Badhaai Ho Badhaai

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Dear, breakfast for me, breakfast for Ranjit...
...and what about the kids?
No breakfast for them, no lunch. - Why? - Why?
Yes, why? - Father, have you seen their school grades? - Let me see.
Six out of ten, four out of ten and a zero in mathematics! Zero.
Imps! Why have you scored so low? - That's just why.
No breakfast, no lunch for them.
You'll keep the tiger hungry?
Tiger? Oh you mean your daddy?
Why should he go hungry?
Because that scorecard is his.
Jassi's? From his schooldays? - Yes Grandpa
Such were the fruits Daddy reaped with his labours. He hid it away
Kids, what about your grades? - Here. I scored 80 percent.
Ravi scored 85 percent.
The rascal! All these 27 years he hid it!
I'll shave his head or, I'm no head of the family.
There he is.
Well Daddy, whom are you tonsuring today?
That... - Tell him! - As a kid when we shaved your head.
Your photo had come the way your face looks. - Did you hear that?
You know? Nitu has scored 80 percent...
...and Ravi scored 85 percent
Is that any reason to rejoice?
I used to score between 95 and 97 percent
Grandpa... junk
Junk? - That's about the junk we trashed.
In mathematics, I scored 99 percent.
Grandpa... trash.
What trash? - We trashed the old clothes.
Make sure you put in the effort, score more.
Oh God! What's happening to me? Jesus...
What's happening? - What happened? - Rosy..
The walls care for me but you don't. - Why what's wrong, Steven?
I was fine, I was asleep and something happened when I got up
My waist is feeling like...
...a lamp-post run-into by a truck!
I'll get you milk and turmeric.
Bless turmeric! Turmeric is healthy
Turmeric is no use, Mummy
I'm calling the doctor. - Sure..No injections! Hurts.
Florence, do something! - Yes, right away.
It's gone! - Grandpa, you was no pain at all.
But it was! And as soon as you said one-two-three, it was gone.
At your age, you're the one who's a genius at kidding.
Just like the acts you put in when you wanted chocolates...
...that's my waist-ache, I crave for the attention you know.
I am caught.
"The night passes away, but the evening doesn't." - Stop.
May I come in? - Come in.
What's matter?
Can you tell where this address is? I got to deliver flowers. - Yes.
Son of a dog! How dare you ask me about Steven D'souza?
So you went to him asking for me? - I did
And did he give it to you? - Yes, but a slap.
On which cheek? - This one
How dare you ask my address from that Chaddha?
Saw? The vibes of rivalry! Can even set flowers afire.
Think! You come to deliver flowers and you get slapped
Had you come delivering cooking gas...'d be blown to smithereens.
What kind of a rivalry is this? - That's just the trailer.
See the sons and you'll get to see a whole movie. Action-packed
Where did he go?
Wilson, our wehicle should not be behind his.
He mustn't overtake us.
Overtake, quick.
No losing Bali, we must race ahead. - Just watch Sir.
Speed up
Did you see that Sir?
Well done Bali! Now let's see what he does?
Son of a gun! You let the rogue win.
God! I'm fed up of their spats. Forever up to one-upmanship.
Warring countries can become friends, but not them.
Now only God can help.
Why do they squabble? Is it a Hindu-Christian clash?
My Daddy told me that they were once the best of friends
They wined, dined and socialised with each other.
Among the Christians, there were Anthony...
...and his elder brother, Moses
And there were Anjali and her brother Jassi
The families were close friends.
Anjali and Anthony were friends too.
With time, the friendship changed. - Meaning?
They fell in love. - And then?
That which always happens.
Their families got wind of the affair.
Anjali was already betrothed.
The Hindu family refused to consent.
The families raked up a mighty quarrel...
...but Anjali and Anthony were unscathed
They were in love and...
they went away from their families. Eloped. Married
It's been 27 years without even a single letter from the couple.
They got married and went away.
It's said they live in Delhi. But over here...
...the loving ties that the two families shared was shattered.
Shattered forever?
And their conspiracies fuel their hatred.
Can they never friends again? - It can only be a miracle.
How are you, Tulsiram? - I'm fine. - Give it to me.
For us? - Yes madam
Where from? - One Raja from New Delhi.
Raja from New Delhi?
Whose letter is it Father? - Anjali's son.
Anjali... who's Anjali? - Anjali...Jassi! Your sister.
Anjali's letter? After 27 years?
Ranjit brother Papa's sister has written.
Read it. What does she write? - Not Anjali, but her son. - Really!
Read it. - 'Respected Grandfather...'
'Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt, my greeting to all.'
Who cares for his obeisances?
'For long, I have wanted to see and meet you all'
'I get all your affection.'
Get all our affection!
'My wish is about to be granted.'
'I will be arriving tommorw. Yours, Raja"
Let him come. I'll put him in his place.
Mummy, how is Raja related to us? - Dear he is your cousin brother.
Lajjo, shut up!
Stop telling them nonsense! - But he is their cousin.
...And you and I are Uncle and Aunt. - Enough! Stop it!
What relationship? The day she married that
...and eloped with that Christian boy
The very same day she had broken all the ties from this house.
Daddy, you tell everyone! Anyone who tries to be friendly...
...anyone who welcomes the son of that runaway girl...
...will have to leave this house.
He is not related to us.
Not even his shadow must fall upon this house.
Mother of Moses, what's this I see?
Granpa, Grandma is there.
Come. Here's grandma.
Rosie, I ask you. In this house who's the elder? Me or Moses?
You. - Then I decide...
...who is welcome and who isn't.
This is my decision. That boy won't step into my house.
If he does, I'll break his bones.
Grandma, whose photo is that?
"The feather in your turban..."
"is made resplendent by a gem..."
"The feather in your turban..."
"is made resplendent by a gem..."
"...reflecting the colours of joy"
"Thank your mother, this day has arrived."
"Destiny showed me the groom's turban."
"Bedecked in flowers...
"The wedding procession, fills the streets with fragrance."
"The fragrance has....."
"Like the fragrance has been swaying."
"His sisters await their sister-in-law..."
"A sister-in-law who would be their friend."
"Their brother is lovable his wife must be lovable"
"And they will make a lovely couple"
"Like the Sun and the Moon..."
"Like the Sun weds the Moon"
Thnakyou Raja brother.
So, boarding the wrong bus was a wonderful mistake!
You came among us a stranger, now you're part of the family.
Raja, won't you stay? Won't you cheer up the bride?
But an untrodden path beckons me. Farewell.
Raja, lucky, we got a lift. Else, we were stranded here for 3 days
Grandmother, Raja is here.
Greetings, Uncle.
Uncle... - Raja, it's curtains. No use calling for him.
Raja, both gates shut. Now what? - A third gate is still open
Which one? - Brains, you fool. The brains.
Brother, any houses on hire on this street?
Not here or in the entire village will you get a house on rent.
Why? - I told you. You woouldn't.
Don't know where these people come from!
Lucky, the rest are behaving like junior artist in a film.
That one looks like an important character.
Hi Mr Smokes! How are you? - Who are you?
You're Mr Smokes, aren't you? - Who says?
If you had a weapon in hand I would have called you Bheem.
If you had a tail then I would have called you Hanuman.
You have a smoke in your hand so I called you Mr. Smoke.
Sir, My name is Balli. - Any other name makes a difference?
I wanted to tell you. Let's go to the hotel. Remember?
