HetaHazard 3 [ENG / FRA / GER / ITA subs]

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It looks like this room controls security in the underground area.
Is it the so-called server room?
Then maybe we can see the floor plans of the underground area?
I'll try checking if the network is connected with the surface. My boss should still be in the regular conference center.
I see. Go ahead, then.
You can count on the hero!
Well, then, I guess I'll give it a try, too. I'll check that computer over there.
Then I'll try this computer. Germany, please try that computer.
Uh, Japan...
You and Canada were the ones who took care of me, right?
Yes, Canada and England helped me get you out of the water, and then I looked after you.
How was I in the water? Was I floating or submerged?
You were floating when I was looking. But I think you were submerged when you fell.
Why do you think so? I was floating when you found me, wasn't I?
Well, it's just that from the force of your fall, and also because you seemed to have swallowed some water... I'm sorry, it was merely a supposition...
I see, so I swallowed the water... But I'm a nation. I wouldn't get infected...
Oh, I found the floor plans!
(Germany looked really odd for a moment there. Was it just my imagination?)
(I'm worried about Germany, but I have to investigate first. That's why I decided to join in the search. I can't tell anyone about it until I get some proof...)
I can't connect with the outside world at all! This facility is too old! Sheesh.
So, we can't get in touch with the outside world... Too bad... Oh, but we have found the floor plans.
Really?! Once we know the way, you can leave it to me!
I'll show it on the wall monitor.
There are several rooms.
This is the room where Italy and the others are right now.
I see now. That was the staff room.
So, this is where we are right now.
It really is the server room.
I think we can figure something out about security if we investigate here.
Is this "freight EV" the elevator that America told us about?
Yeah, this is it! The kitchen should be right above it!
So, that means this lift is the way out to the surface, right?
Oh, you're right. So, if we take that elevator, we can go back to the surface.
Anyway, this is the route to the lift.
That's pretty simple. It'd have been more interesting if it were more like a labyrinth.
What's with that disappointed tone? Don't you understand the situation we're in at all?
Let's print out this map.
Still, there are many locked places. We have to find a way to unlock them.
That must be controlled by a computer some--
Don't touch anything security- related if you don't know exactly what you're doing! You're not used to dealing with this kind of stuff.
Indeed, they still use Polaroid cameras.
Yes, they're very nostalgic. But I learned to use them in case it was ever necessary.
That has nothing to do with this! We were talking about the floor plans! Besides, I've recently got pretty fast at typing on a keyboard!
Look at me, damn you! I'll show you my computer skills!
Uh, England!
England, wait!
Please calm down, England!
What's going on?!
I told you...
B-but I'm sure I just unlocked the doors...
A third party could never tamper with security so easily. This is what happens when you try touching something without knowing what it does!
I swear, you can be so stupid sometimes!
I-I'm sorry... It's my fault...
Oh, um, but some doors were indeed unlocked.
Great! Now we can go ahead!
England, thanks to you the doors are unlocked. That's good, isn't it?
Exactly. There is no need to worry about trivial things in this kind of situation.
What matters is the outcome!
Just don't do it again. I can't look after you all the time!
Uh, a-anyway, let's go ahead. We have to find Prussia--
Wh-wh-what the hell are those things?!
Why are they here all of a sudden?
Maybe it's because the doors were unlocked?
I-It's all my fault...
This isn't the time to say that! Guys, get ready!
Cerberus A has appeared! Cerberus B has appeared!
Japan and I will fight in the front line! England and Germany will attack from the rear!
We'll do all we can to stop them. Please attack when you get the chance.
A-all right.
Y-yes, you can count on me.
Power Level 1
Power Level 1
Triple Attack
Power Level 1
Triple Attack
Japanese Scones
Triple Attack
Japanese Scones
Triple Attack
Japanese Scones
Continuous Attack
England's party wins! Obtained 250 EXP!
Obtained Disinfectant Spray. Obtained Blue Herb!
England is now Level 4! Learned Continuous Attack! Learned Raise!
Japan is now Level 4! Learned How Regrettable!
Germany is now Level 4!
America is now Level 4!
A few hours earlier...
Hm... ugh...
Where am I?
Um, if I'm not mistaken, I'd gone to watch West's meeting with the others, and then, uh, the floor started shaking and everything went dark...
West! Itakins! Guys!
A-am I all alone?
Anyway, I have to join West and the others. They're going to get so mad at me. They're going to lecture my ears off...
It's an unused IV.
A great variety of bottles are lined up. The labels say they are chemicals.
There are several materials inside.
There is a smell of oil from inside the drums.
Looks like a dust box.
There are chemicals lined up.
Test tubes and beakers with liquids of several colors are stored here.
An ID card or passcode is necessary to unlock the door.
The door is locked.
H-human bones! What are they doing here?!
What's this? A letter?
To whoever is reading this,
By the time you read this, I'll be dead. My corpse will probably be lying nearby.
That new researcher is so strange. He was very adamant about that research on strengthening. It is nothing less than abnormal.
He said he wanted to continue the research even after the facility was shut down and he made us all his subordinates.
He forced us into it with his father's authority. And then he hired several other people to work at this facility. None of them are related to him.
Since this research is top-secret, at first I wondered why he had brought those people here.
