God's address

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Gud's address
Match point!
Come on, Thomas! Last round!
I get so irritated about nothing!
The others think I'm a nice guy, but inside I get so angry again and again.
I can't control myself.
I am so tired of always pretending. How can I manage to change?
Excuse me?
Do you play tennis? - Yes
Do you play on a team? - Yes, I play on a college team.
I see. On the team at this college? - yes?
I played for that team myself. I have even taught tennis there.
Here comes my train.
Are you a Christian?
I... I have to go. Sorry!
Here is my address, in case you want to talk more sometime.
God ...
I am writing to you because I cannot pray any more.
I have asked for forgiveness so often, and these days I have so many questions.
I know that Jesus has done everything for me, that He loves me and that He will always forgive me.
But is that everything?
Many people believe that.
But I have the feeling that I hurt you when I ask for forgiveness,
and I know deep down that I will fall again.
So I think it is best that I stop praying. I don't want to be a hypocrite.
It is best to live without you.
Farewell, Thomas
Where should I mail this letter?
Why in the world did I write this letter?
God doesn't have an address!
I'm so stupid!
Are you a Christian?
Here is my address, in case you want to talk more sometime.
Thomas! Here comes the train!
Hello Thomas!
I think that what upsets you is sinning and having to ask for forgiveness again and again.
And you realize that you are doing things that make Jesus sorrowful. You think that it is useless to keep on trying.
But there is a way out!
It is written in Hebrews that Jesus was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.
And therefore He can help us when we are tempted.
I have personally experienced that I do not need to give in to temptation.
I can pray, and God helps me to overcome! That changes everything!
Maybe you have received the answer to your letter?
Yes, it is true!
Thomas, You can live this life, too!
Inspired by a true story