We met at the Vaishno Devi shrine...
and we sang glories to the goddess.
But I've never been to Vaishno Devi.
What difference? Let's sit.
We shared the sweet "laddoos"
Hey, sweets for us. - Not sweets, I can't eat. I have blood sugar.
Blood sugar? - Yes, and spices give me ulcers.
And sours give me a cough. Salt pumps up blood pressure.
Ice cream gives me a cold and cold drink gives me asthma.
So many diseases? Despite, you smoke?
What to do? For me, smoke is breakfast, lunch and dinner
I smoke, despite the asthma. - Raja, we got ourselves a house
How come? - He has every disease.
He'll die soon. As soon as he dies, we'll move in.
Why are you laughing? What's the topic?
Sir, topic is why won't anyone let us rent a house here?
Sir, You don't know! Your uncles have warned everyone here.
They won't spare the man who puts you up.
So best for you...
...go back the way you came. Goodbye
Hail Lord Ram!
If you are stubborn, so am I. It's your blood in my veins.
If you don't accept me...
I will be curfewing in this locality
Right here, in this lane. - That's my challenge
- Sorry, I got emotional. - Did you hear
Grandma, Raja is sitting right outside.
So what, so what? Go, don't disturb me.
Come here
Take care of the wafers. I'm going upstairs to check the rest.
Hey..What are you looking at? - I came here to see the moon.
Moon?. - Today is the full moon night.
Full moon night is after 10 days.
The Moon rises at night. Are you mad?
What are you looking at? Come inside
Went out to check whether the gate is shut.
I did. The gate is shut. - The gate to your heart...
...that's what you must shut
Great one-liner from your son. - Left you at a loss for words.
Crazy woman! And you're still sitting here with the baby?
It's nearly eight! Go inside.
Shut your shops! It's nearly eight.
Close the restuarant. It's eight o'clock.
Stop playing cards. It's eight o'clock.
Run. Run. Its about to be eight.
One minute... why is everyone running scared?
What is the matter?
Nothing, Ghuman Singh Rathore starts singing at eight o'clock.
It's a catastrophe
Let me go! My wife and children are all alone at home. Let me go.
Lucky, guns and knives are used for threatening.
But music being used to threaten people, I am seeing it for the first time.
Who might it be?
"When bells rings"
"When bells rings"
"Everyone dance when bells ring."
"The bell rings, everyone dance."
"When bells rings"
"When bells rings"
"When bells rings"
"I will sing to the musical tunes.
"Everyone listen to it carefully"
"Nobody dare to stop"
"Bells rings"
"When bells rings"
- Wonderful! - Rise, children
What a voice! - Rise
What a song! - Was that a song?
Master, why are you crying, instead we should be crying.
For the first time in my life...
...I find patrons of my music at my doorstep
My heart overflowed and in my tears started running.
You are great, Master! Great! - Forget me
Tell me about yourselves kids. Who are you? Where have you come from?
What do you want?
Guru, My name is Lucky Iyer. I'm India's first lucky Iyer.
Lucky Iyer? You look like a Punjabi and you talk like a Tamilian.
What are you? North Indian? South Indian?
My mother is North Indian. My father is South Indian.
I am a complete Indian
Your friend is quite a bore. - Mr Ghuman Singh...
We have been looking for a place on rent since morning.
What? Have you been refused a house on rent
Yes Master
Who has refused you? Tell me his name.
I'll sing the song of thunder! I'll send him shockwaves.
Who dares? I ask who dares?
Tell me your name.
Who refuses to accommodate my disciples?
Get one thing clear!
My disciples are going to live with me.
And they will hear my songs everyday.
Where are those boys?
All of you should come closer.
Let me see...
Wait, let it dry. One moment.
What are you people doing?
Don't you dare try to get too close my loved ones.
Not blessings, we will only curse you.
Daddy, you repair that junk in evry 10 days.
Why won't you sell it? - Hey son..
Don't call it a junk. This is my companion.
But who'll buy it?
Your dad! - Uncle Jassi.
It's my birthday.
I thought I'd bring some sweets and ask for your blessings.
Balli... - Yes sir?
Go inside and get it. - What, Sir?
Sir! - Do as I say. Go.
Please... have some. - Wait, what's the hurry?
He's bringing my blessings.
So today's your birthday? - Yes Uncle
What's your sun sign? - Gemini
Gemini meaning two personalities. Right?
What's that? Sanctified water? - Poison
Uncle? - Son of a gun!
Your parents disgraced us! Your sweets are like poison to us.
Got it!
He wasn't asking for our property!
All he wanted was our blessings.
Nothing's good in this house! - What is the matter, Mother?
You take care of the house. I'm going.
Where to? - To offer prayers for Raj'as long life at the Temple.
If Granpa asks say I've gone to the beauty parlour.
Oh God!
Take the offerings, priest.
Hey, what's the old man doing here?
Today's my grandson's birthday.
Chant a nice prayer for his long life. Take. - Alright.
Hey..where did this old woman come.from?
Who did you say was an "old woman"? - No! I said...
'Where did this doll come from?'
And what's my doll doing here?
I'm just to pray to Lord Hanuman.
Alright. In the temple of The Goddess you came to pray to Hanuman?
No! Not The Lord! I came to pray to the Goddess
The Mother Goddess or Raja?
Yes wife, I came here to pray for Raja.
Then come, let's pray together.
Here, the holy fire.
Hail Goddess!
Brothers, today is my grandson's birthday
Eat your fill and give him your heartfelt blessings.
May the Goddess give him a long life.
Won't you give me some, Grandfather?
Won't you give me?
Here son.
Come son, sit. - Sit
It's a good sign to sit on the steps of the temple.
He has the features of our Anjali. Look.
Yes. Eyes, especially. Ditto Anjali
When she smiled, her eyes narrowed.
Look, just like hers.
Does your mother think of us?
Think of you? All day, she talks only about you.
Son, We miss her too. But this Jassi makes life hell for us.
He won't even let us even take her name.
No matter. Now you're here, son.
We will overcome. In you, we see our Anjali.
Won't you give him something to eat?
No Granny, please
So much sweet! I'll put on weight. - Eat, it doesn't matter.
If you become fat, you'll become even more cuddly.
Just a little curry. Come on Grandma...
I should be the one cooking for you.
The joy is in watching you eat.
See? The joy and the blessing, it's all mine. Double profit
You talk just like your father. I want his address.
What for? - The Johnson's in Delhi...
are related to us. They have a daughter. Young, beautiful.
I want her to marry... - To marry?
You... no, not you. I want her to marry you
Marry me?
That's the only way you can come into my family.
Raja, your father married a Hindu girl. The family hates him.
If you marry a Christian girl...
...slowly people will take a liking to you
Even Moses will accept you. Shall I talk to Johnson?
- Grandma... I? - Any problem?
No, no problem. - Then?
Move away..
She isn't for you.
Grandpa's outside!
If he sees me here, he'll kill me.
Do I get out of the window?
I'll take the backdoor. - Yes.
Don't forget about marriage.
Grandpa, you? I knew you'd come. Come inside.
I didn't come here on my own.
This dog was after me. That's why I came here.
What dog? I don't see any dog. - You can't see a black dog in the dark
If you bark like a dog, I'll kill you like a dog.
Come inside Grandpa, please.
I'm not going in there. What are you, some king?
Or is this some palace that I should come to see it?
I'm not going inside. - Grandpa, what are you carrying?
