will go to the telephone office. See what happens
Don't get tensed? I'll handle this
- Sanju, see you - Hmm...
- Utpal, bye - Take care
- Please call me when you reach - Sure
- Take care - Have a safe flight
So many ornaments?
Jamai-babu bought you all this?
Yes. Lying unused. As I don't wear gold that often...
Does anybody keep so much gold in the house?
Don't you have a locker?
I heard that they give locker free with fixed deposit in the bank
I have that...
I see!
This is fantastic!
It belongs to Bigram’s mother
I see!
See this one
How nice!
All antique designs!
I never see these in Bombay!
Wear it. Let me see
Takeout the ear stud
Why should I wear your jewellery?
Not mine!
Wear it
Here, give me your hand
What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy!
All these belonged to mother
Had she been alive at the time of your wedding...
she would have made you wear all these with her own hands
From now on all these are yours
What is this?
Hey, what's wrong?
Why are you crying?
What is it, Keya?
Please forgive me
Forgive me!
Believe me... I couldn't understand!
Later I realized that it costs 12 bucks for one second!
Believe me! I couldn’t understand
What are you saying?
Your telephone bill... it was so high for me only
On the television they show...
the prize money is ten lakhs!
I called them up everyday
You know... I could see clearly...
One face is Salmon Khan and the other...
other is Kareena Kapoor! But...
I couldn't realize that...
it was fake!
The whole thing is a trap!
Everyday l got the connection!
And I waited for so long
Forgive me
Please forgive me
Your brother is right to say...
I'm a good for nothing
I will never become a mother if this year passes
Keya, listen
No, you listen, let me tell you...
What your brother earns... is not sufficient...
I can't convince him by any means
So I thought that... if that ten lakh bucks...
In fact, the doctor said that it would be...
...much risky to have a child later
I will never be able to become a mother
You tell...
how will I be a mother if there is no money?
Where is my fault? Won't you forgive me?
Tell me, won't you?
Why are you talking this way when you are leaving?
You'll see...
everything will be all right
Chaiti, we’re leaving, the taxi...
What happened?
Why are you crying?
These jewelleries belonged to our mother isn’t it?
- Yes - Why do you...
You could have waited for Bikram. He'll be so upset
And you?
Actually, Keya's dad suddenly fell sick
Nothing to do, we must leave
Do what your heart tells you...
What you think is 'right'..., do that
Only make it sure that it doesn't harm you or any one else
A 'right' thing is always 'just'...
why do you add 'just' to it?
You will come again, won't you?
'Let the twilight descend now... '
'Who did deck the trance? '
'Touch softly with your hands'
'Talk in silence'
'Let us go where this hour takes us'
'The roof, now open for warm caresses'
'Let wash it down through the night'
'Let it melt alone... '
'The heart made of ice'
'Come and roll it out, if you can... '
'The woolen rug which keeps awake in the night'
'Take me on and take me in'
'Let me sleep after shedding tears'
'Take me on and take me in'
'Let me sleep after shedding tears'
'Do not go away leaving me behind... '
'Never without bidding farewell... '
'Talk in silence'
'Let us go where this hour takes us'
'The roof, now open for warm caresses'
'Let wash it down through the night'
How come you...
rashly gave him so much money...
without checking the papers or signing anywhere?
You know I had to leave for Delhi
I was in such a hurry!
I thought that after getting back...
Ten lakh bucks is not a big thing, you know!
The money is gone but it'll come again
Just forget it, call the cops
Have you gone crazy?
Should I send the police chasing after my own brother-in-law?
Listen, please don’t tell Chaiti anything on impulse
After all, he is her own brother
She'll get upset
What is gone... that's not only money... it's the trust!
Whom else do I trust, if not my own people?
Tell me!
Someone has cheated my brother. However, heist an outsider
But this is not only cheating, Charu!
It's deception, it's a sin, it's wrong!
Do you hear me?
Chaiti... get up
Get up please
I don’t know what he is up to!
It's pointless! See it
Who is it?
I hope you didn't offend him in anyway, eh?
