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MUSIC Narrator:
Tee Times 4 Turf is an opportunity for golfers to visit the online auction site and bid on
rounds of golf. Some winning bids might land you a great deal at a public course. Others
just might give you the opportunity to tee it up at an exclusive private club that you
might not otherwise have a chance to play. BITE: Jim Brija
It is great. You find yourself sometimes stuck playing the same course, time after time.
So it is a great opportunity to get out there and see some other courses.
Narrator: The funds raised will benefit the Michigan
Turfgrass Foundation and Michigan State University’s Turfgrass Science program, which has a long
history of success. BITE: Kevin Frank
Here at Michigan State University, we were if not the first, we were definitely one of
the first that actually researched soft spikes and how they could help improve the quality
of the putting greens, but also how it really didn’t affect the golfer swinging. They
could still have traction and now it’s an industry standard.
Narrator: It is an opportunity for links lovers to invest
in research that will help improve their lie. BITE: Jim Brija
It is very important. I play in a couple of leagues a week and the quality of the greens
and the grass out on the course helps improve your game.
Narrator: The various research projects conducted at
MSU affect golfers and golf courses worldwide. BITE: Joseph Vargas
We do all kinds of research, everything from cultivation to disease management, insect
management and weed management. Always looking for more efficient ways of doing it and more
sustainable ways of managing turf. Narrator:
From Michigan State University, I’m Kraig Ehm reporting.