OGSE скриптовая боевка (autonomous scripted combat AI)

Uploaded by KamikazzeRu on 09.04.2012

Hello, dear fans of STALKER and OGSE mod!
You have probably heard that I have been developing a stand-alone scripting combat AI to replace the vanilla one
And here it is - almost finished. Let's see how it works.
I will comment on what is happening and keep explaining the nuances.
So, the first fight, Car Factory
The enemies here are the simplest and inexperienced, but there are many of them.
We've been spotted and the combat begins.
And here a boar turns up unexpectedly :)
Nothing special, but you can see the actions of NPCs in a mixed fight.
In this situation, the AI's target selector forces NPCs to deal first with the nearby monsters
Otherwise, the monsters can quickly destroy NPCs, as far as in melee they can cause vast damage
Pay attention here, how bandits are trying to surround the player.
And how they keep maneuvering so as to get out of fire.
We've got squeezed - and no time to reload the gun...
Sorry, I forgot to cut the loading screen, I apologize.
Attempt No. 2
One of the significant differences of this AI from the vanilla one
Is the fact that the player is just another ordinary target.
NPCs don't make an exception for him. No more hunting the player only.
Choosing from a number of targets is sternly pragmatic -
the one attacking is the primary target, Obviously, it's the most dangerous now.
As a result, the NPCs actually cleaned up the Car Factory all by themselves,
while the player kept bumming around :)
That's it - the bandits have been killed :)
In this part the player tries to completely clean the Car Factory by himself.
Quite a difficult task with the initial weapon.
Generally, the complexity of combat has grown significantly So, for some jobs one would better
take a companion with him to assist in a fight.
Terrorists wins :)
Another attempt to perform the assault alone
This thug is not sure who is looking at him :)
Speed of reaction and entry into the battle depends on the NPC's rank.
Therefore, newbies can be easily taken by surprise.
However, the shots have already alarmed the rest.
This is where the player makes a mistake.
With the new combat AI he have to look around more often.
Otherwise it will be like this.
NPCs actively maneuver to surround the player from flanks.
In a fight with a large number of enemies it is indeed very dangerous.
While one enemy is distracting the player by maneuvering, his friends will drop from the side and shoot the player.
It makes sense to actively use the environment.
One should better try to move in such way that he is covered by a wall or some shelter from side and back.
This tactics is much more productive than a head-on assault.
And once again last moment at the Car Factory.
Here, the player uses the tactics of firing from a shelter.
Notice how the bandits escape fire, hiding behind covers,
actively strafe and crouch.
The same error that the previous time - while one distracted, the other crept from the right.
In this case the player noticed that in time and forced the bandit to retreat.
One must not stick his neck out, giving the enemy possibility to aim more precisely.
Fast forward to the Garbage, let's look at the scenario battles.
Look now to the left - panoramas are visible at the edge of view.
Three-dimensional model of the hills with some forest.
It visually expands the boundaries of the location greatly.
Interestingly, in early builds of the game there were also such panoramas, but they got cut out in the release.
In this battle, take into account the fact that the bandits are in combat ignore mode by scenario
until they come close or get attacked.
Bes and his friends are actively shooting attackers, too.
Now we'll see a fight in the hangar.
Several bandits got killed with a grenade.
This is where the player makes a mistake, having not noticed the behavior of an ally.
It's been by pure chance, that it didn't cost him life.
And one more thing - do not be distracted by wounded before the end of the battle.
Wounded NPCs are ignored by others until the combat ends, so one can get killed while looting.
Close combat should be strictly avoided - Even one enemy can quickly kill the player.
Close combat with a number of thugs is almost always fatal.
Here are some more episodes from the Garbage
Again, a reflection of the attack - a tactics of an active player.
The attack on the bandits by the concrete blocks.
Early morning - look at the beautiful sunrise!
I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning :)
Freeman's crowbar: +100 vs. Zombies
Lets defend Bes one more time :)
Too close for fire contact - the end is rather predictable.