Let me call him up once.
Eh, he switched it off!
Dada, please don’t mind as I am leaving suddenly
I came suddenly; I will again come like that!
Spending these few days with you all,
I re-discovered my roots as a Bengali
Don't quit singing
Take care, wish you all the best...
Apart from saying this much how the strings
inside one’s mind could be touched?
Yours Sanjoy
PS. I couldn't hold back myself from writing a letter
to you instead of sending a text message
I will contact you very soon
Why didn't you wake me up in the morning?
'If you have nothing to offer me... '
'if you have nothing to offer me... '
'You may grieve me atleast! '
'You may grieve me at least! '
'If you have nothing to offer me... '
'Suffering comes like having you... '
'Suffering comes like having you... '
'Suffering comes like having you more as my own'
'if you have nothing to offer me... '
'if you have nothing to offer me... '
'You may grieve me at least! '
'You may grieve me at least! '
'If you have nothing to offer me... '
'Suffering comes like having you... '
'Suffering comes like having you... '
'Suffering comes like having you more as my own'
'Lay my gloom on a leaf cast-off
'with some darkness, weeping alone and one word or two'
'which have-not yet been said to you'
'which have-not yet been said to you'
'I want queries on them too'
'if you have nothing to offer me... '
'I dispensed the songs away holding those with my fingers'
'Let some fit become clouds in the sky... '
'Some will float away...
'Perhaps those will become a drop of water'
'Perhaps those will become a drop of water'
'which does not happen to anyone'
'if you have nothing to offer me... '
'if you have nothing to offer me... '
- What are you thinking? - Nothing
You must bethinking about office affairs!
Remember the doctor warned you not to get tensed?
When we stand near this huge ocean...
don't you feel that we are so small, so inadequate!
Lts vastness, its contour...
we are so small, so helpless before all that!
But you see...
how we cling to our irritations, sorrows, petite problems...
and spend the entire life blindly
We don’t even think for once that
the life is so beautiful, so blissful!
What has come over you?
Never heard you talking this way!
It is said that the Bengalis become philosophical when they travel
- Did that happened to you also? - No, Chaiti
Since I have never seen death so close...
so now I can realize...
what I have been doing for so long... are all wrong, meaningless!
One should work to live, not live to work
And when I saw...
you are crying holding my hand
I felt so helpless... I can't explain to you
I thought... I realized also...
life is so little... it will vanish anytime
Look at the sea
Try to feel your existence before it
Now tell me...
do you have any regret?
Do you see what Pushpin is doing? She didn't come today also!
I am so annoyed!
Meera's knee pain again got worse
She didn’t even go to the market
There is nothing in the refrigerator What will I do? Listen...
Should I prepare fish and rice for you? Will you have that?
Oh, I forgot...
tomorrow morning you have an appointment with the doctor.
- Don't forget - Hmm...
You see, nothing is more beautiful than the sea. Meera!
See what heist upto!
What is it? Why do you laugh?
Now I see why he was in such a hurry to go back!
Your dear brother-in-law is getting married!
- Who? - Who else? Sanju
The girl lives there. She teaches music at a school
When I asked him to get married, what did he do?
He got so embarrassed, feigned so... and now?
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Why the hell didn't you use any protection?
Are you fucking out of your mind?
I'll tell Bikramjit everything today. Come what may
I just can't cheat on him
Sure! That's the best! Do it!
You are in a relationship for so long...
finish that for your stupidity.
All the best!
Then tell me what am I supposed to do?
Oops... please don’t do anything again, now stop
Well, see, won't l let Sanju...
Who is Sanju? Who'll you inform?
Who without even worrying for you for once...
left you placing a garland on Ram's slipper like Bharat!
You want to inform him? What will you inform?
That you are carrying his child?
What next?
Please... try to understand
This person, Bikramjit Bose...
is the only one who protected you for so many years
He gave you so much freedom
Freedom? Sorry, I beg to differ
What freedom? In an open field...
he built a high wall all around and asked her to run
That's what you call freedom?