I brought it for you. Sweets. Today's your birthday.
Grandpa, was it the dog, or was it your love that drew you here?
Raja, your friend is a good boy. You beware of him.
Make yourselves comfortable on the sofa.. I'll call Raja
Raja... get up son. Lots of fruits have arrived.
And lots of sweets. Move.
Why are you dragging me out so early?
They are here to see you. - To see me?
Not you. They're here to see you. - Yes son.
Before that Rosie talks you into marrying Johnson's daughter...
...I want you to marry into our community.
My alliance? - Yes
The other hand. - I can hear your wedding bells.
I heard
So how do you like our Raja? - As handsome as a slice of Moon.
Slice of Moon? Oh, he's just out of bed.
After a bath, he would look like a Full Moon.
Raja.. - Some for my ears too?
Raja, if Uncle insult me again...
I'll record his song and I'll play it till you die.
I didn't here that. Go tell it to him. - He got it.
Raja...Raja.. - Raja..
Lucky, Grandma and Grannie! Must do something.
I'm dead
Is that stupid lady here with a marriage proposal for you?
That old hag has gone crazy. She has been blabbering all day.
Don't you fall for what she says I've finalised the match for you at Delhi.
Yes Grannie? - You'll marry the girl I choose.
She's one in a million. - Sure
One minute
You'll marry the girl I choose! She's one in a billion.
Grandma statue. Grandma statue.
Lucky, I'm in a soup!
And you're behaving as if you're here on a tourist visa?
What can I do? - At least say something.
Aiwa Aiwa.
What are you doing? - You just said, say something.
I asked for advise not to advertise. Help me buddy.
Take this and stop harrassing me.
What's this? - Coin. Toss.
You say yes to one, I'll say yes to the other.
I can't say yes to either of them! - Why?
In that case, just say it... - Should I?
Grandma and Grannie, I am married.
Son, how could you get married without even informing us?
And why break the news so suddenly? - I met her suddenly
I fell in love suddenly, we got married suddenly.
So I had to say it suddenly. - She's a Hindu, no?
Must be Christian, no? - Neither Hindu, nor Christian.
She's Hindustani. - Hindustan music I heard of.
What's this Hindustani religion - There's no greater religion.
Actually Grandma, like Raja's parents...
...her mother is Hindu, her father is a Christian.
Therefore Hindustani, no? - Forget it, what's her name?
Name? - Yes
What's her name? - Banto
Banto? - Betty
She's Hindu, she's Christian too. - Lovely name.
I will call her Banto Beti (daughter).
Keep this quick.
"Love flows forth from music, Life sings along."
"Love flows forth from music, Life sings along."
"Why not sing along? Sing along, o'heart"
"Dreams turn to melody. Sing along, o'heart"
"To my song, my heart beats a rhythm"
"Love flows forth from music, Life sings along."
Bless you.
He sings like me, no?
Wait... where are you going? He's my disciple. I taught him.
But son, the crescendo was far from perfect. But never mind.
Get lost.
Tomorrow morning, I'll teach you how to flit though the scales.
Your look good, but your voice is bad.
Copy me
That's the chord, now you are right. now sing.
Raja, a letter for you. - A letter for me?
What are you doing?
I'm teaching you! Where are you going?
Go away.
End of the practice! - Why Uncle?
Customs say if a letter arrives in the middle of a session...
...that's the end of the practice.
Whose letter is it? - His wife. Banto Betty's
Banto Betty? How come?
You are so surprised by the letter. What will you do when she comes?
Lucky, what the hell is this? - I wrote it and I posted it.
To convince them that you are cent percent married.
What are you doing out there? Read the letter, what's in it?
Reading uncle, reading.
'Please accept your wife's loving greetings'
"I'm fine and I suspect you must be fine too"
"I'm not worried one bit for you. Because I'm sure..."
"the wonderful Lucky is taking wonderful care of you"
"I'm lucky that you have a friend like him"
You are Raja's friend. Why does his wife consider herself lucky?
Affection Uncle, affection. - What infection?
"I know how unhappy you must be staying away from me"
"I'm unhappy too, because Lucky is so far away"
What's going on? Whose wife wrote that? Yours or his?
As between us, we don't differentiate.
His wife or mine, she's all ours.
I'll read the rest.
The news further is darling, that our Pinkyhas delivered a baby.
"Let me know what you want it to be named.
Ghuman Uncle means so much for us.
Why don't we name him Ghuman?
See? People proudly name their sons after me. Son, who's Pinky?
His wife's pet. - Silence. I never heard that.
I'll read the rest. - No! You can't.
Why not? - The rest is private.
As between man and wife. - You mean, it's like that?
Lucky, how long will we keep posting letters full of lies?
Wehave to run away from here
...before we get into worse problems.
Here we are. Hey, stop the vehicle.
Brother, will you please help me with my luggage?
Keep the tip.
"He keeps following me.."
I was saying where does Ghuman Singh Rathore live?
One minute...
I'm Ghuman Singh Rathore. Who are you?
Uncle! My obeisance's.
Raja! your wife is here! - My wife?
Banto Betty is your wife, isn't she? - Banto Betty?
Hurry! She's waiting for you. - Where did she transpire from?
Lucky let's see who is this?
My hand is stuck! - You care for for your and. Remove it.
I am trying but it won't come. - Then leave it behind.
Leave my right hand behind? - Will you come along?
But how do I come? Raja... listen...
Where are you taking the letter box?
My job is at stake! I've kids and two wives.
Uncle, didn't I tell you he'd come running to me like Milkha Singh?
How are you dear?
Why are you staring me down? Oh I see! You are wondering... I landed up all of a sudden!
I wanted to give you a surprise.
So I didn't write that I'm coming.
Nor did I write that.
What's wrong with you? You're as thin as a reed.
Lucky, doesn't he look feeble? - No, he was fine.
Your arrival has changed him. - Strange! Won't you even react?
Raja! Will you talk to your wife in public view? Go in.
Coming Uncle. Come on dear.
Who are you? How are we related?
It doesn't befit a husband to ask such questions... his wife in public.
Wife? Whose wife? - No, Son.
You don't talk to your wife like that.
Who's she? I don't know her Never seen her before!
My child, you say something...
...he says quite something else... what's up?
Uncel, because we've been apart for a month...
...we aren't husband and wife anymore?
What justice is this? - She says she is my wife?
Does she have any proof? - Yes, do you have any proof?
The vows I took with him, are they any less proof?
The food I cooked for him, is that any less proof?
Did you videotape all that? - Tape?
Yes, videotapes are in vogue. - Do hell with tapes.
Proof number one, is before you. Live
Proof number two, is standing before me Live.
You expect me to prove? Like in old Hindi movies?
That his ring and mine are the same?
That he has a black mole on his back? No Uncle.
I'm modern, I'm confident! And I've seen new age movies.
So tell me. Am I your wife? - You aren't.
Uncle, where's the well? - Are you thirsty?
No, I feel like drowning myself.
No, confident girls like you don't drown themselves.
You drown others! Drown him.
No my confidence is shattered! I'll drown myself.
No, at your age you have fun. - No, I got to drown.
Stop! I know your problem. And I've made him out.
Pick up her luggage and come in. Come my child.
Beautiful room! Picture windows! And hills! And creepers.
Hey girl.There's still time. Tell me, who are you?
What remains to be told? I'm your wife, you're my husband.
