The Pop Shuvit Skateboard Trick : Catching the Board for a Pop Shuvit Skateboard Trick

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi, my name's Evan Blankenship with Expert Village and I'm going to be teaching you how
to pop shuvit. So now that you've got a good foot position that you're comfortable with
and you're learning how to pop the pop shuvits high, it's all about catching the board. So
to catch a pop shuvit what you're going to do is set your feet up, you give it a good
pop, now the board's coming up in the air at your feet, you want to be sure to put your
front foot right on the bolts to be sure that you catch it. After that, you can lay your
back foot back down and land on the bolts. Now, what catching with your front food does
is it stops the board from rotating. Now, if you catch it with your back foot the board
will just keep going. So, just be sure to use your front foot and land on the bolts.
So, when you catch the board, it will look like this.