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- How are you? - Good.
What's up?
What's up?
When's Dara coming?
I hope she brings a lot of food.
Will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas
When I get the tickets it is always next to Bom.
Do you feel comfortable next to Bom?
No, it's a little scary.
I missed Dara a lot this time.
It's a different place this time.
Ladies, you're amazing.
2 songs in 2 days and we'll get the third one tomorrow, OK?
Tada! Food! But I forgot the chilly paste.
Chilly paste.
- Idiot. - Chilly paste.
We have to be down by quarter past.
Third day into recording
We should go somewhere fun 'cuz the weather's great
but we're going to the studio.
Bom's team is not here again. Tardy students.
Oh, here they come.
It feels like we are working at the studio all the time.
A short meeting before recording session
DJ just play my DJ play my song. Back to you.
Just like dum dum dum, right?
You doing the oh and the hook.
And then you'll do the bridge.
Recording session begins
- Let's cut the songs a little shorter. - OK. Jean Baptiste Producer
OK, let's do it again.
Beautiful, come in.
Hi, I'm John. This is nick. He's really good.
We know who you guys are. You¡¯re superstars.
Nick Producer
Short break time
Everyone, if we finish quickly?
Then we get out quickly.
Let's go.
KungFu Panda.
Very nice to meet you.
Will's very excited about your project.
He's very excited because of us.
It's true.
I was trying to get to the recording room but ended up in the bathroom.
That's great. OK, thank you so much.
OK, I'm eating.
Eating again?
When was I eating? I'm tired to death right now.
No one's here.
First to finish recording Bom finds a place to rest
This is perfect.
They got snacks here it's heaven indeed.
Everybody, good night.
Other members still recording
You're free.
Good night.
It's so great working with you guys. You are so good. Sounds great.
Huggies. Huggies.
You guys are amazing. We'll get that record sounding really good.
And just keep doing it.
Cuz I'm really excited working with you guys. You guys are amazing.
Say good night.
Guys, Bom's asleep in the ping pong room.
Already passed out
- Can we go? - Yes.
4 o'clock tomorrow (recording).
Bring it on.
Put it closer to your back.
Just stand.
After Bom's training Dara's performance is...
What are you doing?
Are you doing that on purpose or not?
I'm serious.
You really suck, let's get out of here.
Unable to take it any more, trainer Bom takes off
- Wait up. - Hurry up.
Wait, oh, even carrying the bag for me.
I wasn¡¯t carrying it for you.
I hear something.
Go go go, let's go.
Minzy, out for an early morning exercise
It's 8:50, gotta start exercising.
Thank you.
Venice beach.
Wonder what it's like.
Beach of youth! Venice beach
Beach of youth and passion Minzy arrives at the beach
Oh, snap.
Proof that I haven't been exercising. Am I going to be Bom Junior.
Ever since I got here I haven't got a chance to exercise properly.
On the other end Dara leaves the room with a glow in her face
By inquiring into rumors Dara's fans came to see her
We brought some sinigang for you.
Wow, thanks.
I've been craving for sinigang.
I felt something I haven't felt in years.
We were going to eat together in the makeup room.
Excuse me.
Let's eat together.
Here's that famous (sinigang)... Ta-da.
My favorite shrimp sinigang.
Wow, this is real Philippino rice. Let's eat.
I'm not sure if you'll like it. I'm sure I'll like it.
But Philippino food doesn¡¯t have any spice.
So, for those having it for the first time I'm not sure how it will taste,
but take a bite first.
Peeling off the shrimp... you know I'm good at it.
For all the members I peel off the shrimp.
The one thing I do for them peel off the shrimp.
Voila! Let's eat.
It's been a year since I last had this.
2 plates were a piece of cake.
I missed it a lot. I enjoyed sinigang so much.
I love it here.
Freedom at the Venician beach Captivated by the scene
I love it here.
Like this.
Uh, this is a dance move.
Getting serious Minzy starts exercising
"Believe it or not" museum.
Dara using this rare opportunity to spend some leisure time
His facial expression is so real.
Dara at Hollywood's "Believe it or Not" museum
That's funny.
Oh, tubby.
Dara, like an innocent kid
As long as nothing jumps out.
Why is this going forever.
Extremely frightened by staff's prank
You look like a mummy.
Is that Rambo?
First, I thought it was Tarzan.
Transform into a Rambo Girl
- Where are you from? - I'm from Korea.
- Korea? Thank you. - Bye.
Can I take a picture with you?
I think they are from the Philippines.
More Phillipino fans pleased to see Dara on the streets
Thank you. Good luck on your album.
If it wasn¡¯t for them I wouldn¡¯t be here right now.
I was in the last place but I moved up to the second
all because of their love and support so I'm very thankful to them.
Last recording session in the afternoon
Could I get your autograph?
Fans came over to see Dara by finding out where she stays through her community
They call her Sandy in the Philippines.
Thank you.
We put up pictures on our community.
Fans will show up for sure.
I had no idea they'll find out where we are by seeing the pictures.
Can I take your autograph?
Nevertheless, it's great to meet them like this.
Thank you, nice to meet you.
Last day to work on the album in the U.S.
Hello guys. Good to see you all.
Jean Baptiste Producer
I don¡¯t know what tastes good.
Teriyaki and yakisoba.
Spicy what? Roll?
Yes, spicy roll?
Yes, it says spicy tuna right there.
Sure sure sure.
One two three.
Did that come out well?
- oh, this is pretty good. - it's food.
