Faces of Johnson County -- Andrew and Nicole

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my scariest weather moment was when I was in downtown Kansas Cityů
ůI was attending an event at Bartle Hallů
ůand all of a sudden these tornado sirens were going offů
ůat that point I had never heard tornado sirens as I had only been inů
ůtown for about six months..
ůand I thought it was an ambulance that was stuck underneath a bridgeů
ůhelping somebody outů
ůthese alarms..
ůor sirens just kept going off, over and over and overů
and all
the people i was with they went outsideů
ůso I went outside tooů
and then i'm calling my by husband and sayingů
what's going on? I'm hearing these alarms and I think Iĺm going to drive homeů
And he tells me, ôNo! Donĺt drive homeůthereĺs a tornadoö.
He tells me to go back inside, but I said I was outside and
he says, ôNo, go back insideö.
One of the scariest severe weather moments I had was when my wife and I just moved into our houseů
ůwe purchased it in late summer and this was a little later in summerů
and there's was a severe weather siren going off outdoors and I thoughtů

okay like
this is our house we just bought it what if there's some kind of tree that falls downů
Or a tornado comes? I mean we just put all this money down on the houseů
..and this is a place we can liveůand what do I know ifů
ůthere is some kind of disaster that affects our houseů
I go down to the basement as soon as I hear the outdoor warning sirensů
Ok! Sometimes I go outsideů
ůto look at the sky, ok, itĺs true,
ů to see if i can see what's going onů
you know it was one of the scariest things that that i uh... have experienced thus far
as uh...
I guess was when I was in school in Washington, DCů
ůwhile there wasnĺt an actual emergency, one of the things we did was..
ůpractice a shelter-in-place drive, where we couldnĺtů
go outside due to some kind of chemical or other attacků
uh... we would have to stay in place
We had to practice on the campus and it really made me thinků
ůwow this might actually happenů
ůit was a pretty scary thing, just thinkingů
this might actually happen
Yes we do.
We have it so it has alarms that go offů
and then you have to go and hit itů
ůto find out what it is in order for the alarm to go off..
Itĺs helpful
I think we do, down in the basement
there's this thing we got from Target..
Itĺs like a first aid
ůwith water bottles and different thingsů