Inside UNC Charlotte -- November 2012 -- Women's Basketball Preview

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The Charlotte 49ers men's and women's basketball teams enter the season with high
Inside UNC Charlotte's Ryan Rose sat down with head coaches and players to
preview the 2012-2013 campaign.
We are talking Women's basketball with you here Charlotte 49ers Women's Hoops Ryan Rose
and that's Cara Consuegra our head coach
welcome back. Thanks Ryan.
Year two for you so kind of a fun time let's talk to some of your seniors as well we've
got Jai Forney, Jennifer Hailey, a couple of these seniors now you are on Twitter
you're one of the few head coaches that decided let's just take the
@cconsuegra that is a note to you people to get out there and follow
@cconsuegra let's talk about that a little bit here
your Twitter experience so far and the kinds of things that you like to tweet about.
from your account. Well I enjoy it, it's a fun way for me to be able to interact with fans and
the community and players and recruits and
so the whole aspect of it for me is fun to just have a personal touch and be able to
you know I really use it to talk about the team and what's going on in our lives and
yesterday I tweeted about practice and what's been good, what we need to work on and
again just add a personal touch to our program here.
Jai let's talk about what you've gone through personally since the end of last
year and the things you decided to work on and improve.
shooting, ball handling
decision making, being more aggressive,
all-in-one. Hopefully that
will help the team at large because you are one of the primary ball handlers, when we talk
about post play and Jen Hailey
I mean that's what you're known for around here is post play. Let's talk about your personal
experience since the end of last season what sorts of that you things have you worked on
to improve your game and help the team.
I've been working on free throws
I was terrible at it last year but also I've been working on my footwork trying not to walk
so much this year. Let's talk about all the things that go into getting ready for a season.
Well we really had a frank conversation when our season ended
and we got together in April as a group and this was prior to our freshman
joining us for this year and talked about
where we want to be next season what our expectations are
that needed to start today then back in April. Right. And I think that this group really
has embraced that
they had a really good spring where we worked on
a lot of different things but certainly getting stronger in the weight
room and some different fundamental flaws that we saw in our game as a whole
last year
they had a tremendous summer
I think they worked very hard as a group
which was exciting for me and my coaching staff
and then this fall again that has really continued there's and urgency to this group
which is exciting
but I have to credit
these two to my left and certainly Amanda Dowe another one of our seniors part
of that
we have a senior group that wants to go out
on a very high note they want to do very well
and they brought that urgency with them and every workout all the time and
you can feel it and it's trickling down among the team so it's been exciting. What kind of
things did you learn
last season about yourself that you didn't know that might be helpful for
you here in year two.
Well certainly year one is a learning year all the way around and I think I
learned a lot about myself as a person
I just want to be the most consistent coach that I can both
off the court on the court I want my players to always know where I stand and who
I am and just working through the
first year of that and getting them to get to know me and you have to be
patient and you have to be able to change your teaching sometimes
to be able to reach players differently
and that's something that I'd say was maybe the biggest thing that I learned that patience is okay
and if they don't understand it right away that's ok and it takes time and
eventually you get there. Alright let's get ready for this year it's twelve
thirteen it's these
ladies' last go-around you got a pretty pretty challenging schedule what's great
about it is there aren't really long stretches of period away from home
you don't have a lot of long home stands but you get those periods
road home road home so you don't have to away fom Halton Arena for
long stretches of time
Let's talk about this year's schedule what kind of challenges are laid out for you.
We're excited about how the schedule
came together I mean every year our our goal is to try to
put together a schedule that will help prepare us for post-season play
and certainly that's our goal
to be able to make our eleventh straight post season and to be able to contend for an
A-10 championship
we're excited about the non conference we think we have a great challenge and a
great balance
to prepare us for the A-10 and certainly going into the A-10 being our
last year in the league
we want to do really well
and I know it's important to these seniors I know it's important to our team
to kind of leave a mark as we move from this conference to the next
you know
it's still going to take a lot of work
like we said it's a marathon not a sprint
and every day our goal in practice is to get better that day and by the end of the
week we should feel better after that week and so on and so on and
so hopefully when we get to March and we'll get to see the fruit of all of our labor.
Thanks a lot for the time I know it's hard to get you off the court
for a half-hour but we do appreciate you coming in and sitting with us best of health to you
and good luck here in year two for you and let's leave a
mark on the A-10 let's make it memorable
let's get Halton Arena rocking first home game is Saturday the tenth against
North Carolina Central
and you can keep up with us online triple w dot charlotte 49ers dot com
if you're a Twitter fan go to
build up her Twitter followers and will be tweeting out at charlotte 49ers as well
I'm Ryan Rose thanks for joining us. We will see you in Halton Arena this year
that's our women's basketball closer look thanks for watching.