Xavi 550, Part 4/4 [English subs]

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and helped me in everything he could.
Xavi: You share everything here. We spend a lot of time here, a lot. Training, matches, a lot of years as well.
But everything's here, you help your teammate,
you're screwed, you finish a match you didn't do so well in, or you missed an obvious goal,
or the exact opposite, you had an incredible one, you scored a ton of goals
and you're with everyone cheering, we cheer amongst ourselves…
Those are experiences that end up etched in your memory and will be there forever.
This is history, this is Barça's history. Because all of our footballers have passed through here.
"Migueli: 549 games with FC Barcelona"
Xavi: [Migueli]'s the standard we talked about earlier, of dedication,
the idea of Barcelona, sacrifice, thinking of the team,
Migueli's an example for everyone.
And the fact that I'm the player who's played the most amount of matches
for Barcelona fills me with pride. It fills me with pride and it's an historic event.
And I'm content, content and happy with that.
And back then Migueli played with a broken collarbone, right?
And Puyol has played thousands of times with the mask.
That's the dedication of the homegrown players. People need us, everything needs to turn out okay.
I've said many times that for the homegrown guys it feels like a family business.
When you start a family business you want it to work out, you want things to go smoothly. It's the same with us.
We want everything to go great in training. That the matches go well, that people enjoy watching us.
That they feel, that they trust the team, that they feel proud of the homegrown guys,
who are giving their all. That's what I live and work for, I mean,
I mean, my dedication is no greater than what Barça's given to me.
Xavi: You know how we're all talking here about
what's unconditional…for me, Barça is unconditional.
I mean, I could be playing for Arsenal, Manchester,
or Bayern Munich, and I'd always be thinking about what's going on at Barça.
I'd be up to date on what's going on, who's playing, how they've been doing,
and I'd want them to win the league, the Champions League,
I know that, I feel that. I feel Barça. That's the biggest difference with
the people who don't feel it. I love the club. I love it, and so do they.
That's how we've grown up. And that's the big difference,
I mean, look, I've always said, I won't leave Barça until
they throw me out on the street. I won't leave. I won't.
Sorry, no! I love it so much here at Barça.
Oh, obviously,
when I see that it's not working out and that I'm not useful at Barça,
I'll leave. But I'd still have to be thrown out. Because
I love Barça and I want to be here and I feel like
it's part of me and that's unconditional. There's nothing; not Milan, or offers,
or nothing. I mean, I kept going, kept going, and in the end, everything has turned out okay.
"Rome: May 2009"
It's incredible because for how much it takes to win a title, the experience we have with not winning anything,
five years we didn't win a thing, and all of a sudden, a perfect year.
That's impossible to surpass. It's incredible. And especially with how we played football, the way it was won.
Everything, everything was perfect. That entire year we were immensely happy.
I never saw the 'Barça de les Cinc Copes' play, the Dream Team also played excellent football,
but probably, I'd probably say yes [that this is the best Barça side in history]
because no other club has won six titles. Not just Barça but in the history of football.
I's perfection.
Álex: : It's a dream, right? That your brother achieves in his profession the highest honors. Just like
any of us in our professions, with Xavi at the Masia, seeing him there, seeing him successful there, and it just feels natural and simple.
It makes us feel proud of who we are.
Reporter: I get the feeling you haven't had any arguments about this.
Xavi: Oh yeah, we have no problems with each other. On the contrary.
If anything we've only gotten closer,
I mean, like Álex says, and Óscar, they've behaved naturally and I've really felt that they're proud
and I feel the exact same way. And not just proud of their work but of who they are as people.
They're always sending messages, we call each other,
Every day, I mean, not a day goes by when we're not sending a message, making a call,
"How are you? How's it going? What's up?" , and everyone's doing his own thing. We may go a week without seeing each other,
someone's away or I'm with the national team. We're always interested in what's going on and I feel an incredible love.
I love them like crazy, I mean, I can't imagine my life without them. They're such a huge part of my life.
Reporter: That's great, isn't it?
Joaquim: That's beautiful.
Ariadna: Now we're getting emotional here.
No, the truth is, with my wife and I, we've always lived for them.
Always. Sometimes we'll say so. We're not the family who goes on vacation and says
"Let's go, we'll leave the kids at homeâ" and they know that. We've never left them alone, we've always been with them.
We're very much a team.
When I played, when Álex was three or four and we'd go to Manresa with those fields
And what I, and my wife, are so proud of is to see that,
so even though he's the star and has all the recognition, he's famous and all that,
and what I'm proud of is that like everyone, Xavi's happy with what he's doing.
But I'm also proud of Ariadna and that she's happy with what she's doing,
and Álex, and Óscar, all the facets. They're four kids with four different gifts
and for us it's an honor, a source of pride, to see that in all this love in the family as Xavi said, this union, that everyone's interested in what's going on in the others' lives,
that everyone's happy.
Like I said before, it's priceless, and it fills me, and it fills my wife, with joy
and I hope that it stays like this for the rest of our lives because it's the most beautiful thing there is.
Xavi: Hey, come on, it's been two years since these guys have even touched the ball!