Nova Roupa do Super-Homem / Superman's New Look

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Good night!
I want to speak about a soft issue.
In April, the DC Comics launched the new look of the Justice League.
The Superman is too diferent and his new livery is too much cool.
Well done! Because, looking in retrospect, that trunks on his pants does him to seem a porn actor!
And after the 2006's movie, his livery became too much gay.
Of course, the new look willn't please everyone.
There are many details that still will provoke a good dispute.
The pentagon's chest is very slim.
The belt is now red and not yellow.
And the Man of Steel has knee-pads... for what?!
However, somethings in Superman should change and they didn't change.
And other things couldn't change and they changed.
One among these things that needs to change immediatly in the Superman,
is that, since 1978, he comes being progressively deified.
In 2006's movie,
there is a scene where the Superman raises a kryptonite's mountain into the space
and then, he, due the effort and contaminated by the kryptonite's radiation,
collapses exhausted and falls down in the position of crucifixion.
I wish that it would be the only example. But it isn't.
In the last episode of "Smallville",
We learned that the, until then, Superboy
was the promised Savior, that whom would free the mankind from the Darkseid Apocalypse.
Darkseid had marked up his followers on their foreheads,
in a so freak and bad taste reference to the Johannine Apocalypse.
The problem of this deification comes from the blatant theft of Christian symbols
It's obviously disrespectful.
I doubt very much that the DC Comics would have the courage to do the same with the Islamic symbols.
It isn't idiot to do it.
In fact, beyond this deification to be disrespectful for the Christianty in particular,
it isn't make sense.
Because if the Superman has a Messianic vocation, as it were,
if he must inspire the mankind and help it to progride,
so, why does he have a secret identity?
And more: this identity, a journalistic identity, demands time.
The Superman needs to invest in his journalistic career.
He need to involve himself in his investigations and other things among his ordinary functions.
And there is little for him to be a Messiah.
So, if he's the Messiah, why does he spend so much time for something less important?
It isn't make sense.
However, if the Superman isn't a Messiah, but merely a rescuer, so yes, it makes sense.
One among these things that needs to change in the Superman,
is this foolishness in which he is the Messiah, the Savior or a world leader.
It's so very much coherent and easy
if he is merely a rescuer, a powerful fireman, as it were.
That will compatible with every circumstances under what he lives.
Other thing that needs to change in the Superman,
it's his moral code.
The Superman doesn't kill enemies, no way.
He has phobia of kill enemies.
When, the his wife, Lois Lane, was killed by the Joker, in the "Kingdom Come" series,
the people around him demanded the Joker's death.
And the Superman, in this context, defended the Joker!
So, this kind of moral code,
shocks everyone.
Because the hate, the feeling of hate,
is also a human feeling.
However the DC Comics could reply: the Superman isn't a human being, but a kryptonian.
But I'm speaking in terms of -- signal of money's gain --
because the people want characteres where they can identify themselves.
And if the Superman can not even to revenge the death of his own wife,
so, is he hero of what manner?
It doesn't mean that the Superman should take the justice in his own hands [all the time]. It doesn't.
But he can not have that kind of phobia.
If it's necessary, if in legitimate defense, the Superman needs to kill a enemy, let him kill!
Let him do it!
If the Superman will revenge a dear one, this is a human act to do. This is something that the people can identify with him.
Thus, the his moral code needs to be changed.
Because, in its actual form, the Marvel... is better.
Another doubtful aspect of the Superman is the fact of him to be a Krypton's survivor.
And he has one cousin and she is, also, a Krypton's survivor.
Both are endangered,
and the Superman, instead of unite himself to her in matrimony,
and this way raises children for his species, he prefers to marry to a human.
So, it's terrible, because... consider it:
the Superman refuses to revenge his own wife;
the Superman never even loves the his race;
he will let it to be extinguished to marry to a human.
So, obviously, that a person so immoral like him isn't a hero.
This lack of consideration of the Superman for the continuity of his own race,
leaves no to be a metaphor
how the Western civilization treats itself.
because, from three hundred years at now, the worst enemy of Europeans,
among them are included [historic] North Americans and Australians,
the worst enemy of this people in particular are them themselves.
Because, from three hundred year at now, they come to involve themselves in fraticidal and endless wars.
Thus, the Superman being a product from the culture of this people,
he will reflect the cutural diseases of this people, their moral deformities.
In healthy conditions, in moral and biblical conditions,
the Superman would marry to his cousin and not a human.
Because, if he wants to be a hero, so let him save his blood first.
Unhapply, it isn't the case.
For end, one among these things that has changed in the Superman, but it couldn't: his patriotism.
Recently, the DC Comics published a history where the Superman resigns to his American citizenship.
Of course, the DC Comics did it for considering its commercial mark,
because the Superman is really a global mark.
But this leaves no to be symbolic.
Because, when the Superman was launched, the US was a nation.
And, at now, when the Superman resigned to his citizenship, the US is another, very different, nation.
Due to this demographic change in US, it leaves no to be ironic
that the Superman has resigned to his American citizenship, as if he were saying:
"this actual country, the US at now, isn't the same country where I grew up."
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