The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 2 "Blind Eye"

Uploaded by gamespot on 28.10.2011

T-squared and I, good-looking, athetic, smart. We're the best, we're the dream team, and
we're the studs.
My take on Tom and Edgar's team would be the team to beat here, but as far as cockiness
goes, that might cost them in the long run.
Yesterday was pretty intense, one of the roughest I've ever done. Last feels really awful, I
hate physical challenges, I'm not a physical person. I'd rather be using my thumbs instead
of my legs.
Welcome back to The Controller: Battlefield 3, and your first team physical challenge:
Blind Eye. Alright, here's how it works. The pro is going to be blindfolded and shooting
the targets. You noobies are going to be the pros' guide. The teams will make there way
through a four target course, advancing only after each target has been hit. Guides can
only command their teammates verbally. The team that hits all four targets in the shortest
amount of time claims victory.
Number one to go, Mrs Violence, team Dark Blue.
I'm just ready to dominate faces today. Doesn't matter what sex you are, you're going to get
I know Mrs Violence can bark orders, but can she listen.
Alright Mrs Violence and Sev, grab your weapon.
Slow, slow, stop. Bend, there's your gun.
Nope, stop.
Where? Right? Left? Slight to the right. Yes.
Stop, back up. Forward, take the gun with you. Back.
Lower. No, you have an arch going on, so you need to go down two inches. Nope, too much.
Back, to the right, stop.
Take down in two inches to eleven and a half. Where? You need to tell me left or right.
Ok, down. Right there.
Back, to the right. You're shooting at a...Tell me where, left or right, you can see. Tell
me left or right.
Right there. Done.
I'm so sorry. You have to say directions man, there's no way.
Ok, put down the gun.
The physical challenge as a team was rough. Severn stopped in the end, he stopped in the
end, he got more excited, and I was close to the target but he stopped talking completely.
You're shooting at a...Tell me where, left or right, you can see. Tell me left or right.
It really started throwing me off.
Alright going second. Proofy, Alex, go, ready.
Step, step, stop. Up up up up, left left left, right right, got it.
Back back clear, right right, stop. Left left, right right. Back back back, clear. Right
right up up. Back back, clear. Right, stop.
It's like we're wearing drunk glasses on top of a blindfold and then a mask. You can't
Neighbor, Leroy, step to your weapon.
Keep going straight, right there.
Alright, come on. Back. Ow.
Right, no not so much. There you go.
Watch out, box box box.
Down. Left. Back it up. Left.
Yeah, it was definitely tough shooting the gun blindfolded. It was definitely tough shooting
the gun blindfolded. I had to listen to his call-outs and I felt like we did a good job.
Communication was the key, so I we defintiely have to work on that a little more.
There's no guys out there that are faster than him, stronger than him. And there are
no noobies that are better than me in video games. We'll see how it goes, hopefully well.
Right there. Shoot.
Down down down.
Mr X. Ayiiia, grab your gun.
Your gun's right in front of you.
Keep shooting, you got it.
To the right. To the right. Honey, the gun, not you, the gun.
Shoot. Got it.
I'm trembling. Look at my hand, my steady hand. I'm still shaking, cotton mouth. He
did awesome.
Alright you want to hear the results of Blind Eye.
Alright, in last place. They started off really strong, and had some real problems on the
last problems. With over and left. Mrs Violence for the second day in a row, team Dark Blue,
in fifth place. In fourth place, team Black. In thrid place in Blind Eye, Red team. Purple
team, come on up here. And Light Blue. Both of you teams worked well together, gave concise
directions. I even heard Ayiiia say "Honey, not the gun. Move your body." But in the end,
by 30 seconds, Proofy and the Blue team.
And as you know since you won this physical challenge you get exclusive access to the
AMD war room where a multi-screen display featuring AMD Eyefinity technology will give
you greater in-game visiblity, and you get to choose one of these teams to be excluded
from the money round.
Go ahead, why don't you deliver the news. Who have you decided to have sit out the money
T-squared and Edgar.
Alright the Red team you're going to sit out the money round, but you can still hang out
with us.
This is sick. Oh yeah.
What I'm going to have you do is set up, to where you don't have to do objective work.
So I'm going to show you how to shoot the gun, as far as bursting it, spraying it.
You see the difference between the shooting. If the guy's far, you just want to tap the
gun because of recoil. Recoil will make itjust go haywire. Instead of just tapping it, which
will keep it in a simplistic area.
If a guy's in front of you just spray it. But if they're across the map, you want to
tap it to keep the reticle from drifting to the left, to the right.
Ready to get in to it? I'm ready, let's do this.
Alright let's get everyone, except for the Red team, in their seats and ready to play.
In order to take home the cash, here's the way it's going to work. The four teams will
sit down and play a round of Battlefield 3. The highest ranking two teams after that round
are then going to go head
to head. First kill, wins. Let's get started.
Alright teams, round is over. Purple and Black, you're out of the money round. Light Blue,
Dark Blue, you won, you will now go head to head. First team to get a kill, takes home
the cash.
Sometimes I see Kelly, like, Severn doesn't do something she gets a little crazy, that
makes him try and do more.
Of course he's going to get intimidated by a chick that plays video games. I think she
has more balls than he does, at this point.
Three. Two. One. Go.
Look up. Shoot him.
Right there, look.
Nope, no, no.
Right in front of you. Back up, back up. Shoot that guy. Keep shooting. Keep shooting.
Aww, shoot.
Keep going, get up there.
Yes! Good game dude.
After a rough start to this whole competition, Mrs Violence and the Dark Blue team, you owned
the Light Blue team. Come on and get your checks.
That guy was like right in front of me and I didn't shoot him. I don't know, I just freaked
I failed her once this morning, and I now I just had to prove it to her I could stay
on top and keep with the game. This one was the most intense moment, but it definitely
feels good to be on top finally. I'm excited. We're going to keep it though. Yeah, we're
going to stay on top.