Is being Deaf a "life-threatening" condition?

Uploaded by DrDonGCSUS on 06.06.2011

Let me ask you: Is being Deaf really something that is life-threatening?
Compare to Cancer, AIDS, Hemophilia (uncontrollable bleeding),
-- those are life-threatening conditions -- you can die from them.
But Deaf people -- can you die from being Deaf?
Has anyone ever died from deafness?
The answer is simple: NO!
When Deaf people die of unnatural causes,
it is either because:
a) the Deaf person themselves were STUPID
or b) someone else was STUPID.
For example, from time to time we hear of a Deaf person walking on train tracks
and they get killed after the train runs over them.
It's tragic, but did they really die because they were Deaf?
No. The person died because s/he was STUPID.
You don't walk on train tracks! People KNOW that!
There are countless instances of Hearing people walking on train tracks
and getting killed, but do people pity them
and say they should have been able to hear better?
No. They just regard them as having been too stupid to avoid the tracks.
Suppose a Deaf child runs into the street and gets run over by a car?
Does that mean the child died because s/he was Deaf?
No. The child died because their PARENTS were stupid.
Their PARENTS did not watch their child carefully enough
or the parents did not anticipate possible situations
or anticipate and control the situation.
Hearing children -- I have Hearing children --
I know that Hearing children will sometimes, in certain situations,
be unable to hear due to noisy backgrounds
or the child just decides to ignore parental warnings and do what they want.
That means that I, as a parent, must think about and
and watch, supervise, and anticipate
and if I have a sense that the child is going to go into the street,
I have to position myself to be ready to grab the child BEFORE they enter the street.
Suppose a Deaf person is walking along and a cop shoots him.
Does that mean it's the Deaf person's fault for not having been able to hear the cop?
No. It means the cop was STUPID --
for not thinking "this person might be Deaf", or "maybe he didn't hear me" or
"maybe this person doesn't know my language" or something.
Many Hearing parents think their children need a cochlear implant
in order to help their child hear and become more safe.
That it will prevent accidents or their child from being hurt.
It's not true. It is the same with Hearing children --
just because THEY can hear does not mean they are perfectly safe.
The parents have to take the responsibility on themselves to
supervise and monitor the children.
Therefore, to risk their child's life and health
for something that is really NOT life-threatening,
is not necessary!
The SMART thing for parents to do is
to teach their children to use their EYES and their INTELLIGENCE
to handle life and living in the world.