Stop talking nonsense! I know how to shake off girls like you.
You want to get rid of me? I know!
In my absence you took a mistress into my bedroom!
You mustn't cry.
Lucky, my brother... - Brother?
Lucky, aren't you his friend? At least, you can help me.
Ask him why he's doing this! - Why are you doing this?
Sometimes in life... got to accept wife as wife even if wife isn't wife.
Why should I accept? - One hand stuck in the mailbox.
If the other hand gets stuck somewhere between...
...husband and wife, how do I eat?
Whom did you call husband-and-wife?
See, this is my problem. She's yours.
I'll go out and solve mine, in here you solve your problem.
Lucky's gone.
Why not shut the door? Out of windows... brown-brown trees. And talk romantic-type things?
My foot.
I bloody lost myself long ago.
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Why not sing along? Sing along, o'heart"
"Dreams turn to melody. Sing along, o'heart"
Hey Girl
How come you know this song?
How strange! How can I not know?
When you were courting me that was the song you sang.
Brother Lucky, tell us...
...can a wife not know her husband's preferences?
Glory to the lady! - Shut up.
Came off! It came off!
Raja... he's off too?
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Why not sing along?...
...Sing along, o'heart"
"Dreams turn to melody. Sing along, o'heart"
"To my song, my heart beats a rhythm"
"Sometimes, when you and I are together..."
"Let there be music in our words"
"Sometimes, let there be glorious days..."
"of colourful evenings and glittering nights"
"Sometimes, let a waft carry new colours of love"
"Sometimes, let's forget this world"
"Sometimes, let's swing in dreams"
"Let's reach for the skies"
"Come unto me, my love"
"Love beckons us"
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Why not sing along?"
"Sing along, o'heart"
"Dreams turn to melody"
"Sing along, o'heart"
"To my song, my heart beats a rhythm"
"Sometimes in passion...
...let's get drenched in these rains"
"Sometimes in emotions...
...let's drown ourselves"
"People who see would say.."
"that we are crazy in love."
"I don't care if they wonder"
"Why you and I are like this?"
"Why we're lost?"
"Why are we lost in thoughts?"
"I don't care if they can't understand"
"Love flows forth from music, life sings along."
"Why not sing along?"
"Sing along, o'heart"
"Dreams turn to melody"
"Sing along, o'heart"
"To my song... heart beats a rhythm"
Don't touch it!
All this trouble is all because of you.
If I could, wouldn't I find such pretty trouble for myself?
Soon I'm going to be called an uncle...
...and I haven't found an aunt yet.
I like all of them, not one of them likes me.
I will see.. Look.
Raja, who are they looking for at the terrace? - Look.
The other Aunty is also looking for somone on the terrace.
Will someone tell me what's happening upstairs?
She is so beautiful, right?
Lucky, you understand?
Both the families are eager to see the daughter-in-law.
Both families. Did you understand anything else?
After the family, the neighbourhood. could see her, let's sale tickets.
It will be good collection. - You idiot.
We can bring the families close...
...on the pretext of introducing the daughter-in-law.
One other thing, Lucky. We won't use the ploy. - What?
Why Raja? - Because she's foolish.
Such a girl would get my sanction. Given that sanction...
...she will become my wife. Who is going to tolerate her?
Such a iliterate girl is no match for my qualified Raja. Never.
Banto dear...
Why are you dancing in the rains?
Uncle, people who have lost it, do such things.
Hey..where are my certificates?
Uncle, who took my certificates from the drawer? - Shut up!
Ask me things about music. I know nothing about certificates.
Banto cleaned the drawers. She might know.
Listen...where have you kept my certificates?
You mean those paper pieces? - Paper pieces?
Strange! And I thought you're intelligent enough to know...
...that trash goes into the garbage.
Trash? Oh, you'd never know...
...what labours went into those certificates.
You're right. I'm a brainless, indecorous, stupid thing.
How would I know difference between certificates and trash.
So... - So?
I wanted to make a fire for tanning Ghuman's percussions.
No, you didn't do that, right? - No I thought...
I'd put the certificates on fire.
But you never did that, Right?
Why should I tell you? - Tell me or I'll strangle you!
I'll tell you!
Oh there comes Ghuman Uncle.
Ghuman Uncle help! - I'm not going to spare you!
I'm no Raja unless I strangle you, with your onw hair.
Are you Banto Betty's husband? - Who said?
She said that the guy standing like a servant at the door... her husband - Did she say that?
Go..get these medicines.
It's just a sprain, nothing else.
Doctor, will I recover by evening?
By evening? you'll be dancing like Madhuri Dixit.
No Doctor, I'm a Sridevi fan.
'Moonlight...O.. my moonlight'
Oh God...
Heartless savages! She danced like a doe..
She has lost her leg because of you!
Will your father replace that leg?
How can we do that? Had it been a chicken leg... - What did you say?
I would've sacrificed if I had an extra one.
Shut up! A Tamilian in the disguise of a Punjabi.
Because of such acts, I can have you jailed!
No! Don't do that Uncle. I won't be able to pay for bail.
Besides, my life's philosophy is to love...
"Love's honour is in ...
Even I feel like singing.
Shut up!
Despite your antics, she's on your side.
That's the ideal Indian woman. Wonderful, my child.
Such a lofty ideal, such simple words.
No ideal. That was a song in a movie.
Don't jump out of your pants. - He's wearing shorts, Uncle.
Incorrigible, are you? What do I do with these guys?
Don't worry, my child. I won't have them sent to jail.
I'll have them thrown out. Out of this house.
You'll render us homeless?
Heartless. Now who's cruel? You or I?
I... no you.
Listen... if they ever play dirty again... just sing Uncle.
And I'll do what I can possibly never do.
Shall I leave? It's time for my singing practice.
Will you come over here, please?
- Yes, what is it? - One... two... three...
Cut it out. - Coming darling.
First, will you tell me whether... ...they ought to be washed separately.
Looks like polyester.
A detergent wash will do, right? - Yes
Ok then go and wash it.
I mean, buy some detergent, wash them, put them out to dry.
Your clothes? - We wash them?
Is someone's absence not being felt?
Not at all - Uncle's absence?
Before I call out to him, think.
How would you survive without a home?
Raja, no one else will put us up. - Yes, uncles' orders.
Then we're banished, thrown out, Kaala-pani.
Madam, give us the clothes, let's not waste time.
"You are in every heartbeat."
My veil...
Came away with the laundry. - No problem.
Look at this lovely design, Madam. It's amazing.
I like this one. - Sorry, she's taken it already.
Raja! How come you're here?
Must've walked into a boutique for a shave?
She too is here?
Grannie! You're here?
My respects. - What are you doing here?
Select a saree. I'll make the payments. - Alright.
How much is this? - 635 Rupees, Madam.
How much is the discount? - It doesn't qualify for a discount.
25 percent discount on purchases of 1000 and above.
Shopping done? - Yes, this is worth 800.
Just 800? You won't get a discount.
No problem, give me the money and the saree.
What for? - Just do it. - But...
Grandma, give me the money and the saree.
Give it to me... - Raja...
Hey Computer man! Will you bill all these together?
Why together?
What are you upto, Raja? - Have patience. Hurry, please.
Here's your saree. And this is yours.
Your saree is worth 800. Here's your discount. 200 Rupees.
Yours is worth 635. Discount, 158.75. Here you are.
Wonderful! You've saved 358.75 out of two sarees.
