Should We Teach Sodom and Gomorrah, Bill Cantrell, August 1, 2012

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Good evening good to have each one of you here this evening and
look forward to our speaker and introduction of him in just a moment
uh... before we do lets sing uh... couple verses of the song and we will ask
Rick Presnell to lead us in prayer and then uh... will introduce Brother Cantrell
six hundred sixty
six hundred sixty
There is a Habitation Built by the living God
For all of every Nation
who seek that grand abode
Oh Zion lovely Zion, I long thy gates to see
Oh Zion lovely Zion , when shall I dwell in thee
Within its pearly portals
Angelic Armies Sing

with glorified imprtals
the praises of its King
from heavenly
give me the praise for this gloriously that we've had today
blesses you've shown us just by allowing us to be back here tonight
in the middle of the week too
day with fellow brothers and sisters
and income before your prayer and song
father we thank you for this congregation that makes here
for the
influence it has in the
community across the county in
even across the world father week we thank you for the
missionaries that we are able to support we pray your places upon them
father we also thank you for the
opportunity we've had for
several of us to go to
now on the feel themselves we've thank you for allowing them to come back cycle
father as we prepare for this class not mid-week
listen to those
things are prepare barber the cantrell
father would know that
were called to have a certain lifestyle
father my we listen attentively to them to not
and realizing that this country
is struggling
the whole of last hour
show the corrected sample
to those around us that mine out necessarily believe it but my see if
there are actions
and rural ah...
the correct one
father we pray that you won't give us opportunity rule up recognize
opportunities to
to go out into the reach out to others
to reach out to them
uh... your your kingdom
father we pray for those that are in this congregation that has been sick
enter struggling wheat we ask questions upon them to families
also problem that we can reach out to them ourselves
and let them know that we will uh...
father business throughout this list lessons saving person your sons and we
thank you rick
we have with us to that of course uh... bill can't roll and he's the minister
for the eastern school congregation
and uh... build our chatting while ago i was curious as to how long he had been
tendered their destroys full so i knew you'd been a few years and uh... he told
me it was lack thirty one years today
so uh... thirty one years uh... there's not many they'd get a bill that ten
years congregation a
think about it a little bit makan only maybe conjure up here brightly maybe
they've been may be a long where he's been a may fair but
are not made preachers get stay and some uh...
and found out they don't want hear the truth whether pridgen and and sometimes
uh... other things are as but he's been able to the priest truth that they were
spectators will is uh... get along with people
and uh... some to be said for that so a good long tenure
but uh... known as a gospel preacher some might it does uh... bring it forced
straightforward and uh... and not in a compromising way but uh... loving way
to uh... when people over to the truth and that's that's what he's here to talk
about tonight
and his wife a course
uh... Peggy is not able to be here but they have three
children four grandchildren understand so
he's uh... invested in the in the community otherwise and roundabout
uh... his topic tonight a little unique in that should we still preach about Sodom and Gomorrah
hes going to talk about that and how it relates to our everyday living so
uh... we're grateful he took time to prepare and to be with us tonight
Brother Bill Cantrell
Perhaps a little bit ago
or a connected here the bell
and i just listened to it and i'm mark fuhrman trying up like a cannot buy
listening and her then
and uh... like uh... we were here shooting my film years of war for twenty
hearing believe that it might
of light will be able to do it
uh... i'm a little bit out of my com park romba called would bring in
a bunch of stuff
i really don't like
doing that i would rather not do it at all
but nevertheless with my
I thought it would be better
because of keeping things reels planned fine tuned
in regard of what we're going to be discussing
regards the idea
uh... was a little bit uh...
uh... surprised i guess
at being ask to speak about the topic
shall we
still preach on Sodom and Gomorrah
and i thought about it
and i figured that we could cover this topic
and give you about
forty one minute left
by saying "yes"
and then we can go on from there
but uh...
