Blunt Ace of Spades V2 (AOS2) Deck explained -

Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 02.03.2012

Hey Guys its Dan here from and today I'm going to do a little review for you here of this new Blunt AOs V2 Deck
I have the blue one right here in front of me, I've been riding this for about 2 months now and its really really good, really nice to ride and really strong
So today I'm going to be showing you some of the specifications of this deck, I am going to show you what makes it more strong, light and unique
So lets get started. Now the first thing you really notice and the first thing I really notice about this deck is this head tube. This is a brand new head tube Blunt have created. Its never been done before
and it is an integrated headtube which means that the headset is built in to the deck and all you need to do is pop in the headset bearings and you're good to go
Another thing you might notice about this deck is this little gap in the headtube here, now this is to cut down on the weight of the deck and it also looks really nice, especially with the forks so you might stick some sort of sticker through here or some sort of drawing you get with these sort of decks
The headtube angle on this deck is 82.5 degrees which is a really really nice angle, its one of my favourite angles I've ever had on a deck before so I like that alot about this deck
So they have taken alot of the metal out, on these two sides here if you can see that which makes the deck a whole lot lighter and he weight is on 1.19Kg which is really light weight and makes it really nice to ride
and varies as much tricks as possible for the rider. Now this deck also comes with an envy brake which also comes on the envy deck, this is a really really good system all you need to do is just slot in the brake and you're good to go
and it also comes with built in spacers at the back whic basically means that when you thread the axle through the back of the deck, theres no hasstle trying to get individual spacers in but with this it just comes with it
and thats a really good idea that blunt have had and it works really well and saves alot of hastle
Another thing you might have noticed about this deck is that it has flat sides which is really really good and really handy and helps with fingerwhips as it doesnt hurt your hands as much and its easier to grab than some of the sharp edged decks like the Blunt envy deck
and I really like that feature about this deck. It comes in multiple colours, I've got the blue one here but they come in purple, red etc and I really like the colours that Blunt have made, I think they have done really well
Now this deck in front of me come as 4.3 inches wide which is a great width its perfect to grip your feet on and the length is 19.5 inches long which works really well with the headtube angle
and your feet feel nice an comfortable on the deck, they're not going to fall off. Now I agree with alot of the things people have said about this deck, its really smoothe, a really nice ride, it good for grinding on. 0:03.15.001,0:03:030.000 The only thing I think could be improved about this deck is the brake. Sometimes it rattles when you're riding, sometimes when you're landing tricks it makes abit of a twanging noise but apart from that I cant fault this deck 0:03.33.000,0:03.49.000 This probably a very high end deck, probably for those of you more experienced trying to up your game and up your leve and you really can improve your style and level on this deck. 0:03.50.000,0:04.14.000 I probably wouldnt recommend this deck for children as it is quite an advanced deck for people with a higher level of skill. Anyone over the age of 13 I would recommend this to. 0:04.15.001,0:04.31.000 Its a really nice product and you can find it at right now and loads of other Blunt, Razor, Grit and other brand products. I really recommend going on their website- Check them out now. Thanks again for watching and see you soon, Bye!