Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs

Uploaded by slowbowvideo on 27.07.2010

good morning and welcome to the shores of maryland's chesapeake bay
in the big gills video i decided to hang on to the fish we caught
to use with another critter
and make a real tasty diner
and we've come down here today
in the interest of doing just that
we're gonna try hand lining for some blue crabs this morning
and with a little luck
we'll be able to carry home
a few dozen crabs
and make a real taste treat
you can fish for blue crab
anywhere you can gain access to the water a quick look online will
piers and other facilities
where you can fish for a small fee
a lot of guys use chicken necks
to hand line for crabs
i prefer to tie on
a big piece of bunker or alewive
the oily fish really puts out a scent trail in the water
and attracts crabs in
probably one of the simplest way to fish for crabs
tie the bait on tight
toss the bait off the pier
letting it sink to the bottom
tie the line to the pier
so the crab wont pull it into the water
and leave a little slack in the line
so that when one picks up the bait and moves off with it
you'll see the line get tight
when the line gets tight
its simply a matter
of pulling slowly and gently
up to the surface
taking time to make sure the crab wont fall off the bait
getting him close enough to the surface
to scoop him up with the net
then repeat
hey, thats my pants leg
get him GET HIM !
just be sure you watch out
for those claws
it also never hurts to bring along a fishing rod
just in case
the crabbing action
gets a little slow
a good battle on this pole!
proper tackle
not a ray
come here
careful, I like my fingers...
are you eating him? I sure am
Bluefish or breakfast!
it never hurts to take the occasional break from fishing especially when the fishing
and or crabbing gets a little slow
take a little bit of the morning catch
little bit of rice
and a little soy sauce for flavor
now that's fresh fish
after our snacks
we decided to take a few more crabs for the cooler
and head for home
ln the big gills video I made you all a deal
said we would run out later in the summer
and catch a critter to cook with the bluegills
since we weren't going to use them right away
and that's what we have done
we're going to be making
bluegill stuffed
with crab meat
an quick and easy dish
to prepare, that makes a very tasty meal
you may have a few roadblocks
you may not have bluegills
but don't let that stop you
any mild flaky fish will work well
most panfish work well
crappy work well, also walleye or flounder
the second problem you may run into
is that you don't have ready access
to a place
where you can go and catch crabs
or if your like me
the crabs were eaten on the picking table
remedy this situation by heading to the grocery
and getting a handy container of pre-picked crab meat
just be sure to get
lump backfin meat from blue crabs
for best results
now i've taken the liberty of getting a little head start
by preheating the oven
to 500 degrees, melting a little butter
and toasting
four pieces of bread, cutting them into cubes
crab meat can be expensive
it never seems like there's enough of it
thats the purpose of the toast
were stretching the crab meat out
with the toast cut
into small pieces
and we'll mix that into the crab meat
that'll give me more volume
without impacting the flavor of the crab
because it's going to be used with fish
it's all going to have a white color
i'd like to add
a few tablespoons of parsley flakes
more for color than flavoring
once you mix your toast crab and parsley
take a small pan
put one fish filet
on the bottom using the less
visually appealing pieces
for the the pan side
then simply ball up a nice portion
of your crab
and toast mixture
place it right on top of
of the fish filet.
then wrap two more filets right around the ball of crab meat mixture
this is almost ready to go in the oven
all that remains to be done
brush your entree
with your melted butter
add that authentic Maryland crab flavor by sprinkling it with Old Bay seasoning
then add about a quarter inch of water so they don't stick to the pan
and put the dish in the oven
fifteen minutes later
to please
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