Tim ask me in fact I asked Tim I said to Tim what do you really want me
to cover
and he offered some suggestions because a lot of different ways you can approach
this and
we're going to be covering
a lot of stuff
probably in a quick way
you know we live in a culture
where that there are a lot of struggles not only in the society but in the
it's estimated that fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce
I read a statistic the other day that in madison county
seventy percent
I received a phone call
I believeit was night before last night it might have been last night I don't recall for
in which a fellow preacher in another
city nearby
ask me and said Bill are y'all having any kind of problems over there with
sex testing
I said "Do what?"
what'd you say he said
sex texting
I said, uh...
not that i know of
come to find out
a congregation was having a little bit a problem with their teenagers
going into the restroom at church
photographing themselves
and sending it over the telephone
you begin to realize that
never in our
history have we we had more the need
to deal with sexual issues than in our generation
the idea of Romans twelve one and two be not conform to this world but be transformed
by the renewing of your minds
very prevalent passage to be considered
this ad they are should we still preach on farming the moral really bolts down
to this subject
should we still preach
all sodomy or homosexuality
you know the story about sharmin kamal to go back to doing this is a pain in
that plane and really focuses on that thing
when the messengers of god came down a branch count them was on their way to
solve a man
information and
fact day
revelation was given a brown the buyout
what we're going to occur and shot him in the more
remember that i try and began to
field of god and bargain with god about the deliverance
of those planes citizen those planes
started out with fifty
and i brampton lord if you find fifty rap just in the city we spray really set
out hurt for fifty any went forty five min four to thirty five thirty
continue the negotiations that reached
in people
in semester one were to stop with tonya
good question
when you look ingested not playing with it
the angels had told lot
they would like them to make the
you need to get out the city of we're going to stroller
you may detail your son's your sons-in-law lush
and your family to get out
when a
if you stop when you consider
he had to emerge in dollars
if it may sound in laws that that would have it'll be in at least two in
so that would bennett tumare daughter she
sons is in the poll indicates at least two
both that have been a lot miss clark
pemberton dollar for four
her daughters married men for more than a and in two sons
would've been ting
that is assuming that there were no more than
is it possible that a lot more of that i try my view of bargaining far though
travel agent shot on the mark-up on his own family
bargaining lock
homosexuality as
something that has been around a long long time
in fact
the word shot of my drawl sits
epa shes from
lot of people flying that the only problem that shodam into more ahead
homosexual problem but it wasn't
you look at is a killed six thing ford in nineteen fifty
they had a problem with pride
the bond of serb raided battlements
that call home image they had no regard for the poor
that a lot of different problems but
it also mentions
that they committed obama nations
be looking june seven eighths say is that
sodom and a moral
and this is about lam
was usually exit as an example and that
they committed fornication when after strange place and suffered the bench
absorbent towel far
from that day it till they yes
there'd always been a problem with it
you might remember many of you back in nineteen eighty
no problem ammo
robert boldly
who in nineteen seventy three was elected
as a congressman in the first
congressional district of mayor
he was considered to be a very conservative
in fact in that tane seven dinner and he became chairman of the american
he was stopped rebellion a position
to serve as speaker of the house
onto you
in nineteen eighty it was discovered that he had a double lifestyle
the double last i'll wash that
while he was made with four children
he was heading different one-night stand rhonda booth with young
bowlers handling
when it came out
it made
public hadline shit
across the country
it destroyed
his political career
he lost his family
he lost his
colonial home
and he lost a lot of his powerful for him
he had a real struggle with what was going on
at the age of five he had been molested by a twelve year old labor
then that should have been some reoccurring thing after work
here's what excited in regard to
struggle his internal struggle with this layer
he said he's sama i would feel
great deal
impaired for senator saturday confessions of psych leaders are saying
preparator alone capitol hill
so i could make a mantra godin
me in the state of grace for shunned the communion
i would always about a month for a friend and a lot i would never do it
that was buchwald
that came out of a book and patil marketing of a evil
and which it quoted bible written about his life
in patil the gentleman from maryland book contrato gary
with the
homosexual movement
you get
gay day at
this new world
you've got gay pride week
you get the groups throughout the country
that has lacked contract role lobbying journalistic
things and legal rupesh
that has brought the home of second movement now the woodwork
you've probably been aware of the
controversy surrounding triple-a
the day it was the date to support
chick fil a span dol
marriage between a man in a long