Chaiti, keep your cool and think for once
Nobody ever did so much for you like this person
Your parents married you off so young
with one who is 14 years older than you!
And your brother... so much money
Remember Chaiti! That guy didn't say a single thing only for you!
Don't forget these things
Happiness lies also in making others happy
But eventually it’s your life. Do whatever you feel like
I'll be really late.
'As long as man retains hope... '
'Nothing ends for him'
'lt all ends... '
'if hope ends'
'Bishbriksha' (The Poison Tree)
What is it? Why you didn't switch on the lights? Migraine attack?
So? Why are you lying like that? What's wrong?
What nothing? Let me see if you got fever
No, not fever. Then?
- Bikram - Umm?
- I need to talk to you - Yeah. Tell me
Uh... I am...
I am... I am carrying
I am pregnant
I want to tell you lot more
- I mean... I mean... so many things... - Please
Please don’t tell anything else. You don't have to say anymore
See, does anyone sit like this in the dark for this reason?
Nothing would happen, I won't let anything happen
Why do you cry? Silly girl
I am here
No... no, I worked at it in the office today also
Yes. After getting back home I found it got hung
Won't you come? No, no... no. Lion(an operating system)
What else can I do? I could barely manage it with my wife’s Mac Book
Can't you come today?
No. Boot also failed!
Okay. Okay, I'll wait, I'll wait for you
Charu, my Charu... I am missing you so much
I couldn't realize how difficult it would be to leave you
I am back home now
What're you doing now?
You must have gone upstairs...
...and talking to the Birds-of-Paradise plant
I envy it so much you know. I also envy the orchid
Why do you pour tea liquor on it twice daily
to make its leaves shiny green?
When your fingers caress the green leaves, I get so jealous
I feel the touch, the concern, that Charu...
everything belongs to me
All the caresses of Charu is for Amol
Charu, I know that you are hurt
You suffered a lot
I am definite that you branded me as an escapist
Believe me, I had no option left except running away
I love you Charu
And so I don't have the courage to face brother
Someone cheated brother. However, heist an outsider
But this is not only cheating, Charu!
It's deception, it's a sin, it's wrong
I tried hard to forget you through these days
But that spot in the middle of your chest reminds me
of you over and over
So I will never be able to forget you
All my songs belong to you
So I’ve decided not to sing anymore
Atlas I have only one request to you
'lf the old love ever gets obscured with the new,
even so, remember me... '
'lf the game stops one day on a beautiful night,
even so, remember me'
'lf on remembering me tears do not show up on your eyes,
even so, remember me'
What's up? Why are you smoking inside the house?
Don't you know what the doctor told me?
Since you were not here... so...
But now I'm here Bikram
The whole house stinks with smoke! I don't like it at all
Amazing! Why don't you stub it out?
It’ll harm my baby, Bikram
Trust me. I don't bother for that at all!
What do you mean?
What's wrong with you?
Who is the hero?
Eh? Who is the hero?
Who is the hero?
- It hurts! - Let it hurt
- You’re hurting me! - Let it hurt
Who is the father?
Leave me, it's hurting
It's you!
And Amol?
Who is Amol?
Ask Charuulata
'Some day... someday...
'My heart will reach the sky... '
How would it be to get you? '
'When I am not there by your side?
'Some day... someday...
'My heart will reach the sky... '
How would it be to get you? '
'When I am not there by your side?
'Oh... how many things were yet to happen... '
'Now those sail with tears... '
'What nobody can ever find... '
'All call it love... '
'This heart is a handful of ash... '
'That I cast on the wind... '
'As long as a man retains a hope... Nothing ends for him'
'if hope ends, it all ends... '
'When I am not there by your side?
'Oh... some leaves dangle in the air... '
'Like some lies... '
'What would come out of dreaming? '
'All that would be the pangs of some heart'
'For some time it would allure the heart... '
'And it would flitter away before it unfolds... '
How would it be to get you? '
'When I am not there by your side?
'Some day... someday...
'My heart will reach the sky... '
How would it be to get you? '
'When I am not there by your side?