Uploaded by GoGeocaching on 01.04.2012

VOICE OVER: Are you always LTF instead of FTF?
Do T4 caches make you break out in a sweat just from reading the description?
Is hauling geo-swag becoming a geo-drag?
Well get ready! Because you are about to witness a true geocaching fitness breakthrough
that can transform any casual cacher to a cache crusher.
Introducing’s first ever workout video: Cachers of Steel!
BEVERLY CLEARY: 5, 6, 7, 8 now Lon, Lat!
Longitude, latitude!
VOICE OVER: Cachers of Steel targets all the main caches types including:
CITOs and more!
DANI: Everyone has five minutes a day to do this workout.
You do your workout, you get more finds, you log your caches, that’s it!
VOICE OVER: You’ll be seeing major results in your find count within the first two weeks!
It really works!
BEVERLY CLEARY: FTF! Let’s go! 5, 6…
DANI: Everyone has just one hour a day, one hour a day to do this workout, that’s easy!
BEVERLY CLEARY: Woo! You guys look great!
MISSJENN: This workout is guaranteed to have you FTFing, TFTCing,
using your TOTTs like a pro,
and you’ll never forget to BYOP again.
Like being FTF? Be the FTO!
VOICE OVER: Like being FTF? Be the FTO!
Bonus feature include: A kid's workout!
MAN VOICE: Cacher's Of Steel!
VOICE OVER: A behind the scenes interview with Signal the Frog!
And much, much more!
BEVERLY CLEARY: That cache is right there in the hole, let’s grab it!
VOICE OVER: Don’t hesitate! Order now for your lifetime supply of Cachers of Steel!
TRAINER: Come on Jon, keep pedaling, you got it man.
Right there! Aww! Almost!
DANI: Everyone has five hours a day.
BEVERLY CLEARY: Grab that logbook, okay? Reach!
DANI: Everyone has 8 hours a day.
8 hours a day, that’s what? That’s one day of work! That’s easy.
Soon you wont even have a job and then you can go out geocache more.
BEVERLY CLEARY: 1, 2, Muggles comin’ let’s get down and!
...2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
VOICE OVER: Call now! Lackeys are standing by.
GUNTER: Geez Sally! Caching with you sure has changed. What’s your secret?
SALLY: Thanks Cachers of Steel!
BEVERLY CLEARY: You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! Cachin’s in Fashion!