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Uploaded by PinturaFacil on 07.10.2012

Hi! and welcome to Pintura Facil Para Ti.com (easy painting for you)
Stay with us and paint with me this beautiful Christmas tree
Before starting, I want to give a huge kiss and a hug to all the people
that visits PinturaFacil, from Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Brasil
Also a big hug to all that visit us from USA
also all the francophone people that visits us from France, Canada, Morocco
in French: “A big kiss for you!!”
So let’s start painting the christmas tree and what I’m going to use is a paper mache tree
it’s a kind of paper maché bag, that is sold in crafts shops
you can choose any shape of these papier mache bags to make your gifts
or to perform this technique
You’ll only need
a nº 6 or 12 flat brush, a liner
acrylic painting in forest green, fire red and gold
a little bit of floating gel or medium
and... the tree
so we’re going to start by painting with green smoothly
We’re going to apply 2 or 3 layers until it covers very well the paper mache
Remember to paint inside and the little tree bottom
try to paint every part with green, because it is like a little “box” that you can see inside
so the people can use it later to save there one things
so I recommend to it all around
next step will be to paint some tiny red daisies
using the firered and a liner
I have chosen to paint 5 petal flores
but you can paint them whatever you want that looks cute
Fill all the tree surface with these tiny red daisies
and you’ll see what a nice effect it gets
maybe you’ll need to apply another red layer to every flower
let them dry firstly
when I paint this kind of project, I liked to paint until to the edges
it seems to continue...
so you can also paint until the edges to create this effect, painting half flowers on the edges
Next step is very easy... as all the project
we’ll use the brush wooden stick to paint little gold dots to create the center of each flower
So, to each daisy we’ll paint a little gold dot on the center and you’ll see how nice it looks
Once everything is dry, we’ll apply a gold glaze to turn it more Christmas and special
so mix 4 to 5 medium drops with a drop of gold acrylic painting
just a little bit of paint to create a this glaze to apply a layer
on the tree using a thick brush and covering all the flowers
and you’ll see a really nice shine appear
Notice that I only painted the flowers front and back
so the sides only have green paint
but I’ll apply the gold glaze front and back,
but also on the sides, to create an effect of a gold ribbon around
As a last step let it well dry and apply 2 or 3 layers of
varnish to well protect the little tree and use it many times
or to decorate your home this christmas
I hope you enjoy painting with me this little tree
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See you soon!!