The Big Broadcast

Uploaded by MountHolyokeCollege on 07.05.2009

Chapin Auditorium and it's 2009, in the twenty-first century.
And as soon as the lights go down, and the music starts,
and all the characters come on stage in period costume,
it transports you in a time warp back to the 1940s.
Where do you turn on your radio dial, for the best music around?
A place you can turn on your radio dial, where the swinging sounds abound,
If the rip is more wonderful, jump and jive and wow,
Then you'll see, you've found WJAZ.
I really enjoy how authentic Mark keeps it. He really tries to match the style
of the 40s while bringing out our individual talents.
And you can tell that he knows this music inside and out.
Every January Term, I teach a course that instructs everybody how
to put something like this together. From the writing of the script
to the selecting of the commercials. We also write a radio play.
The only thing driving away all yo' Sunday business is
you shootin' tobacco at that ole spitoon.
Damn blast it! You leave my tobaccy out of it.
*Sneeze* And you Suzy,
you best go seek out this blossom for those sniffles
or you'll be in better fortnight.
We do authentic commercials from the 40s, for all these ridiculous things
like food and beauty products. They're all a lot of fun to learn.
They're all little jingles.
And beer.
Last for a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
We had a number of graduating seniors last year who were so concerned
that people were not going to be able to know how
to do this sort of thing, that together with Courtney
they created these videos, which are absolutely marvelous about-
how one does a hairstyle. This is all stuff that
I obviously cannot coach at all! That's wonderful because
it leaves me free to concentrate on the musical aspects of the production.
We've added choreography this year. We did "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"
with the original choreography by the Andrews Sisters
that was actually taught to them by the Ritz Brothers.
They made him blow a bugle for his Uncle Sam
Really brought him down because he couldn't jam
The Captain seemed to understand, Because the next day
the cap went out and drafted a band And now the company jumps
when he plays reveille He's the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
of Company B
Being in vocal jazz I get to see all of my peers singing
But come "Big Broadcast," I get to see them acting
and whatever their special talents are-
Yeah, barking, doing weird sound effects, writing, directing, choreographing, whatever.
It really brings out a whole ton of stuff that I had no idea people could do.
A skinny dog who has tasted The doggie with the big
Bark Who's sturdy dog food dinner is delicious
Bark Get sturdy
We're really fortunate to have a professional as our MC.
This is Brian Lapis, who is the chief meteorologist for 22 News,
the local NBC affiliate.
This is your host, Fred Kelley. Until next time, so long everybody!
We love working with him and he's enjoying working with us.
He's done the show two years in a row now.
I'm in an A cappella group, I've been in Glee Club,
I've been in Orchestra, I've done so many different groups
and they're all great, they're all amazing. But Jazz is the one group that has
become my family, on this campus.
It's definitely a place to escape.
It's very fun to be a big family and have everybody be together.
The costumes are so much fun. You see everyone with their hair done
and bright red lipstick and adorable dresses.
We keep adding more and more cool period things every year.
And it keeps getting cooler and cooler.
The hair and the costume-ing and the prepping
It makes it so much more special.
Transports you into the 1940's.
Little details that during the first "Big Broadcast"
we weren't able to address. Now, we're able to really finesse the show.
It's getting harder and harder each year to top the last year.
But of course I am already thinking about next year and thinking
about what we're going to do and looking forward to it.
Where do you turn on your radio dial for the best music around?
A place you can turn on your radio dial where the swinging sounds abound,
Where the rip is more wonderful jump and jive and wow,
Then you'll see, you've found WJAZ!