Garam Masala (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 12 (Last)

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But if I leave, it'll be difficult for you to manage this game
Think it over
All right. From now on, pooja is yours
deepti and Sweety are mine. - Okay
we won't interfere. Promise? - Okay
And listen... when the girls leave for work in the morning...
we'll sit and design the future plans of this game
Okay. - Done? Good night
where are you going? Pooja is there
Hurry up, deepti. It's time for your flight
Sam darling, hurry up. It's time to leave...
Tone it down! You'll wake everyone
Everyone? We are only three of us here.
- I mean... the neighbours
They already have complaints against me. Speak softly
All right. Mac, I'm sorry about yesterday
I spoke too much. I said that because
I realised you are a first rate fraud
Forgive me. - I forgave you last night itself
I forgive women on the spot
You look great in this dress. - Thank you
No time to romance. Leave, it's time for her flight
Okay. Let's go. - Bye
who is this? - Who? Who is who?
She...? She's Sam's fiancee
Let's go, deepti. - Hang on, Mac
You should also introduce her, don't you think?
Don't you know each other? She is deepti
c'mon, you are late. - No. The introduction is not over yet
Tell me, how did this girl land here? - She took a cab
what has she to do with this house?
- What has she to do with this house!
Deepti is an airhostess, and Sam's fiancee
pooja is also an airhostess
Amazing! Both are airhostesses. Same uniform too
what a coincidence! Let's go
One minute! What were you doing in this bedroom?
Tell her. - I was putting on my uniform
putting on her uniform. She is an airhostess, after all
She's not a banker
deepti, time for your flight. Move
Sam! Do you know her?
Why is she here? Please tell me
One minute. You never told me you had a fiancee
Actually, we met just last night
we fell in love just last night and we decided to marry
where did you meet her? - Bella Vista, floor no. 13...
It's this house! - That's right
How is Mac related to her? - Mac...?
Did you hear her? She's asking about our relationship
we'll go mad, let's go
I want an answer! You haven't given
a proper introduction of this girl
He is my fiance
when did he get engaged to you? - Been a long time
This fiance of yours was my fiance until yesterday
That's right. She was my ex-girlfriend
But I was your boyfriend. - One and the same thing
I'm not denying it. One and the same.
But now she is his girlfriend
But I met Sam just yesterday. - She's right
And we fell in love! - Hear that? You trust me now?
All right, now I understand. The two of you are hand in glove
Stop raving. If you want, you can marry him
On the contrary, you betrayed me. But I forgave you...
because you belong to a decent family. Don't forget that
Shut up! You have been playing games...
...with the two of us all this while
It's history! Let bygones be bygones
The two of you have opened our eyes,
put us on the right track, that's it
Sam, from now on pooja belongs to you and deepti is mine
No other girl will come into our lives again
It's a sin even to think about it, remember
put your hand forward... do it!
Give him your hand, pooja
don't think much, give him your hand before you miss your bus
That's like it. We'll stay together from now. Fine?
We won't ever cheat. We'll always stay together
Mac darling, who are these girls?
Run! Start the motorcycle
Swine, start it!
Giving you a motorcycle is like feeding nuts to a dog
Start it! - You start it
Brother Mac!
What happened? - You are ruined!
How do you know that? - Nageshwar...
The white spot? - Yes. Anjali greased his palm...
and he told her everything about your setups
May he be ruined! He's nailed me
I have lost her, and the others too. - The other girls too? How?
Wait here, they will be coming with brooms, knives and missiles
Ask them, and they will tell you
where do I go? Where do I kill myself? - Listen!
Before Anjali leaves for India, go and apologise to her
Else, you'll lose her forever. Go!
I'll drive! - Easy with the door
Get inside
Shyam, I'm off! Get the motorcycle over tomorrow, swine!
Uncle, where's Anjali?
She left. And why not? She has found out everything about you
You were her greatest mistake
You can't belong to one girl
For you, women are playthings! And Anjali is not a plaything
Go away. And keep the game of musical chair on
Go on, forget her. Go
what time is her flight? - 6:30
Thank you
No, I'm not going! - I just want to see the time
Time, all right. - 6:00!
One minute. Air India flight? - Took off
when? - Half-hour back
Now stop this game of romance, I've had enough!
I don't have the strength, I can't take it anymore!
Anjali... - No need to say anything
I have told her everything, and she has forgiven you
This ring is the root cause of all misery. Take it off
And put it on my sister-in-law's finger. For good
All's well that end's well! From now on, focus only on family
Give me the car key, Babban!