Grandma-Grannie, this was a small profit.
If you can go through life together...
...there will be big gains. Think about it.
55, 56,57....
Raja, is the tea ready? - It is boiling, Uncle.
62,63....- Listen, hey Raja.
Have you given her medicine? - I'll do it right away.
I am coming...
Raja, you're looking frustrated. Why don't you take something?
Take what, buddy? - Poison.
Raja, I feel like crying for you.
Thrown out by grandparents, up with a crackpot.
And a girl comes out of nowhere and latches on to you...
...and you end up washing, cooking for her.
In life you got to struggle a bit, Lucky.
Till the time she recovers...
...till she begins walking, rather starts jumping...
I have to do all this, Lucky. - She is jumping.
God! Am I dreaming or is this a reality? - Reality.
Aren't you ashamed? You faked that limp.
And here you are, on the terrace, skipping.
Thats because I am crazy about you. - What did you say?
Wifes are mavericks. - Maverick...
Raja...listen. - Move away..
Move away...
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"We both are devotees of love"
"Devotee of love because of you"
"I've given myself to you"
"Let's wander together"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Devotee of love"
"You're king, I'm queen. I'm as fun-loving as you are"
"You're my paramour, who drives me crazy..."
"I know who you are, you're my heartbeat"
"You're my beloved, I pine for you"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Come home to me, my love. An easterly wind is scorching me"
"Hear my love, the chime in my anklets, in my bangles..."
" out to you"
"For you I have taken up sainthood."
"Devotee of love"
"For your sake I have taken heartache."
"Devotee of love"
"What craze drives me to passion even after I'm sated?"
"Now that you've taken me in your arms..."
"...set me afire. Colour me in your hues"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
"Don't love me so much, you crazy girl..."
"Devotee of love"
"...lest our romance..."
"...becomes the legend..."
"...of the girl who gave up everything..."
"...and she left her home..."
" become a saint of love."
"Now she's so lost in love..."
"...she has created..."
"...a legend new"
"Devotee of love"
"We are devotees of love"
"Maverick because of you"
"I've given myself to you"
"Let me walk with you"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Colour me in your hues"
"Devotee of love"
"Devotee of love"
After accidents, people end up in hospitals.
You ended up dreaming?
Lucky for me, or I might've ended up in jail.
Rise, madam. That dance must've been tiring.
Go home, rest yourself.
No, I'm not tired at all.
I feeling so fresh. Devotee of love.
Lucky, I'm in a strange dilemma. She started out playing wife.
She is is making me do things, and will do it further.
You deserve it.
Hit me once more... idea! - What?
If she insists she's your wife, what's holding you back?
I don't get it.
For the first time, you've given me a great idea!
If you weren't smelly, I would've hugged you.
Hello.. - Greetings neighbour Aunty.
Dear, why are they carrying in flowers since evening?
Will you please plait my hair first?
"Let it rain flowers, my beloved has come to me"
Go in.
Wow!..Looks like a bed for a nuptial night!
It's meant for the nuptial night.
Nuptial night? Whose? - Ours. Yours and mine.
What? Ours? - Who else? Ghuman Uncle's?
Aunt, it's been 3 months since we got married.
But we haven't had our nuptial night
Actually, they forgot. - Unbelievable, no?
Come on Lucky, we've work to do.
Never had the nuptial night?
No wonder the two of you fight like cats and dogs.
- Actually...aunt, the thing is.. - This is no good, my child.
Aunt, you're right. Get her dressed for our first night?
Yes, come on. - Aunt, You don't know a thing.
I sent them away to watch a movie.
The movie is nearly over, and my movie is still to begin.
How right! - Then ask her to get dressed.
Here's the bride's trousseau and a make-up pack. For her.
Lucky, flowers done? - Done.
Oh no... - One minute!
Don't forget the lipstick and perfume.
Come on, its been three months. - How do I explain this?
Leave me - Oh come on.
What's all this
Now look at her.
Ready? - Aunt...
Not a word.
What are you doing here? Come on, out.
What do you intend doing? - Whatever husband does to wife.
You fancy being wife? Come, let's make a wife out of you.
Please! Don't touch me! I beg of you.
I lied about being your wife!
If you want, I'll say it to everyone.
May I know why you did all this?
Miss Universe crown or a gold medal...
...a girl will wear anything, but not the wedding necklace...
...not unless she is married, in observance of the rituals.
Tell me the truth. Who are you, why are you doing all this?
Why are you fooling everyone?
If I'm fooling people what are you upto?
Have you not deceived them?
You claim to be Anjali's son, and grandson to both families?
What nonsense are you talking? Tell me.
Do you know the others in this photograph with me?
No. - Have you ever seen them before?
No. - The people you say are your parents.
This is Anjali and Anthony.
Anjali and Anthony never had a son.
They have an only daughter. That's me!
My real name isn't Banto. I'm Tina.
Now tell me who you are.
Even my grandparents haven't kept track...
...of my parents for the last 27 years.
But we were always aware of whatever was happening at their place.
Do you know how?
Only one man rose to their support...
...while everyone in the village was against their marriage.
Ghuman Uncle.
Never did we miss one letter from Ghuman Uncle.
No one in the village...
...not even his wife knew that he was writing to us.
He was the one who told us all about you, including that song.
Now explain one thing. Despite being a granddaughter...
...I never thought of bringing the families together.
How come you? Someone who is not related to them..
Why are you so eager for them to be together?
I mean...
a man with the personality of an hero..
...give up whatever he was doing? Why're you here in this village?
Why so far removed from the city? What's the truth?
- Truth? - Yes, truth.
The truth is somewhat strange. - Strange?
Somewhat strange, somewhat bizarre.
Why not lay it straight? It's fat.
What do you mean?
I mean.. this persona wasn't always grand.
He was somewhat of a comedian, sweet, romantic, innocent, musical.
Yes Tina, like the flower, I have a colourful past...
...I never knew a family.
Until a few months ago, Raja was a different man.
Shapeless, heavy, gigantic. I knew I was nothing of a hero.
But in my heart, I had carved out a place for a heroine.
At first sight, I felt, here's life's quintessence.
She was the one I was always looking for.
She was so frivolous, so innocent.
She didn't even know that a sweet romantic hulk has a heart.
And there was that only song I sang.
"If you got love in your life, you got everything"
"If you got no love..."
" got nothing"
"If you got love in your eyes..."
" got everything"
"If you got no love..."
"'ve got nothing"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"If you got love in your life, you got everything"
Hurry up, please.
"Just give it a try" - Drink milk..take it.
"Even dreams come true"
"The world isn't a bad place"
"There are nice souls on earth"
"Just give it a try"
"Even dreams come true"
"The world isn't a bad place"
"There are nice souls on earth"
"If you got the desire..."
"you got everything"
"If not the desire..."
" got nothing"
"If you got love in your life..."
" got everything"
"If you got no love..."
" got nothing"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
Where are you going?
Inside the hostel there's a girl singing! - So?
I got to see her!
Boys can't enter a girls' hostel without permission.
Security, I live in the neighbourhood and she's singing my song.
Listen to me security. - Out... out!
God, You are my father, my godfather.
I majored in the arts and sciences.
And then I mastered music.
But You have not provided me with a job yet.
I'm going for an interview again God, please let me have the job.
Give me sacrament.
Help! I'm about to score a big zero in maths.
