Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 9

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Not bad.. hah !
Look, whatever you're doing.. is not the right thing.
I'm stiII telling you.. go back.. there's quite a lot danger inside.
The danger's to my matrimony.
You said downstairs that you've to go to 205. And here you come at 506?
That's because the kiIIer comes here discreetIy.
Does he come discreetIy or is it you who come discreetIy?
O God! - If I get to hear the walli ngs of some chiId then I..
She's my wife! She's my wife.. my wife!
I never knew that you're coming.
Come in.. Uncle..
'Since I'm aIong so she's calling Uncle!'
Where's he? - Inside.
'The one who came as the student is inside the kitchen !'
You're searching for something? - Toilet.
Take a left from ahead.
I'll go myseIf.
Hey! Hey! Where did they go?!
Was he telling the truth? Listen !
Aah !
With such a big knife.. he..
CaIm down. CaIm down. Didn't I tell you its dangerous?
Forgive me. I mistrusted you.
Okay, okay, it's okay. Eat these pills tiII then.
Meantime, I'll finish my job and come. Okay?
She needIessIy got scared.
And you know that.. I know. I know everything.
It's going to be.. it's going to be alright.
I'm sorry, sir.. - Nothing to worry. I've given her the pills.
I'm doctor.. - Tallor. - Tallor, Tallor Screwwala.
Nice to meet you, sir. - Nice to meet you.
In fact to be precise.. because of that traffic..
..27, 28, 29.. and.. and the poIIu tion was so much that.. your mouth, chiId. Say Aaah ! - Aaah !
Take deep breath !
There's so much air in the kidneys that.. Oh my God.. I mean..
Let's sit over there. - One minute..
hope not having fever? - Let's go.
So much of preparations?
Isn't your Uncle very much like mine?
Who put off that Iight?! - Sorry.. actually it's the fuse problem.
I'll be right back. - Where are you going?!
The breaths too heavy. The heart's beating like a jackhammer.
The eyes are bIoodshot. His.
His has made the first attack! - On whom?
On my wife!
Sir, actually he fumbled on the stopper..
Just see how much he fumbles ahead!
Yeah. Yeah.
Oh ! Aah !
Oh ! Huh ! Huh !
Are you alright?
Seem she isn't?
Actually, I simply have tea..
I know! I know.. that too made of special miIk!
But.. how did you know? - Logic.
Urmila, you just..
Okay.. pick a ball from these.
Pick up. Pick up.
Why did you pick the red one?
It was nearer.. that's why.
Oh ! So he picks anything that is near.
Uncle.. why have you brought these balls?
For the suit! - For the suit!?
Because I'm no ordinary tallor.
I don't measure peopIe, rather I feeI them.
C'mon ! Great!
Stand here! Raise your hands!
One.. one minute! AImost 57!
Bend down ! Keep bending! 37!
Enough ! PuII it up! PuII the Ieg up! Good!
More upwards.
Kid, I toId you to look upwards.
Look upwards.
Now.. now the shirt detalls.
And now.. the sIeeves' detalls. Look up. Don't move.
Oh ! - For the colour detalls.
And, now.. it's the pant's turn !
Rahul.. look inside.. something's burning in the kitchen. - Huh !
Yeah !
Hey! This detall was very necessary, brother!
Huh ! Nothing's burning in here!
Maybe in that room.. - HoId it.
But, if someone sees the smoke.. - Stop. - But.. - Stop!
Nothing's burning anywhere.
But you said that..
It was just like that.
Actually, Uncle was a bit too much..
Yeah, I feIt the same way.
But, after all he's your Uncle, isn't it?
And you said about that triaI by fire..
Did it hurt too much? - No, nothing happened.
I'll apply something right away. Okay?
Take care of Uncle.
He has come here for the first time. Okay? - Hmm.
O my God! MoIestation of Draupadi (A character from Mahabharata)!
What are you doing here?
What is this portrait doing in here?
It's just there.
Why will any person keep the portrait of Draupadi's..
..moIestation in his cIoset?
Why? - Logic. There's Iogic behind it.
And the day when the resuIts of all these tests come out.. shall get to know that Iogic as well.. and trust me..
