Earthship Introduction - Earthship Bemutató (Subtitles: EN)

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Imagine living in a home that cost you nothing to heat or cool.
Imagine building this home yourself.
Imagine growing your own vegetables year around in this home.
Imagine no utility bills.
Imagine easily available "limitness natural resources" to build this type of home.
Imagine a more Earth friendly civilization.
Imagine Earthships.
Earthships demonstrate a way to live in harmony with the planet by encountering natural resources without ?defeating? them.
An earthship is a passive solar home, made out of natural and recycled materials.
It is off grid and getting its power from the sun and wind.
Its water from the rain and snow, and reuses, contains, and treats its own wastewater with the combination of ?wetlands? and hydroponics.
We call the combination of all these integrated systems: biotecture.
Recycled materials.
The mayor building component of an earthships is used automobile tyres filled and compacted with earth to form around eath brick. in case to...rubber.
These bricks and the resulting load bearing walls are vertually indestructible.
The 3 foot thick massive walls and the method of incorporating them into the earth creat living spaces with the thermal dinamyc that result a stable room temperature.
Recycled cans and bottles are used as fillar ?on? packing up tyre wall.
They are also used like little bricks to form interior ?none? structural walls.
A matrix of cement is formed which is strenght of these walls.
The cans and bottles serve no structural and insulated porpuse, they simply a method of forming conctrete into walls on a low tech way, using recycled materials instead of more cement and wood.
The thermal mass construtcion of the tyre walls work with passive solar gain to create a warm living environment even on a freezing day.
The stable mass temperature is 58 degrees trapped in the walls only needs a little solar gain to temper up to 70 degrees or whatever your comfort zone is.
The lower winter Sun shoots deeper in the house, charging the dense massive walls and dense floors which ?in turn relese that one? back into the room when the air temperature of the room starts to drop.
Alternately, the summer Sun does not ?in or farther? than the planner itself.
In addition of the thermal cooling properties of these homes, passive ventillation systems assist to maintaining a comfortable temperature.
? windows, skylights and doors can be open to allow a natural convention fresh air.
Insulated ?chains? against the glass face keep out the hot summer Sun as well as keep the heat inside on cold winter evenings.
For extremely hot climates a cooling tube can be added.
In this case the incoming air is chanelled through to the tube and buried 5 feet in the earth.
?Taping into the cooler of temperature? and drawing cool air into the house.
There is a limited amount of fresh water in the planet.
In order to conserve and protect this Preshource resource we develop unique catchwater, graywater and black water systems that work together to extend the use of ?the giving amout of water?.
Earthships efficiently uses fresh water by useing it 4 times.
Rain and snow is caught on the roof and ?foundelt? into a cistern.
This fresh water is prepared by the water organazing module.
This unite consists filerts, and a DC pump which is pushes the water into a ?conventional? pressure tank.
As water is needed, it is filtered, pumped on a ?pressure us the house for use?
Water that drains from the ?sinks? and shower passis through a ?greecent? particla filter than on into a graywater treatment planner ?what plans flouresh into the water?.
This interior water treatment so as potentially a food producer. ?A source of beautiful and favourite flover? and an oxigen producer in addition to functioning as a cleaner for the graywater.
The extra water not used by the plans, drops into a ?resevar far into a planner who the pump sense? cleaned graywater to fill the toilet tanks for flushing.
Use toilet water known as blackwater is flashed outside for treatment in a conventional septic tank.
The septic tank we use is solar heated and ?glacied? with south facing window which inhances the ?anerobik breakdown process?.
The unit functions like a regular septic tank, with a line out to a conventional ?leach field and an alternative series of rubber line planter sales? which feed the exterior landscape ?meanwhile furthure cleans out the water?.
Hot water is obtaind from self containd solar water heaters with gas ?on demand water heaters? as a backup.
The solar hot water is usually mounted onto the systems area and ?built into the shape of the building?.
The systems are packed into a room containing all of the equipments needed to run an earthship except the cistern which ideally lies very close to the area.
We call this area "systems package".
The water organazing module, pressure tank, graywater pump panel, batteries and the power organazing module are all ?cap? in a small room called the "systems package".
An earthship's power is generated by the Sun and wind.
Solar panels and windmills collect energy, which is sent to and stored in a ?bank? of batteries located on top of the systems package in an insulated box accesible on the roof.
The stored power than goes to an energy management unit on the power organazing module where it is converted and presented into conventional ?circulated break of panels?.
This unit is a self contained organizer and ?distributor? of solar-wind generator ?on grid power?.
It is available as a user friendly factory assembled unit that is simply scrawed on your wall.
Your local eletricition conventionally ?wires? your lights ?palnts is and outlets? to this unit.
All systems on an earthship is ?designed down?.
All systems on an earthship is ?designed down?. Enabeling its residence to live off a relatively small amount of water and power.
For example all built in light is DC. using super efficient lightbolbs.
The pumps for the water system is DC as well, and the most power ?consumet for the plans? a refrigator is a super insulated DC refrigator.
We classified the earthships in 3 categories: packaged, moduler and custom.
There are ?wide aouthority? of floor plans on ?solar sloveded? seles constuction drawing each one.
The packaged earthship is the most economical quickest, and easy to build self sufficient building.
The economy on ?ease? a construction our result on 3 packaged structural and mechanical components.
Plans for single level, and split level vertical glass earthships are available.
These usually have vertical glass, as this is the most economical and ?? method of glassing.
The classic design is the modular earthship.
The floorplan of this consists a combination of either circular and U shaped rooms
and the cistern, systems package area connected by a greenhouse hallway with either angeled and vertical glass windows.
Custom earthships combine basic principles and your personal dreems.
If u got a pocket a ?pocked with demands? as a limit.
Solar survival staff is available ?at our relates? to dream reality.
All of these homes are independent and can be built in any environment.
The designs can adept to any climate from hot and dry to cold and wet and all between.
Here in New Mexico we desire to live in a ?sustainable? home what brought people together to form 3 earthship communities.
The Reach community is located at 9500 feet in the mountains above the town of Taos.
The Star community is located near ?? New Mexico bordering the national forest.
Started in 1994 the Greater World community is 633 acers of ?growing maces goarge? 50 miles of Taos, New Mexico.
This community is easyly accessible from the 2 miles of highway ?frontage western boundary?.
The greater world is designed for 130 home sites totaly 230 acers.
In addition 340 acers natural parkland are owned in common by all members of the greater world.
We are currently reclaiming ?at thsicarded gravel pit? located in the greater world.
The plans ?call? for 24 earthships we built close together turning ?1 scared damaged land? into a ?thriving neighbouhood in green well?.
High density situations are possible.
We have high density areas in the Reach community and the gravel pit reclamation project in the greater world is growing.
Giving the right circumstance entire cities can be biult without infrastructure.
Global outreach.
We have commando building crews that can go anywhere on the planet to build earthship structures.
We build all over the world in any environment.
Structures have been built in the ?verts? location such as Belgium, Hamburg, South Afrika, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and even at 14000 feet at Bolivia, and more.
We have the ability to go worldwide to train people to build earthships.
The materials are in ?diginity? on the entire planet and ready to availeble.
10 of our builders can train could train teens of yours who could ?in term? train hundreds and more.
The possibilities go on and on.
Suige ?contamination?, ?dwendeling? energy and water resources, garbage and a luck of ?? in the housing are all problems that cities around the country and on the world are facing.
Earthships are for ?tonns? of solutions for these problems.
Solar survival.