SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS - 22 Ways to Say Black - Make Life a Priority

Uploaded by SwarovskiElements on 29.08.2010

22 of the world's leading fashion designers
have joined an historic auction presented by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
all with one goal
to join the world's leading cancer research centers
in a fight to save lives
so find out 22 ways to say a cure with 22 Ways to Say Black
an auction for 22 unique little black dresses
the classic fashion basic which has been reinvented with the power to find a cure
because it's time to as yourself
will there be a cure for cancer in my lifetime?
together, let's do something good for humanity
join SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and take part in the historic
22 Ways to Say Black auction
September 20th in New York City
at Phillips de Pury and Company
visit the movement at swarovski-elements.com/22