..the resuIts are going to be shocking!
Ma'am.. are you going somewhere?
Where am I going? I'm going nowhere! Where was I going?!
Yeah ! Yeah ! Fresh ! To feeI fresh !
Yeah. Okay, okay.
But, ma'am.. I was about to tell you the same, ma'am.
Let go! Let go! Let go!
Ma'am, listen to me! Listen to me, ma'am! - Let me go!
I'm coming! - Let go!
Urmila! The window! The window!
Sir, that window.. - That is my w ife and not the window!
Let go my wife! Leave my wife at Ieast! Leave my wife, please!
She's my wife! Don't do that to her!
Let her go! Let her go!
Wife! Wife! You've survived!
I know it.. - No! the window! Problem! That Popat!
I know.. I know it! Keep in.. keep in touch ! Okay?
Come here! - Oh !
I falled.
But you passed for me.
But won't they take me wrongIy?
Whatever they might think.. it makes no difference to me.
But it makes to me. I cannot Iose you.
Why? - Because..
Because.. because you're the girl who shall change my destiny.
This thing.. who toId you this?
Your heart?
No. My astroIoger.
What!? - Yeah.
An astroIoger toId me that a girl shall enter in my life..
..who shall change my destiny..
..and there shall be a dot on her heart.
Meaning.. you kept me in this house only because of this dot?!
Because of the heart.
''The temptation..''
''Yeah.. the temptation..''
''The temptation..''
''Yes, my temptation..''
''You turned sixteen ; and my heart went barmy.''
''You turned sixteen ; and my heart went berserk.''
''The eyes of sixteen.. and the chat of sixteen..''
''Rather you've not turned sixteen ; but you've turned into a spark!''
''I turned sixteen ; and your heart went barmy.''
''I turned sixteen ; and your heart went berserk.''
''The eyes of sixteen.. and the chat of sixteen..''
''Rather I've not turned sixteen ; but I've turned into a spark!''
''I turned sixteen ; and your heart went barmy.''
''Temptation.. my temptation..''
''Temptation.. your temptation..''
''Temptation.. my temptation..''
''Temptation.. my temptation..''
''From here.. and from there..''
''Wherever I see from..''
''You look deadIy from everywhere.''
''From here.. and from there..''
''should I say what.. and from where?''
''There's some yearn rising in me.''
''Is it your body or is it some spell?''
''Since I'm unable to control myseIf.''
''You're crazy about my tresses.''
''And, you've got the temptation of my fragrance.''
''I turned sixteen ; and your heart went barmy.''
''You turned sixteen ; and my heart went berserk.''
''The eyes of sixteen.. and the chat of sixteen..''
''Rather you've not turned sixteen ; but you've turned into a spark!''
''You turned sixteen ; and my heart went berserk.''
''I turned sixteen ; and your heart went barmy.''
''Temptation.. my temptation..''
''Temptation.. my temptation..''
''Yeah.. the temptation..''
No! You're telling a Iie!
I'm telling the truth, Kiran ! He proposed me!
Five years Earlier he was just a normal guy!
But today he loves me! Just me!
No, Kiran ! Why don't you understand?!
Had he got true love for you.. then why didn't he come to meet you?
He did come! But my mom-dad didn't let me meet him!
Mom-dad! True lovers never care for the mom-dad!
They break the doors-windows and enter in !
Karan ! Karan's letter!
'My love.. My darIing!'
'Thank you. Tonight, I'll restiveIy wait for you.. Disco 82. will you come?'
Yeah ! - 'I knew it.'
'But, if you don't come then I wouId consider..
..that you don't love me!' - No!
'And yes.. I hope you might have got all my kisses..'
'..that I conveyed through.. I mean through the cheeks of Rekha.'
Wait, wait for a minute.. - So, this was your move?!
Kiran, you don't understand.
You snatching me whiIe provoking me against my own love?!
No, no! Kiran, just listen to me.. - I doubted you since beginning.
What are you doing? - Get away!
Hello! Sister Urmila, I'm Kiran here!
please come fast!
My own sister has become my adversary in love!