Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND GAY RIGHTS - Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Law of Attraction and Gay Rights
I met my soul mate 22 years ago
and we're living happily ever after
and my carreer is wonderful
but we two are among the
11 million americans um -
that can't get married.
We're two women.
And I'm wondering what Abraham's take is
on our efforts to have our relationship
legally recognized by the country.
When the pope campaigns and says
our relationships are disordered
and when 34 of the states in the
United States have established a
state constitutional ammendment that -
that bars our relationships from
ever being recognized. It -
It hurts my soul and my heart
that people think we're such bad people.
And it's scary when you go into a room
and you think, well golly you know
in every single state election
sixty percent of the people
have thought I was immoral.
They don't like eachother either.
You see what we want to say to you
because you ask us what we think
and our first words are
what anyone else thinks about
what you're doing is irrelevent.
So we don't believe for a moment
that you need their validation
in order to know your love.
What is that stupid piece of paper anyway?
What is it?
It's - it is very important and I -
I appreciate you're realizing that it's
not about me trying to bolster my self -
Why is it important?
It's important because um -
the laws in the country support the health
and longevity of marriages.
Social security, wills.
The government taxes couples when they die.
That they - and in a way -
Well they don't tax married couples
they tax us.
But - but wait -
That's all shortage conciousness.
Wait a little bit here.
So everyone's all worried about
what the goverenment will give them
or what the government will not give them
as they pinch off their Vortex of abundance
and use the government and what it gives
or doesn't give as their excuse to not
allow the abundance to flow.
have you not heard us talking to you
all day today about how as you live life
you've created your own vibrational escrow?
And we promise you your government and
social security are not the key to that.
Yes and -
Do you know the abundance that flows to you?
Have you seen the petty little pittance
that they give you anyway?
Yes. I do.
It is ridiculous. It has nothing to do
with the abundance that is you.
Don't let their misunderstanding the value
that is you - don't let that be your excuse
to pinch yourself off from
the vast resources -
But how do you create change in the world?
I mean that's what I'm trying to do
is to create change. I'm very happy.
I'm very wealthy. I'm very successful.
I have a soul mate.
But hear what you're saying.
You're saying, I do not like the way
they're apporoaching life so
I want to change the way
they're approaching life because
I don't like the way they're binding me -
I want to change the laws.
But - but hear what you're saying.
I don't like the laws so I want
to change them to something else.
And then they'll say
and I don't like those laws so
I want to change them to something else.
And you say, I want gay marriage
to be legal and they say, we don't want
gay marriage to be legal.
So the law goes this way and this way
and this way and this way
and everybody uses the other guy
as their excuse to not allow themselves
to have the abundance that they would have
if they would just get their nose
out of everybody else's business.
But how does change happen then?
Change happens because
as you see what you think is injustice
you ask for something different.
And when you ask for it
it's given to you.
And when you stop pushing against
the opposition what you ask for comes.
But when what you're asking for
is for others to do something different
and then you witness them
not being willing to do it
then you hold yourself apart from the very
change that your life has asked for.
So most change happens very slowly
when the resistant ones croak and new
non-resistant ones are born.
Well that seems to be about the pace
that it's happening here.
Wouldn't have to be.
You could free yourself from all of it
right here this moment.
You could lift from it
and never be troubled by it again.
You know, Abraham I am free.
I mean I have the freedom that I -
You're not free from the bondage
of this discomfort though.
In other words this is a struggle for you
because you can't get them
to understand you.
So it's not OK to care about
changing the laws?
I mean how does a movement -
you know how do you create change
legitimately and with dignity
in Abraham's view?
everything's alright. It's alright
for you to see injustice.
And it's alright for you
to desire it to be different.
And it's alright for you
to see it different and it is so
alright for you to live it as if
it is different but every time
you look back and see that they
haven't come along you defy your own dream
and that's what's hurting you.
In other words you have
a magnificent vision
as a result of what you've lived.
In fact you were born
to live that contrast to give birth
to that dream. That's why it feels so
big to you.
So you birthed the dream
and the larger part of you is already
living it and every time you look back
at what is you defy your own dream
tear yourself apart and blame them.
So - so just keep looking at
that dream and -
Live it. Be it.
And stop looking for evidence
that doesn't support it.
Every time you say
35 states and 47 this and 152 that.
Every time you count those things
you use that evidence to split yourself
from your vibrational escrow.
We don't blame you for being mad at them
but it is your doing.
OK so I'm giving a speech now.
What am I going to say to people?
So you say
I don't know about you but I believe
I was born this way.
And they will say, we believe that too.
And then you will say, and I know
I can feel it with every fiber of my being
that I came in not just being this way
but intending to be this way.
I hit the ground running and here I am.
And then I lived in this world
that has so many wonderful things about it
and I began to see among the wonderful things
things that were not quite so wonderful.
And those things pained me
because I want a wonderful world.
Not just for myself but for others.
Somehow I've never been able to seperate
myself from others.
I care about life. I care about well-being.
I care about upliftment.
I want people to be joyful.
I want to be joyful.
So in the living of life
I gave birth - I could feel it happen -
to all kinds of new ideas.
I have a dream about the way
life can be upon this planet.
I see a time where people can live
among one another in a variety
of personalities, in a variety of genders
in a variety of financial and sexual
and all - every other kind of orientations.
I see a world of such diversity
that provides us strength and basis for
mighty expansion.
I see a world where in our differences
we find our true strengths.
I see a world where as we come together
in our differences - not agreeing with
one another but understanding that our
differences provide the basis
from which we all create and that
in this creation there is enough
for all of us. I understand that this is
a world of unlimitedness.
I no longer believe in shortage.
I no longer see limitations and lack.
I now understand that people
don't have to think what I think
in order for me to think it
or be what I be in order
for me to be it.
I now understand that I am unlimited
and that all along
that this dream that I have dreamed
has been dreamed by others and has
been lived by many and I am now
making claim to all of you
that I intend to now live my dream.
I am free to be as I be.
I think the thoughts that give
me the resonance of that and
I'm no longer going to ask the impossible
of the world to come into alignment
with what I want because
I don't want world alignment.
I want diversity.
The diversity is the basis
of that which we are becoming.
I need and want only alignment between
me and my dream.
That was great.
That was really good.
It feels good to see the world
through the eyes of Source
doesn't it?