Your paper has flown away. - Don't worry, I have more.
This is the answer according to my notes.
The answer should be...
But my answer is quite something else.
Florence, maybe the book is wrong? - Do something! Help me.
Don't do like this.
What's the answer? What could it be Why isn't my mind working?
My paper is back?
Who solved it?
You? - Not me, the guy in blue.
Him? The one in the blue shirt? Listen... Mr Blue.
Aren't you the one in the neighbourhood who writes songs?
But my problem is something else, I need your help
But I'm getting late...
I too have a test. I'm about to fail.
Your books... - Sorry, you fell because of me.
No, you fell because of me. - Wonderful! We both fell.
I'm Florence. I live in the hostel in front of your house.
I'm Raja, I live in the house in front of your hostel.
Wonderful! We live in front of each other.
Here's my bus stop.
The interviews are over.
I got delayed trying to help someone.
If you try to help others rather of helping yourself, you lose.
No, helping others is better than helping yourself.
- Will you see my certificates? - What for? Get lost.
Very well.
Think! If we can't win the music contest, we're in disgrace.
You maxed the maths paper.
We got a new problem now. - Why not get Raja to solve this?
Raja! Give up praying! - What's your problem Lucky?
The moneylender is calling his loan. - Now what?
You got the brains, you think.
What about my money?
Not up in the morning, have a heart.
My heart goes out to you! - But there's something I got to say.
Not a word! Every time you send me packing.
- This time, I'll go packing. - After you've returned my money.
Look, I'm going for an interview. As soon as I land a job...
...I'll return your money. - We'll even lend to you
- At two percent! - Very good rate.
What guarantee you'll bag a job?
Here's guarantee.
He has majored in arts, sciences and music.
Few have as many merit certificates as he has.
Will the certificates ensure the job?
Hundred percent!
You can take the file back after you return my money.
Stop! Please! Don't do this! - If you don't pay me in 2 days...
I'll burn this file! - This is a matter of my career.
My certificates! My life's work... please.
Lucky, we're going through a bad patch.
Looks like bad stars.
I can't find a job and I got to pay the moneylender & milkman.
You're forgetting one thing. - Which?
House rent.
This is worse than the worst introduction in Hindi movies.
Get lost!
This is no way to get rid of people.
- Looks like he hasn't paid rent. - Poor guy.
Nothing of the sort. I pay 5,000 every month.
- Shut up! - But what's his mistake?
Not mistake, call it crime.
All day he bores us with his sick stories.
Wants to go to Bombay, write films.
And all night, he snores.
Are you throwing him out over something so trivial? Too bad!
I'd rather sell my house than let him live with me.
Get lost! Yours isn't the only house in town.
- Cash finds me another place. - Go on, do it.
Why standing here, then get out.
What are you looking here. Get go.
- Sir, you want a house? - You got one?
Yes, but I didn't bring the house along. Will a cottage do?
Anything will do, this is a matter of my prestige.
- We're already living there. - No problem, I'll adjust.
Do you have a fan?
- Not fan, fans. - Separate bathrooms?
- The room is in the bathroom. - One minute...
Excuse me.
Lucky, are you out of your mind? You'll let him live with us?
Only as long as he's worth it.
First, we take a 5,000 advance And we pay Khan off.
And we make him foot the rent.
He pays rent, we keep the place.
Welcome to our heaven!
Where are the fans?
He's an Abhishek Bachchan fan & the landlord is the maid's fan
Damn! This ruin costs 1,500 a month and 5,000 advance? Goodbye!
- Hey film star... - Yes?
This was where the greatest of directors sat down... write their greatest stories. - They came here?
- Then you surely know them? - Of course I do.
They won't know us but that's besides the point.
What kind of an acquaintance is that?
He means someday you'll become a big film writer.
You got me a bit emotional. Here's your advance.
Thank you very much.
- Come on Lucky, we made it. - What was that he said?
Let's get the certificates back.
- Raja, here's your file - Where did you find this file?
My file!
How you get this file.
Florence gave it to me.
"If you got love in your life..."
" got everything"
"If you got no love..."
" got nothing"
"If you got love in your eyes..."
" got everything"
"If you have no love..."
"'ve got nothing"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
She was rehearsing here a while ago. Maybe in her college.
In college? - Yes.
"Some fragrance on my breath..."
"some restlessness this season..."
"some flower will blossom in my heart, whispers someone"
"Some fragrance on my breath..."
"some restlessness this season..."
"some flower will blossom in my heart, whispers someone"
"If spring has come to your Eden you got everything"
"If the Spring hasn't come, you got nothing"
"If you got love in your life..."
" got everything"
"If you got no love..."
" got nothing"
There is no one here, Lucky. - Where must they be?
Take 3 tickets. - Three? For whom?
One for you, two for him.
"Some dream stirs within me..."
"Some passion is aroused..."
"Loneliness is no more..."
"The season of love beckons"
"Some dream stirs within me..."
"Some passion is aroused..."
"loneliness is no more..."
"the season of love beckons"
"If spring makes the bud blossom you got everything"
"If there's no blossom, you got nothing"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
Let's go and talk to Florence over the phone.
- May I talk to Florence Dsouza? - One minute.
Get lost.
Florence, I'm Raja from across your hostel.
You know I was praised at the college.
I ought to be thankful to you for retrieving my certificates.
No! I ought to be thankful!
Thanks to your song, I got the first prize.
I sang it at home.
You took it to TV, you've taken it all over the country.
Florence, can I meet you? Outside the hostel gates?
I'll be right over.
What's the matter? - The money you gave to Khan for certificates
Here's the money you paid for them.
Why are you returning this?
Borrowing makes a stranger, it's said.
With Khan it's different I don't want us to be estranged.
Take it.
Nor do I wish it. I'll accept it.
One minute...
Thanks to you, I passed maths But...
Other weak subjects? Which?
All of them - All? Oh God!
Actually, the lectures are boring, so i keep dreaming during lectures
By the time I'm attentive again...'s time for the exams.
There's very little time left the nervousness makes me dumb.
Oh what might you be thinking of me?
I'm so utterly worthless.
No you aren't, because that's the critic of the self.
That means you'll help me with the rest of my subjects? - Yea.
What are you discussing? - Dream girls.
Tell us, what kind of a guy would you like?
I don't go for looks. Whatever the looks, whatever the size...
...he must be good at heart. And most importantly...
...he must be brilliant!
Intelligent enough to leave me dumbfounded.
Hey fatso, can't you watch it?
Who did you call fatso? - He's fat. So I called fatso.
Remember, if you laugh at someone who's fat, you're a fathead.
Someone who's fat can slim down.
But what do you do about your brains, fathead?
Whom did you call a fatso?
Run..this fatso will kill us. - Run.
My Raja is fat and that's what he did to you.
What'd happen to you if he was in shape?
Did you Raja is fat and that's what he did to you.
What'd happen to you if he was in shape?
Raja, what are you upto? Breaking coconuts or breaking the temple steps?
Coconuts. - Why? Is there any good news?
Lucky, no more going to bed hungry, no more borrowing.
No more wandering on the streets. I've found a job.
Job? - Yes, a job!
Raja, now find a nice girl and get married, fast.
Why go looking, there's a girl. - Who?
Florence. Look Raja, you like Florence. She likes you.
Before she leaves for vacations, tell her about your love.
No Lucky. My intentions are quite different.
Before she returns after holidays...
...I want to make myself worthy of her.