well they were lands all over treat a lady might have to sit in a land for
thirty minutes for time management they waited all
but after one
a belated wat while plattsburgh
they work through may end up front
with science protest
they have decided now that they're going to
c'est bien friday
at chick fil a
and which they're going to portray
publicly their affections one for another at triple-a
day lab sandhogs full has tried to get
chick fil a shut down
now but packed
is called jamming
bother him
knowledge blind woman with an endorsement
you might be interested to know
that the gay rights movement actually came out
of the sex liberation movement of the mapped and sixties
and another thing of interest is there
enacting seventy-three prior to nineteen seventy three
you're shocked actress and your shot colleges spend all of the elm
considered homosexuality
a mammal
and so what happened was the gay activist began to put pressure
all on the
shack tax-free
or the psychiatrist on the psychologist and
all of that group
dot where that they've then moved
they adhere of mental disorder regarding homosexuality
completely out of there
books and
their consideration
you might not be a matter might not know the earliest but
what would you know there's a a sp
which cared society the best
was generally known is graded
now graded would stand for gave related
immunodeficiency d_c_ s
but so they can make people that i didn't get a narrow indian plaid that
this tuesday's originated with a homosexual
well they didn't want that sold the gay activists the big and then to put
pressure on a warm
your medical associations
and they change its to eggs
the meeting
and so by doing that day and it didn't attach the disease
to the homosexual
where they really originated
and therein
that they're still books that is absolutely war
you're reading
one album is called
slouching toward tomorrow
and the other one is the marketing obvi pple
if you ever get a chance to get those would be worth you having
what i want to do
is to do
looked at the issue
should we shilpa rachel charming amore
order that the polling outnumber warren god's desire
and that is one land
for one more money
for life
that's god's design
you read about in genesis two eighteen to twenty five ninety nineteen one dot
and genesis two eighteen to twenty five when god in my team and charlie was not
good for mandeville only
decided him i can help make forward
could create all animals they brought in bad and show you what you would call 'em
adam was also created
and adam gave names all those animals and they were not plan to help make for
which trailed made and
that none of the animals
or should a bull
for adam as i might
what the number one just like adam trouble
the cult's god calls abate the lead fall born into a grid from this i had made a
and when a broader animation this ad bom bom bom flesh my flesh this cultural
manali with father mother played google admirably one play
they had the ability and by the words should a ball died that may have to
that they were compatible our comparative all
industry instead the ability to reproduce should
after their own can
that's involved in the ward suitable
still god's desire laws there to be a woman and a man for the purpose of
and it creation nothing else
suited god
and more suitable for my hand for that purpose
the reason that god created woman four man was the plow supply one another
sneeze of corn first clinton seven one two three
bordeaux board fornication abram and have his own laugh-in ever want to have
her own husband they were not to defraud one the other except for safe zone
that by canceling it
it was all told to reproduce finishes one twenty eight point ga degrade them
they said you multiplier
and replenish dear they fruitful and and reply and multiply and replenish the
earth should do it
to create a pair suitable for one another genesis to burst whales
the new kingdom vernon says come
another one say a suitable
are adapted are complementary
as the ideal used in god's design
wall-to-wall no doubt that i was corrupted
you had fornication is genesis thirty four
you add
polygamy as solomon hou have seven hundred last three hundred copy barons
knows an amazing thing the money
now woman is a great asset to the human rights but it's another absolute
animation by memory
the solomon is why hasn't she walsh
had little or no such the measure of modern women
naba color women are bad but think about the internal
plan the conflict
story seven hundred relapse and three hundred
concubine spin first came to eleven thirty
adultery like would david segment samuel eleven based reality
that is discussed in the day because i came twenty three in the business
twenty-fifth and a six paint
which was given lol stat israel to perot proving that pro hit it that
which indicated that if you will be there had a problem with it
are was inclined to it
of the lad admin domain for the warning
as well as homosexuality
and a bit because a in twenty-two you're not allow with a man as with a woman is
an abomination signed by the biggest whenever alertpay
age one of these was a perversion of god's intent
never intended such
another thing is that homosexuality has invaded multiple cultures
so much so what do what what cultures
feedjit tim culture
greek culture
ads under the great
some malay eve that he had a tendency for young boys whether that's case are
not yet to be proven but it nevertheless wild and degree
shocker piece that would
plato dealt with it
roman culture lookit romans chapter one
as pics
had a problem with it
mighty ends had a problem with it the latin americans have a problem with it
patients have a problem with that europeans have a problem with it
