ACTA (explained)

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 28.01.2012

Hello people, so at this point we can say that internet managed to fight off SOPA, we
shouldn't get too confident and still focus on what's going on, but it's pretty much won.
But as you are probably aware there is this new thing called ACTA and it seems that it
might be even worst and global. So just for you we read through the whole thing to inform
you what's going on.
First of all, this thing is not new, first information about it goes back to 2008 when
ACTA was exposed thanks to wikileaks. ACTA is an agreement between countries, an agreement
about an international legal framework. Basically it says what countries that agree with it
should do with piracy, but on it's own it doesn't have any legal weight. It's just bunch
of countries saying: "We are going to fight piracy LOL".
United States, New Zealand and other countries signed ACTA on 1st October 2011, but there
is a reason why I named US and New Zealand, part of ACTA is what I would translate as
"we are going to fight piracy together, no borders" that is Article 33, as you probably
know New Zealand and US cooperated on taking down MegaUpload. Some of you might say that
ACTA is the one to blame for this, but at the end there was no change of legislation,
it's only change of cooperation.
ACTA only says that countries will try to pass laws and acts that will fight piracy,
in US that's what SOPA was for, but without SOPA in place, ACTA has no power at all. That
is actually a great for us, because no matter if your country signed ACTA or not, they still
need to pass additional laws in the country, all we need to do is to keep an eye on our
governments and we are pretty much OK.
Also according to Article 41, all that needs to be done to get out of this agreement is
for country representative to send written notification to ACTA committee and in 180
days country will be out. To be honest Pinkie promise has more legal weight than this piece
of brain fart. But no matter what, you probably should sign the petition against it, just
to keep them on their toes and mostly we all should watch what our governments are doing.
But don't follow other people blindly read these damn things! Most things that people
say that are in ACTA aren't even there, just understand you are making us look all bad
if you don't read it!.
That's all for today, thanks for watching and stay safe under the youtube bridge