Just pray to God that she is given to me.
"Tell me O'heart you surely know..."
"Tell me O'heart you surely know..."
"Tell me O'heart you surely know..."
"If I get my girl"
"All the distances would be covered."
"If I get my girl, All the distances would becovered."
"Oh how do I get her?"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know..."
"Tell me O'heart you surely know..."
"I'm in love with a girl"
"Will she love me?"
"The images in my dreams..."
"Will she add a touch of colour?"
"Will it ever happen?"
"Will it ever happen?"
"What will be the outcome?"
"Good or bad?"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
"My heart's desire..."
"...will it be fulfilled?"
"I'm crazy about someone"
"...will she be mine?"
"Will we walk together hand in hand?"
"What will happen in the end?"
"O'heart, don't hide it from me"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
"If I get my girl, All the distances would becovered."
"Oh how do I get her?"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
"Tell me o'heart you surely know"
Hi Mr Writer! - Come. Back from the holidays? - Yes.
Where's Raja? - Nowadays he vanishes early in the morning.
Vanishes? - Yes.
I'm throwing a party tomorrow. This is the invitation card.
All of you are invited.
Florence, can't you stay back to take a look at Raja?
Look at Raja? But I've seen him before.
No Florence, I mean, maybe you could talk face-to-face.
We'll do that. Tomorrow.
What was that about, take a look at Raja?
Raja, why didn't you come up? You could've proposed today.
No, Florence is right. Tomorrow.
Brother, for such occasions... you need the right costume...
...right lighting, right location.
Hey writer.
Where's Raja? - You know, in Hindi movies...
...the hero makes a grand entry.
Cut out the jokes, where is Raja?
Here he is coming in style.
You... how did you manage this?
This calls for a double celebration!
I'll be back... one minute
Are you ready? Say it, as soon as she comes.
Who's here? - Raja! I told you, no?
This is Raja, the one who used to teach me.
You can't describe him as anything less than brilliant.
And here's the guy whose birthday we're celebrating.
Ranjit, my husband to be.
Florence made her grades because of you. Else...
...we wouldn't have been married for another two years.
So Raja, how's my choice? Aren't we made for each other?
Isn't he tall, dashing and handsome.
Just like you said Mr Right should be?
But in reply, you said quite something else.
And that's why Raja...
Congratulations Ranjit.
Sorry Florence, I got nothing to give you.
I wish you told me about the occasion...
My best wishes... - I know I have your best wishes.
She knows nothing.
Do you think Raja will agree? - I'll make him agree to it.
It's me, Florence.
Why is she here early in the morning? - Raja teach her a lesson.
Shut up and get dressed. - Ruined my sleep.
What brings you here so early? - Raja, I need your help.
We're getting married tomorrow, without our parents consent.
I have no one else but you. I want you to be a witness.
If you sign as witness, it'll be your best gift for my wedding.
If my signature is what makes you happy, I'll surely do it.
Ranjit didn't I tell you that Raja will agree?
Come Florence.
Florence, one minute.
Can I ask you something? - Sure, ask.
You have a family. Then why this registered marriage?
Because our families will never give consent.
But why?
27 years ago, my aunt eloped with Florence's uncle.
Ever since, our families have been at loggerheads.
It's your responsibility to patch those differences.
You must not make the chasm wider.
I don't think it is nice... hurt your parents who reared you for 20 years...
...for the sake of a 20-month affair.
We don't want a bit of that.
But reasoning with our families is impossible.
I'll make it possible, I'll bring the families together.
I'll make sure that you're married in their presence.
Don't you trust me?
Florence insists that only Raja can help failures succeed.
I say, only Raja can turn hatred into love.
We'll be going.
Are you out of your mind?
You know she isn't going to be yours.
Why must you do all this for her?
Lucky, loving is about giving.
Loving only someone who belongs to me is selfishness.
In grief for the woman he loved, an emperor built the Taj Mahal.
Men have died for love, Such stories have been written
But this example of so unique a gift...
...for the girl you are losing is rare.
I thought of love as only an emotion.
But now that I know your intentions...
...I find a new respect for love.
All I will say is, from now on your purpose is my purpose too.
Till the time you don't succeed, I will stand beside you. Always.
Only one request. For a while keep to yourself the fact...
...that I'm no grandson to the Chaddhas and D'souzas.
I know everything.
You're a fraud playing grandson.
He heard story-screenplay dialogues, the works.
Yes! Now I'll tell my boss all about it and...
...I'm going to make a film out of it.
Like someone who... movies for free and then threatens to leak the suspense?
Wait! - Boss...
Lucky! Make sure he doesn't say! Everything could be in a mess!
Get him!
No, if I stop, you'll catch me.
That's why I'm asking you to stop.
What happened? - He molested a girl.
Molestation? Sir...
Brother what happened?
Raped a girl! Now he's getting away.
Rape? Sir...
What happened, Sir?
He raped and murdered a girl. Now he's getting away.
Murder? Sir..
Sir..I molested a girl, I raped her and I murdered her.
But how could I have done all three? Sir...
Must tell the boss all about it.
No need for worry, he'll be speechless for only 3 months.
Worrisome would've been his ability to speak.
If he can't, no worries.
But he will start speaking, slowly.
For me, that's enough.
In this state is drinking permissible?
Drinking? No.
You want a drink?
One drink is not enough?
You need a full bottle?
No, if this is the way you behave... won't even get water for 3 months.
Thankyou, Lucky brother.
That was a wonderful thing to do Now the road lies clear ahead.
And the target is in sight.
No cakes? Then I got to go to town for the birthday cake.
The accident happened here.
How come the sound is coming from there?
You take care of that. I'll take care of this.
What are you doing?
Hi Grandpa! All dressed and pushing the scooter? Where to?
You expect me to strip and carry the scooter on my head?
What happened to it? - Tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis? - Out of petrol.
That is done by me. - What?
I mean, you should've checked the gas before setting out.
Give that to me. - No...
You're old, Grandpa.
The gas station is 5 kms away. - What?
- Grandpa, are you all right? - Perfectly.
What happened? - Grandpa D'souza's car.
Looks like a bad accident.
Must be dead. Hundred percent.
Careful. - The old fool is alive.
Grandpa, how do we go home? - Walking.
You're old, Grandpa. Home is 5 kilometers away.
What? - Five.
Goodness! I've had two heart attacks already.
What are you saying? - Five kilometers on foot...
...won't take me home. I'll end up there.
Grandpa! Idea! You won't have to walk.
Come i will tell you.
What's wrong with the scooter? - Just run out of petrol.
What's the problem? The car is full of gas. Just fill up.
Why should I give him my petrol? - Alms.
Alms? - We don't need your alms.
We don't even take alms for free. If you give us petrol...
...we'll give you a free lift home.
Yes, a lift... oh no, no.
Am I to give this old fool a lift? Never.
Don't throw attitude.
No matter how hungry he is, the tiger never eats grass.
If he's tiger, this is lion! He'll even kill his kin.
But he will never accept defeat!
Not even if it's a matter of life and death.
I'm man enough.
You're only man. I got an additional qualification.
I'm a son of Punjab. I'm resolute. I stand my ground.
Raja, I'm short of breath. You tell him the rest.
Be man enough, be resolute. 27 years ago, his daughter eloped.
Ever since, he hasn't kept track of her. Can you be more resolute
So what? He too hasn't contacted his son ever since.