we've got a problem with it
their it's again
but somebody comes up and says all right when you talk about these multiple
what factor
comes into play
don't worry that this kind of playing flourishes
have to get a whole coalition yesterday
there's a different things number one
god has to be removed
because as long as the existence of god is recognized
and the authority all the bible is god's work is recognized
that's gotta be removed
kwok wat attempts have been my
the remove god completely from culture
moved in from the school system that will move remove in god we trust from
your college there warning uptake in completely out job
the military they want to remove your name
in every aspect of laugh they possibly can
god needs to be removed if that's going to take place
you member rose one point one is said
that those people in rome did not live
to retain god in their fault
that's what it takes
number two and have a leadership that will bleed lane yet that is tolerant
are that is involve them cytosine the action
you put the rat people and not make this statement over twenty years ago with the
you put the right people
in legislative positions
the whole complexion of a nation can change jeff flock but
and that's exactly what's taken place
in fact
trying to be political this is an established fact
that promotion of homosexuality has been in the democratic platform sense not
pain eighty
if you know that
they are now
fixin to put in the platform they're trying their best now to get into the
platform and looks like it's going to work
that they are per motors obviate marriage
and that is one although a real sore spots and real areas of conflict
between the republican party and the democratic party
now i'm not saying that there by the republican party for the offer but you
know better navlab it doesn't mean i'm not saying their body end up in the
democratic party
supports their side there there's probably some of the local level but
but what i'm saying is the plat
form has
and is trying to get it
but they hand here's a third playing that must exist
there must be made breakdown
of the family unit
a recognition that marriage is patrolling nyo
and by email
that has to be remove
dot where there is an except us
out my age between the mail
and the mail the play mail the for email
there are five or six states
rot now in the united states that accepts that and performs the ceremonies
there's twenty one states that will recognize it
you look at our culture
look at our culture
god's being removed
leadership that supports
that is lawmakers
or a imposition piously flawless
there has been attempting my
to destroyer
the basic structure of the human family
homosexuality as looked at as an inherited trait
and then simply as and alternate
expression of sexuality
now here's the plan the proper
this was this was my age
and you you've
and in nineteen eighty eight there was a hundred and seventy-five people may have
been what was called al you
coalition in virginia
to him and one album waha se
near old
shocked actress
by the name of martial cake
the other one
was headache doctorate degree
in politics
his name was
match something
these gadgets wrote a book
spelling out exactly
they were going to change the complexion
of the united states toward homosexuality
they're going to use three techniques
one outcome is called
settlers election
they set up at netday sets a bad thing
the war a from their company for phil about it
that's about it how did they do it bob bombarding you
with conversation about it
you noticed you don't have a very
have you noticed it in cartoons
have you noticed it in newspapers
have you noticed in constant conversation
it's a lot lacked movies for example
britain very quickly eliminated in the ass
be remembered for and the g_a_t_t_ were
although stop words worked a bit to home to leave the or at the movie theater
and he began to say them a sit-in end of the debate in the eighties it in baggage
using a word here no ward there and they did a little bit more here a little bit
more there
you know what they were doing
they would be set surprising news but what we're going off
and now people christians will go to the movies
here than his words
should never be listened to by a christian
say things that should never be observed by a christian
and they don't feel that
ashamed i bit because they have been
they end i a health what they call
and that's exactly what is occurring with chick fil a
and by jamming
that is desired just silence expression obvi sending opinion
in other words
they're going to shut you up
back tactics of humiliation
plot ever may say happy easter
closure mile
damon matching you
you know what the culprit eaters it that speak against it
that are spilling hate
for the gay community
just code speak against
band what they call conversation
oil remain
kirk and matson said regarding conversation we may need
conversation of the average americans emotion mind in we'll throw a planned
psychological attack in the form of propaganda led to the nation
that israel
through media and movies and books in advertising
curriculums it's true
in order to redefine marriage
and to change
when you think about this this this at baylor
we're gonna move a little bit further here
when you think about the idea of homosexuality
there are two big big concerned about it for us on talk about nationally
domestically spiritually socially educationally politically
at all concerned us at all concerned
very deeply
sodom resulted
make also bear
resulted and the destruction and the demands of that nature
if sodomy
help rowing sada min tomorrow what makes us think
god's going to continue to bless this nation