However, one day I realized that their numbers were going down. And when the number of people decreased, he just hired more people...
I thought that maybe he was up to something. When I went to talk to the director about it, I witnessed an outrageous scene.
He was sticking an IV in the director and the deputy director's arms while they were unconscious.
I didn't think he could possibly be just giving them some actual medicine.
From the next day on, the director and the deputy director felt ill and didn't show up anymore.
I thought I might suffer the same fate, so I kept my eyes on him. I kept getting the feeling he was looking at me as if he wanted to say something.
One day, he was unusually flustered. I remember I got a very bad feeling about it.
I wrote this letter the following day. When I was working in this room, I heard loud noises, an animal's cries and the staff's screams.
Startled, I looked into the room next door through the peephole and I saw a creature I'd never seen before attacking the staff.
Panicked, I called his room, but he didn't answer. Then, I remembered that he had been acting a little odd the day before.
I thought this was his doing. However, there was nothing I could do about it.
I'm sure that's a creature that they administered the virus to. I know that one has to destroy its cranium or inflict a fatal wound to kill it.
Still, I don't have a weapon with me and I couldn't possibly attack that creature.
Creatures infected with the virus never starve. If they're not attacked as described above, they'll just keep living.
Even dead bodies will come back to life, if infected. It's only a matter of time until the attacked staff members also come back to life.
I'll never get out of here and I'll eventually die. I don't know what will have happened to those creatures by the time you read this.
If you were bitten by one of them before you got here, it is very likely that you were infected.
In that case, you can use the vaccine in the refrigerator. Even if you haven't been infected, the vaccine will prevent it.
Many of the ingredients of the vaccine are stored here. I thought it'd be useful if someone else knew this.
There is only one vaccine in this room, but if you go to the vaccine storage room, you'll find many vaccines of several types.
I'll leave here my ID card, which can unlock the doors in the underground area.
However, you won't be able to open the storage cabinet with this card. You'll need either his ID card or his private code.
Lastly, to whoever read this, I wish you good luck. Also, I hope that this situation will come to an end.
March 24th, 1956 Chief of the Research Center
What the hell? A creature that attacks people and a vaccine? Is this a novel or something? I don't get it.
What was that?! I-it was a roar, wasn't it? I-it came from that way, right?
A peephole... just like in the letter I read... If I look, there won't be a weird creature on the other side, right? No way, kese... kesesese...
On the other side--
................. Am I dreaming?
No, I don't think it's a dream. I feel kinda sore all over.
Now I'm worried about West and the others. I have to get out of here.
And I think I have no choice but to fight that monster. I have to find something to use as a weapon.
I don't really know what's going on, but I'll take it from here!
Obtained Chief's ID Card.
A great variety of bottles are lined up. The labels say they are chemicals.
There are some things that could be used as weapons. Do you want to take them? - Yes - No
Obtained Iron Pipe and Piece of Concrete.
I think these could be used as weapons. An iron pipe and a broken piece of concrete. That's all.
If I stick the iron pipe into this hole in the piece of concrete, it'll be a little more weapon-like. Oh, it fits perfectly.
By combining Iron Pipe with Piece of Concrete, Hammer was made.
If I swing it with all my might, I think it'll cause a lot of damage. Awesome! Now I'm ready!
There is a smell of oil from inside the drums.
There are unused medical instruments stored in a box. Do you want to take them? - Yes - No
I'll need a syringe for the vaccine, right? How many should I take?
There is something that looks useful. Do you want to take it? - Yes - No
Obtained Disinfectant Spray.
There is a chemical with a label that says "Vaccine Daylight". Do you want to take the vaccine?
- Yes - No
Obtained Daylight.
You can unlock the door with Chief's ID Card. Do you want to unlock it? - Yes - No
The door has been unlocked.
[Disinfectant Spray] Does not cure poison. Restores 200 HP for one individual.
[Daylight] Cures and prevents T-virus infection.
[Chief's ID Card] ID card of the chief of the research institution.
[Hammer] A weapon made from an iron pipe and a piece of concrete.
[Hammer] A weapon made from an iron pipe and a piece of concrete.
[Pitiful Military Uniform] Pitiful Prussian military uniform. It's pretty durable.
[Pendant with Virgin Mary Image] A precious object he always carries with him.
[Strike] Just strikes the enemy.
Prussia: Lone One
Hunter (α type) has appeared!
I'm warning you, I'm super strong! Get ready!
Triple Attack
Prussia lost the fight.
Hunter (α type) has appeared!
I'm warning you, I'm super strong! Get ready!
Poison Mist
Prussia wins! Obtained 200 EXP!
Obtained Red Herb! Obtained Green Herb!
That thing was no big deal! I'm really the strongest one!
Okay, I guess I'll go look for West and the others now. Uh, but before that...
In memory of my big victory.
Ugh! It looks blurred! I'll take another one.
Gilbird, you're not in the photo. Come a little closer. Come on.
It looks nice, huh? Now I'll change the angle.
I look awesome no matter the angle! Now from this angle--Huh?
Shit, it's run out of battery. Just when it was getting good.
Well, I took relatively good pictures, so it's okay.
Okay, time to go. When I find them, I'm going to tell them all about my awesome fight.