At the second attempt the player works smarter.
One must be sure to keep the distance.
Now let's look at more serious fights. So, the assault at the Agroprom Institute.
With all the enhancement, the NPCs still have weaknesses.
For example, inexperienced fighters do not shoot until they surely see the target.
Pay attention at the Institute building - we restored more than 300 windows on the location.
The glass gets blast out by the explosions so cool! :)
Look now at the windows to the left - the location's edge with a panorama is clearly visible.
It's very nice how smoothly it fades away.
The view from the roof will be much better now.
A serious mistake - the enemies have been waiting at the ground.
The second attempt.
Failure! One should not leave enemies behind.
The third attempt.
Carefully kills the sniper before he could recover.
Silent weapon helps a lot when used properly.
In the version 0693 there are strong elements of stealth. The players are advised to use them.
If one prefers raw power - he may take a companion.
Actually, the companions combat AI was used as a base for NPCs combat AI, so...
The companion knows how to fight them. :)
Notice how the player is being catched from both sides.
It is a quite common situation now.
The soldier got confused...
It was his last mistake.
The player is cautious :)
What a view, what a view! But you can't get distracted ...
And it is not recommended to approach the edge of the roof - they're looking forward for this down there.
Whoops! Now there will be a lot of blood and a game of hide and seek.
The player catched a cartridge skewing.
Barely survived.
The roof, the roof, the roof is on blood ...
Now better we run away until it's safe.
Hooray! Victory!
Well, some new holes in the body have been added, but the documents were successfully obtained.
And now the assault on Borov's base.
Note that it happens at night.
At night, the NPCs see much worse, so the quirky player can use that to his advantage
Especially, if he's got some nightvision goggles.
In the 0693, NVDs are stand-alone devices that don't depend on the outfit.
Snipers became a new problem.
Nuke forbid player from shooting at them while standing still!
Under no circumstances must one give them the opportunity to take aim.
What did I say about these snipers? :)
Weapon with a silencer is well by the fact that it doesn't unmask your position.
Notice how the enemies try to hide from the player.
On the way of implementation of this AI I figured out
That the NPCs have a lot of unused combat taunts
Bandits now swear more agressively. :)
Remember what I've told you about avoiding melee? :)
Again melee. Be careful inside the buildings.
Borov himself.
And here's again - a sniper duel :)
Now we can go for the prisoner.
In general, when creating this combat AI
I tried to implement two hardly compatible things simultaneously:
1. to make NPCs within the game really worthy opponents as much as possible
2. without making them similar to Quake 3 bots,
which continiously strafe and jump :)
So that NPCs look like real people as much as possible.
How much they are - it's up to you to judge.
By the way, NPCs can jump!
But I could not (yet) find how to use this in practice.
Here the player wants to equip the prisoner, but he fails.
It's okay, he will find a weapon himself while on his way.
By the way, substantial assistance in writing this combat AI has been provided by xStream,
she gave me a lot of great ideas and a pair of algorithms
in particular, the friendly fire control algorithm -
it's monitoring the NPCs so that they don't shoot friends on the line of fire.
Big thanks to xStream! I greatly appreciate her help!
So, the player has completed the job and is escaping from the base.
And finally, a couple of short clips.
Now you see the fight at the Garbage with some mercenaries (it's part of one of the new quests).
Mercs here are very experienced, and as a consequence - arrogant and very aggressive.
The player is going to have hard times.
And this couple of episodes is about storming the roadblock at Cordon.
Dealing the military is no longer a simple thing.
Try to look out from behind a corner :)
They called a helicopter!
Headshot in all its glory! The player is almost dead.
Attempt No.2
Once again, a small confirmation that one must look carefully at the sides.
While one militant distracted the player - the others went to the side and shot him.
This concludes the demonstration, Thank you for watching.
See you in the Zone, always yours - KamikaZze