VICE and Project X's Party Legends: Nas

Uploaded by vice on Feb 15, 2012


Yo, what up?
This is Nas, and this is like a crazy party, a crazy thing I
remember from back in the days.
I used to live in the projects, and we were always
trying to throw parties in the neighborhood.
Usually a girl whose parents were out of town, that was
always the place.
We were throwing one party one night for some girl.
We had the speakers, drinks, no lights on, sweaty.
There'd be a party going on.
This older guy we know who's known as the brawler, he's
just looking for a fight, drinking beer all the time.
The brawler is a little drunk, and he does something that
pisses the girl off, and they get into an argument.
Next thing you know, we see him dragging her sofa out.
And they can't really stop him.
He's moving stuff and knocking shit over, pulling out tables
and chairs, and things off the wall.
And we're kind of in the corner like why?
Why is this happening?
It's like, people are holding her back.
She's acting like she wants to attack him.
So next thing you know, the girl's entire apartment is
sitting out in the hallway.
He's got this little smirk on his face, and the girl is
going crazy.
She just grabs a chair and clocks the brawler.
We got a few laughs.
She never threw a party out there again.
Actually, I think she moved after that.
And that was some crazy ass shit from back in the days
around the way.