The long awaited meal
Oops, you should have told me earlier.
After a terrific meal it's time for a pumped up recording session
Think about who will do what parts 'cuz there's a lot of cool different tones to it.
Which of you guys can all do, you know, complement each other.
Look how hard I'm practicing.
She's pretending too much.
Look at this.
It's too much.
Since it's the last day.
It doesn¡¯t feel like we have too much work to do.
I think we can enjoy what we have to do.
CL serious and focused as it's the last day of recording
How about like all of this.
Let's go.
That sounds great.
Out? Thank you.
I'm done.
OK, powerful.
How do you feel. Are you ready to move on to the instrumental,
or do you want to hear it again with that?
Yes, OK. I'm ready.
Good job.
Dara and Minzy enjoying the music video
We watch the choreography (clips) in the room.
We watch it and... what do you call it...
Inspired. Inspired by... inspired? Isn't that the word for grandpa (in Korean)?
Watching the music video Dara and Minzy completely mesmerized
The loudspeakers, too noisy.
This is too loud, way too loud.
Bom lost for words swamped by the laughter and chatter
Gosh, so self-absorbed.
I need you for the harmonies.
And then we'll listen to it and we can decide
if we want to add anything to it but I think we should be done after that.
Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas listening to 2NE1's recording
Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas
You guys did 5 songs in something like 3 days.
Sounds great.
It's good. It's good Apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas
You know, it sounds really fresh.
I liked the dynamic of the whole group.
You know, there's singing, there's rapping and I've never seen any group like that.
It sounded great. I was very impressed with what I heard.
Just don¡¯t stick to the Asian community.
You do the Asia and do the other side too so that creates a following.
They're very cute, they're very young, and they're talented so definitely.
2NE1 saying good by to everyone after the final recording session
You guys did a great job, OK.
You know, it's so amazing for me to see people that speak a different language Jean Baptiste Producer
can actually just jump to another language seamlessly.
They are amazing.
I wish I could do that.
I've worked with a lot of groups and Will.
I was really impressed by the level of talent.
I feel that we've become a little more attached.
Now, we're done working in the studios and our schedule in the U.S. is over.
It feels like we've become closer to John and Will.
And we feel a lot more comfortable with them.
I felt very welcomed, I could feel it in my heart.
- Are you sure? - Their smiles were like...
Hey, you guys are amazing.
What are you doing?
Dara enjoying her free time after the final recording session
We came all the way to the U.S. but they didn¡¯t get a chance to hang out.
Only the 2 of them (staff) were left behind in the hotel.
But since we are done with the recording I wanted to hang out with them.
Dara enjoying her time with good company
I will be greatful if they continue to do just how much they do for us now.
Like when my feet swell up from all the shooting they massage them for me.
Suddenly a dog comes next to Dara
It looks like Bom. Can't keep the eyes open 'cuz it's feeling drousy.
It will be exactly like Bom if we dubbed her voice over the shot.
Gosh, I'm exhausted. Just exhausted.
Hey you, Wild rabbit. Stop talking about me Be quiet
With excitement the members take off to somewhere
Could you put on our song?
We get excited listening to our own songs.
They're beginning to look a bit embarrassing.
Nothing can stop them they are absorbed in their excitement
We are here.
Today I'm wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.
Time for some fun.
Go and... Wow, there there.
Bom, hurry up. Its here.
Minzy looking after Bom
Take it.
We are here. Let's go.
Alright, I'm ready for the rides.
Disney Land, Perfect for releasing all the stress from work
Do I look cute?
The back of head looks cute. It's cute, right? Can¡¯t see it properly.
- Baby Mickey. - It's baby Minzy.
If Mickey and Minzy gets married you get a baby.
- Baby. Poof. - Get away.
Who are you? Who's this ugly Mickey roaming around everywhere.
This isn't the original.
You look kind of funny.
I'm the original.
At last boarding their first ride
Enjoying their rare free time
Dara, put your hands down and put your legs together like this.
And attach you hands like this.
You look like an elementary student like this.
I saw her a moment ago and she was looking at me
singing "account number what I want is your account number"
Account number instead of phone number?
Oops, that was my mistake.
Ask Jinu for his bank account number.
Do I need to send money to Jinu's account?
She said account number herself.
Authentication picture for coming to Disney Land
Are you going to be OK?
What? Don¡¯t mind me. It's a piece of cake.
Not so confident after all
Oh, it's all over my clothes.
Who wanted to come to Disney Land? Who was it?
CL soaked in water
Do I look bald? What am I going to do?
Conquering the rides with no time to catch a breath! Ultraspeed roller coaster
Go for it.
Will Bom be able to get the doll?
You take it.
Bom's second attempt
Bom, the expert of games
Bom, what's the secret?
The desire to win the prize no matter what.
We even pitched the first ball at a KBL match. Let's play Baseball.
I'm trying to release my stress.
Who are you going to picture as the target?
It's a secret.
Time for punishment.
Bom Part! Shoulder muscles fully operational
This is so irritating
Next up, the leader takes up the challenge
Thank you It's over?
Late through the night Dara never gets tired
Thinking about leaving tomorrow gives me a headache.
This morning I got a call from YG.
He says "as soon as you arrive you're going to run here and start practicing"
Fire, fireworks.
Highlight of the Disney trip Beautiful fireworks begin
We got a homeless person right here.
Sitting down like this makes it great.
Staring at the fireworks across the sky 2NE1 affirms their determination for the future
I want to become a flame. We will be fired up on the stage like the flames.
2NE1 TV.