10 Egypt Part 1 - Secrets in Plain Sight

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The pyramids of Giza are said to be located in the middle of the Earth. Jim Alison is
an independent researcher who's uncovered some mind-blowing geometry. Here he's taken
the vesica pisces and laid it over the circle of the earth. Giza is at this point, equidistant
from the North pole and the center of the earth; quite a central location when you see
it this way. In the one of the oldest surviving Hermetic
fragments called the Kore Kosmou, or Virgin of the World, Isis has this to say to her
son Horus: "But the right holy land of our ancestors
[i.e. Giza] lies in the middle of the earth; and the middle of the human body is the sanctuary
of the heart, and the heart is the headquarters of the soul; and that, my son, is the reason
why men of this land...are more wise. It could not be otherwise, seeing they are born and
bred upon Earth's heart." -Isis The heart of Egypt would have to be the great
pyramid and it embodies many more secrets. Let's investigate a few more.
Here I've superimposed 2 instances of the same 3d model. When we draw a circle from
the center of the pyramid in plan to the tip of the pyramid in elevation something amazing
happens: we square the circle. The circumference of the circle is equal to
the perimeter of the square. This is a sacred diagram that encodes much wisdom. Mathematicians
have proven this diagram can't be drawn perfectly because of the transcendental nature of Pi.
Approximations are all that is possible in flat Euclidean space.
In the book The Dimensions of Paradise, John Michell has shown how the first Pythagorean
triplet is the key to the wisdom encoded in this diagram. Here 3:4:5 triangles set the
scale and make it a very easy approximation for anyone to draw with compasses and a ruler.
Now brace yourself for the wisdom. The Moon and Earth actually fit this diagram. The size
of the Moon compared to the Earth is as 3 is to 11 (99.97% accuracy). The pyramid therefore
encodes the relative sizes of Moon and Earth. The 3:4:5 triangle itself contains a secret
that unlocks yet more of the mystery. The area of a 3:4:5 triangle is 6. 6 is one of
very few perfect numbers in math and is the only number in the infinite sea of numbers
which is both the sum and product of the same three numbers.
The number 6 is associated with the macrocosm, which is everything in the universe larger
than human scale. There's a simple mathematical realization
that gets you from 6 to 720 that I'll skip over it here; pause the video if you love
numbers. When you scale the original diagram by 720
here's what you get, the actual dimensions of the Moon and Earth in miles! The diagram
says the Earth diameter is 7920 miles (and that's 99.97% accurate). The diagram says
the Moon's diameter is 2160 miles (and that's 99.94% accurate). That's one precise approximation!
The numbers in the diagram are 1080, 2160, 3960, 5040, and 7920.
John Michell called these the canonical numbers for a good reason. When we lay this diagram
over Stonehenge we see that it fits. The dimensions of Stonehenge match the canonical numbers
but with a shifted decimal place and in English feet rather than in miles.
St. Mary's Chapel in Glastonbury is another structure Michell has found that fits the
canonical numbers in English feet. According to the legend, St. Joseph of Arimathea
left Jerusalem after the crucifixion and traveled to the Druid isle of Avalon where he built
the first Christian church. This was later rebuilt as St. Mary's chapel in the 12th century.
Joseph of Arimathea is mentioned in all four gospels as the wealthy man who donated his
own prepared tomb that became the Holy Sepulchre. Some say Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus' uncle,
because he acted like a family member in this regard.
In any case, these are the walls that remain from St. Mary's Chapel and here are its dimensions
in English feet. The dimensions fit the canonical numbers just like Stonehenge.
The original chapel's ground plan resonates with a double vesica pisces like we saw in
the analysis of the Great Seal of the United States. Thinking of the legend, I overlaid
a 5x12 rectangle with X's inside that we'll see later in Jerusalem and I discovered that
it closely fits the double vesica pisces. Perhaps there is truth to the legend of St.
Joseph of Arimathea after all; St. Mary's seems to bear the stamp of the Jerusalem rectangle.
If shifting the decimal place in the canonical numbers doesn't matter then there must be
something special about the decimal system. Consider Pythagoras' motto "All is Number".
The most sacred symbol in the Pythagoreans' secret worship of number was the tetractys.
The diagram consists of points arranged in four rows, with 1,2,3, and 4 points in each
successive row. The tetractys symbolizes the four elements,
encodes pure musical intervals, is the seed for understanding the harmony of the cosmic
spheres, and represents the structure of space itself.
The sum of the points in the tetractys is 10.
The decimal system we use today, known as base 10, utilizes nine digits plus zero as
a placeholder. In fact the word digit comes from the Latin "digitus" which means finger.
We naturally assume base 10 must have arisen from the practice of counting on fingers.
Peter Plichta who is both a physicist and a chemist has shown in his book God's Secret
Formula that there is much more to the decimal system beyond the physiology of our hands.
Believe it or not, the decimal system hinges on the number 81.
To understand this, bear with me for a moment and see how all the numbers in the decimal
system are hiding under 81. Starting with the decimal point, line up all the numbers
sequentially like this .0123456789(10)(11)(12)(13)... The numbers beyond 9 are shown in parentheses
because they are not yet in the decimal place system of single digits. Carrying each parenthesized
digit into in the decimal system yields a repeating decimal:
This infinitely repeating number is equal to the reciprocal of 81. All the numbers really
are hiding under 81. This is especially significant because there
are exactly 81 stable elements in the universe: no more, no less. The periodic table of the
elements lists the elements beyond 83 as subject to radioactive decay, but most are unaware
of the fact that unstable elements 43 and 61 don't exist anywhere in the universe unless
they are synthesized. Plichta was the first to make this connection
and also points out that all 81 stable elements are categorized into 10 types of isotopes,
which is another reference to the decimal system. So Pythagoras was right, all is number,
and the numbers are in base 10. Renna Shesso's book Math for Mystics points
out some relevant spooky facts: not only does the Moon move through space 81 times faster
than the Earth, but the Moon has 1/81st the mass of Earth. Am I alone in thinking this
is just too perfect? She also points out that the magic square
of the Moon is a 9x9 square having 81 numbers. Magic Squares go back at least 2600 years
to ancient China. I get the feeling all of this was known in the distant past.
While kids count to 10 on their fingers, theoretical physicists talk about 10 dimensional superstrings,
and kabbalists talk about 10 sephiroth on the tree of life, they are all recounting
the decimal structure of the universe from different points of view.