The Best Compensation Plan in the Industry

Uploaded by Isagenix on 28.09.2011

Hello. I'm Kathy Coover and I am so excited to be sharing
the Isagenix Compensation Plan with you today.
We face a harsh new reality: job losses, bankruptcies
an unstable financial market and this is shattering OUR dreams.
To make matters worse, our bodies are bombarded daily with environmental impurities
like air pollution, processed foods and contaminated drinking water.
Obesity is another crisis.
Did you know more than 184-million people in North America are overweight?
And this is contributing to the run away healthcare costs.
At Isagenix, our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain,
and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world.
Isagenix is helping people BELIEVE again.
At the same time, we have become the game-changer in the network marketing industry.
We are built to last and have created the HOME that you are looking for.
We care about your success and want you to Have It All.
We are helping hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, achieve success.
My personal goal is to create more 6 and 7 figure earners than any other network marketing company.
This is driven by the incredible results of our life-changing nutritional products,
and this goal is becoming a reality.
We have a motto and we stand by this -
If it's not right for our Associates, it's not right for the company.
So now let's get started, I'd like to introduce you to a few simple terms.
The first is Business Volume or as we call it, BV.
So you open your Isagenix account, you become a member, and now you just order some points...
every product at Isagenix has a point value attached - that's what BV is.
The next term is active status.
Active status means that you have personally achieved
a minimum of one hundred points in Personal Volume, or PV, within the last 30 days.
Isagenix is a meal replacement. We are food.
And I consume what qualifies me on a monthly basis.
It's like going to the grocery store.
You have to put something in your mouth to eat,
so you might as well put Isagenix in it, because it's far better for you than anything else.
It's amazing. You actually will save money.
That's why this is so remarkable.
Because it's just simply replacing food, and that makes all the difference in this compensation plan.
The best way to maintain your Active Status is to participate in our Autoship REWARDS program.

Autoship is the best thing since sliced bread.
Autoship is so convenient.
Every month I find this beautiful box at my front door.
One month we want some bars, the next month if we're gonna need some Want More Energy?
because the kids are in activities, we can get it.
And it's very simple to modify in the back office
and it makes it so readily available for us.
Convenient - arrives right at your door too!
Your pre-selected order is conveniently shipped to your door every month
with additional savings on our products.
OK, so let's get started?
First, you can open an account with Isagenix.
It's that simple.
You are now an Associate and have your own Isagenix business,
and we call this your Retail Business Center.
The Retail Business Center is me.
It's my business. It's you. It's your business.
That's where it all starts.
That's where the magic starts.
You basically are sponsored by somebody to come in,
to use a great program, and she had tremendous results,
and from that point forward, for a very minimal fee, you start your own business.
You now have access to the Associate Back Office.
Here, you can track your progress and access tools, business-building resources and training systems.
This is where you can order your Isagenix products at wholesale prices
or you can sell them directly to your own customers at retail prices.
Imagine helping people regain their health and vitality,
while earning up to 50% in retail profit!
It's your own online account.
Your own shopping mall right there in front of you accessible 24/7,
you don't have to leave, and you get the products you want,
for the best prices you can possibly get them.
And when it comes to learning about this great company and everything about the product,
it's so easy to do by the click of the mouse.
Another easy way to earn profit is through Retail Direct Sales.
Once you enroll as an Associate, you'll receive your own personalized Isagenix Website.
This is a turnkey tool that will work for you 24/7.
You will love how easy it is to be in business with us.
We'll collect the funds, ship your product directly to you,
track your BV and deposit your earnings into your own Isagenix Account every week.
We offer you a one-time Product Introduction Bonus, or PIB,
of $10 to $150 on each new personally enrolled Associate
who orders a Product Introduction Pak at the time of sign-up.
Every time you sell a System or Pak and someone enrolls with that,
the first time you get this bonus.
It's just icing on the cake extra.
Here's where things get really exciting.
Our compensation plan is built around the power of building 2 sales team.
These are known as your left sales team and your right sales team.
It's so simple. It's just 2 teams.
It's not 10, it's not 5, it's 2.
Everyone can build 2.
2 teams are much easier to build and manage.
Remember, our reputation is built on our integrity and commitment to your success.
So to start earning team bonuses you'll need to reach the rank of Consultant.
This is achieved as soon as you have 100 personal volume or PV,
and you've personally enrolled a minimum of 2 Associates -
one on your left sales team and one on your right sales team.
They must also be active with 100 points in personal volume during that same 30-day period.
You are now a Paid As Consultant, and have reached your first Rank Advancement Bonus.
Consultant is the life-blood of the compensation plan
and if you're on Autoship - you just got a $50 bonus!
Just think about that - by helping 2 of your friends get healthy - that's phenomenal!
As a Consultant, you're now qualified to earn Team Bonus Volume on your entire organization.
This means every time someone orders in your team you accumulate the volume.
You bring in just a couple people and you got your business started.
Just one person on the right hand side and one on the left
and as you build those teams and mentor those people, the product sells itself.
Anytime anybody that you share this with makes a purchase,
whether it be once a month, once a week, once a day,
you accumulate some of that volume and you end up cashing out on it and that to me is very exciting.
So the next TERM you need to understand is a Cycle.
Visualize your organization as having a bank on the bottom of your legs.
As sales occur anywhere in your organization, regardless of depth,
BV accumulates in each of these banks.
Every time you accumulate a total of 600 BV on one side and 300 BV on the other side,
you'll earn a cycle.
That equates to about $54.00.
The points go into your left bank and your right bank.
It's so exciting and they just start accumulating.
Every time you get to 600 points on one side and 300 on the other -
and it can go onto either side.
You can go 300/600 or 600/300 - every time that adds up to 900,
a cycle happens!
And a cycle is 6% of the 900 BV, or $54 currently.
Cycles are calculated daily and paid weekly,
and since we pay you on your entire organization,
no matter how deep it grows, you can be cycling multiple times each day, up to 250 times per week!
Now that's $13,500 a week.
When we first started, it started with maybe one cycle a month
and then it turned to be one cycle a week.
Then it became one cycle a day, and then it was multiple times a month,
multiple times a week and multiple times a day!
Another great feature is called Holdover Volume.
Here's how it works: Let's assume you've accumulated 1,000 in BV on your left team
and 250 BV on your right team,
and a new sale of 100 BV occurs from your Right Sales Team.
When the new sale is added to you Right Sales Team, you now have 350 BV.
Because you have accumulated 600 BV on your left, and 300 on your right, a cycle occurs.
Once this happens, the 600 BV and 300 BV is deducted,
leaving you a with Holdover Volume of 400 BV on the Left and 50 BV on the Right.
This Holdover will continue to occur
as long as you remain an Active Consultant.
You don't lose it.
You know, with some plans, at the end of the month,
if you didn't make it, so be it - we'll start you back at zero again.
We don't do that. We keep it.
You just keep Active, which is very simple because these products you love,
you can't get enough of them.
You just stay active and your volume stays there.
Now, the next rank advancement you can achieve is Star Consultant.