He doesn't even know whether he's dead or alive.
Is that any less resolute? Yes Grandpa?
He won't even help a dying friend who's turned against him.
He will let him die thirsting for a drop of water.
But he won't care for the friendship.
In the name of religion he will fight...
...he'll kill a friend.
He is slave to his resolution.
Shut up! We are no slave to intransigence.
The ones who enslave us...
...the one who deny us our freedom are our sons.
Despite all my wishes, I cannot meet her.
D'souza, I got no complaints against you, friend.
My friend - Chadda my friend.
Scooter recharged. Recharge your friendship too.
The two of you make a wonderful pair of friends.
Shall we go? - Yes.
Stop! - 'We won't brake this frienship.'
What happened? What happened Jai?
Why are you getting off midway?
In movies, there's only one villain.
In real life, we have 2 villains, no?
Right! If they see us together...
...they'll kill us with a single bullet.
Don't say such ominous things!
We rode a scooter together after 27 years.
And it was great fun.
Hey patient, why are you so impatient? What is the matter?
"Mr Chaddha, Raja isn't your grandson"
Oh God!
Brother, what's written in that? - You can't read Hindi?
I left my reading glasses at home.
Rascal! A love letter for the nurse? She's like your sister.
Not only love letter.
He even wants you to kill your husband and elope with him.
Damn you! I'll show you. No sparing you.
I egged the nurse on. He won't ever talk again.
- Where are they running to? - Looks like a film shooting.
Come on, let's take a look.
Come.. - Where is the hero?
The Writer.
Hey Writer.. It is us.
Lucky and Raja? You
Wonderful! After so long! How have you been?
We're fine. But what are you doing?
Is your story being made into a film?
Why not? The producer liked my story immensely.
He signed me...
...for story, screenplay, dialogues, direction..., lyrics, everything.
You must be the hero too, James Bond? - Are you ridiculing me?
What's your story? - It's like this...
Forgive me, this isn't my story. It is your story.
It's the story of the hero who gives his heart...
...his whole life for the sake of his girl.
But I'm not getting to the end of this story.
Will the girl ever appreciate her real hero?
Will the hero succeed in helping her marry the man she loves?
Johnny, are you telling the truth? - I saw it with my own eyes.
Ranjit, you'll see, my words come true.
- Mine are. - Let's see.
We need your help. - Why, what happened?
Ranjit wants us to marry in a church.
And she wants to go to a temple.
Why don't you decide? Draw the lot.
I have a third option for you. The graveyard.
Please, listen to me... - I told you not to get too close
Come. - Leave me..
Let me go!
She refuses to understand.
You take care of her. - What happened Moses?
That slap on your face is the slap on my prestige...
...for you have borne an irresponsible daughter.
She is trying to add fuel to the fire...
...that was started 27 years ago.
None but my enemy's son you fall in love with?
Enemy's son? Ranjit?
This family will accept only a Christian son-in-law.
Else, I cannot imagine, how many will lie dead on either side.
Ranjit, this is etched in stone.
Only a Hindu girl may enter this family.
That's my final decision. Not even God can change my decision.
Whatever the uncles might say, I will make sure they're married
- What happened? - Florence has run away from home.
Overtake that bus.
Drag them out.
They're driving me crazy.
Sir...they aren't in that bus.
Let's go to the marriage registrar's office...
Move aside!
They aren't inside.
The railway station, hurry.
Find both of them.
Any news?
We've searched the entire area. Couldn't find them anywhere.
If my daughter isn't home by nightfall... one will be left alive in their family.
This is Holy War! He has tainted my prestige.
If I am disgraced, I will burn everything to ashes.
Stop, please. Stop.
What are you about to do?
It's all happening because of you.
Tell me Wherehave you hidden them? Tell me!
Speak! Or I'll bury you alive right here.
Tell us where are they? or you would be burned to ashes.
Florence and Ranjit never went anywhere. They're right here.
They will never marry unless they have your blessings.
You wanted a Christian son-in-law, no?
Congratulations. He is a Christian.
But your daughter is Christian no more.
And you wanted a Hindu bride for your son, didn't you?
She is Hindu. But your son is Hindu no more.
Now your son-in-law and daughter-in-law follow...
...the creeds of your choice
But your son and daughter do not follow your credo.
Now what, Uncle ? What will you do?
Who should be killed? Which religion is at war?
And how to start the fires?
Because someone or the other must be taught a lesson.
We can't allow anyone else to win.
Impossible! Victory to our religion!
Victory to me!
Isn't that the secret behind the crusades, the holy wars, jihads?
Selfish ends.
Power. Victory.
The two of you should join hands You used the quarrel to prove...
...that you swear by the same creed you speak the same language.
Of hatred.
Whereas religion can mean nothing but love.
Do not tear the lovers apart. Enough of this attrocities.
Enough of these killings. Give life a chance.
Let them find happiness for themselves.
For all you can set apart are bodies.
Can anyone erase love from hearts?
No matter how much you plead...
...these crooked fellows won't straighten out.
D'souza, give me your cross.
Give me your chain.
From today, I'm Shivshanker.
And I'm Peter Pereira.
Jassi, when you were born you didn't know...
...whether you were Hindu or Christian.
I'm the one who told you, you're Hindu.
Your father is Hindu, your daughter is Hindu.
How can you be Christian?
27 years ago, we behaved just like you...
...and we have suffered.
You mustn't suffer like us all over again.
Give your consent to the marriage.
Your father is begging of you, son. Give your consent.
"I have seen, I know"
"I know it, in my heart"
"In the victory of two loving hearts..."
"I rejoice"
"I have seen, I know"
"I know it, in my heart"
"In the victory of two loving hearts..."
"I rejoice"
"If you got faith in your heart, you got everything"
"If there's no faith, you got nothing"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
"Love... love... love... go on sharing love"
Lucky, our roles are over.
Time to wipe off the make-up.
Return the dresses and find out the timing of the bus back home.
In the meantime, I'll pack.
Can't even smile? come.
Actually, Raja isn't our son.
Yes Grandpa. Raja is a friend of Florence and Ranjit.
He staged this melodrama to help them get married.
Were it not for him...
...our families would never have come together again.
Will you come over here, please? - I know what's on your mind.
Why don't we take Raja for a grandson?
Let me announce this. From this day...
...Raja is our grandson and we are his grandparents!
Applause, please.
Chaddha, words don't make a relative.
It will come to be once our Tina is married to Raja.
First, you must ask Raja whether he is willing to accept.
I'll talk to Raja. - Right, he's your friend.
He will surely agree if you say. - No Ghuman Uncle.
I can't marry her. - But why?
Raja, tell me.
For my sake.
Because I'm in love with another girl.
What? You're in love with a girl and I know nothing about it?
Raja, you turn out to be quite a revelation.
Come on, quick. Who's the lucky girl?
Tell me. Raja, please... - Florence, what use knowing?
I'll talk to Grandpa right away. I'll see to it you marry her.
That isn't possible. - But why?
Because she's married.
Besides, she never loved me. She was in love with someone else.
And now she's married to him.
She ditched you for someone else?
Don't call her names. - But what use pining for her?
Better, get married. Start a new life.
Love just happens...
...without any consideration for gains or betterment.
Love is so overwhelming an emotion... leaves space for no one else.
Is that your last word? - No. It's my final decision.
Florence, I know my decision is going to hurt you.
But I'm happy for myself. Farewell.