if it won't in the same foot slipped
psalm nine seventeen said the wicked abate turned into halen every
they forget to god
elicited yesterday that they states massachusetts new hampshire mind
california new york in washington they say lol rhode island
all off
homosexuality is normal and accept gay marriage
even perform
from the ceremony
what effect the heavens groups
at the state of massachusetts new york gay activist did some videos to be shown
to the elementary students and their schools
to say the video
you could actually go to a website i don't remember what it was the same
black as some black and my ass
resistance or something to that effect
that you could have gone to the say it now here are ten strategy site had
to get it misconstrue some get promoted
one promote victim status
another word
mike the homosexual act a victim
and that those who are straight or normal are become i've seen them
portray it that way
start with very young children that's what i want to start
discussed alternative that is a family cell about diversity
enacts cohen non-discrimination polls
promote coming out
g_o_p_ tape wrapped about two o'clock in the world
when you think it g l beatty
sometimes called showed the maitre d
is lesbian gate
and transsexual
encourage it
and throw on font pro homosexual spirit college
adopt homosexual affirming curriculum
use openly homosexual teachers and role models
billing canada near there
pro homosexuality counseling for troubled youth
be quite opposition with hate bigotry and prejudice
you say that
now let me tell you
not the only
it's not just a second coat respect in the church
in two thousand a it babylip from university at the
cockroach up there
well above the name of jerry kramer
spoke in defense
of homosexuals
he will simply wasn't educated at apple lane
went over to a fiscal piety and
and stood
at lipscomb
and defended
without open opposition to my knowledge
i read kramer should be retire scurry app
hashem quote from a crack here
but uh...
that out of concern
what about
gotcha planning and
folks i've got uh... i've got material here from
they o_j_ bear action the united states a homeless shelter sexual so two six did
you know
that the average homosexual
money or
appears plan
has at least eight department
forty three percent yet
has had five hundred
when you think about this uh... the uh... the bible's clear
when you hear almost seven to injury
that mailroom running yet
what i'm doing fifty and two
the romans seven two and three when you look at matthew chapter matt paying you
look at all those passages
gazans under marriage
one land one-woman for a while
and the only ground but which a man
or a woman can put away another nightmare and other
it on the ground of though on fight for less
of the might put away
ninety not paying
versus like matt
when you look at this i had the uh...
of merry go i want to get over for the u_s_
when it come to homosexuality the the old testament condemns the practice
commended leviticus eighteen twenty total because for never start turning
also clearly in genesis chapter not tang
there's this
but here's a text that i want you to remember and sometime two-person ask
this question
is homosexuality really anywere
than heterosexual adultery
are heterosexual fornication
if you talk about
result in a person being lol ft
any of them control should we lost
for printed six and eleven
then a right to vote on hate scheme of god he talked about for decatur shud
offers a doctor's effeminate abuse other inside of a man can't
and the word of pamela that may not see a c
the word of preeminent indicates the individual and a whole cycle union
which plays the part all the female
but any album but yes homosexuality
personalizes choir
number one it's contrary tonight sir
number two it violates the reproductive process
number for it destroys
the structural nature alba friendly
three reasons why
it is
by the end i truly case
when you look around down and talk about the new testament kneeling with their
spouses eli preference in six nine to eleven
so i get the first hit the chapter one id bursting in g bursts abalone
chapter five not ten to twenty one all of those deal
well that very same thing
to another question what should we teach our children
are our children even
at re-used
well here's
something that i want to reach you
as far as children being ipa re-used
number one hale
people who practice homosexuality experience
higher rates of may need to say users
what about here but i had a stately and steady gonorrhea syphilis gave uh...
gave bios and grow
egtab aiti bacterial
but no sense
what about the abuse people who practice homosexuality have higher rates of
uh... drug abuse nicotine dependency depression suicide domestic violence
momentum there's nearly one-third
a relation one-quarter
of of child abuse cases
are homosexual in nature
and no
that are members of the church
were very influential
who got caught up in this
and have destroyed their career in the lab one album
wrap my are serving
pam in prison another just got out
is a problem
you bake it
what do you teach your children
they love it
teach them
about drug use and for marriage
teach them
about the danger of the homosexual agenda don't take him to hate anybody
page on that
try to take him the gospel if you can
trying not to hate don't hate anybody
don't abused amidst route
treat them there straight france ever where there's cost up for it
that if you speak out that your commitment hit a car
we've got a battle on our hands
it's time we guarded up our loans
and did something about it
as devastating adolph solid majority
vocal minority takes control american goods
i guess that's roughly