This rank is achieved by being a Paid As Consultant, and having 5 personally enrolled Associates
who are also Paid As Consultants at the same time within the last 30 days.
Star Consultant - $500 bonus, can you get excited about that?!
I've had people do this literally in just two weeks.
Congratulations... you'll received your second Rank Advancement Bonus.
Now it's time to take the next step and become an Executive.

This is accomplished by personally enrolling 5 Associates on your left team
and 5 Associates on your right team who achieve the Rank of Consultant.
If you do this in your first 6 months,
you will qualify as a Crystal Executive and earn special award benefits.
You've enrolled 5 on your left who are Paid As Consultants.
You've enrolled 5 on your right that are Paid As Consultants.
That's being Paid As Executive.
Executive is much more than a title, it really is a team concept, I believe.
As an active Paid As Executive, you're eligible to receive a 10% Matching Team Bonus
on the weekly team bonus income of all your personally enrolled, Paid As Consultants and Executives.
Here's an example: One of your personally enrolled consultants earns 100 cycles in team bonuses.
You'll earn an extra 10 cycles in Matching Team Bonus.
The matching team bonus will pay you up to 250 cycles per week.
That means you can now earn a combined 500 cycles per week
from each single Retail Business Center, that equals about $27,000 per week!
A unique benefit of our plan, that can provide you an unlimited income, is our upline re-entry program.
Qualified Executives who have built their organization
to where it's producing 250 cycles in a single week
will have the option to apply for an upline Executive Re-entry.
This creates a new Retail Business Center directly above your current position.
Now you've turned your strong organization
into one solid leg of your new Retail Business Center.
This means that you only need to build one new sales team
to start earning additional income stream from your new Retail Business Center.
This process can be repeated over and over,
truly unlocking the unlimited income potential available only through Isagenix.
Because we keep our promises, Isagenix guarantees to payout 50% on all Business Volume,
making our compensation plan one of the most generous in the industry.
Many of our Associates are taking advantage of our moneymaking promotions, incentives and Bonus Pools.
These generous perks pay out cash and prizes
just for doing what you do best: building your Isagenix business.
As other companies are finding ways to take away money through cutting bonuses, cutting pay,
Isagenix is giving us more through our Rank Advancement Bonuses and Executive Bonuses -
thousands of dollars a month, just for doing what we were already being paid great to do.
This one does it right.
You do what you need to do, build your business, work with your people
and help them be successful and they're gonna reward you as a leader.
We've done it right.
We offer our Associates the most dynamic and exciting compensation plan in the network marketing industry.
So in summary... You only have to build 2 sales teams.
We pay on your entire organization regardless of depth.
Our 10% matching team bonus provides additional rewards to our leaders for their performance.
Whether you are looking to pay off your credit card debt,
pay your monthly mortgage, help your kids go to college,
replace your current income or earn a second income stream,
Isagenix is the company that can help YOU have it all.
Isagenix is redefining the network marketing industry
with our amazing products that have transformed lives
and the power of our compensation plan.
I'd like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Isagenix opportunity.
We're so glad you found us and we encourage you to take that next step
and join us as we continue to transform lives all over the world.
This is Kathy Coover, your partner in success.