Deaf Outreach Is Everything - Captioned

Uploaded by IronTeeth27 on 07.10.2010

Hello! I'm Richard Roehm
I'm with the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.
Our agency's survivability comes from our extensive outreach activities at various tradeshows and expos in the past 10 years.
And I burdensomely carry the responsibility to to make a wholesome and rich presentation of the agency's mission and vision statements using visual displays.
And yes it's a lot of work for me and a lot of backaches that I have to put up with our outreach display works.
The new Arrive Portable Display would make my life easier and our agency's presentations richer in it's simplicity.
It will boost my confidence and our agency's presentability to the public to bring in support and business partnerships.
Please enjoy the pictures of our past outreach activities.
Richard Roehm - Outreach - 949-955-0054 -